Florida Covid hospitalizations shatter record as DeSantis downplays threat

The Florida Hospital Association reported more than 10,000 Covid hospitalizations, the most statewide during any point in the pandemic.

8/3/2021 12:00:00 AM

The head of Florida’s largest hospital association warned that the skyrocketing number of Covid hospitalizations is unlike anything the state has seen before — even as Gov. Ron DeSantis downplays the spike

The Florida Hospital Association reported more than 10,000 Covid hospitalizations, the most statewide during any point in the pandemic.

TALLAHASSEE — The head of Florida’s largest hospital association warned that the skyrocketing number of Covid hospitalizations is unlike anything the state has seen before — even as Gov. Ron DeSantis downplays the spike.The Florida Hospital Association on Monday reported 10,389 Covid-19 hospitalizations, the most statewide during any point in the pandemic. This follows Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reporting over the weekend that the state had more than 21,000 new coronavirus infections on Friday. It was the highest one-day total for Florida, which now makes up roughly one and five new cases nationally.

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About 95 percent of those hospitalized are unvaccinated, and Mary Mayhew, the president and CEO of the Florida Hospital Association, said the Delta variant that is sweeping through Florida is infecting young and unvaccinated people and is much different than the previous strain.

“We have to convince 25-year-olds, 30-year-olds that this is now life threatening for them,” Mayhewsaid during an interviewon Morning Joe. “That is not what they saw and what we experienced last year.”As Florida’s coronavirus infections continue to soar, public health officials and local elected leaders have pressed the DeSantis administration to take more drastic steps to get the virus under control. DeSantis, however, has maintained a strict “no-mandate” approach to the virus, including touting an executive order last week that prohibits school districts from requiring masks in K-12 facilities. He also vowed to fight any cities or municipalities that try to institute Covid restrictions, including mask mandates or lockdowns. headtopics.com

DeSantis’ administration points to the Covid cases in the younger population as evidence of the governor’s successful push to get the elderly in the state vaccinated. More than 85 percent of those older than 65 in Florida have been fully vaccinated. Overall, about 52 percent of Florida’s population is fully vaccinated.

“We recognize that cases and hospitalizations have shifted to a younger demographic because we have been so successful with vaccinating seniors,” said DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw, who added that the vaccinated made up 6 percent of new infections last month. “Again, we must continue this stride to expand vaccination rates across eligible age groups.”

Yet on Sunday night, Pushaw sparred with reporters on Twitter over the increase in Covid hospitalizations at Tallahassee’s largest hospital, Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. At one point, Pushaw noted the city is Democratic-leaning and questioned why more people did not get vaccinated even though

quoting Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare chief communications officer Stephanie Derzypolski saying “this is the most we’ve ever had.”Pushaw has since deleted the tweets.In a statement issued through Pushaw on Monday, the Florida agency responsible for the state’s Medicaid program and licensing health care facilities tried to counter Mayhew’s statements that the state’s hospitals are overflowing with patients. headtopics.com

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Tiffany Vause, deputy chief of staff for the Agency for Health Care Administration, said that hospitals across the state report that 82 percent of inpatient beds are in use, and only 18 percent of those are related to Covid-19. At the peak of Covid-19 hospitalizations in July 2020, 79 percent of inpatient beds were in use, with 27 percent of those beds being occupied by Covid-19 patients.

DeSantis has urged all Floridians to get vaccinated, and Florida has fully vaccinated 10 million people, state records show. An additional 98,696 got fully vaccinated last week, while another 235,368 received their first doses, continuing an uptick in recent weeks. The 334,064 doses administered last week is up 40 percent from the first week of July.

Yet the state is trending in the wrong direction in almost every other measurable Covid-19 category. Last week, Florida reported 110,477 new cases, which is a nearly 600 percent increase from the 15,998 new cases reported just four weeks earlier. Over the past month, the statewide positivity rate has jumped from 5.3 to 18.1 percent.

