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Florida EMS charged with felony after intentionally coughing on store employee

A Florida EMS was charged with a felony after he coughed on a store employee after allegedly saying social distancing is 'getting out of hand.'

4/9/2020 8:36:00 AM

A Florida man's intentional cough on a store employee, after commenting on the business' efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, has been deemed a deadly weapon.

A Florida EMS was charged with a felony after he coughed on a store employee after allegedly saying social distancing is 'getting out of hand.'

A DeBary, Florida, man's intentional cough on a store employee after commenting on the business' efforts to prevent the spread of thecoronaviruswas deemed a deadly weapon, police said.Christopher Canfora allegedly went into a Harbor Freight Tools location early Tuesday morning, approached the register and laughed at the tape markers on the floor placed 6 feet apart.

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"This is getting out of hand, this is why everywhere I go I cough behind everyone with a mask on," Canfora allegedly said the 21-year-old cashier before intentionally coughing on her and the register, according to the police report.MORE: Brooklyn bar operator the 1st person arrested for violating COVID-19 executive order

Canfora, 49, told police that his occupations was an"EMS" -- emergency medical services -- with"AMR," according to the police report.After Canfora paid for his three items he allegedly told the cashier that he was going to do the same thing at a nearby grocery store.

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Hope he in jail for a long time Definitely a cement head. $100 says he’s a Trump voter. Had a guy do this at a grocery store here - along with a racist rant and threatening police - wasn't charged. Very likely drunk, high, or mentally disturbed, though. Good on the charge! Now throw his nasty ass in lockup where he should REALLY worry about the virus! WeReapWhatWeSow

I would've beat his ass! Florida 🤪 Yep. Education does matter Hmmm, again that oh so true remark, ”you can’t help stupid”! Ah, yes, 'Florida Man' the shape shifting super villain finally surfaces during the crisis. Force him to work with the infected in hospitals.Actually, If same in US, put him in Military with those recalled awaiting deployment instructions. He can deal with handling mass dead bodies + hard core 'Service'.They'll all sort him! Reduce economic strain of penal expenses too

Only in Florida folks .... All you needed to see was a FLORIDA man and you know it wasnt going to be anything good MAGA KAGA2020 MAGA2020 KAGA The Florida Man strikes again in the latest episode of Quarantine Crazy 😂 Good luck proving an 'intentional cough' in court. SOB There is a cop in Baltimore, on video, doing the same thing. Wonder what punishment he'll get.

Why don’t they allow these idiots to wear their MAGA hats for the mugshot...? What a Jerk Lock him up and throw away the key. Jack-off !!! Piece of $%^%^% human! Hope he gets at least 10 Years! Too bad he's not in TX! His dumbass would be charged as a terrorist! An 18-yrs-old woman was charged for a 'terrorist threat' after going on Snapchat, claiming to have COVID-19 & that she was going to go cough on ppl in public! She didn't have it nor do it. Glad she got caught.

It must be something in the water in FL. SMH. Doesn't Florida have that stand your ground law. If this ass threatened to shoot them with a gun and they fired first, they should be found not guilty. Another fine example of a maga. How do I assume it was a trumper? Because they are stupid enough to do something like this

Because Florida. adje__ Are you okay Archer96Danny I take a deplorable trailer trash trump supporter? Fuck Florida...per usual wzshalo Throw that thug in jail & flush the keys down the toilet! Good That is STUPID. What happen if i have a comon cold and i can not hold the cough. Do you know holding cough/sneeze could damage your blood vessels?

brooklynmarie That's great. Now do trump, trump family, barr, republican states, the gop and fox news. They are committing mass murder, genocide and are terrorists. floridaman Never thought it would get this bad... illegitpres Good! Grow up stupid!! Always Florida.... Of course—Florida. How horrible and despicable.

What a proud moment For AMR Florida was he a supervisor That offense should be deemed as terroristic threats. How many Florida stories in one day? They’re never good stories. 🙄🤦‍♀️ Amazing how bad one state can be. Good. Charge with ADW (assault w/ deadly weapon) and domestic terrorism. +20 year min. prison sentence. If these lunatics knew they would pay a steep price for their vile actions they might think twice. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Conservative. Conspiracy theory. Asshole red neck. The perfect trifecta. The common cold is a deadly weapon? Tell me some lawyer somewhere will help him. this is not a crime. I hope they find him guilty. Soooo they're gonna apply this 'rule' to the cop that did it to residents in Baltimore too, right? no sympathy he can say whatever he wants ... but YOU CAN add coughing on or around People on the same level as SPITTING ON THEM

Stumptowncody32 I think the biggest question should be, how is this guy 49? brooklynmarie Florida man... FBI Good News! They should now go back and from all video evidence, go charge many others too. Florida man ! Hell yeah ! 'If i get corona, i get corona' He looks like an intellectual giant. This actually seems normal for Florida. That employee, while wearing HAZMAT gear, should be allowed to beat the holy shit out of that man.

Fine. Then realDonaldTrump should be charged with murder because he was informed by the Pentagon last November about the severity of the danger of covid19 and he did nothing about it. The world is going crazy. Deadly weapon? Wtf.... Good He had it coming. I reckon he is both a MAGA and a Dittohead If I was the the employee I would shoot him right away

They didn't let him wear his red had for the mugshot? MAGAt He seems nice... Always Florida Lock him up Mirá, el Florida Man... florida break out that sweet death penalty (i am joking and do not support the death penalty...i think this person should be tickled into a coma) Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.

Florida man charged with felony after intentionally coughing on store employeeA Florida man's intentional cough on a store employee, after commenting on the business' efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, has been deemed a deadly weapon. Wonder what news station he watches. He'll be coughing a lot in prison. Another to blame when U.S. lags in recovery

Baltimore Cop Appears to Intentionally Cough at Housing Complex ResidentsA Baltimore police officer responded to jeers at a housing complex by loudly coughing without covering his mouth. the KKK works harder than the devil Ignorant. I’m not talking about the cop 👮‍♀️ either

Texas teen arrested after posting Snapchat videos claiming to have coronavirus and 'willfully spreading' the diseaseLorraine Maradiaga, 18, has been charged with making a terroristic threat, a third-degree felony. This girl obviously need psychological help. When the Snapchat filter comes off...

Why Spitters Could Be Charged As Terrorists Because Of The CoronavirusForbes reporter Carlie Porterfield speaks with UNC Law Professor Carissa Byrne Hessick on why spitting and coughing recklessly and with ill-intent can be considered a terroristic threat Make 400$ a week from home, I can Help 10 people who can invest less than 1000$ Need Help WhatsApp +919035329762 Please The sneeze that lands you in jail. Only I the land of the free!!! buybtc 💪💪💪

Walmart sued by family of worker killed by coronavirusThe brother of Wando Evans, who died of COVID-19, is suing Walmart, alleging a Chicago-area store failed to notify workers after several employees began showing symptoms. I can name a couple other organizations that are going to be in this position if they don't straighten up ... Unfortunately it's not Walmarts fault it's the federal governments for not suspending HIPPA laws durring a public health crisis, ummmmmm so called President Trump suspend HIPPA laws At what point is an individual to take responsibility for themselves and to respect others. No way to prove where his brother got it. Could be from him. Litigious society and some hack attorney = dream of free money for some made up shit.

Texas teen accused of threatening to spread coronavirus is chargedA Texas teen who police say announced on social media she would intentionally spread the coronavirus has been arrested and charged with making a terroristic threat. Needs some help sad I loathe Democrats.