Florida reports record number of coronavirus cases amid nationwide surge

Florida and Texas reported record numbers of new coronavirus cases on Saturday

7/5/2020 2:05:00 AM

Florida and Texas reported record numbers of new coronavirus cases on Saturday

Health experts fear coronavirus cases will continue to climb after the July 4 weekend.

Governors in other coronavirus hotspots, like California and Texas, scrambled to reimpose restrictions on bars and indoor restaurant seating ahead of the holiday weekend. Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who had long opposed a statewide mask mandate, ordered people in Texas to wear masks in most public places on Thursday.

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Popular beaches closed in California and Florida on Saturday as health officials urged Americans to avoid gathering at July 4 parties and fireworks displays. Read more: POLITICO »

Coronavirus update: Latest news from around the world

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

How's the death count in FL? Is it spiking? making sure they get immunity? A basic rule of journalism is the image should somehow sort of match the content of the article. What, exactly, is the connection between COVID, Florida and Segways? Does being a dork somehow make you more likely to spread COVID? Actually, I guess that makes sense.

Deaths due to Covid was down to only 17 in Saturday in Florida as well ..... lets share the full picture Dammit I wanted to go to key west this year! Whether the test results show that they are asymptomatic or counting the dead, both are important. The fact is it could have been less widespread if action was taken months ago.

MAGA Darwin Award DeSantis is making Floridians pay dearly for voting for him. Think twice next time when voting for a Republican stooge. How many of that record number were asymptomatic? The US COVID 19 death rate is .04%. Less than a quarter percent, people. Don’t let the media scare you. 99.9% of people survive. Go about your lives.

Cases!! Not deaths So people are immunizing SethAbramson Facts SethAbramson El Paso here..can our city be given to New Mexico please? We know about the crime rates in Albuquerque and Santa Fe and the KKK in Truth Or Consequences and I think we're still willing to take that risk. We can probably even be okay with the weirdos in Roswell and Deming.

How are deaths and hospitalizations. That is the real question. And what about CA? How are they doing? Is it real! Check the numbers and make sure they are not mixing test counts with tests for antibodies! By the end of the year, a lot of property owned by boomers is going to be on the market. Who could have predicted that?

Every Floridain who went to a crowded bar, restaurant, beach or workplace w/o protection & not followed guidelines should feel responsible & ashamed tht they contributed to th 11,500 infections. Today th 4th our mall had less than 200 people. That is FL reality Governor!!! Did you report that NC reported record number of cases yesterday? Probably forgot about that since NC has a dem gov. F’n hypocrites.

That’s because their Governor’s are totally failing their people. VOTE VOTE I predict North Dakota is next, then DC & where ever trumps audience members are from.. oh and every place limber Guilfoyle has visited! 😁 Wuhan virus is about to lose its status as a pandemic according to CDC And yet nobody seemed to notice 🤷‍♂️ What’s the Death percentage? I read the CDC is close to removing it from the Pandemic List.

DC will be next VP What happened to that flattened curve quote of yours from earlier? Bravo!! realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence SecAzar GovRonDeSantis GovAbbott ICYMI Seen from Europe, the Trump era started like a joke, a laugh, but its getting pathetic, nauseating and extremely idiotic. People dying like flies and he goes rambling about 'radical' this and 'radical' that. Make America Die Again, MADA, could be his motto for his reelection.

Public health experts urge caution ahead of July Fourth as U.S. hits record number of cases'Your patriotic duty this July Fourth is to stay home,' said a hospital official in Houston, where the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has nearly quadrupled since Memorial Day. People don’t care about their patriotic duty, they can’t even agree on what’s patriotic. It’s all been perverted to mean whatever sounds good to them. Ahh, realDonaldTrump says go ahead and re-open. And don't wear a mask -- just like him! Who are you going to believe -- Trump or them fancy disease control experts? TrumpLiesAmericansDie CoronavirusPandemic

Public health experts urge caution before July Fourth'Your patriotic duty this July Fourth is to stay home,' said a hospital official in Houston, where the number of hospitalized COVID-19 patients has nearly quadrupled since Memorial Day. its nice

World Health Organization reports new coronavirus cases reach all-time highThe number of new Covid-19 cases has reached a new high at 212,326 cases in 24 hours, according to a July 4 report from the World Health Organization. Who Remembers Trump Calling COVID__19 a 'Hoax'? UnfitForOffice ETTD UNFIT They are useless. President Xi’s wife is on the board of WHO. Why we listen to them is beyond me Thank you for the report WHO. Is that what your global role is? To report? How does the media feel about the fact that the WHO gets funded billions to do the same thing that the media has to do with advertising dollars. Yes, WHO, I'm asking. What value do you add

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