Florida Heads To Supreme Court On Covid-19 Regulations For Cruise Ships - Cnnpolitics

Florida Heads To Supreme Court On Covid-19 Regulations For Cruise Ships - Cnnpolitics

Florida heads to Supreme Court on Covid-19 regulations for cruise ships

Florida asks the Supreme Court to block CDC Covid protocols requiring cruise lines to meet certain conditions before they can sail again

7/24/2021 12:22:00 AM

Florida asks the Supreme Court to block CDC Covid protocols requiring cruise lines to meet certain conditions before they can sail again

Florida's attorney general asked the Supreme Court on Friday to step in on an emergency basis to block Covid-19 protocols put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention requiring the cruise lines to meet certain conditions before they can sail again.

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Biden and the democrats flooded this once stable country full of immigrants carrying the delta virus. That’s why there’s an explosion of this virus. Immigrants untested and not vaccinated from all over the world. David E. Martin testifies at the German Corona Inquiry Committee July 9th, Y2021. Brace for SURPRISES & even Cognitive Dissonance as the official narrative given you is being shattered into pieces ... Please comment after at least 33-minutes into it. ~

Notice how GovRonDeSantis spends zero time at the docks for photo ops. GOP FoxNews Can i ask the Supreme court to lop off florida at the taint? Idiots asking for Covid infected passengers to board freely I wouldn't go on the cruise without safety protocols. What a stupidity! Man, u gotta be a true DF to go on a cruise.

Florida is already the 1 in cases for Covid in America. Now let’s have everyone and anyone board a cruise ship. GovRonDeSantis doesn’t give a SHIT about peoples lives. All he cares about is money. P.S. whose stupid enough to take a cruise now anyway? Are you people lacking common sense or trying to kill elderly now!

President Bush attack in 2001, reported on, own agents with him, Russia's President, Military/HUD NY Boss. Point to USA Presidents held Vatican Jobs in Buffalo NY Diocese when I had Sacraments. Then in Foreign Countries' too.

As Florida cases surge, DeSantis stays the course on CovidCoronavirus rates are climbing in Florida, with the latest data showing Florida's current seven-day average of new daily Covid-19 cases is by far the highest in the nation. Fake news lies Its actually the opposite of 'laissez-faire'. It's a tactical, targeted, strategic, intellectual response Freedom, It is the bases of USA State.

Let Darwinism run its course Florida is seriously DEATH ORIENTED Leave it to the death party repubs to try and pull something greedy but dangerous. DIDNT THESE COMPANIES GET OUR FEDERAL MONEY IN STIMULUS? NOW THEY WANT TO BE GIVEN PRIVILEGE TO POSSIBLY SPREAD INFECTION. PRIVIELGE Florida is one fucked up state. I don’t see myself traveling there for a while.

Cruise ships are floating Petri dishes to start with. Just one infected person gets on one and by the time it gets anywhere 100’s are at least carriers if not infected themselves. How over your head is the DeSantis? Maybe having one of the worst new infection rate won't help Can we just get rid of Florida?

A whole bunch of people packed in like sardines without Masks for 3 to 10 days. What could go wrong? Profits over health, right? What is wrong with mankind? FloridaIsAZoo

Northeast Florida hospitals returning to COVID-19 peak amid delta surgeHospital officials in Northeast Florida are urging people to get vaccinated as the number of COVID-19 patients is approaching or exceeding levels they saw during the worst of the pandemic. For all those who are new to this working from home Bitcoin trading options Here's a little tip: Get a trusted Bitcoin expert and stick to her _Johnson56 Invest and play at similar times each day. Because : In times of chaos, your investment is your anchor to success All I can offer up to those still unwilling to get the vaccine that’s been available for months now is.. ThoughtsAndPrayers but no sympathy

wkwjahshshsg Maybe you can float that soon to be viral death trap at the DeathRally in Sturgis. We all should stand up for finding out the truth as to how the January 6th insurrection on our Capital happened and make all accountable! In my opinion Trump had some of the Republican Senators in on setting up the attack!

Florida is dead wrong on this one. Florida will lose. Good place for Covidiots. A cruise ship! DeathSantis strikes again Who does interest does Florida work for. Not the safety of its citizens. Let's not turn the Supreme Court into a consumer protection waiver agency!

Why breakthrough COVID-19 infections don't mean the vaccine isn't workingBreakthrough COVID-19 cases aren't proof the vaccines aren't working, experts say, but are normal and expected. Wut I’m old enough to remember when they were 94% effective at preventing the disease and 100% effective against hospitalization and death. 99.5% of people being *hospitalized for COVID* right now are 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥 U N V A C C I N A T E D 🌟👉🌩⚡️💥

Florida is going to the Supreme Court to stop a virtually free thing that will save lives and allow businesses to reopen safely… I am shopify experts. shopifydesigner dApp CryptoNews fiverr please visit my profile.cryptotrading Tokyo2020 elonmusk KRPKAB3 Profits over lives, am I right! What don't they understand about other countries not allowing the ships to dock if the passengers and crew aren't vaccinated

FLORIDA LOVES KILLING PEOPLE!! THE NEW FLA LICENCE PLATE SLOGAN IS......... 🍊🍊THE JUICY DEATH STATE 🍊🍊🍊🍊🤔 Is that the Arcadia Boarders are federal not state Lets see if SCOTUS listens to Florida man Dont Do It. Vaccinated Only What the fuck is wrong with the republican governments

Vegas workers will put masks back on, but tourists won't have to under new rulesWorkers in Las Vegas and other parts of Clark County, Nevada, will have to resume wearing masks indoors but customers will not under new rules. So it’s not okay for employees to pass on the virus, but it is okay for customers? Doesn’t sound like an equal opportunity workplace at all joshtpm Seems counterintuitive Explain to people how this will help by having people wear a Mask for 8 hours and be able to leave work and go shopping and not wear a mask. Just say EVERYONE needs to wear a Mask. It’s not Rocket Science

Cruise Companies. Play hardball. If you can’t run your business with health rules in place end all cruises originating from Florida. Then tell the millions who’ll lose cruise related jobs in Florida to call DeathSantis for a job. You want Florida governor to back up. Tell him you are going to take all the cruise lines out of Florida. Move them to South Carolina North Carolina ports. I bet he would not want to lose those thousands of jobs in Florida.

Florida has become a living embodiment of its own parody. This is what happens when you make a health issue a political statement. Masks and vaccines are very easy to do unless you have some other health issue. I pray for all medical professionals and front line workers. So exhausted from this upheaval.

really we were considering a cruise in the near future... with these moves to block protocols hell naw!! Florida has a let-them-die mentality. As long as they pay up first.

Conservative Pundit S.E. Cupp Calls Out Republicans For Killing Their Own VotersRight-wing COVID-19 vaccine misinformation 'has inarguably cost lives,' she said. Biden: “You’re not gonna get COVID if you get vaccinated” (He says this as fully vaccinated WH staff are testing positive) Does this knowledge help in any way? She is courageous! There should be consequences for misinformation that costs lives. Lawmakers should be held accountable if they make claims that go against the well being of their constituents/voters.

U.S. not out of the woods with COVID cases rising in all 50 states, CDC head warns, urges unvaccinated to get their shotsThe U.S. is not out of the woods yet as COVID-19 cases are rising in all 50 states, driven by the highly transmissible delta variant, the head of the CDC...