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Florida sets one-day record with over 15,000 new COVID cases, more than most countries

Florida reported a record increase of more than 15,000 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours on Sunday, as the Trump administration renewed its push for schools to reopen and anti-mask protests were planned in Michigan and Missouri.

7/13/2020 2:50:00 AM

Anti-mask activists in Florida took their campaign over the weekend to a grilled cheese bar whose owner said she would not require customers to wear masks, even as the state reported more than 15,000 new cases in just 24 hours on Sunday

Florida reported a record increase of more than 15,000 new cases of COVID-19 in 24 hours on Sunday, as the Trump administration renewed its push for schools to reopen and anti-mask protests were planned in Michigan and Missouri.

Florida’s daily increases in cases have already surpassed the highest daily tally reported by any European country during the height of the pandemic there. It has also broken New York state’s record of 12,847 new cases on April 10 when it was the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak.

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The latest rise was reported a day after Walt Disney World in Orlando reopened with a limited number of guests who were welcomed with a host of safety measures, including masks and temperature checks.Anti-mask activists in several states, including Florida and Michigan, have organized protests against local mandates, arguing that the measures infringe upon individual freedom.

Coronavirus infections are rising in about 40 states, according to a Reuters analysis of cases for the past two weeks compared with the prior two weeks. Nationally, the United States has broken global records by registering about 60,000 new cases a day for the last four days in a row, according to a Reuters tally. Hospitalizations and positive test rates are also rising in Arizona, California, Florida and Texas.

Florida reported a record amount of testing, with nearly 143,000 results announced on Sunday compared with an average of 68,000 for the prior seven days.(GRAPHIC - Tracking the novel coronavirus in the U.S.,)TRUMP DONS MASKFacing a battered economy as he seeks re-election in November, President Donald Trump has pressured states to reopen shuttered businesses and schools.

A sign advertising COVID-19 antibody testing is seen at Baptist Hospital entrance, as Miami-Dade County eases some of the lockdown measures put in place during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak, in Miami, Florida, U.S., June 18, 2020. REUTERS/Marco Bello

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said on Sunday that her department did not have its own safe reopening plans to promote, and each school district and state must devise their own plans based on their local coronavirus infection rates.Health officials have pleaded with the public to wear masks to limit the spread of the virus, but the issue has become politically divisive in the United States unlike many other countries that have seen far lower rates of infection and death.

Seven months into the pandemic, Trump wore a mask for the first time in public when he visited a Washington D.C.-area military medical center on Saturday. He had previously refused to wear a mask in public or ask Americans to wear face coverings, saying it was a personal choice.

Health advisers to the government say hospitals are 'scrambling' after Trump administration's 'abrupt' change to Covid-19 data reporting requirements Russian power lifter breaks both knees while attempting to squat nearly 900 pounds Inside the multibillion dollar race for a Covid-19 vaccine

Many Americans still refuse to wear a mask, which health experts say help stop transmission of the virus that has killed more than 134,000 Americans.Anti-mask activists organized a protest on Saturday at a grilled cheese restaurant and bar in Windermere, Florida, which is in Orange County about 12 miles (19 km) from Walt Disney World.

The restaurant, 33 & Melt, has become a focal point of tension after owner Carrie Hudson said she was not requiring customers to wear masks. County officials have mandated the use of masks in public since June 20.During Saturday’s protest, no customers wore face coverings inside the restaurant. Agents from the state’s Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco arrived during the rally and served Hudson with a warning, according to a video.

“This is a virus that is very well contained,” said one of the demonstrators, anti-mask activist Tara Hill. “Everyone is responsible for their own health care decisions ... We want our choices respected as well.”In addition to a record 15,000 new cases on Sunday, more than four dozen hospitals in Florida reported that their intensive care units are full due to a surge in COVID-19 patients.

Hundreds were expected to attend a demonstration at the Michigan state capitol on Sunday afternoon, according to a Facebook event, to protest against Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s order that everyone must wear a mask in public, except when outdoors and able to maintain social distance.

FILE PHOTO: From left: Summer Selmon, her brother Levi, and their parents Dave and Brandi wear face masks while visiting the Disney Springs shopping and dining district during their vacation at Walt Disney World during a phased reopening from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) restrictions in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, U.S. July 11, 2020. REUTERS/Octavio Jones

Protesters were also planning to gather outside city hall in Springfield, Missouri on Monday, where the city council was due to vote on a mask mandate in response to rising cases and a more than fourfold increase in Greene County’s COVID-19 hospitalizations in the last month.

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(GRAPHIC - Where coronavirus cases are rising in the United States,here)Reporting by Gabriella Borters in New York and Octavio Jones in Windermere, Florida; Writing by Lisa Shumaker; Editing by Daniel Wallis Read more: Reuters Top News »

Y'all sound ignorant! Get some common sense about yourselves and have respect for for the lives of others and your families! Wth? Why is this such a difficult task! Stop listening to that guy in the 45th seat! He cares nothing about any of you! Good grief! Open your eyes wider! Republicans should have shown a good example by wearing masks even though they themselves were daily tested.

iodiots....more O2 for the rest of us when they die sad ignorance selfish I don’t get it. What is the big deal about wearing a mask. This is a dangerous virus so why not just play it safe. These people are so fkng stupid. the worst part is they probably won't get sick but will spread it to somebody else

What a bunch of sickos! Leave them in there and lock the door! Let them breath on each other and leave the rest of those wishing to survive alone!! And obsese too.. the level of denial is wow My Darwin Award nominees 15k in 24hrs?! I call bullshit! Padded numbers to fit the narrative. So irresponsible & absurd!

Let the numbers tell the story, a mask helps protect you, and family it helps to move the economy forward. More testing equals less spreading of the virus. mancunianmedic Grilled cheese sandwiches are the activist lady's dream which in some point is relevant to not wearing a mask. Irony is she's a bit fucked if she gets covid. It is not tolerated well in those with morbid obesity as a rule. And good luck getting her proned.

Section the lot of them... The scientific term is 'idiot' Has that woman not heard how much of a risk being morbidly obese is? Can't say it enough WearAMaskSaveALife VoiceOfFranky It is difficult to understand this mentality. Harmful and selfish and extremely sad to see these antimaskers spouting their covidiocsy.

Point that pinky down bro.... I hate to be cruel but I need to point out the obvious, if that woman gets COVID, she’s done. Stupid on stupid Why in the hell is wearing a mask such a big deal to these people? It is a pretty simple deterrent to a horrible virus; if they would just do it, we could beat this thing quicker

How are people this stupid? Honestly, since they apparently want all this attention they should be at the bottom of the list for treatment & forced to pay for anyone they infect. No one should have to risk their safety for these selfish COVIDIDIOTS she looks fat enough to not come off the vent... even without covid 💀

Brilliant fair play to her..🇮🇪🦊 So they’re ok having to wear shoes and shirts but they draw the line at a cloth mask? 😂 They yell about people being allowed to make their own medical decisions, but how about the right of the people who don’t want their medical decisions made for them by people not wearing masks?

