Coronavirus Update: Latest News On Cases And Mask Mandates

Coronavirus Update: Latest News On Cases And Mask Mandates

Florida governor signs executive order to prevent mask mandates in schools

Covid-19 cases are rising and the White House is are preparing to enact Biden's decision to require federal employees to get vaccinated. Follow here for the latest news updates.

7/31/2021 1:58:00 AM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has issued an executive order that directs the state's health and education departments to issue emergency rules that prevent the implementation of a mask mandate in schools

Covid-19 cases are rising and the White House is are preparing to enact Biden's decision to require federal employees to get vaccinated. Follow here for the latest news updates.

From CNN's Sarah BranerNew evidence about the contagiousness of the Delta variant shows it’s more important than ever to get vaccinated, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci said Friday.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published a study earlier Friday showing that three-quarters of people infected during an outbreak in Provincetown, Massachusetts, were vaccinated. Most cases involved the Delta variant. And infected people who were vaccinated had just as much virus in their bodies as unvaccinated patients did.

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“What we did know was how transmissible the virus was among unvaccinated people,” Fauci told NPR. “So it was very clear that when you compare the Delta variant with, for example, the Alpha variant, it was clearly, considerably more transmissible. The new data show that it is so transmissible that even a vaccinated person who has a breakthrough infection can now transmit it. That is the new data.”

The Provincetown study prompted the CDC to change its guidance on mask use and advise vaccinated people to resume mask use indoors in areas of sustained or high transmission of the virus.“There's a difference between knowing that is transmissible in general versus it's also transmissible when you have a breakthrough infection of a vaccinated person,” Fauci said.

“I think the simplest way to get people to understand is that we are dealing with a different virus,” he added. “The Delta virus has characteristics that's different than the Alpha variant and other variants we've dealt with. So when someone says the war is changed, what it really means [is that] the virus has changed. And we have got to keep up in our understanding, and what our policies are related to the fact that we're dealing now with a more formidable virus.”

Some background:The Alpha, or B.1.1.7 variant, dominated the US until early summer. Now Delta, also known as B.1.617.2, accounts for more than 80% of cases, according to the CDC. It’s driven a fresh surge of infections.“The solution to all of this is to get as many people vaccinated as we possibly can,” Fauci said. “There’s a really, really good reason to get vaccinated, and that is to save yourself from getting a severe infection that would lead to hospitalization and deaths."

“There's one striking number that people who choose to remain unvaccinated should remember: in the United States… look at all of the Covid deaths, 99.5% of them occur among unvaccinated people, and 0.5% occur among vaccinated people. So if ever there was a statistic that's striking, to tell you the difference between a vaccinated and unvaccinated person, that's it," Fauci added.

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FATSANTIS! Like really? He’s being touted as Republican candidate for 2024 That (Republicans) in mind, I was taught Republican doctrine to be “laissez faire”—Let the people decide… Its one thing to allow institutions to decide. It’s dictatorship to MANDATE a ban!!! Florida has a dictator for a governor

🤣🤣🤣 good for them!!! Really!! The retirement state! Meaning lots of elderly ! DeSantis is a real genius ! Death DeSantis is killing Floridians with Covid. Some school districts in FL defying mask mandate, despite possible loss of school funding. Focus on protecting students and staff. He's wrong! Safety first!

I am FLOORED that our Gov. does NOT care about our kids, teachers and support personnel!!! Shame on him!! The more republicans don’t vac the less can vote because Covid will get them, democratically love it 这就叫死有余辜

Front-line workers in Florida say current COVID-19 surge 'feels like it's an impending storm'Thousands of COVID-19 positive patients, nearly all of them unvaccinated, are streaming into hospitals in need of care. This is particularly true in Florida, where virus-related hospitalizations have skyrocketed in recent weeks. perplexing good What are the age groups and pre-existing conditions of those in this group? How many had antibodies from previous exposure?

Over his authority Wow how irresponsible. The Governor, and parents that support not wearing masks will learn when there children contract the Covid and die. You learn the hard way. IGNORANCE IS A BLISS. And yes fl make up 30% of covid Delta varriant And when their kids get covid and die they will be crying all over the news and socialmedia. This is ridiculous. WearYourMask youcanbreathinamask flpplareinsanse

There seems to be a lot of people moving to Florida and not watching CNN. Hmmmm What's going on? Hahahahha kya baat hai hm b apke sath hain 3.5 Billion years history before mankind means they will outlast us. They are not alive or dead. Probably left here by Aliens as a joke to screw with humans. Better take them seriously or we will really become Zombies!

