Florida Man Who Stormed Senate Floor With Trump Flag Reaches Plea Deal In Capitol Attack

Paul Hodgkins, who paraded through the Senate chamber with a 'Trump 2020' T-shirt and flag, was the second Jan. 6 defendant to strike a plea deal.

6/2/2021 6:50:00 PM

BREAKING: Paul Hodgkins, who paraded through the Senate chamber with a “Trump 2020” T-shirt and flag, was the second Jan. 6 defendant to strike a plea deal.

Paul Hodgkins, who paraded through the Senate chamber with a 'Trump 2020' T-shirt and flag, was the second Jan. 6 defendant to strike a plea deal.

ByFBIPaul Hodgkins on the floor of the U.S. Senate during the Jan. 6 insurrection.A Florida man who wore a “Trump 2020” T-shirt and carried a Trump flag as he stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 pleaded guilty Wednesday, becoming the second defendant to reach a plea deal in connection with the

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Capitol attack.Paul Allard Hodgkins, 38, pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of an official proceeding on Wednesday, while four other charges were dismissed as part of a plea deal. Hodgkins told Judge Randolph D. Moss that he had been in counseling through his employer since his arrest.

Hodgkins was arrested in Florida on a criminal complaint on Feb. 16 after a witness who knew Hodgkins told theFBI Read more: HuffPost »

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NJdoc 15 to 21 months for just a single charge is a slap on the wrist for an insurrectionist who disrupted Congress and invaded American soil. They wanted to overturn the country, so it is no longer theirs. Why does PaulHodgkins need a/any plea deal? He was “Johnny Bad Ass” on 6th January 2021 right? -The only plea deal the Feds should give Paulie “Bad Ass” Hodgkins is 10 years in federal prison, as a convicted felon/domestic terrorist.

These traitors need to be locked 🔒 up! Was it worth it for that lying narcissistic psychopath?! WAIT! He still has a job and they are paying for his counselling. Seriously?!?! 🐀 He needs more than treatments. Bullshit The ultimate wimps, moan their cowardly plea bargains, when they learn they have to be accountable for their sophomoric behavior displayed on behalf of their 'Fearful Leader' ,who could care less about them.

Since when do traitors get to make deals... Every so called “plea deal” with these maggots better include some hard time.

Why is the GOP devoted to the 2020 loser turned Florida blogger Trump?'They're clearly a post-policy party. I think the real story here is how the GOP's abandonment of policy has been a precursor to its abandonment of democracy,' political strategist Chai Komanduri says of the state of the Republican party. Everyone has a witty comment while the country burns. Great. Gfy GOP senators, those who running in 2022 are loyal to Trump & Mitch. Their balancing acts to please either one, give them no time to defend our Constitution & our government institutions. They are focused on their political ambitions. They have no plans to build a better nation. Without moderates, there are only zealots & both Parties suffer from that particular malady.

As part of his plea deal did he divulge the leader(s) or details about their planned insurrection If not, why not? No plea deals without info on ringleaders!! If this person was POC - they’d be facing FELONY Terrorism Charges! ☝🏿🧐🇺🇸 More Florida. Weird Al's doppelganger kinda sucks across the board Donald when you can get these guilible people to believe China sent a virus to America to try & keep you from getting elected again, while you was praising China. You can get these guilible people to believe anything you say...

It's one thing to storm the Capitol hidden wearing symbols of hate amongst 100s of fellow insurrectionists. It is quite different when you are facing judgment for your crimes against your country Mr. Paul Hodgkins. You lose that superficial machismo quite immediately. Counseling through his employer? So he wasn’t fired!!

What a bunch of crap! The rest are going to start accepting that trump isn't going to save them. Once they are convicts they may and hopefully realize that he never cared about them. Give me a break

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Plea means RATS 🐀 OUT someone bigger ... Do Fauci next.. Boy, the descriptor “Florida man” is working overtime these days... Hahaha

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