Less a Trump voters Several questions. One being: grilled cheese bar? If that fat lady gets it, she's done son It’s obvious that these idiots have never lived through a war or national disaster. The government has tremendous powers should the choose to use it. It can effectively suspend all rights. Only an idiot would see this as a rights issue.

Let’s hope they all catch it , but don’t spread it to innocent people who have a brain (this COVID is really showing a side to the US that most sad :) Morbidly obese girl is playing a dangerous game not wearing a mask. I wonder what their obituaries will say in a few weeks. I don’t wish them ill health but things don’t seem hopeful for willfully ignorant people like this.

Fair play to them getting attention for their stupidity 😞 Not sure this is activism.... Case increases have nothing to do with mask wearing. Rather, it has everything to do with relaxing of CDC’s definitions of cases, probable cases, contacts and death certificates. 🎶y'all about to lose your life 🎶 What's the chances they're anti-vaxxers too? They should refuse treatment if they catch corona and be prosecuted if they be associated with others catching it from them.

So when they get COVID, are they going to exercise their freedom of choice by refusing to accept medical treatment? 😣😣😣😤😤 They may thrive on their 15 min fame, but the one 'activist' looks morbid obese, and those are high risk for Covid if I read it correctly. So time will tell, no? NYGovCuomo HELP🤦🏻‍♂️

That fat chick does not want Corona. She won’t do well. Unfortunately she won’t understand that until she gets it. This is why America is fucked. Not to be callous or anything but i look forward hearing about their deaths Shouldn't give airtime to these idiots. 😂 😂 😂 The really pathetic thing is that the guy next to him doesn't believe a word he is saying. But he knows that the woman believes it strongly and is using her for his benefit. That is how you build a cult

Idiots. MAGA-MAKE ANOTHER GRAVE AGAIN News12LI do you believe this 😂 Willing to die for grilled cheese and beer? Go to this dump. Just tell them the masks don't work for covid , there true use is to deflect 5G transmission. Fox News come get your death cult Denise_Left Thats a lot of testing Stupid is as stupid does.

Somebody give those two people Corona they are encouraging stupidity Ah my favourite - let's put up some condemning facts but to get more clickbait, we will leave out the 11% FL positivity rate compared to 40% NYC in mid April BUT INSTEAD say 15,000 FL vs 13,000 NYC highs. Do your job properly not this one sided account!

Local authorities should let them know they won't be helped by any Healthcare worker and/or admitted in any HC facility when they get sick. Why wasting resources for that kind of miserable selfish bastards 'Stay in your house if you don't want me to make you sick when I ignore the mask mandate.' Karen has a new anti-mating call.

You misspelled “assholes”. I wouldn’t care if wearing a mask would only affect the person or wearing a mask. It added tax all of us. This people are beyond ridiculous. I want to be surprised, but this is so typical of American mouth-breathers. Literally the dumbest of the dumb. this place needs to be condemned for grossness...

She’s ticks all the boxes for a prime COVID host. 🦠 The real pandemic is stupidity. Just take them now , plz tarahillphoto disregarding I find your anti-mask position hypocritical and illogical, I feel compelled to advise you that the mortality rate for COVID-19 is significantly higher in people who are morbidly obese. You should be especially careful.

They are not activists. They are are murderers and care nothing about the health of others Stupid people!!! Wearing them for 30+yrs Should call them ‘pro-disease activists’. Morons. Did you mean morons? Idiots. They deserve trump Weird I thought people don’t show symptoms for somewhere between 5-14 days after contracting? I guess we’re throwing that one out the window too.

superman0169 A morbidly obese woman refusing to wear a mask...What could possibly go wrong? There’s only one answer for these people! Lies lies and more lies. You don't get it over night. And did they test that many people? Highly doubtful since most who don't wear masks won't comply to testing. someone please tell me what they are chanting? I cannot figure it out

Activists is not the right word Anti-life protests? these people vote 'they took their campaign to this grilled cheese bar' Morbid obesity is an underlying condition. This may not end well for her. This happened in America during the pandemic in 1918 also especially in San Fran. History repeating itself because they come from a long legacy of idiots.

The “dumbing down of America” has now become a badge of honor in our country! De-evolution has taken us down a dangerous path... Natural selection. I don’t care do you? Obesos + ignorância + covid19 = 💀 Some of them will likely be in a hospital and dying soon. I wonder if their last thought will be “wow! that grilled cheese sandwich was totally worth”.

This illustrates our lack of Covid response and the need to for free and accessible mental healthcare Tell them masks are pro life. That oughta make them change their tune I can’t even Can we come up with a different word for them? They aren’t activists. She needs be heavily fined and if that doesn’t work shut down for health reasons.

I believe the earth is over populated by humans, so I'm all for you-all going as soon as possible; drink-up and we'll see you in hell. Has everyone in Florida lost their collective blind?!! Are they brain dead? we need a big 'FORFEIT VENTILATOR' stamp on every moron that refuses to wear a mask They deserve it alllllllll

TokDaddy69 They'll like self destruction that braod needs more than a mask First of all, this woman clearly doesn't care about her health, so why would she care about anyone else's health! She's grossly overweight, so there's a risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension etc. She doesn't care! I am all for freedom of choice however with somthing like this no.Your choice not to wear a mask doesn't only effect you but others. As it helps spread the virus we need to try and stop it not help it .

I hope that they all have life insurance and burial plots laid out ahead of time. All of this, over a grilled cheese? Another reason to keep the US/Canadian border closed. Completely irresponsible idiots. ' the lnd of the free and the home of the brave.' !!!! There’s no such thing as an anti mask activist. You should know better, people are losing their lives & you’re encouraging nonsense. You’re to report the news, not become part of it.

Two weeks later: “Y’all, I have the liberal flu. Pray to baby Jesus for me.” Whelp...if the catch it and die..I won’t feel bad. Even here in Michigan a sherrif won’t enforce the governors mask ordinance...why? getcovid COVID19 COVIDIDIOTS Eejits You can’t smoke and blow smoke in my face so why in the world would I want coronavirus blown at me?