Let them die.. Adios Such an ass kissing 😽 Seems like DeSantis could care less about saving the lives of even the school children. I love Florida!!!

Vast majority of ICU patients with COVID-19 are unvaccinated, ABC News survey findsDozens of hospitals surveyed by ABC News across the country report that very few fully vaccinated people are ending up in the ICU with COVID-19. Of course. What would you expect Don't care Come on now. Are you telling the truth?

Idiots These people are the reason we have high covid variant rates! KILLER We're going to get exactly what we deserve Sad... How many children does he want to kill? That is horrible! Vote him out for the sake of public health and national security at this point The Sudanese government do you want the enmity of the people of Ethiopia? If not, stop conspiring with the terrorist TPLF that is enemy number one of the people of Ethiopia. TPLFisaTerroristGroup SudanIsConspiringAgainstEthiopia aftaburhan AUC_MoussaFaki

Local counties, cities, districts should be making those decisions. Are they really mothers? A REAL Mother wouldn't put politics before their kids.

Florida's unexpected COVID-19 Delta surge could be prolonged: Infection expertFlorida health officials said that while they expected an uptick in coronavirus metrics over the summer, none predicted the Delta surge to be as significant as it has been across the state. Changes in the death rate is all that matters. All else is political propaganda. Delta was significant in india and uk and now in decline. Read article in ny times about it today. Cases arent deaths. Why get vaccine if you can still catch/spread it and have to follow same vaccine mandates as un vaccinated? Im never getting it.

My son will be masked regardless...I'm his mom and make the decisions for my family....He has failed us the entire time he has been in why change now... I just wanna keep my kids at home at this point. 🙄 Idiots Another ass. Time to boycott travel to FL and states with low vaccine rates. Great plan. Let’s see how many children die because of this.....heartbreaking. I pray I’m wrong.

Really dumb!!!. This virus will keep going on and on if people don't stop walking around like life is normal. It's a lot of bugs out there besides Covid read people read!!! Read January 6th, 2021 political prisoners and their family and government tyranny Horror!!!

House Republicans stage protest in Capitol over new COVID-19 mask rulesA group of House Republicans marched to the Senate floor Thursday to protest the new House mask mandate imposed by the Capitol's attending physician. Americans always complaining about things. Here in Asia, to innovate and to adopt temporarily, we make face masks as a fashion statement. Keeping safe in style! Hahahaha. Stupid stuff I’m tired of this stupid stuff it insults my intelligence Making fools of themselves and endangering lives with their ignorance smh

If they can't simply wear mask they should not give examples of hungry kids in the third world country. Circumstances vs stupidity. How to be stupid 101. Safe safe good mask on Oh…the stupid is real in these folks… Idiot Reckless stupidity at its highest!!!! My family was planning a trip to Florida, but it doesn't seem safe. My nephew and his girlfriend just got it. They are in their 20s and struggling. It makes the non variant look like a cake walk.

His time is coming.. Isn’t this Government Over-reach? Again, CNN?!?!?! Last summer, you hammered De Santis during Covid spike. Economy is booming. He made vaccines available in every corner and 50% vax rate is right in the US avg, not low as you say. He just defends minumum state and the right to choose. We are just great here!

Biden announces Covid-19 vaccine incentives, mandates for federal workersPresident Biden announced new Covid-19 vaccine incentives including encouraging states to use federal funds to award unvaccinated people $100 if they get the vaccine. He also announced new Covid-19 vaccine mandates for federal workers and contractors and urged other workplaces to follow suit. Baby steps. There's so much more you could do POTUS. Ask major corporations to require vaccinations for their employees and customers. Make it mandatory for the military. Ask governors to do their part. Good deal means if you are family of 3 kids will get $500 not bad At least he is trying to get through to the dumb people

He surely shows he doesn't care for those who put him in office Most of the governing arseholes have kids in Private schools that either closed down when public was still ongoing or private schools that have funding to takes Extra Precaution steps While public school kids are used as guinea pig experiments without risks to any politicians.

That's really a pitiful reaction to the new guidelines, especially when HIS state for the DELTA Variant. MOST CASES of infections in one day. We're going BACKWARDS people. Can't you see that? People will DIE. Don't you CARE ! WTF is wrong with these people. Can any spineless cowards here tell me how to catch Covid-19 or any of it’s variants? I’ve had NO LUCK whatsoever. Is it because I’m not a fat, junk-food eating slob? Is it because my Vitamin D levels are at high normal? Is it because I take care of myself? Please help!!!

