Florida GOP Pushes Bill To Shield White People From 'Discomfort' Of Racist Past

The bill pushed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis takes aim at critical race theory — though it doesn’t mention it explicitly.

Florida, Ron Desantis

1/19/2022 5:34:00 PM

The bill pushed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis takes aim at critical race theory — though it doesn’t mention it explicitly.

The bill pushed by Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis takes aim at critical race theory — though it doesn’t mention it explicitly.

AdvertisementDemocrats argued the bill isn’t needed, would lead to frivolous lawsuits and said it would amount to censorship in schools. They asked, without success, for real-life examples of teachers or businesses telling students or employees that they are racist because of their race.

“This bill’s not for Blacks, this bill was not for any other race. This was directed to make whites not feel bad about what happened years ago,” said state Sen. Shevrin Jones, who is Black. “At no point did anyone say white people should be held responsible for what happened, but what I would ask my white counterparts is, are you an enabler of what happened or are you going to say we must talk about history?”

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Let’s call this what it is: The “White Snowflake I Need a Safe Space” Bill. Is CRT taught in grade school or only university/college...? If the private business part is upheld as constitutional, could a bookstore be sued for selling books on race relations? Or could publishers? TV stations that show Roots?

Shield white people from the truth as history has recorded it? You can try to hide from it or ignore it but it’s still here. History is going to remember you too DeSantis. And I'll bet he'd never heard of it till this year. Presidential material? I thought DJT was as low as we could ever go. 'Dead people who happen to look like you did X, so pay the price.' No wonder White ppl don't want to hear this stuff or pay the proverbial blood debt for it... just imagine if folks went to any other ethnic group and said 'someone who looks like you did X, how will YOU atone?'

ALL of our history should be taught but in a way so as not to divide people further. This 'it's your fault/no, it's YOUR fault' way of thinking is only going to hurt everyone. So what's to stop a parent from declaring that math makes her child uncomfortable? How long do they think they'll keep the truth covered - White America massacred the aborigines and brutalized blacks on the corn/cotton fields - FACT.

Can you imagine the Germans building a huge propaganda machinery to protect Germans from the discomfort of the Holocaust - fortunately they did not and are living comfortably without fear of the truth. Hold the phone, so you’re saying they want to get rid of the books but keep the statues?

Florida Could Shield Whites From 'Discomfort' of Racist PastA bill pushed by Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis that would prohibit public schools and private businesses from making white people feel “discomfort” when they teach students or train employees about discrimination in the nation’s past received its first approval Such a dumpster fire of a state government! Headlines dont match the facts... journalism

He really needs to go. VoteHimOut Anyone noticed the republikkkans constantly saying they're using the Constitution as context but completely go against everything it says and stands for Pretty hilarious that people actually buy into this GOP crap when the subject isn't even taught in public school. The other crazy thing is one of the Law Professor came from the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA SCHOOL of LAW. Just tells how much racism exist down there to right a theory.

Good, it shouldn’t be taught! How delicate are these guys that the merest hint of ‘discomfort’ needs to be legislated away? I think I can hear about historic and ongoing racism and just about hold myself together. Of course knowing about it means we may need to try to fit it and perhaps thats the real issue

Doesn't need to be taught...Just make 'These Truths' by Jill LePore assigned reading. When will the millions of our family,friends, and fellow American Republicans support the alternative future political leaders. Why are the Trump and so many like him Republicans repudiated by grassroots great new choices.? Same with current horrendous Democrats.

Sad: Slave owners made babies with slave women and then condemned their own children to a life of slavery. This is the root source of racism - an attempt to cover the guilt with racism. White slave owners are guilty of the most outrageous sin possible.

Ron DeSantis pushes Florida bill to protect white people from 'guilt' about racist pastThe state's Republican-controlled Senate Education Committee has approved legislation that takes aim at critical race theory . Shocker! Republicans don't want to learn real history. They have preferred making it up for so many years. Democrats! clearly & loudly shout it from the rooftops & let it be known that everyone including Independents & disheartened Republicans must come together this 2022 midterm & VOTE BLUE (as if your life depended on it) & 'defeat those damn lying Trumplicans' & SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY! Or it just protect society from radical polarization and playing race card over and over! Dividing people white and black on media headlines not a good sign!

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Penzeys Spices CEO declares MLK weekend 'Republicans are racists weekend'Penzeys Spices CEO Bill Penzey renamed the weekend celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. as 'Republicans are racists weekend' in a promotion for his company. 😂😂😂 And I care about his opinion how again? Not an R or D, AND not a Penzeys customer anymore, either.