Florida lawmaker files Texas-style abortion bill

The bill would fine physicians at least $10,000 for each abortion performed and would allow people to sue anyone who helps end a pregnancy.

9/22/2021 10:17:00 PM

Florida state representative files bill similar to one recently passed in Texas that would ban abortions as early as 6 weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant.

The bill would fine physicians at least $10,000 for each abortion performed and would allow people to sue anyone who helps end a pregnancy.

ByA Florida state representative filed a bill Wednesday similar to one recently passed in Texas that would ban abortions as early as six weeks, before many women even know they are pregnant.Rep. Webster Barnaby, R-Deltona.Meredith Geddings / Florida House of Representatives

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The, filed by Webster Barnaby, a Republican, would fine physicians at least $10,000 for each abortion performed. It would also allow people to sue anyone who helps end a pregnancy in violation of the law.State Rep. Anna Eskamani, a Democrat,slammedthe bill, calling it"disgusting" and"extremist."

“This gross excuse of a bill attacks women and birthing people who are seeking an abortion before they even know they are pregnant,” she said in a statement."It also attempts to mimic Texas by creating a process for civil action towards those that help someone in Florida end a pregnancy after 6 weeks." headtopics.com

The bill also changes Florida's abortion law language referring to a fetus as an"unborn child." Read more: NBC News »

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Where are all these uncle Toms coming from? shomaristone Offs. Those two states are two I will not ever go to. shomaristone 'Why is it that most of the people who are against Abortion are people you wouldn't wanna FUCK in the FIRST PLACE' - George Carlin About time! I was wondering when we here in Florida would begin wallowing in the same septic tank as Texas.

These people are crazy and copycats. DeSantis can’t think with his own brain he’s got to use other peoples. He’s whatever Abbet does or Alabama or Tennessee then he’s going to do it because he can’t think of the stuff on his own shows you how smart he is. Well at least they were creative enough to get the local house negro to roll out this bs law


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Uma Thurman Shares 'Darkest Secret' In Intense Essay On Texas Abortion BanThe 'Pulp Fiction' actor opened up in a Washington Post op-ed. Beautiful human being! Just beautiful. What exactly am I looking at here Brava, Uma, what a brave decision you have made to speak up about something you could have chosen to keep as your secret. What a terribly retrogressive step states are taking regarding abortion in the USA, that will have devastating consequences for many American women.

'Rank vigilantism' of first application of Texas abortion ban invites court challengeJoyce Vance, former U.S. attorney, explains why someone actually suing an abortion provider under the new Texas abortion ban law not only exposes the crass absurdity of the law but makes it easier to challenge in court now that it has real-world consequences. Please cite where it states in the constitution that abortion is a right. Protest against military dictatorship by Monywa Main Strike despite junta’s tight security RefugeesNeedHelp WhatsHappeningInMyanmar Sep22Coup A baby murder advocate getting in trouble. Good. Justice. And no you don't get to control the human race, women.

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