World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

Florida reports 9,999 new coronavirus cases

Florida reports 9,999 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 200,111

7/5/2020 6:35:00 PM

Florida reports 9,999 new coronavirus cases, bringing the total number of cases in the state to 200,111

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

From CNN's Salma AbdelazizStreet artist Nathan Bowen is pictured working on an image in London on Friday. Matthew Brealey/CNNThe United Kingdom's National Health Service, known as the NHS, marks its 72nd anniversary Sunday at a poignant and difficult time for perhaps the country's

Pelosi calls Trump's coronavirus relief executive actions 'absurdly unconstitutional' New York Times: White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore Nurses Travel From Coronavirus Hot Spot to Hot Spot, From New York to Texas

most beloved public institution.Its doctors, nurses and other medical staff have been on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic for months, with dozens of their own ranks losing their lives to the illness.All over the United Kingdom, billboards, posters, and even small crayon drawings have popped up to thank the nearly 1.5 million healthcare workers of the NHS for their service.

In the trendy east London neighborhood of Shoreditch, that gratitude comes in graffiti form. Boarded-up shop windows have been converted into murals dedicated to the public health system.Street artist Nathan Bowen told CNN he wanted to breathe life into spaces made dead under lockdown, to ease the commute for frontline staff making their way to clinics, hospitals and care homes.

"When people walk past my art, it makes them smile. I want to inspire people. I want people to look at my art and go home and feel like that artwork made my day. It made my travels in the street," Bowen said. "Why should they look at the old plyboard when they could look at artwork?"

On Saturday night key buildings across the UK were lit up in blue, the color of the NHS, and at 5 p.m. BST on Sunday a round of applause is scheduled to honor the sacrifices made by medical staff.Some history:Established after World War II, the NHS has always been an institution that unifies Britons around a simple idea: public heathcare should be free for all.

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Kudlow defends Trump's coronavirus executive actions against accusations they are ineffective

White House National Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

Really. It was exactly 9,999 BULLSHITT Since when does the need of the few that die from the actual Coronavirus outweigh the needs of the many to provide for their families, loved ones, and ones that need medical attention to live? But those who were in the protests did not get infected, right? Asking for a friend!

this is the craziest thing I've ever seen when is it going to start to go away you guys said the heat went do away with it eventually while eventually is here and it's not it's still stronger than ever I need an answer and neither answer a quick Shut it down!!! What it is going to take for the US to wake up?

We all have it. Get over it. Open up America. Your fake news coverage blames the rise of the Chinese virus on Trump rallies, too early openings, but not once have you mentioned the possibility that the ridiculous protest crowds have anything to do with this. We can’t believe a word CNN says. Redondealo, no?

Did they run out of decimal positions? That’s terrible news. ตบบบลบบบววววบยงยยงยญบบบบสงศา At this rate, Florida is about to become the new NY. 🤷‍♀️ Deaths continue to decline. Hmmm How are deaths trending? Sounds like the price is right bid Vote 4 Trump You love trump that much you all deservered to be infected follow trump more you all will end up dead by end of this year?

Imagine being so fuled by TDS you would risk the health of thousands by bashing the President to just turn around and agree with him.... followscience testing, testing, testing. That's such a spot on number hmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔 The testing credited to the individual municipal governments and medical institutions in Florida. No credit to the Administration working against the tide!

So? One more and it has to reported to the IRS I notice that it has been extremely windy here Florida and the experts were saying to practice social distancing 6 feet, now 8 or 9 but using common aside from having a medical background, the wind can help coronavirus droplets to travel farther. So I suggest def stay home!

Wow .. this is insane This is jaw dropping to me. Canada had 244 new cases in the entire country yesterday. Yes US population is 10 times that of Canada: do the math... still no comparison. Death numbers? Only stat that matters. greenday. American idiot But don't we have everything under control and it will disappear eventually and if we stop so much testing , we won t hardly have any cases.😠 In the mean time inject bleach go out in the sun ,though , funny it is 116 in Arizona and they are one of the worst hit states.

😡😡😡😡 Wow 4 hours have passed since this posted. It’s higher than that now. Great job DeSantis is doing huh? How about the death rate and hospitalized? Never of mention of that because those have gone down byt does not drive the narrative to let people know that. minus the people who are better now!! Seems the distraction of 'Black lives Matter' made people forget that COVID-19 is real?

WITH access to information instantly available why are you showing 129,718 deaths. At 6am Pacific time J.H.U was showing 132,000 +.. You are in the news business. Think Florida is working on herd immunity. Like NY did. Florida will soon follow with the entire State having enough to qualify for herd immunity.

MaryWills612 Thankfully the death rate is almost infinitesimal at this point on the aggregate CNN Loves ANTIFA Close the State at the borders. No one in or out. Lock down everything with marshal law. Don't let the bastards spread it out of their own beds. Yay for Gaetz and his idiot followers !! 🙄 Bang!!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

How many of those 9,999 cases were actually administered to people? We’re hearing lots of stories about people who were never tested receiving positive test results in the mail. Hello hello has anyone heard from the governor? Florida reports potential cases as 'cases!' CoronavirusHoax And the death rate?