Self promotion Anti rational So, not wearing a mask is ' making your own medical decision' but access to safe abortion is illegal. Got it. Welcome to the Rueters echo chamber... All sheep following CCPs agenda. At least you're all in one place. See you in November. :) Covid covid covid is coming to get you

Testing positive for COVID means your inoculated. The flu shot, by definition, increases positive test cases. Election year spin on full display. ' This woman is just trying to run her GRILLED CHEESE SANDWICH Business 🤔 and we support HER Right to make HER Own ' medical decisions'..says the GUY with the ' Pro Life' bumper sticker on his Humvee...🙃🙄😢😠🤬

what a nonsese. peopelshould protect theselves &others too,why portest,but authority should also impose no obligation bcz mask does not help 100 % too. people should understand also that its their life,their minmum securtiy to prevent transmission so no rel,no quarrle,no killing America (its actually not funny)

Is anti mask activist the new euphemism for foolish people? That obese lady protesting masks when she gets Covid So many nominations for Darwin Awards this year. Soooo this covidiot acknowledges wearing a mask is a 'medical decision'.... FFS these people are the absolute worst of humanity. Stupid is as stupid does.

Oh look more infections! Lets keep that number high so we stay number ONE!!!!!! SHEEEEEEET each time when I realize that the'leader of the biggest superpower in the world'is elected by these people, I feel not safe at all. Flat-Earthers are at it again... No wonder Florida is f*cked Those that refuse to wear a mask are looking to me like murderers. WearAMaskSaveALife

This chick will be in a box soon Florida man acting stupid. Not surprising. Let people make their own decisions. Another win for pleasant thoughts over science Equating wearing masks with 'communist China' is ridiculous But they think they're smart, don't they? The band played on, while the Titanic sank. Premium tears loading....................

MasksOffAmerica FakeChineseVirusCrisis Darwinian natural selection at work. USA has a pandemic of stupidity. Per virologists, even if the infectious viruses are long dead, a corona test can come back POSITIVE, because the PCR method multiplies even a tiny fraction of the viral genetic material enough [to be detected]. Add those s to the new count of PROBABLE cases & you have a lot.

Some people want to feel oppressed so damn bad 🧐 😷😡😷😡😷 Seriously unbelievable For a moment, I thought you claimed that the record increase was because of the protest over the weekend Are they in a 3rd world country The saddest part of this is if the obese lady gets the 'Rona, she'll likely die. The obese idiots will have a short life span in any event. When they catch Covid-19 the results may show evolution in action.

that is why Trump is the president and that is why the US is a laughing stock. Attention seekers.. Attention whores. Oh lord these people are stupid. God, anti-mask!Why?🤔 when God was handing out brains, they thought he said trains and asked for slow ones How many grilled cheese did she eat? The last thing that woman needs is more grilled cheese!

These are fucking terrorists Florida has an idiot problem. Pure insanity WTF! I honestly don’t understand why USA is considered 1st world? MSMBCNEWS Just reported: Hospitals across the US are turning away all patients that have contracted Corona Virus as a result of 'Not Wearing a Mask.' 'Your freedom of choice, without a doubt, is yours to make; so is ours' - Joseph Kinyoun MD U.S. Dir Hygienic Laboratory.

Lock them up. This people don't have shit to do, that's why. Activists my ass. Fundamental stupid people. I’m just here f the fat jokes Gross people but thankfully didn’t bring out the firearms Que gente más weona Let them die. Stay away from anti-mask idiots. This is what happens when anti vaxx sentiment is appeased- it just gets worse and worse-it is like the anti-enlightenment is happening.

miriamcosic Most selfish people on earth. In a high degree of freedom, people become more and more selfish. Lawless rioters. This is America, in America we don’t wear masks, we face danger head on. appreciatete Stupid af They get what they want. Karma! It’s just Darwinism at work....... The last fighting minority group along with the smokers? Both work hard with self-destruction. Den sisista kämpande minoritetsgruppen jämte rökarna? Båda gruppernas problem är att de utrotar sig själva.

Level of making own medical decisions: Professional (Wide body Edition) Hope they get Covid Send the anti-mask folks to an island and let them be free with Covid. Go for it.....”natural selection” has been around for a long time! Lets hope they catch it so we can hear them have another moan about it I honestly believe that if they had to sign a document, forfeiting their right to medical attention for covid, they would wear a mask. I don’t understand how these idiots can still be anti Florida of all places.

Nuts If leprosy was the problem...would she wear a mask? stupid Americans , all like their president :-) 🤦‍♂️ IGNORANCE is worst than the Coronavirus Where’s Tucker’s brother Ron? She's not anti-food though.. All about themselves and their own rights and screw everyone else. The selfishness is unbelievable

Unfortunately also in Italy we have situation of people, mostly young, that are are going out without. We are in phase 3 bug we are preparing ourself for autumn we’re we think virus maybe will come back strong. I always were a mask out or in public space or bar from January. Dumb! joshcra60695853 Only in America politicians weaponize facts and science. We are the worlds laughingstock.

Adults! Eye roll Anti-mask people -- maybe being so adamant about not covering one's mouth has something to do with hubris? You peoples has sucked your talented and intelligents. This is plandemic instead pandemic! Mask can’t save you viruses . Why animals are not affecting? Don’t worry, die happy! 😡 OMG my head is exploding

I’m so sick of hearing these people’s voices screaming at and over everyone. It’s all just sounding the same anymore... “I want to spit them in the face so bad” - said coronavirus survivor with permanent lung damage. COVIDIOTS Hmm. Sounds like what they're really saying is 'This is America and if we want to die horribly by choking on our own sputum that is our choice!'

get their names and do not treat any them if they get sick. Next time they'll think twice. Go Darwin go ForaBolsonaro Hope they all get Covid sorry if your stupid and no respect for other human beings Clearly that grilled cheese eating woman does not care at all about her health. I honestly believe that if they had to sign a document, forfeiting their right to medical attention for covid, they would wear a mask. I don’t understand how these idiots can still be anti Florida of all places.

There's no such thing as an anti-mask activist. These people are dangerously stupid morons who just want to hate out in the sunshine. Chuck Darwin There’s a small child in there! I hope one of those officials called the state’s family services. Woohoo! Keep up the good work FL! What they wanna do? this is what they call liberty.

If anybody needs to stay at home, It's Karen Comorbidity there. Jesus fucking christ. Don’t be foolish, take your doctor’s advice: Smoke a fresh cigarette. Anti-masker covidiots exemplify the selfishness of their society. HerdGullibility That bitch look like she cant breathe lol Madness! Coronavirus Side Effects: Fatal Inflammatory Syndrome Identified In South Carolina Children With COVID-19

What does it take to get it through their thick heads Wearing a mask isn’t just about you!! It’s about everyone else you come close to in the store, a post office, a restaurant, anywhere. Stop being so entitled & do what NEEDS to be done so we can ALL get back to normal!! Idiots Was anyone else’s first thought about the welfare of that woman? It’s one thing to be a healthy idiot, campaigning against masks. If you’re morbidly obese, you might want to fall in line or you could end up dead.

