Election 2020

Election 2020

Florida judge resigns from vote-counting board after donations to Trump campaign uncovered

The Florida judge who led Duval County’s vote-counting board has donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign.

10/29/2020 10:33:00 PM

🗳 A Florida judge has resigned from Duval County’s vote-counting board after findings that he donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign and other Republican efforts were uncovered. Election2020

The Florida judge who led Duval County’s vote-counting board has donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign.

Senior county Judge Brent Shore,who has refused to change rules barring the public from photographing or videotaping vote-counting meetings, first donated $20 in 2016 to Donald Trump’s initial campaign for president. He has donated 11 more times since then to Trump for a total of $170, as well as donating $178 in the last two years to the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee and the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

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Shore did not resign from his job as a county judge, and the Duval County Canvassing Board has not reversed its decision to ban photography and videotaping of its work.Chief Judge Mark Mahon said that although Shore resigned,"he indicated he has always conducted himself fairly and impartially."

Shore was an alternate for County Judge Gary Flower, who is the named chairman of the board but has been absent the last week. County Judge Eleni Derke will now take Shore's place as the primary alternate.The resignation comes hours afterof the USA TODAY Network detailed Shore's campaign donations.

Poll:Outside his home, his yard holds a Trump sign and two signs for Republican U.S. Rep. John Rutherford. A Trump-Pence banner hangs from his front window, and four stickers cover the window panels by his front door.“Americans for the Trump Agenda,” reads one. “Keep the heat on Congress.”

Violating the judicial canons could land Shore, who wouldn't answer questions for this story, in front of the Judicial Qualifications Commission, where judges are prosecuted and even removed from their positions depending on the seriousness of their violations.

Shore also may have violated the rules for canvassing board members. Canvassing boards, which have been counting mail ballots prior to Election Day, are three-person boards with a county commissioner, an elections supervisor and led by a county judge. They are banned from “actively participating” in campaigns or supporting candidacies.

The Division of Elections has saidwhile campaign donations don't count as active participation, “displaying a candidate's campaign signs” would disqualify someone from serving on a canvassing board.While Shore didn’t return requests for comment, his wife, Kathryn Petway Shore, answered the door Wednesday evening at their Atlantic Beach home and demanded to know how a reporter knew her husband had donated to Trump.

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She then said the Federal Elections Commission’s donor database must be wrong because her husband hadn’t donated to Trump.“I’m not convinced just because somebody put it on a list that my husband did it,” she said. The donations said they came from a Brent Douglas Shore who listed their home address and said his occupation was “judge,” “judicial” and “retired” and listed the “state of Florida” as his employer.

She said the six signs and stickers supporting Trump’s campaign and the two signs for Rutherford belonged to her and not to her husband.“My husband would never do anything unethical or improper,” she said. “I am not a judge, and those signs are mine. And yes, that’s my half of the front yard.”

She said the sign on the other half of the yard was also hers. Yetexplicitly says spouses cannot post political signs in the yard in front of homes where judges live.More:Golf legend Jack Nicklaus explains why he voted for President Donald TrumpDuval’s Canvassing Board is Elections Supervisor Mike Hogan, City Councilman Michael Boylan and county Judge Gary Flower. Flower, however, has been absent since the board began correcting ballots last week, and in his stead, Shore has been leading the board.

Flower has not responded to emails or a voicemail this week. Read more: USA TODAY »

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The corruption is deep and wide. Imagine how differently Republicans would be viewed if this judge said “I must recuse myself because I made campaign donation to President Trump and a reasonable person could view me as not impartial” BEFORE GETTING CAUGHT. But ok Obama/Clinton donors are on mueller team?

But Democrats have done anything wrong! Very one sided i say!! Yeah they got to watch the secret agents it needs polling places that counting the VOTES. See how everything is coming out, a bunch of crooked people in the government. Let’s get their asses out of there. Why? All of the liberals do that. A judge can't donate? Or do you have to have a judge that only donates to Biden?

realDonaldTrump For half a century, Joe Biden has been outsourcing your jobs, opening your borders, and sacrificing American blood and treasure in endless foreign wars. Joe Biden is a corrupt politician—If Biden Wins, China Wins. When We Win, Florida Wins—and America Wins! Time to expose these fools

Vote blue!!!!!! Crooked Trumpers! DON’S BODY COUNT AS OF TODAY 233,138 of children, Moms & Dads as he continues his plan of “IT IS WHAT IT IS” DON’S PLAN of Herd Immunity will take 80% of the citizens to become infected resulting in US 3,310,026 DEATHS! Instead of fighting his CDC & FDA, HE SHOULD JUST BE HONEST!

People get radicalized by Trump and Fox news Hmmmm. Not blatant at all! Weird how you didn’t cover the operative in Texas who got caught getting paid $55K to steal votes for Biden. Hmm... I would hope so only contributions to democrats are allowed Time for the back peddling! Paybacks are a Bitch! Your not Trump! Only a Supporter! Now, you gotta pay the bill! 🤣🤣🤪🤣

nice Good!!!!! ”🗳 A Florida judge has resigned from Duval County’s vote-counting board after findings that he donated repeatedly to President Trump’s re-election campaign and other Republican efforts were uncovered. Election2020 ”. The fight is for us to win! Vote [Imagine a very flat, Ben Stein-esque tone of voice when you read the below sentence] What a surprise.

Voter fraud out of the Republicans? IN FLORIDA?!? ByeBitch dont worry trump will hire Wow that was fast! Obviously guilty!! Good

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