Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Signs Restrictive Voting Bill - Cnnpolitics

Florida Gov. Ron Desantis Signs Restrictive Voting Bill - Cnnpolitics

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs restrictive voting bill

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs a restrictive voting bill into law, joining a host of other GOP-led states in limiting access to the ballot box

5/6/2021 4:19:00 PM

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs a restrictive voting bill into law, joining a host of other GOP-led states in limiting access to the ballot box

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday morning signed into law a controversial voting bill aimed at curbing access to mail-in voting in the state, joining a host of other GOP-led states pushing new limits in connection with former President Donald Trump's baseless claims of fraud in the 2020 election.

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Republicans support a man who refused to serve his Country in a time of war and fifty years later supported a violent overthrow of the United States government. They are a dead end. USMC Retired ridiculous How long will evil reign? It’s a cowardly new world in the GOP. Is voting in US still legal? EVERYONE AROUND THE WORLD AND AMERICA ARE NOT HAPPY WITH WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE DOING ITS NOT FAIR OR RIGHT AMERICA WILL NEVER EVER VOTE FOR ANY REPUBLICAN IN 2022.THE REPUBLICANS HAVE LOST THEIR VOTERS

This guys is the biggest jerk EVER!! GovRonDeSantis DeathSantisPencilDickedFuckwad Such a fool What is wrong with these aholes? Typical u got a state who keeps the blacks down and got a bunch of uptight racist white supremacy and trump rats thinking Florida belongs to them , it’s time to show them different

Florida officials denounce Gov. Ron DeSantis' lifting of COVID-19 restrictionsAnyone notice DeSantis fingers are smaller than Trump's? That pathetic. Poor Florida. 'Repeal And Replace' GovRonDeSantis

Smh..... Wow if I was a voter it would make me crawl to the ballot box if I had to, to kick them out You do realize that it is now much harder for seniors in Florida to vote? what a piece 💩 DeSantis is! He needs to be voted out. And why isn’t Trump in jail yet Can’t beat them? Cheat them! Republicans suck and tRUMP suck and gaetz and moscow suck and rudi the reindeer sucks and pencil head sucks and trucker sucks

You guys are pathetic writers . Pathetic. If you keep this up, we will lose our Democracy, do better for all our sales. Fascists!

Florida Newspaper Rips GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis For Acting Like ‘Tyrannical' TrumpAnd 'like Trump, DeSantis keeps revealing his thin skin,' wrote the editorial board of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. I’m sure he takes it as a compliment. Authoritarians will continue to March to the capital. Yes- only the thin-skinned get annoyed when blatant lies are put forward as facts by “reporters” who are simply partisans with media jobs.

Now when you vote. You vote once. We know how you biden voters are. Pathetic!! Limiting voting access for many! This is what NO RACISM IN AMERICA LOOKS LIKE BY OPPRESSING THE CITIZENS RIGHTS FOR VOTING! Just throw out the Voting Rights Act huh! 🤯🤯 Republicans can’t win without cheating It's not about the id.this no one is arguing against.Its about the voter mail in drop boxes,this will be reduced so eg from 50 to 20.argument people can drop it in the mailbox,issue the no of weeks drop in vote can be done is reduced,60% chance the mail does not reach in time.

We need stronger federal government Look at that finger gesture, remind you of anyone All liars have a tell. dennysnight Limiting access lol Ron is killing it. He’s basically setting the tone for the culture of Florida and saying that if you are a whiny psay progressive then we don’t want you. Many are afraid to do this but he’s run the numbers and knows that these policies will make him one of the strongest states.

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis Just Made it Harder to Vote in FloridaA new bill signed into law by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis brings new restrictions to voting by dropbox and mail Wonder what he is afraid of? Yea, probably for older and rural voters, who mainly vote GOP. And it probably fired up the non GOP voters to be sure to follow the new rules and vote correctly. Ron DeStupid. They are not 'restrictions', they are 'regulations'. 'Anyone can vote' is different than, 'everyone can vote'. Election security is 1000% more crucial to our democracy than free health care. vote

A$$. Why was there nothing wrong with the way voters voted in 2016? I have not heard one person ask that question. What are they going to do about it? The only way they can win… Perfect Ignorant people should not be allowed to vote. Will this stupid Florida law stop many senior citizen Republicans from being able to vote? Could backfire…

Stupidity breeds stupidity, history will not treat this man kindly DID BIDEN PRAY FOR AMERICA ON THIS NATIONAL DAY OF PRAYER Palestine is a good criteria to question all fake claims of the Western countries on freedom,peace & women & children rights;because of being silent against occupation,mass murder of women & children in Palestine done by the criminal regime of Israel for many years FreePalestine

Fuck DeSatan!