🤪 cannot believe people act like this. this is not good for society. Why people is so fucking stupid !!! Until their mother die is when they will wake up! Let the swamp people sink! Florida is just full of it. Why are people so stupid? I still can't believe this is the hill people want to die on. Then again, they would've been the people during the Spanish Flu decrying masks as others died around them.

Why are we giving them the dignity of being referred to as 'anti-mask activist?' Just call them what they are. Morons that endanger the public. America will have to pay 10 times the amount for rehabilatation from covid 19 than it daved from lettin everyone get sick. Dumb and dumber Interesting how they immediately bring up increase in cases implying anti mask protesters are causing infections but don’t say a word about antifa and blm riots. Coincidence?

Thank god wearing clothes in public isn’t seen as a violation of rights The country with the biggest infection numbers is also the country with the biggest anti mask population... Its probably a coincidence.... Oh, Florida. 🤦‍♀️ Well, they will quickly die out. The virus has no mercy. I will leave this right here... ps your welcome.

Luckily, none of them seem to have any conditions which might make them more susceptible to complications, right? Educated fools......risking own life and infecting innocent people The only thing these people need more than masks are condoms because they should not reproduce. She should give the grilled cheese outlets a swerve for a few months. Try the ungrilled salad bars instead

'Grilled Cheese Bar...' May the grim Reaper show it's face on their doorstep. When those anti-mask activists get sick don't give them priority in the hospitals ok; give the attention to people who care about their health and well-being, as well as those of others. CDC most recent four week sum of deaths by reporting week: July 11: 2,340 July 4: 2,868 June 27: 3,064 June 20: 5,226 June 13: 5,665 June 6: 6,809 May 30: 7,769 May 23: 10,960 May 16: 11,545 May 9: 9,387 May 2: 12,590

2 weeks from now these 2 will be talking about how “we made a mistake”. Idiots!!! Of course mask can't prevent stupid Yeah, listen to a morbidly obese woman about healthcare, lmfao. Darwin We all know how this ends. 🙄 Anti reason activists Let them die. Unfuckingbelievable. for clarity ; as of today .. there is no emergency medical ship steaming towards Florida ... and why because the numbers are BS

I have said thousands of times that we must wear masks in public to fight against the Covid19. Unfortunately most of the Americans are not willing to wear masks in public, which is the major reason why so many Americans got infected. Wake up, Americans, Masks can save your lives! Better not see them in a hospital take names just fine them like in cali

Lawgirl318 You can’t fix stupid, but you can fine them. It works. because I am American I will do whatever I wanted to do but you are immigrants to America-USAians Death rate Lost causes. All the people who do not want to wear a mask in stores / restaurants / pubs etc , they should list their names, social security nos etc. these names should be circulated to all hospitals and they shouldn’t be allowed in any hospitals for Covid treatment if they get infected.

Look at these patriots willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their cause and melted cheese. They're fighting for your freedoms that you're to lazy to protect liberals. And cheese. Also a cheese fight. The ONLY thing these people care about is going viral themselves. Addicted to their phones. They are so unbelievably stupid. And ignorant

how much ignorance These people are morons and I am terribly sorry that you choose to promote their reckless behavior. But since you did, please do a follow up story two weeks from now. What whiny babies. Don’t they for real have other stuff to do? Its really funny to see them act like this... Do they have mind block? Can't they see the numbers? Noone cares whether these people exist or not... Atleast don't spread it to the other sensible people!

Doesn’t it take longer for the symptoms too show then just a day or two? These guys are dumb but are we sure that this is where the cases were coming from? They’ll be taking the remaining ICU beds in Florida in a couple of weeks. This happened during the Spanish flu. That didn’t work very well. WearAMaskSaveLives

That's the spirit! Own those libs! They just think they are smarter because they have an 'education' and 'degrees'. Please sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) to free up that ICU bed (you know 'just in case'). Jesus didn't need no stinkin' mask! It means even more deaths. Thanks to trump and desantis. The poor doctors and nurses who are already way overworked.

Would NOT want to intubate the lady in black! 15,299 new coronavirus cases in Florida on Sunday is still not enough for some.¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ Papa Nurgle is proud of all of his minions in Florida, shepherding the masses to join him in his Garden of decay and rebirth. Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein

Unbelievable! Please stop referring to masks as Communism..... you have no idea what you are talking about.... it is extremely hurtful to compare masks for health issues to a Communist Dictatorship Country. What DUMBsters!!. Wait till they are hit by Covid-19. Help us Lord through these trying times and Idiots.🙏🙏🙏😷😷😷

I see dead people Just remember, these people who don't wear a mask, are the same people who don't wash their hands. Can she stand up for the rights of people while flat on her back gasping for air wearing a ventilator? Hmm. Get back to me on that one. Say in 10 days? Can’t fix stupid. I am sick of these people mostly in Fl don’t where your mask then but you can go inside the grocery store or inside any public building because it’s not just about you. Stupid fucking people.

HurryUpAndDIE Anti-mask activists. You folks kill me. Literally. Wonder what happens to these folks when and if they go to hospitals still preach the same Wearing mask is nothing about personal right or freedom .... Jesus Christ these people are so god damn stupid😭 You mean anti/mask idiots, not activists. There is no such thing as activism related to refusing to wear a mask. Your editor needs to re-think this title: would you run with anti-stop sign activists?

The concept of Wearing masks in time of pandemic is exactly equivalent to covering your genitalia in a civilized community. These people are not only anti-mask they are anti-science and civilization What kind of idiots, I hope they don't end up in the hospital. Being a burden on the doctors Why do anti-mask people always looks like anti-mask people?!

脑残多 They are the ones chosen by the God to wipe out. Isn't morbid obesity is a risk factor? Those protesting are a sample of your typical 'Florida man'. That fat one is protesting because there will never be a mask large enough to cover her big mouth. Let them die. Who cares? I have nothing to lose. So cringe when I hear the dude yell 'this is America'...

Many US Americans protesting about their rights but not acknowledging their responsibilities, so convinient. This feels utterly hopeless. This woman is not a health expert folks. Wait until the place is full and bar the doors from the outside and leave. Come back in two weeks. Dumb and Dumber 3: Dumb and Dumberest

Most people are wearing masks and understand the need to wear masks. Can we hear less about this minority who seem to be getting all the attention? HUMAN HISTORY: More Than Four Millennia of Wealth Accumulation Society Peerage (WASP). Zeitgeist WASP Economic models grant notional peerage to a WASP-Caste of less than 0.0001% of any country's, empire's... population.

Did they sign anything that says that if they become ill they assume all medical expenses incurred because of Covid-19? BWAAA HAAAAA HAAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA Instant covid!!! Why you lie ? Ffs Just going to leave this here.... Recently, I loved to see retarded people dying. Idiots Natural selection will take care of this.