Sheesh 😪 There are 20 million people who live in Florida. So this really isn’t that bad. The percentage of people who have coronavirus in the US is .08% and of that only 4.6% have died. Our odds are a lot better than most countries. Do some real reporting and ask the real questions. Now do California.

Soon it will be more than double Canada’s 9,999 ? Is a blood test that confirms that you had COVID19 in the past included as a new case? What % of the new cases feel so good they do not even know they have it? What % of the new cases require hospitalization? Deaths staying low 8 yesterday in FL So with these numbers, Jacksonville will open its doors to an unrestricted convention? I think the sun had fried some brains in FL

As of 1:09pm EST today NY has a 8.09% death rate. Florida has a 1.86% death rate. Dude, just say everybody in Florida Type any 3 digit number into Google and then the words 'new cases'. Ie. 123 new cases... And see what comes up. We are being played! Wake up! More testing!!! Yeesh CNN!! How many people have to tell you the same thing!!

At one time the US was 14 going to 0 Do you every have good news. You become a doom and gloom network. Good luck with that. No Republican has to tell me what they think of Trump. I know from listening to them talk about Obama. They dont really like what is going on. But there is no way in hell. They will verbalize it. So we go deeper into their abyss. Wake up Republicans. He dont care for you.

Now tell us how many recovered . I find that hard to believe. They have 20 million plus people get fn real. Fear mongers 99 99 9.99 99! Another daily dose of horse crap brought to you by FakeNews CNN So why are floridans out on the streets..stay home stay safe They must love that they are finally number 1 at something

200 of those people will die. At the incapable hands of the Gov. he alone caused people to die unnecessarily WEAR the masks Florida!!!!!!! 🤦🏼‍♀️ Deaths are down 92.4% since the peak in april. Stop the fear mongering you immoral fools. Why do all leftists squeal like pigs Wow some body getting rich off those tests.

How many were admitted to the hospital and how many were asymptotic? How many were antibody tests? These are the questions people want answers to How many of the tests were sent in unused and still came back positive. I bet the number is close to 9999 Desantis has opened 3731 new jobs because of death. Be sure to thank him

The number of cases is high because of the massive testing. What matters is the number of deaths. 'Hurry up and dissappear' . DJT You thinking of something to do with the protests and looters and rioters POTUS will be taking credit for it being under 10,000! Simple perspective Canada Population 37.6 million Total cases - 106 thousand Deaths - 8684 Florida Population 21 million Total cases - 200 thousand Deaths - 3701 reported

Wear the mask They surpassed overall cases pf Germany - congrats ..! WTG RonDeSantisFL you and GregAbbott_TX must be in competition for the dumbest red state governors. I think Ron is currently in the lead.

Florida reports more than 11,000 new coronavirus cases, breaking another daily record as Miami imposes curfewEven as Florida continues to report record case numbers, Gov. Ron DeSantis said the state will not halt its re-opening and refuses to order a statewide mask mandate to curb the spread of the virus. Tbh they had it coming. They’re seeing a high of 67 deaths in a day. NY was seeing 800 deaths per day. How many deaths? Hospitalizations?

Florida's new coronavirus cases break record, nearly tying New York's peakFlorida reported 11,458 new coronavirus cases Saturday, it highest daily tally yet, nearly tying New York's high of 11,571 in April. Florida man on the road again 😂 Germs for Justice! 17 deaths and over 11,000 cases

Florida reports record number of coronavirus cases amid nationwide surgeHealth experts fear coronavirus cases will continue to climb after the July 4 weekend. Seen from Europe, the Trump era started like a joke, a laugh, but its getting pathetic, nauseating and extremely idiotic. People dying like flies and he goes rambling about 'radical' this and 'radical' that. Make America Die Again, MADA, could be his motto for his reelection. realDonaldTrump Mike_Pence SecAzar GovRonDeSantis GovAbbott ICYMI Bravo!!

Florida Coronavirus Cases Spike To New Daily RecordFlorida’s coronavirus cases rose by a record 11,458 on Saturday, the state’s health department said. COVID19 Trump and GOP Genocide!

Florida Coronavirus Cases Spike To New Daily RecordFlorida's coronavirus cases rose by a record 11,458 on Saturday, the state’s health department said. How many asymptomatic? How many hospitalized? For God’s sake, do your job!! Ah lads.... So much suffering that could have been avoided. Now do deaths from coronavirus And then compare them to New York

Tokyo new coronavirus infections over 100 for third day, NHK saysTokyo confirmed about 130 new cases of infections of the coronavirus on Saturday, a third consecutive day with more than 100 new cases, public broadcaster NHK reported. OTL ↓ COVID-19 Tracking Map in Japan don’t do it Japan! it sucks! おしゃれなおばあちゃんやなぁ