Florida Teen and 2 Men Arrested for Allegedly Hacking Celeb Twitter Accounts

Florida Teen Arrested for Allegedly Hacking Celeb Twitter Accounts

7/31/2020 11:30:00 PM

Florida Teen Arrested for Allegedly Hacking Celeb Twitter Accounts

A teen in Florida was arrested for allegedly masterminding the massive Twitter hack targeting celeb accounts as part of an alleged Bitcoin scam.

1:57 PM PT-- While the teenager might be the ringleader of the hack, 2 others have been arrested for it as well -- 19-year-oldMason Sheppardfrom the U.K., and 22-year-oldNima Fazeliof Orlando.The 2 men were charged in California federal court, though it's unclear if they are facing as many felonies as Clark.

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Some of the most high-profile celebs, politicians and business leaders can thank a Florida teen for hacking their Twitter accounts ... according to cops, who've busted the alleged mastermind.Graham Ivan Clarkwas arrested Friday morning in Tampa following an investigation into the hack that appeared to be part of a massive Bitcoin scam ... and the 17-year-old is facing a whopping 30 felony charges.

The State Attorney's Office in Hillsborough County says Clark is responsible for the July 15 hack, which as we reported, saw Twitter accounts for Read more: TMZ »

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He looks so evil with a little crazy sprinkled on top I’ll pay his bond!! Someone might be interested in him. Hes the new Napster He looks innocent Is this the Florida version of Mark Zuckerberg TMZ is shit. So, where's the dirt he found out? BillClintonIsAPedo It's always Florida Where's the crime here? RealHero

But you left DT’s unscathed. 😒 Wasn’t a very good hacker then Daddy Bruh All those accounts, and they never touched trump's. They could have deleted it... they could have been heroes... Hacking skills are legendary. Don't understand why he was arrested and not offered a job, another person locked up who doesn't need to be.

FREE THEM!!! Has that ominous joker look Reading these comments shows that we in society are just Stupid. Give him a job? Legend ? DOOMED. He looks scary as hell. lol haha omg 🙈 THEY ALL JUST COMMITTED THIS VIOLATION 18USC1030 They weren’t lying 😔 Surprised tmzzz didn't post 'white Florida teen'.. He looks devious as hell, like, I will shut all this shit down when I get out 🤣

I’d talk crap but don’t want him hacking me. He doesn't look like Matthew Broderick. Give this kid a job not a jail sentence Well he looks nice Judging by that mug, I'm glad thats all he did 😐 It always gotta be someone from Florida If it ain't florida😩 Oldest trick in the book!!! Twitter is a tech company and they fell for this!?! Even banks who are NOT tech company have alerted employees not to click on links from outside emails for minimum a decade! Something fishy about this!

they deserve jail for not hacking trump and his wife and family They hacked twitter to access twitter accounts. That’s bigger and different than hacking an individual’s account. These eyes go to your room no screen time today The scowl on that nerd is so intimidating. Kid is a legend for this Give him government job, they're gonna need him

Holy shit that man prolly got the dirty forces and a Yankee wit no brim and he look like a school shooter 2 The Chad Well if that’s not the face of a serial murder, I don’t know what is Genius. Give him a job with the NIPC unit as ethical hacker. He will do more good there than us paying for him to be in jail....

And Mr Bognor Regis 🙂🙂 And I bet he is going to get a job afterwards. Of course! If he was Black he would have been hauled off to jail or killed. Arrested! We should put him on our shoulders and have a parade for him! 😂😂😂 Expose all those tweets bruh! Might we found another clue of pizzagate. Coz its real.

He's smart He looks like the freak that shot up the movie theater in CO. Why does he look like a Walmart Greeter? I wonder when they take their Mug Shots, they think.. “ I wonder how fuxking creepy I can look, cause this shit about to go VIRAL.” No? Just me lol fucking weirdos He even look like he a trouble maker 🤣😂🤣