They’re not the brightest are they? It was wrongly said. It's more like retarded activists. Thank you for reporting the truth Stupidity has risen to new heights thought the voting for Trump was beyond comprehension, so fits. Why, humans, why? 🤯 Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go through life Sure, but have you watched Unsolved Mysteries yet?

EXCLUSIVE: Chinese virologist accuses Beijing of coronavirus cover-up, flees Hong Kong: 'I know how they treat whistleblowers' FoxNews Is it too much to ask to shut down all the way for 2 weeks to get a handle on covid19 and send our kids to school to a much safer environment? You would think this would be something we could rally around. 😡

'It badly affects the over-80s with comorbidities, including obesity, yet even of that highest risk group more than nine out of 10 survive. 89 per cent of deaths have been those aged 65 and older and 91 per cent of these had at least one underlying condition.... I have family members in America, Italy and Ireland. Friends in Poland, Germany, Chile and Ecuador. And I'm in Brazil, and no one I know outside or inside my country, has had or knows anyone who has had covid-19, I can only say: the Chinese virus is a lie

Wear a mask lady the life you save might be your own. Death rate 900 in USA. Propaganda! Why didn't we track the flu and wear masks? Save the people, save the Economy. WeAreTheEconomy Grilled cheese bar? So Stupid ! Do they mean is everyone has the Right to Die cause I am getting that vibe from them? It's not freedom its suicidal tendency. People are going to die because of this COVIDIOTS

Suspend her permit Please do not treat these folks if they show up at the hospital! To care is more important than to cure. So sick of this crap. Thank Trump for this attitude When you wear a mask you show intelligence. Dont wear one and show your ignorance! By all means, dont wear masks. Less to vote for Trump in Nov.

Give it a few weeks and Darwinian law will weed these people out. Shame they might take a hospital bed from someone who tried to protect themselves. Anti mask is anti life - this Virus does not care who you are or what color is your skin, once you are infected it will fight like hell to kill. Enjoy the good fight - go to your cave and wait for your fate.

'Anti-mask activists' or as they are known internationally: idiots I don't know why these Trump supporters are so upset about wearing masks. Their grandparents wore masks, their parents wore masks, why shouldn't they carry on the tradition? White-people were wearing masks before it was cool! You cannot force Americans to wear masks on their faces.

I was a history major in college and studied the rise and fall of the Roman empire - I am now living and witnessing what I studied. No more empathy from my side, at this point. Does this happen anywhere else besides America? Just curious. Wow how dumb people can get about wearing a mask! That is why Florida and Texas with California are the highest of outbreaks of the virus. People will never understand until one of their family members dies then it’s to late!

If the covid doesn’t get em the diabetes and heart disease will Ignorant!! Owner is making money and don't care about MAGATS. 😁 Fools. Meanwhile in Asia... This country is going through a crisis and there is absolutely no leadership anywhere and what is even scarier is that there is no leadership on the horizon.

From 20k new infections a day to 63k. Great going America! None of them entering my hell won't waste time on purgatory also. I certainly hope that this owner is held responsible for paying for every single funeral for every single customer and everyone that gets infected it's going to be pretty funny to see the outcome of her negligence!!!

SB一群 It’s a shame the drs in the emergency rooms don’t have the right to refuse these assholes service if they get covid It’s fine. TrumpPandemic Please print this and pin it on every corner 4 orders of COVID, please. People are stupid. Wearing a mask has nothing to do with medical decision. This is a social responsibility to prevent spread of an very infectious disease. They do “have the right to make medical decision”. If they get COVID19, they have the right not to be treated.

OccupyRio NO HOSPITAL BEDS NOR ICUS for these motherfuckers. Period! Don’t b jealous, Democrats! snowycats Grilled cheese bar, says it all cheesy How do people get to be so damn stupid? Irony is .... the lady who is protesting is morbidly obese ... a HUGE risk factor for COVID-19 infectious complications and morbidity !

And they continue to walk among us! Unless someone close to them goes through the horrible experience they will not learn or appreciate importance of it. They should all be made to sign a waiver that they will not avail medical treatment if infected. This state is just chock full of idiots. These anti-American idiots are literally killing our citizens. God forbid we ever have another World War situation that requires sacrifices. These people wouldn’t do squat. They don’t care about the greater good of the country. It’s all about themselves.

Shaking my head. Such stupid, stupid people. Grilled cheese bar is risky enough. asshats Last thing she needs is grilled cheese! Hit the gym Kinda want a grilled cheese right now. That guy in blue shirt will be in the hospital in less than 14 days I see dead people Sue the owner if contact the virus. Oh yum. Edible decisions

That's what you call a covfefe. contributing to our status as the country with the most covid 19 infections and deaths. way to go, Florida. Stupidity at its best! Just don’t understand the uproar about masks it’s ridiculous these idiots will recant once they get sick or lose loved ones they have given the trumpvirus

Dear media, Please do NOT run a sob piece in a few weeks when this obese woman is gasping for air and about to die, one about how sad she is now that she didn’t listen. The world is shocked by how low the Americans IQ could go. With all this talk about masks, the virus, or its disproportionate impact on those who are at least fortunate, finally someone is standing up for the cheese toasties!

theProgSoapbox Doesn’t matter if there are 1,000,000,000 more cases when 99.6% of people are immune. Over 4,000,000,000 people have herpes. Ignorance appears to be more contagious then the Coronavirus & will cause more people to get infected & more people dying ! What's wrong with people? This is the direct result of Donald politisizing this deadly global pandemic virus for his self-serving hypocritical reasons! Sad!

Hospitals need to be given the names of everyone who think it’s their rights not to wear masks. Just as long as none of them get a hospital bed in front of anyone else. Can't wait for the follow-up story La estupidez en su máxima expresión Wow wow wow. Even Netflix can't make this stuff up. Mark my words: thst moridly obese woman hogging the spotlight will be dead from Covid w/in 2 months.

Gee... I wonder what it's like to have to fight the government and religious zealots to make my own medical decidions!!! He needs to learn what rights he has. Nothing in the constitution about wearing masks. What’s name of that infected restaurant? T-2 months they’ll out of business. And the world watches and wonders when the USA will self-destruct.