In Canada we’ve had a mask mandate for 18 months. No problem. We are smart and know how to follow the rules. Our numbers are very very low now expect for the ignorant anti vaxxers Ya. The American ignorance is becoming quite popular GovRonDeSantis deaths by Deathsantis Florida Saturday's spike represents the largest single-day statewide surge since Jan. 7, when the state recorded 19,400 cases. And 100’s of deaths by Deathsantis Floridians check on your peeps

GovRonDeSantis Floridaman will stop at nothing to satisfy 👅his own 🏀🍆🏀’s

‘We waited too long’: Woman urges vaccinations after losing husband to COVID-19'I will miss my husband every single day,' Mia Ponte Vinnard told TODAY. People that were vaccinated reported they caught it again so what a joke this so-called vaccination is! 🙄 No, you were listening to Mr. Trump. Listen to the scientist. Getting vaccinated os smart. Take politics out of it and it becomes about health. Save ourselves and each other.

God help you all😞 Very sad to see that such idiots spread there ignorance and nonsens in public.😰 That does not mean children and teachers can not wear them if they want to do so. To be CLEAR, he is choosing to put children in a environment without defenses. Whatever your position on mask wearing, protecting children should take precedence over ANYTHING. They are our most precious resource and should not be used as political pawns to further an agenda.

Too many people in Florida thank you nut casintis. How does this get likes? It's ignorant. SenateGOPDEATHPANELS HouseGOPDEATHPANELS RepublicanDeathCult These illiterate people want death for their kids rather than minor inconvenience. They should not have sent their kids to school in the first place.


VaxToVote yes then when their kids become ill or die I dont want to see any phony tears woes me make your bed, then lye in it and deal... We need better leaders. Signed lifelong Republican. amen! baddecision I don't know why people, especially people of color live in Florida. One of the worst states: FL, MS, AL, GA, and now TX. Some things just don't change. Have you thought about doing a story on why southern white people have not progresses at all? Since at least the 40's?

Something very telling about these deniers...I spent a lot of time listening to FOX News and CNN and what I saw/heard..FOX rarely talked about the Virus and when they did it was just political attacks on what liberals are doing against us VS CNN giving constant data updates. WOW! GOP governors don't seem to understand that encouraging people whose votes they will need in the next election to expose themselves to a dangerous virus is a stupid political move. COVID19 SARSCoV2 coronavirus schools Florida RonDeSantis FaceMasks masks

Well some of us are immune & I know civillian these days hate the law. 2 states have regular purge vs prison system. If these are crime spreaders/plague spreaders I can imagine that might happen again. Though we are having some zone censorship. We saw before that! immunecitizen You're putting lives at risk over a mask? I'll be avoiding Florida until the educational system is fixed.

Thank god I don’t live in stupid FL. Obviously he doesn’t give a crap about people. Florida… that sums it up. Okay have fun with that guys Try being the only student in class without a mask…. Lol He is following his mentors (Trump) lead. Says it is not that bad. Spikes in summer and will wain in fall. Sound familiar?

CDC just admitted MASKS DO NOT WORK. Hey GovRonDeSantis why do you want to kill kids so badly? I guess the RightToLife stops when they enter public school? ProjectLincoln CDCgov MaskMandate MaskUp DeltaVariant COVID COVID19 CovidIsNotOver Oh Florida. When will you learn? Freedom means being alive, not dead.

Ok, he can prevent mask mandates, but what would happen if you put your mask on? 🤦‍♀️

Congrats!!!! I’m so happy at least 1 gov. Has some common frickin sense. What about Americans history of drugs in sport? Wow?! 5 Éxitos más grandes de Johnny Ventura ▶️ johnnyventura exitos merengue talibantv alajaza When the Delta mutates in the lungs of a 12-year old so that it can more efficiently propagate in the lungs of an 11-year old and below and starts slaughtering her kids, then the smile will drop from her face. Unless she is already tired of her kids.

Another red state that will turn Blue! Thank you Republicans! Keep believing your own hype!

Why does DeSantis not care about the health of Florida children Is he that self serving in his political ambitions Masks will protect unvaccinated children’s lives. Who would vote again for such an uncaring governor, not responsible parents… 'Florida Man' Ron DeSantis issues Executive Order giving Floridians the choice whether to stick their heads in an alligator's mouth to prevent dying from COVID. Local reports indicate a rising number of deaths due to alligator attacks. Fox News calls it a Democrat conspiracy.