They caught these guys within days but i got mf calling me non stop trying to scam me and nothing happens. That was the dumbest hack ever thou lol “send me money and I send you double” 😂😂 Hire him to take them down! 🍕 Lil smart ass college here he is make some real money. he can rail me His face tho 17 years old is an experienced hacker ... I still have a hard time seeing where the hell the mouse is plugged in 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Serial-killer eyes. The secrets that brain has .. I can’t even imagine. Omg. 🙈 the thing he has seen in those accounts.. aaaah He’s an evil genius! HARD as fuck! 🤣👌 Holy!! If looks could kill Yup he looks like one I hope they cut him a deal to work for the US government, talk about brilliant asset to covert operations etc. I don’t agree with what he did but a smart mind is a terrible thing to waste. Makes me think of Good Wil Hunting. Maybe only needs a little guidance

i dont like the way he lookin at me through my screen 😰 he may have to spend those years in jail working for the us security . Wow Damn he look like he’d do it again👀 Hahahah Someone pay bail and hire him plz He made a phone call and convinced idiots to give up info. Kudos for that. He didn't hack twitter

He did that shit. He’ll be working for the government in 3...2...1... williamlegate What a waste of talent. He could have done great things. Another example of the failing of a meritocracy defined by monetary gain. williamlegate What a sweetheart. 😳 He....does not look well. ISaidWhatISaid if u flip ur phone n look from da side of it he looks lik evan peters 😂😭💀 (stan tate langdon 🥰🤪🖤)

This is EXACTLY what i would imagine a twitter hacker would look like Look at him he looks evil. They caught him in time. Nerd Kids Matter 🤓 Have fun in prison weirdo!!! Looks like a real life Max Thunderman😄 he was just bored, watch... google will hire him lol Ooof 😍 U.S Department of Education though¿¿¿

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Looks like the kind of kid that would live in his parents basement and we'll probably be there till he's 99 after he gets out of prison But him to work helping with US Cyber security, don’t ware his talents by throwing him in jail. How they catch him I'm not going to Say anything Wrong abt him, he can Hack My ass Off, lookin good babe 😍😘

yeah he dun it hahaha They let the Parkland shooter out early? Stnbby Bro is Drain Gang affiliate Teen when? 10 years ago? Huh Oh yeah? Can you read my mind? Can you tell what I'm thinking? I'm thinking shut up and get a salad! My guess he will work for some major government/organization,kid is prob a genius.

Ah Florida man jr. on the come up I see Imagine Congress asking this kid hacking questions williamlegate I think this is you. Let me know. How bout he hack some bitches 😭😭👎🏽 Hmmm, I bet all are affiliated with either Russia, the MAGAt Coalition, or China. He’s a handsome young man. Not at all scary. Smart fucker

What a creep! Looks like a potential serial killer From what I can see from this mugshot he's smirking staring into the camera saying 'Yeah I know what I did Fuck You HaHa'. Just my opinion that's it. How bout getting at the person trying to hack a bunch of my accounts lately They’re about to lose their job

That face though, memes arriving soon Dude in his parent’s basement will get a lifetime job for the NSA, FBI, CIA or any other governement branch that needs a nerd that can hack anyone. 🙄 Funny as fk. Always got to be florida whyy I am worse the him what up with that He looking like this! Mastermind that ain't had shit to lose. HA!

Looks like he’s going to be in a big trouble 🤪🤪 It’s not hard to hack Kanye west it’s just 000000 No wonder I have a few fake celebrities following me I believe I’ve seen him around somewhere.... Glad schools are closed, he has that look on his face like the school shooters. God dammit Kyle Surprisingly I'm not shocked...

Yep. Definitely looks like a hacker He hacked my instagram Ha his next job is the FBI or CIA Is he a hacker or school shooter? I always thought this show hackers look 😂 He’ll be out in an hour. Ooof 😍😍😍 He said and I’ll do that shi again I feel like he practiced posing for this headshot Yeah, he looks normal

respect He look like that dude Someone at twitter is fired LOL A TEEN hacked Twitter HQ? A teen? The world is so screwed. Twitter employees gave him high-level administrative credentials over the phone. Why isn’t more responsibility and/or blame being put on these Twitter employees for giving out such information.? This kid is actually quite brilliant for pulling this off.