Trumpies. They couldn’t be dumber if they tried. WearADamnMask Bunch of mouth breathers. K Ha, fighting for “the rights of people to make their own medical decisions”. Riiiiight. Now do family planning. Is there an award for STUPIDEST state? Good set of deplorable. We all know what eventually happens to all freedom breathers... be seeing you in the statistics columns for positive testers real soon

I’m not OK with people refusing to wear masks but since they’re saying that they are exercising their right to make a medical decision they should bear the fallout. No mask = no medical care. I really hope these people catch COVID. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. perfect way to build immunity, good for them

I’m thinking the large dark haired lady ate all the 300 burgers on offer for free 😳 This ignorance is disgusting and infuriating Nice, natural selection is at work. 🤔 Can Reuter’s share the data on number of cases and deaths in mask wearer vs non-mask wearers? This is why 'a Florida man' is at the beginning of so many many many jokes.... They really are that clueless

charlesjaco1 For grilled cheese AND IF THEY GET COVID ... NO MEDICAL RESOURCES SHOULD BE WASTED ON THEM ... tell the quacks to stick their masks you know where. We need to follow up on this in about three weeks when we find out how many of these people have covid-19, and if the place is still open. In Europe: 'The science was never politicized. Mask wearing was widely accepted.' What The U.S. Can Learn From Europe's Coronavirus Strategy | NBC Nightly News

I think somebody needs to talk to the guy in Ohio that thought that he didn't need to wear a mask........oh right! can't!... because he died last week from covid19 Ignorance is free! Remember. The reason to wear a mask cuz protect others around you from the disease you carry. Now extend that thought next time you see a picture of Donald dUMBF in a mask. Trump has done more with Corona 19 to destroy this country than China. TRUMP IS AMERICA'S CHINA VIRUS

Anti-mask-activists? You surely mean “selfish suicidal murderers” They are mad These anti-mask advocates should have to sign off on waiving any medical help if/when they get the virus. Have the courage of your convictions, dumbasses. Just make sure they do not receive any care when they fall sick Well, that owner shouldn't be allowed to flap her bingo wings to the ER when the inevitable happens.

All I have to say is Darwinism! Sorry to say this but this woman is really weight challenged. She will not fair well when she gets it. Really helps aid in the spread. What's patriotic about that! SMH Like Darwin prove himself right again Absolute morons! TastyChomps Do you know them? That guys obese wife should be worried, people with weights problems are at a higher risk of serious complications from covid-19, give it 2 weeks and he will crying his heart out over her death expecting compassion

So I suppose these two have signed don’t treat me for COVID statements and also quit from any health insurance they have since stupitdty like this ultimately increases premiums as insurers pay out more. Follow up with them in two weeks. Have they never heard that all business are private enterprises that can make rules regarding service but must comply with State and local laws/mandates. Did they never see signs like “No shoes, no shirt,no service”?

Irresponsible pple x they not only harm themselves but the whole lot of community. Don’t complain if the economy is down and pple out of jobs bcos this deadly virus paralysed some company. Pple out of job thanks to u pple. total disrespect!!!! At least six states reported single-day records for new cases: Georgia, Utah, Montana, North Carolina, Iowa and Ohio. Florida: 'Hold my beer.'

So proud of being dumbasses. They look like trump people Grilled cheese bar? 😅🤣😂🤣😂🤣 thats a thing? She needs to eat a lot less cheese. Losers i still can't believe how DUMB some people are. you don't have the right to spread your germs to others. also, trying THINKING. like about basic science & hygiene.

This young man and thousands like him felt the same. May he Rest in Eternal Peace. This is crazy. Everyone with a camera wants their fame. It is all about look at me - look what I am doing. Not sure if it matters what they do or who they hurt in the process. As of today, NY has had over 404,000 confirmed COVID cases and nearly *32,000* deaths Florida? 224,000 cases and less than 4,000 deaths

if you eat at a grilled cheese bar you deserve what you get tbh So sick of these people, time to shut them down and start giving them a stiff fine. Do they realize Trumpty Dump wore one this weekend?😠 Just dumb.... California is wearing masks. 'Everyone's healthcare decisions are their own.' NO! You that argument by NOT wearing a mask and possibly exposing everyone to a DEADLY DISEASE! YOU made that decision for THEM! Stop killing others with YOUR breathing! IDIOTS!

Here lies Florida Man Lived by his rules Died for a hot cheese sandwich Covid plus obesity. Great combo. These folks be singing a different tune if they wake up on their belly in a covid ICU with a tube down their throat. You will never see this bunch of activists in any Hollywood pandemic movie. US did so well in the movie, but in reality sucks.

America's been here before with the HIV scare; quarantine was out of the question. It's interesting how coronavirus is getting a similar response from this public. And they all tested positive lol 😂 Idiots. Stupid is as stupid does. Y’all gonna die! You’re all willing to die for a grilled cheese sandwich?

Selfish assholes. GermSpreaders FreedomFromContagion AdaptOrPerish 😷 shields doesnt stop the disease it reduces contagion Natural selection will take care of this problem. Dumbest people alive On the other hand let em breathe on each other . Natural selection. Unbelievable! 'Oh well, that's too bad.' What? Is that Kool-Aid you're drinking? Well, you can't cure stupid so I guess we just sit back and let the virus cure it for us.

Lock them in there They all might die cuz of their stupidity Go for your rights dude! If you want to get sick, go for it! effffffiiiinggidiots Stupid MFers Hope those selfish idiots all catch it !! 'Anti-mask activists'? Only in Trump's America could a most basic health and safety measure intended to slow the infection rate of Covid-19 become politicized to the point where we now have 'activists'. And where people will start an argument about whether a mask 'works'.

No problema... Hasta La Vista Baby... CoronavirusOutbreak COVID19 coronavirus Pomona Darwinism in real-time. Activists Just call them what they are...idiots... Silly masks. You don’t need those. You can invite me right in 😉 Let them die. Thinning the herd. Well that is just silly. If there is a chance for you to not make someone else sick you should do it, unless you have a chance to be around Nancy Pelosi

The morbidly obese woman says everyone’s health is a personal decision, yes that’s obvious she doesn’t care about her own health. They should have to sign no medical attention waivers! Health insurers should mandate the mask or you you pay your own medical bills. You have the RIGHT to not where a seatbelt but you'll likely lose your car insurance. Seatbelts only protect the wearer. Masks protect everybody they come in contact with.

Don’t these morons realize that you don’t have the right to infect us. I hear the words now. I thought it was a hoax. No wonder Florida’s, got such a serious problem! Lock them up! I can see more dead people! enough idiots! darwinism 101 Simple, deny then medical care should the become ill with Covid19. Give them what they want.

Anti mask idiots, sadly many of these individuals will get the Virus. They don’t have the right to spread the Virus to others. They will wear mask not covering face alone but their complete body shortly. Idiots tell your Covid uncle not to wear mask. He started wearing mask now as he scared of his life. Come out from your fantasy world.

Let me guess, all these assholes are also pro-lifers and don’t want women to have the right to choose. On masks -“my body, my choice” On abortion -“your body, my choice” In America, we do not give the freedom to murder others. This includes spreading disease. Why easily swayed mobs justice should dictate societal standards. DefenseIntel defundCIA

good reasons not to go to Florida ! as if I didn’t any last year already Just looking at those two, I know what the comments are going to say 😬 Americans have more freedoms than common sense at times. Everyone of these people should be considered a danger and a menace to society. They just don’t get it. It’s not just their health, it’s everybody’s health including the people they go home to. So so sad.