Yes, why not? Let the Republicunts get sick... Why are these old white folks speaking on what kids want! Any 5 year old has the sense to wear a mask to not get Delta. How many people have to die in Florida before the governor will be recalled? sodumb4real Idiot! Idiot Then they going to be crying when all the kids get sick and hospitalized and there's no hospital beds

For whites only pls chân ngắn nhưng vẫn xinh xắn...lùn nhưng vẫn ùn ùn ny “A man stuck his hand in a jaguar pen at a Florida zoo, taunting the cat. He got clawed.” This is the Mentality of these people

Làm quen với tất cả các bạn nữ ở HN để tâm sự chia sẻ với nhau về cs sở thích .v.v.v Just crossed FLA. off my list of vacation destinations. If they have that little faith in science, imagine being on a plane heading to your sunny destination when air traffic controllers in the state decide that RADAR is a hoax and the planes will just magically land themselves.

That's the problem with America.... stupid people making too much money... for being stupid... That’s just straight up assinine. GovRonDeSantis When he lose next year ,he's going to blame the democrats for stealing the election from him too ,without realizing he's making poor judgment just like Trump. A year from now ,I'll be like i told you so.

I hate to see Florida plates driving thru east Tennessee. I hope they don't stop along the way. those are mothers or unconscious monsters that take away the possibility of protecting their children And when the whole state is sick and/or dying---OH WELL! Ass Good for him. DeSantis2024

The teachers union is controlling Washington and indoctrinating are children into there socialist theories Of a Dead Theology Have they ever heard of a place called Russia Or Venezuela Why is it that the people who protest the masks always look deranged…? vaccinated MaskUp GetVaccinated CovidIsNotOver COVID19 deltavariant

một chàng trai ko đẹp.. nhưng men..khoong hài hước nhưng có thể làm bạn vui. không lãng mạn. mạnh mẽ những có thể bảo vệ được bạn So let’s have everyone get the Delta variant and spread covid faster than a wildfire to as many people as possible to help thin out the sick and weak with compromised immunity. Let’s overwhelm the healthcare system

The devil disguise. And Florida is full of sheep following him. God is watching. I won't be going to Florida anytime soon. I once thought about purchasing a winter home in Florida, but the craziness demonstrated by the Florida leadership is forcing a hard pause The Governor has a set of balls. Well done sir!

Inherent privilege taking center stage. The ruining of a land ala 1619. He evidently doesn't mind children dying on his watch. The Big Lie Guy didn't either. Lol, don’t be ridiculous

No brains Nonsense ! Good! Let them all catch covid. We need less idiots in this world. “No mask no for our kids” He should be held financially accountable for every persons health bills and funeral expenses! OMG! Fall of the Roman Empire If some how masks were to spite democrats and Biden they would be ALLLLLLL for wearing masks. It’s not an inconvenience problem with them, it’s a theoretical problem. They cannot stand Biden won the election and him/Fauci are telling them what to do. THAT is their problem

Vote DeSantis out, FL. Lives mean nothing to him😖😖😖😖 What insanity!!!!!

Inbody mind reader microchip implant in my face and framed a d tortured for 5 yrs and blocked Reminds me of Slim Pickens whooping it up while riding the bomb down into oblivion in the movie Failsafe. Appears that the pending Governor recall election is happening in the wrong state. OMG … what a disgrace

It's sad, the disregard for life. South Carolina's poor excuse of a governor, is doing the same thing! We've got to show up more at the polls people! That is heart wrenching. That he doesn’t care about the Children of his State. 😞 He's a real 'winner' - no masks - and now he wants to overturn Roe vs Wade. What next? Is this the kind of leader we want?

ko xấu trai .biết quan tâm bạn gái ,galang ,CAO 1m65 trở lên ,ko keo kiệt.......... .RonDeSantisFL Is he okay?

Don’t come running to the ER when your kid gets sick!! Condolences to Florida. 💐 Desantis needs to go! That would require the adults to get vaccinated! But, they don't understand that, or want to understand science. Keep the people stupid and they will stay the cult members. God I fucking hate this state

He has no right to tell anyone to wear a mask or not. It's not your phuchong body. The world is looking at us and shaking their head Good. Thank you GovRonDeSantis . Freedom wins. Sign an executive order allowing people whom have served their time for the crime to have their record expunged.

Crackheads Asking for trouble. Covid; especially the Delta variant, loves no masks. Is this how we show social responsibilities? I feel sorry for the next generation who is being taught this narracitic attitude. Government-sponsored homicide. FloridaCovid I hate living in this state. What makes me even more upset about this pic, is that the guy next to her has a sign saying Anxiety, Depression, and Fear are the real pandemic. What exactly have they been suggesting we do about those up to this point?