Fox News Claims Even They Didn't Know Gov. Ron DeSantis Was Gonna Do All ThatOn Thursday morning, Florida Governor and stunt queen Ron DeSantis appeared to sign a restrictive new voting rights bill live on Fox News morning show Fox and Friends. But Fox News is now claiming they were completely unprepared for the event, which aired exclusively on their network and was closed to all outside press. The Associated Press reports that Fox News released a statement saying they booked DeSantis’s appearance “as an interview and not as a live bill signing. Neither the network, nor the show, requested or mandated the event be exclusive to Fox News Media entities.”\n GovRonDeSantis is not a queen, he is a disgusting parasite of a parasite

I thought you assholes worked for the people, as opposed to your own, twisted agenda to restrict voting!! Sickening.🖕🏿 Fascist Party tightens it's grip on control ! pushing the BIG LIE !!!! Canadian here, how does needing ID to vote restrict voting ability? I am sure there is more to it than that but I am asking seriously re ID. I’ve always had to show ID to vote and I have voted in every municipal/provincial/federal election held since I was 18.

The only way to keep your right to vote is to end the GOP in 2022, or sooner! Dirty tactic. Another fool, driving our democracy to the brink of extinction. Can statehood be rescinded? Worthless Excellent! in the end they will fail

GOP Gov. DeSantis signs Florida election law while shutting out all media but Fox NewsDeSantis signed the bill, S.B. 90, in a closed-door event that blocked out all reporters and media coverage — except for Fox News. I am looking for new, good friends Which part of this was a surprise? This is what the PACs want, and it’s the only way they can win. Planting the seeds of crime in secret behind closed doors . Sneaky

Aweful Oh no people have to show ID ohhhh my gawddddd such a horrible thing Free people , stand up and let us save the Palestinian people from the oppression of many years FreePalestine Is voting a right or a privilege? GOP voter suppression in full force! carolynsudduth1 Republicans are playing a long game to put the former guy back in charge. We must stop them.

How about y’all check his signature and see if it matches? If not, bill is thrown out. Ahhh, another reason to never go to Florida... It's time to flip Florida No mail-in ballots, and required voter ID sounds like a fair election is in our future!!! :D

Why don't they quit beating around the bush. It's obvious that they are claiming full dictatorship, and elections will become illegal in their states. What is wrong w/our country? How is it that these GOP govs can get away w/election meddling, tampering, gerrymandering, ballot recounts months after an election using a conspiracy theorist to run the recount circus w/o any Dems to watch & make sure they are not altering ballots?

Psaki blames all News media for border crisis ! Hey Democrats Did you know you can change your residency to another state Vote out these assholes Then change back to your home state CNN is the definition of fake news The only way Republican can win elections is be restricting voting rights. Every American should be able to vote as easily as possible. Very anti-American to restrict that in anyway

Whelp when u publish a title like this u admit your biases Voter ID for all....only fair way. Mail in ballots should only be used in a limited and verifiable manner (with proper ID). After the fiasco in 2020 we need to assure the citizens we have a safe and fair election process. Such a baiting headline. Damn right it should be strict on mail in ballots.

Isn’t this just a rollback to pre-pandemic ? HE'S A DOUCH'E NOZZLE “Restrictive” meaning “helps prevent illegal voting and corrupt elections like the last one” Fascist white suprematists. When will the masses shut them up. We lost! Gotta change the rules! HDP Can you say .. moron! Every person that is born has a brain that controls his body and happiness pain sorrow in it When you let people Lake the Democrats and the fake news media and silicone valley control your brain you become a followerBe strong people believe in yourself do the right vote 2022

Your mean trump party led states This party is no longer the GOP

Stop your bullshit on restrictive voting; it is a lie and everybody with half a brain knows this; this isn't about politics or the Republican Party; it's about ensuring fair and valid elections - which everybody should agree it is needed in this day and age -get real CNN Conjecture that it limits voting. Want to vote? Go vote.