Maybe run a story about the wave of coronavirus parties happening on Long Island this weekend. And they call America first world 🤣🤣🤣 what a bunch of .... I guess they emulate their leader !!!! COVID American Exceptionalism Self culling. Trumps shrinking base Ignorance is not bliss! I hope that when these imbeciles get coronavirus they don't run to the hospital for help. If I were a medical worker I would refuse to help them. If you don't want to wear masks don't but don't tell others not wear masks.. You dummies are too much in the United States.

I am tired of the these communists infringing on my rights! I am standing up for my anti-clothing rights! Why should I be forced to put things on my body that I don’t want? It’s my body and I shouldn’t have to cover it if I don’t wanna! 😝 😜 AntiClothing Is that a co morbidity convention?! Idiots idiots & more idiots

cases are related to the protests What is a grilled cheese bar? What a true lack of vision for the CDC to think that a pandemic could be worse than human idiocy....and for this we struggled over 18,000 years as a species....should have won Neanderthal... Let them die. Better for society, to which I'm sure they contribute nothing.

Stupid people! You'all gonna die. Just telling you. Darwin opinion about this? I am tired of the these communists infringing on my rights! I am standing up for my anti-clothing rights! Why should I be forced to put things on my body that I don’t want? It’s my body and I shouldn’t have to cover it if I don’t wanna! AntiClothing

Senseless fucks deserve zero attention they crave, will be ostracized and or sick with Covid_19 soon enough as karma and the 🦠 will find them. No mask 😷? Keep your distance. stupid is as stupid does Who’s the snowflake now? Go to the Governors House and have your Anti Mask Party or Protest over there!! Maybe he'll Join you on your cause

Make a list of names and let us know how they are doing. Hope none are dead It’s not “their own medical decision”. It affects others as well. How about their surgeon insists on operating without a mask against suggested medical guidelines. Fucknuts don’t wear masks that obese 'activist' should know that obesity is one of the factors that make her more likely to die when she gets Covid

A grilled cheese bar? Really jimmytabuk Thick as mince the lot of them! You are allowed to make your own medical or any decision as long as it doesn’t put another’s life in danger . If masks help to stop or slow the spread of the virus and wearing them is mandated by law then that law trumps your rights . Test that group !

Natural selection. Some of the people on that video if catch the virus 🦠 will be in “BIG” trouble! i get it. Some grilled cheese sammishes (yes, thats how you spell it) are worth dying for. They are good enough to infect your grandparents too! **if you read this and didnt get the sarcasm, youre way too wound up to be on Twitter right now. Breathe.**

When these people get sick, do not admit. Let them stay in their own home. And whatever happens, happen. No worries. Darwinism is fully in control here. The best medical decision most those protestors could make is to lay of the grilled cheese 😳 Obesity is one of the biggest risk factors for life threatening COVID complications.

Notice the owner is wearing a mask, she is just doing it to drum up business for restaurant. She should be charged criminally if anyone that was there tests positive!! Isn't this like survival of the mentally fittest? I hope when these fuckwits catch Covid they don't infect a health worker, or a vulnerable person in their community. Selfish, foolish, Trumpish...

these people are stupid and will get others killed Omg of these people ever talk about anti choice again. Seriously Fatty has had one two many FL hospitals now overwhelmed because of those dumbasse, putting the healthcare community and their families at risk. I guess they are anti-ventilators too? Them poor children that were dragged into this mess, they should be removed from their homes and placed into the care of someone who doesn't disregard their health and safety. WearYourMaskFL

What is wrong with people? Why can’t they do the right thing for the whole of society? This is individualism gone wrong. I'm so glad that she's not also protesting about the fact that she's required to wear clothes. Amazing he empathize she's a single mom trying to make it but clearly took advantage of the free meal & attention for themselves ... You would of thought they were the owners

Darwin Award winners! Hospital staff are busy enough, oxygen and medical intervention won't help these people when they arrive at the hospital. They are already brain dead. No wonder why Florida is hit a stupid governor with Covidiots are making a disaster I feel only for the poor senior citizens please stayhome these creatures want you killed don't make their wish come true ...

Let them all gather in one place lock the door and see what happens when a bunch of animals are cooped up in a battery farm. That obese women is at a higher risk, but by all means, don’t wear a mask. Let them all die... When you have so much privilege, you pick something altruistic and turn it into slur.

the amount of documentaries that are going to come out of this Dottie there is in a very high risk group. She gets it she’s probably just another statistic. These people have the same voting power that I do and it astounds me Not wearing a mask by them infringes on my ability to not get virus Good for them.

her rights end where she endangers others. ugh Your health care decisions are your choice. Someone ask them if they are pro choice? Probably hypocrites What a waste of high school degrees! yes. America is decreasing in population. As per prophecy. Keep up the good work These people make me both angry and sad. Angry because they are the reason we can’t have a better Coronavirus response. And sad because they or the ones they love - or perhaps, even strangers that they pass along their way - will get sick and die.

I guess they only want one time only costumes You can’t fix stupid! Happy COVID everyone !!! :( Ant-mask! Only in Floriduh Dumb & dumber there's something broken in America. I hope it get's fixed. Love the rest of the world xx Stupid is as Stupid does! the idiot in the video hasn’t figured out yet that the mask is NOT about his own medical decision, it involves the rest of the society. So if living in a society is a problem for him then he could choose to move and live in the woods with no interactions

I’m so sick of people screaming “This is America” like we all forgot where the hell we live. We didn’t. Same selfish nature we’ve always had. Forget about protecting your fellow citizens. It’s just me, me, me! Isn’t obesity one of the risk factors? Brought to you by 'PlaguePeople'. Do you miss Dengue & Bubonic plague? Want some Anthrax, Marburg Virus, Hantavirus, Ebola, Rabies, HIV, Smallpox, Influenza or Rotavirus? Compelled to spread SARS? Join the cult today! Disclaimer: An IQ under 40 is required for membership.

you get a Darwin get a Darwin award .... Florida, -God's waiting room- in more ways than one. JeannieG40 In a state full of weirdos, quite possibly the biggest group of morons yet... Please sign a statement that you will refuse medical treatment when you get the virus for your own stupidity

A grilled cheese bar.... says it all, really. No ventilators for these geniuses. Evolution at play ! Why are they occupying hospital beds when they get sick. Leave them for the folks who are protecting themselves and others who still get the virus because they are on the frontlines. Or touch their face, or accidentally bring home contaminating.