This is why its important to vote. Misinformation. Omg, really people? He didn't decide for you . He didn't mandate for you. Now you have a choice. God bless America!!? Isn't that how it is supposed to be? Idiots at it again… glad I’m far from that state… keep your COVID down there…. You your constituents drop dead of covid you may want to find another career.

Trump fans I presume? The other said part is none of you see it…..this is history repeating itself it happened in the earl 1900s and it’s happening now….these virus’s and virus strains were genetically engineered to be released as the population of the earth was becoming too much Parents don't support masks in schools obviously don't support life period may ur dumb kids get covid tbh

I think you all are not seeing the big picture of what is going on and it’s really sad….. too bad the population control tactics will work to irradicate and eliminate 84-95% of you off the planet by the time it’s all said and done…. Is it madness? Cool Wait till they all start dying. They'll be crying I should have gotten the vaccine. It's gonna be hard to feel bad for them.

...really? because fuck precaution with thier CHILDREN. I swear, they're either idiots for putting comfort above safety, or they don't love their kids as much as they say, but that's not my business. 🙄 Oh no

Can't argue with stupid Idiots Noice! Love that guy. Hope he runs so we can undo this crap the leftists got us into. What happens when tourism industry shuts down in Florida because of this idiot? State income tax? DeSantis can go to 🔥🔥 SMH! Then keep Floridians in Florida! It’s honestly going to affect and infect the children. Which is tragic! But, pro-life right?!

Totally agree... COVID is about the biological degeneration of humanity... Nothing else some people seem to enjoy lockdowns.... stupidity I don't want to hear nothing when some of these same parents sue because their child got COVID at school and they say 'more should have been done to protect the kids'.

I look at stuff like this and I'm like yup this is why Florida is Florida. Do they want people to die Just look at all the hatred from the fearmongers on this post. You people just can't stand it, can you, that YOU ALL HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CONTROL OVER THIS AND YOU'RE ALL GOING NUTS BC OF IT! STOP FEARMONGERING AND JUST DO FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH ZERO WORRY OF OTHERS!

Federal funding needs to be diverted elsewhere Why is this the priority? Instead of focusing on the death they're more concerned about free choice of the use the masks. So so stupid. Crazy ass state! Good luck in the morgue! Idiot…🤦‍♀️ Gov Ron DeSantis has to go!!! He is killing his state and the people that visit his state. It is unbelievable that he gets away with these ridiculous executive orders!

Any deaths from those children will be on him.

They don’t call him Governor DeathSentence for nothing. Let me know your enthusiasm when you bury him! Thank You! Confusion 😪 Wow🤦🏽‍♀️ Killing kids to suck up to Trump. GQP''s new pro-life policy He hasn't killed enough Floridians so he's after children now. GovRonDeSantis is a mass murderer. And this killer aspires to be our next potus.

“To protect parents freedom to choose whether their children wear masks” the fuck is that logic? It’s a virus that’s killed 612k+ in the US ALONE. Just wear it indoors if you’re afraid a piece of cloth “strips me of ma freedum” Wow! Look at the people cheering. Yes they are 🤡 Death trap Sooner or later these policies it's going to kill somebody who's grieving family member lives by the law of an eye for an eye.

What are you people doing? Not wearing masks means your child will get sick and some may die! Grow up before they die! Hindsight sucks in this case because you know the outcome! Yeahhh....were going to be putting our kids lives in danger! GovRonDeSantis is going to get people killed Health and safety. Not in a Floridian vocabulary.🙄😒

Ugh…I hate it here can we all spell IDIOT? GovRonDeSantis For literally the kids that can't get a vaccine yet. The F are we doing in this country?! I mean seriously?! Mofo's act like a mask is handcuffs or something. Americans wear the cover of 'tough' but a mask is so damn hard to wear. FOH. oh no my disguise

He’s wrong! Idiots Going on 2 yrs and they still don’t understand the gravity of covid. And now with the delta strain, it’s even worse. Honestly, what is modern conservatism? I thought it was about the government not telling you what to do. Oh fuck that toolshed Is… is the goal to kill more people? The goal sounds like it’s to kill more people

Gov DeathSantis is killing Florida Desantis 2024. Let the parents decide if they want their child to wear a mask. Welp. Because it wasn’t bad enough that he abandoned his constituents dying of Covid so he could campaign around the country 🙄 Thank god 1 sane person in this theft of liberty Sorry for your loss Florida. You need to replace this dude ASAP.

Doesn't his shithole state have like a million other things to worry about right now? How about an emergency rule to close the border! Desk ‘tis may be your president soon. byebyebiden2024