Oh yeah he did it. Lock this internet thug up immediately 😭🤣 I'm so glad the police found the person He's going to be a tasty little treat in prison. Umm deranged and scary Central Casting Creepy mug shot picture.... Kid got skillz Physcho! He’s savvy hire him! was it worth possible 30 felony charges tho People’s comment when it’s a white guy People’s comment when it’s a black guy

This is what Florid Man hath produced! Now this is the only solution: Smart thing to do is hire him to work for you Not cool man What else did he get into on Twitter? We know they're hiding live child rape galleries. Maybe chocolate met peanut butter See him face Why is he arrested? Give me a standing ovation!

tjwinborn Bless His Heart! Looks like a school shooter The hero the world needs Sounds like that one 80s movie lol. Call elonmusk he was looking to higher people with this kind of talent free him. YEP!.. congratulations! That photo says it all! No need for a court case he is obviously guilty! And for anyone who still thinks there could be a possibility of Innocence let me reassure you if he didn't do this he damn sure did some other Shit!

He made $100,000 from a bunch of boomer morons.... I think he should get to keep the money. In fact, it’s bitcoin so the feds can’t do shit about it. Price of bitcoin is jumping right about now, too. Why can’t these hackers do something positive, like giving us all 700 credit scores or erasing student debt 😟

Okay, so maybe he's really behind Kris Jenner out here selling 65k used handbags. Geez he looks scary and sneeky Well he looks like a nice guy *you have now been recruited by the FBI* The newest member of the CIA Oh are we still arresting people ? Of course it has to be Florida. Amy Dude looks like the special needs version of scarecrow in Batman!

MSNBC said it was Russian super hackers!?!?!?! Donald Trump is looking to hire this criminal BUT YALL CAN’T ARREST THE COPS THAT KILLED INNOCENT BLACK PEOPLE. fuck hacking! One thing it shows is that Twitter's security isn't as good as my local middle school What idiots would fall for such an obvious scam? Glad they caught the creep before he did more damage, and stole and shared highly confidential information.

He will end up getting hired by the US govt He'll for sure be recruited. Hes definitely from florida Free him and give him a job in the government Bruhhh 😂😂😂😂 Flimsy excuse for arrest. Would the crime be cheaper if he hacked oheneabuodha (non celebrity) account? He’s lookin like a school threat The Sandy Hook shooter also hacked celeb twitter accounts?!?!

“Hey why are you in jail for” “Oh I hacked Kim kardashians account lol” This man is a hero. FreeGIC This kid could literally play the lead in his own hacker movie about himself

Florida teen charged in massive Twitter hack, Bitcoin theftLONDON (AP) — A Florida teen hacked the Twitter accounts of prominent politicians, celebrities and technology moguls to scam people around globe out of more than $100,000 in Bitcoin, authorities... Let's out the dumb asses that fell for that scam, too. He will definitely be hired by the FBI Florida. Of course.

Florida teenager arrested in Twitter hack of prominent accountsA Florida teen will face 30 felony charges in a scam that involved hacking Twitter accounts of high-profile users and soliciting Bitcoin donations. Twitter was bested by a teenager. That's humiliating. FoxNews joked that he will later work for PalantirTech. 🤓 Does this mean I’m not getting the bitcoins I was promised?

Florida teen arrested in Twitter hack that hit Biden and ObamaA teenager in Tampa was arrested and charged Friday for his alleged involvement in a massive Twitter hack earlier this month that took over the accounts of prominent users like Joe Biden, Bill Gates and Elon Musk and used them to promote a bitcoin scam. Instead of jailing him they should hire him to help fix their security flaws. 😆

Florida Teen Arrested For Massive, High-Profile Twitter HackOfficials say Graham Clark, 17, masterminded the hack of accounts belonging to people like Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos. poor Graham, no surprise he’s white either He will be hired for big money Graham Clark, who is now the youngest CIA agent

Florida teen 'mastermind' arrested in connection with massive Twitter hackJUST IN: A Florida teen has been arrested in connection with the massive Twitter hack earlier this month that impacted the accounts of Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Kanye West and other high-profile users. Hey, FBI...give that kid a job! The Word is surely coming to and end Watch - South Korea The gov't should hire this teen and learn from him/her.

Florida Teen Charged As 'Mastermind' Of Massive Twitter HackFederal prosecutors also charged two other people were also charged for their involvement in the July 15 hack, which involved the accounts of the social media network's richest and most famous users. What a king Welcome to the NSA son. or prison..... choice is yours. I like these kids