Bye fuckers. More toom for the rest of us. Stuck on stupid. AMERICA'S A SAD PLACE PEOPLE. SICK MINDED IDIOTS WANTING TO KILL AMERICAN'S BY NOT WEARING MASK'S. AMERICA WILL BE TOTALLY LOST IF JOE BIDEN DOESN'T WIN NOV. 3RD. How many of these unmasked losers do you think will get infected? Is it something in the water in Florida that causes mass stupidity?

Stupid people This is the reality of the USA they think being free means their opinion matters. It does not and they more than anyone are destroying their country. Selfish people are always right So are the facts Florida is now paying a heavy price for selfishness, whilst ignoring the facts I see Karma rearing its ugly head in Florida.....

some americans are very stubborn We are living in a dysfunctional dystopian hellscape. Somebody has spent a lot of time there. Salads must be delicious. what? If mask orders can't be enforced, why are people wearing clothes? If you want corona AND the virus, pop into this place, sounds delightful Now that their insurance companies know who they are. Can they refuse insurance coverage ?

thoughts and ... for them Bless their hearts Then when infected they blame the govt for not been serious to prevent the infections..while crying that they pay tax. Play stupid games win stupid prizes I'm not mocking the way this woman looks but clearly, she already DECLARED her right to her own health 🤷🏻‍♀️

Make them sign a wavier to receive NO MEDICAL CARE IN THE EVENT coronavirus SETS IN 🛑👍🏾🛑👍🏾 Y’all are so mad 😂 Idiots in the state where I live had a protest rally downtown where they were burning masks. Indignation at it's finest. Unity and nationalism be damned. I hope these covidiots will refuse an oxygen mask when they are struggling to breathe.

Just stay far far away, law enforcement officers too. Oh those poor white people they deserved better!!!! LOL It's good that they don't care if they get covid or not, as long as they accept the responsibility for passing onto the elderly family member who won't survive it's effects 😡😡😷 Ok so y’all need to sign a doc that u will nt go to the icu or to the hospital if y’all get sick. Only fair.

Some of those SOB’s shouldn’t be devouring cheese. It just complicates treatment options if they should contract the COVID virus. As it is, doctors are having to make life and death decisions based on availability of resources. Oh fkn well! Eat and be merry. Goodbye America. That one chick is gonna need a really big coffin. May want to put the order in now as I’m sure they will have to make a custom one.

Selfish people. Guess they don't realize it works to protect yourself and others. Maybe they should all be fitted with a ventilator and have them compare that experience to a face covering. I think that experiment will change some minds. Can't quite eat grilled cheese on a vent. These coming masks that most are wearing do not work⬇️

Good This is domestic terrorism. Throw them all in jail, cut electrical power to the premises, and permanently cancel their license to operate. Can you smoke in that bar/restaurant? Why? Same argument. Now go to the nonpeeing side of the swimming pool. These anti-mask protestors have juvenile brains. The stupid burns....

Only in America Stupidity and they could care less about anyone! Why kids do what they do . Hey Americans, just want to ask what happen to u ppl? ‘This is America, not China’ means what? That’s extremely superficial. What I can see is distorted human rights and rise of egoism make US a hot mess. Good for them....people need to start realizing that there will be more more cases and everyone is probably going to catch it what you need to focus on is the mortality rate don't give me the cases give me the mortalities....

God damn people are dumb Maybe this explains a few things... Good for them!!! If you don’t like it, don’t go Well they’re going have a bad time... Anti-mask protesters, translation (Morons). Again, it's a public safety issue and not a first amendment issue. Marginally intelligent people get this. Stupidity has no limits COVIDIOTS

she must be out of her mind This is a group of people easy to criticize. Did you all express your opinions when the 'peaceful protesters' were on the streets? Disgusting FloridaMen FloridaWomen Yes can I get a grilled cheese with Swiss, fries and a pint of beer. Also can I get the coronavirus to go. coronavirusisntahoax magacult WearAMaskSaveLives

Stupid They just hoping trump sees this n offers them a job in the Whitehouse. theProgSoapbox COVIDIOTS Idiots. Canada is looking down at you, we are shaking our heads wondering what is wrong with you.?. Family reunion.Idiots STUPID-IS-AS-STUPID-DOES But this same people are opposing the choice of women regarding their bodies.

Not many of them have a healthy BMI Can somebody go there and cough on them A demonstration of 2 people made Reuters... 🥴 You have to love those people whom when they are told what to do say “I am not going to do it anyway” why the belligerency and why the lack of cooperation why the ignorance they made the choice

Masks - 2020's version of Sword Fighting! shut the place down and fine the owners heavily for breaking the state mandate. Thanks Trump! T minus 5 days... Hope they all sign a DNR and lick each other America needs an education overhaul. No excuse for this level of dumb in the richest nation on earth. Same old Americans are truly the most selfish nation on the planet! How more obvious can it get!

Buh bye Serious question... Why are there no biohazard bins for mask and gloves if this virus is so contagious and deadly? 🤔 Aren’t they all super duper cool-n-sh*t? We will hear her story in the coming weeks how she regrets and she’ll be dead! You can’t fix stupid! Maybe one day we will have a cure to covid19, but not stupidity. Have you wondered why doctors in OT have been wearing masks since ages?

Know where they need to go? To RonDeSantisFL house. Roll right up and knock on his door. Just to say 'Hi! See, no mask.' Right up close. Maybe they'll think twice when they see he won't go w/in TEN feet of them, let alone six. Foolish Darwin at work ProDeath Come get corona and we'll buy your lunch. Fucking troglodytes!

Yay! HerdImmunity Grilled Cheese and Covid. For here! I celebrate the death of every coronavirus denier. The faster they cull themselves the quicker the country can truly start recovering. They grill cheesed their brains They deserve whatever karma has in store for them. Stupid MFers Fucking hell, THIS is the issue they choose to be 'activists' about? Not child labor or cleaner air or better laws or more walking parks for small dogs or just about anything else. But THIS? Just fucking hell.

Anti-mask activists 🤣 fcuk all cringe fest 🤣 No doubt none of these people will go to hospital if they get dick. It’s hard to feel bad for any of these who gets sick Exactly the reason cases have spiked beyond belief They’re not anti mask they’re pro spreading. The spreaders. The definition of lemmings? We are battling a disease where a mask reduces transmission significantly. Social distancing helps a great deal. Wear a mask. I tried. =

Cool. Let them all get sick together Cheesus Christ! Grilled cheese bar? Wtf? That makes all the sense in the world Gosh, I sure hope no one coughed in there. Some of them will get sick and regret it. idiots Actually I kinda like how they let their stupidity kills themselves مجانين ما اكثر مجانين هذا الزمن Dumbshittery run amok

entitled fools. It ok Mr Pompeo will just blame it on China for their stupidity as well :-) wear a mask save a life Should be a lot of comorbidity at a grilled cheese bar You can't fix stupid

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