COURAGEOUS ACTION to make it hard to cheat. They are not making it hard to vote. Disgraceful....How can you stop people from voting.... Closer to a dictatorship..... This propaganda piece said a whole lot about how it is restrictive without providing any examples. CNN ever defending and promoting Dems. No fairness. So biased.

Good!!!! Damn if Florida isn't taking the lead in stepping on liberals and their trying to make everything legal. I feel sorry for Florida.🤔😳😬🍹 They’re so fucking scared

This is a waste of time. My God These guys want to win by preventing voters from voting while they should do the reverse. Im getting sick and tired of some people on these social media platforms the left leaning liberals complaining about these damn bill changes! It’s not voter suppression nor is it racist to show your ID to verify who you are! Dems just want to cheat so, they say it’s racist!

The next Democratic guv and legislature will just overturn it. Time for red states to become independent. They already don't listen to the president of the federation. Its divorce time. Independent states is the only way really BS. U sheep are pathetic They’re setting this country back fifty years making it harder for minorities to vote. We’re looking the rise of Facisim in the U.S. This administration need to act fast!!!!

So...more secure elections is NOT what we want? How fucking high are you people. He'll be voted out next term. Check more about this

Anyone that wants to limit voting hours should be kicked out. There lunch hour should be included in their lunch break. And it should be a law that time off for voting is mandatory. This is all bull to limit voting to make it just for white people Older white Republican voters with mobility problems will have more trouble voting. This will backfire on the Republican Party, ha ha.

Same formula since end of Reconstruction: if black people vote too much, make up some bullshit to make it more inconvenient to vote. Conservatives refuse to try to win with, you know, ideas and policy. Stop with the panic. This whole thing is based on Trumps continuing pathetic lies about voter fraud. Needing I. D isn't a bad thing it won't allow the GOP to win anything as its a defence against something that didn't happen

Pathway to dictatorship is coming ! America as we know it is done . Trump will be President again Mark my words Welp he just signed a law to make it harder for his geriatric base to vote. Another Florida tool. 😂😂😂😂 MattGaetzIsATool DeathSantisIsATool RickScottIsATool MarcoRubioIsATool Republicans can never be trusted to govern again since they defend and support the Big Lie, voter suppression and treason They hate democracy

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North Florida is jamming this down our throats, South Florida is very moderate and balanced but with the North we look like southern rednecks. I say it's time for South Florida to secede, there is no point keeping this state together when we're such completely different people. The only way they will win is messing with the vote

Twitter shouldn’t this be flagged or labeled as fraudulent or misinformation ? Thanks for giving us 18 months to plan our strategy to dump you at the polls. That he is not afraid to block his own voters electing him should tell Floridians that they should be very afraid of the dictatorship already in place.

This actually might backfire on their own voters. Stay tuned Just in case you missed this ... Right before our eyes! Gov DeSantis signs a voting bill to limit election fraud. There, fixed it for you, CNN (AKA Communist News Network). Shame on you RonDeSantisFL

More restrictive than the last which restrictions were lessen because of a pandemic? Read the bills. They do not limit access they require a legal form of ID to vote. Who in the hell in Florida is “struggling” with transportation? He a communist with Putin to carry the USA Criminal!!!! The republican party is full if criminals!!!

Thanks again Florida Democrats must take the little power they have and do whatever they can, however they can--to stop ThePartyOfTrump from any further suppression of our VotingRights and attempts to destroy our democracy. We haven't a minute to waste--We must act immediately. POTUS SenSchumer DeSantis has even got the 'Trump pointy finger' thing down.

The party of “free speech“ wants to limit the ability of private companies to deplatform users, but they are AOK to silence MILLIONS of voters. Make this make sense. It's like a contest to see who can be the most hateful politician in the country. It's UN-AMERICAN.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs a restrictive voting bill that only votes for him will be counted Another step closer to a republican fascist country-democracy in the US is being destroyed, state by state. We'll be a dictatorship by 2024. Pathetic