Florida schools begin to close ahead of Hurricane Ian. Here’s where local school districts stand

9/26/2022 10:00:00 PM

For now, local school districts are playing the waiting game when it comes to Hurricane Ian, but that could change soon.

For now, local school districts are playing the waiting game when it comes to Hurricane Ian, but that could change soon.

As Hurricane Ian gains strength and approaches Florida, school districts in the Tampa Bay area have started to announce closures, but local districts are waiting to make decisions.

University of South Florida campus in Tampa.) Computer Model Forecast Tracks Next 5 Days (The lines on this graphic represent several of the many track forecasts from various computer models.wind shear – winds that change direction and speed at various heights – over the Caribbean Sea is expected to allow Ian to rapidly intensify into a major hurricane.Tropical Storm Ian formed over the central Caribbean Sea late Friday, becoming the ninth tropical storm of the season.

(Wikimedia Commons/FightingRaven531) JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– As Hurricane Ian gains strength and approaches Florida, school districts in the Tampa Bay area have started to announce closures.) T​here is a real threat Ian's circulation could scrape up a significant portion of the western Peninsula, even if it never makes landfall, there.Fifteen school districts along the western Gulf Coast — including those in Hillsborough, Manatee, and Pinellas counties — announced Monday they will close for at least one day this week with many deciding to Tuesday through Thursday."That is just fuel for these hurricanes.Classes at the University of South Florida are also canceled Monday through Thursday.This is partially due to its track over plentiful deep, warm water in the western Caribbean Sea and a potential boost from the , a northward current of warm water from the western Caribbean Sea into the southern Gulf of Mexico long known to be a fuel source for intense Gulf hurricanes.In Northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia, most school districts are still waiting to make final decisions.The current forecast track shows landfall on the west coast of Florida by early Thursday, though the track and intensity of the storm can still change over the coming days.

In Duval County, the school district said it is watching Hurricane Ian but no decision has been made as of Monday afternoon.All other factors equal, deep, warm water helps fuel intensification of tropical storms and hurricanes." The Loop Current , a current of very warm water flowing northward from the western Caribbean Sea into the southern Gulf of Mexico, could also provide a boost to Ian's intensification rate, as it has long been known to be a significant source of fuel for strong Gulf of Mexico hurricanes.The district said an update will be posted to its website at 6 p.m.(​ Ian A Gulf Coast Danger Regardless of Its 'Category' ) R​emember, impacts with any tropical storm or hurricane typically occur outside the cone and can arrive before the center.on Monday.But Ian is forecast to be a large hurricane regardless of its intensity, and its forward progress is expected to slow down, so Ian will still be a significant hurricane threat along the northern or eastern Gulf Coast regardless of its category rating on the.In Clay County, no decision has been made, but the district asked residents and parents to go to Alert.C​aymans, Cuba Impacts In addition to hurricane-force winds alluded to earlier, s​torm surge flooding of up to 4 feet above normal tides may occur in the Cayman Islands Monday.He expanded the order on Saturday to include the entire state of Florida, with conditions"projected to constitute a major disaster.

ClayCountyGov.com for the latest updates.Heavy rain is expected in parts of the western Caribbean from Ian through Monday or Tuesday.Here's what we know about Hurricane Ian.News4JAX is working to contact as many school districts in our area as possible to find out more and this story will be updated with any new information.Gov.U​p to 8 inches of rain may fall in the Cayman Islands, and up to 16 inches could occur in western and central Cuba, according to the National Hurricane Center.Ron DeSantis on Monday said any Florida school closures will be.The heavy rain could produce flash flooding and mudslides in hilly and mountainous areas, particularly in Jamaica and Cuba.ABC News' Riley Winch, Melissa Griffin and Dan Amarante contributed to this report.

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