The Covid-19 resurgence has put Florida and DeSantis back in the national spotlight. His 2022 challengers have spent the past month attacking DeSantis over what they say is a failed response.Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, a Democrat running against DeSantis for the governorship, has started holding daily Covid-19 briefings as DeSantis has moved away from that practice. On Monday, she reiterated that the governor should be doing daily briefings as well as more to promote pop-up vaccine sites. She also urged DeSantis to offer incentives for people to get the shot, which is something DeSantis has said he opposes. In the absence of such a campaign, headtopics.com

Orange County Public Schoolswill begin offering $200 for any staffers who can show proof of vaccination.“He’s doing just the opposite — not talking about it,” said Fried, who said her office has needed to fill the daily “void.”She also hammered DeSantis’ recent push to block schools from imposing mask mandates, including the signing of last week’s executive order.

"To say it's not as bad as it was in the height of the pandemic last year is inaccurate, dishonest and dangerous," she said. "Things are the worst they have ever been in the state throughout this pandemic with Florida now leading the nation per capita in hospitalizations."

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You took away the maximum allotment of food assistance right in the middle of a humanitarian crisis! Many of us have been sick with Covid or hospitalized so we can't work now you've taken our food assistance during a pandemic! WE CAN'T FEED OUR CHILDREN! GovRonDeSantis Moronavirus Prediction: a week after Florida starts school in Mid August, one will start seeing clusters of covid children and school closing. Hopefully we will not see many deaths of the children and families. All these are for the glory of Ron DeSantis!!!!

I don't believe a word they are saying about this seems to be another scare tactic!!! DuhSantis 'THEY' coming to get cha Ron. The Audacity of you to use Logical Rational Thought 👍 All Floridians that has lost a love one to COVID that listened to GovRonDeSantis rather than their own doctors should post that love one’s picture on the “Governor’s” Twitter and Facebook page to remind him how dangerous his words can be.

After a year and a half wouldn’t you think Republicans should KNOW they can’t lie away a virus? He’s being coached by the orange blob. He won’t mandate anything tesom0626 Narrator voice: In May, Politico proclaimed that DeSantis beat Covid and was a model for all Blue state governors to follow.

Podcast: To COVID shame or not to COVID shame?Coronavirus never exactly went away — but it’s back stronger than ever thanks to the Delta variant. But can shaming actually convince folks to finally take the shot? Especially when it’s communities of color? Of course it never went away, viruses don’t go away. You can run from this, no one can. You have to treat like any other virus and get use to it and do what you can to fight it and not enough people are doing that! I don’t think so. I think what changes people’s minds is personal experience. I have close friends who are in the medical field and they keep me abreast as to the seriousness of this Pandemic. Then seeing my neighbor almost die. It convinced me. vaccinated GetVaccinatedNow It’s like the flu, and it took decades and many variants and yet still not everyone wants the vaccines. If saving lives especially their own doesn’t motivate them then really shaming does very little to nothing

DeathDeSantis DeathSantis joedadvet This has to ruin his political future and he needs to be held fully accountable for his actions decisions jwhoopes2 GovRonDeSantis' Secret Identity! In any decent society, desantis would have been removed from office for dereliction of duty But but ….. I thought you said he beat the pandemic and is the next big thing ….

This you? This guy is literally a danger to Americans. I don't know why something can't be done about this kind of behavior. He's risking thousands of lives. Can he be kicked out, lol DeSantis is going to try to sweep any collapse of the healthcare system in his state under the rug. Ready to retract the story of his Covid success yet

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Ron DeSantis, facing record COVID surge, signals lockdowns off the table with Bhattacharya tweet''We have protected the vulnerable by vaccinating the older population,'' tweeted DeSantis, quoting anti-lockdown Stanford Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya. TRUMPSTERS DON'T HAVE SOLUTIONS JUST SLOGANS Imagine voting for someone who would rather YOU die then accept reality...the US paying the MoronTax I think DeathSantis is very pleased with so many death around him.

Call me when someone grows the testicles to sue desantis or charge him with criminal felonies for killing citizens or at least making it easier to catch this virus … Didn’t you guys say he won the pandemic? lol, biased much? Putting a mask on his face is essential. DeSantis' Florida about to fall off the edge of the covid hospitalizations chart.

DeSantis downplays the spike ! This guy always has his Foot in his Mouth ! If ur smart ur vaccinated & wearing a mask ! If ur NOT you should have to pay to be treated IN UR OWN HOME ! Flori This story does have an amusing side, the part where you think they care.DeSatan sees it the way Trump did it lowers the costs of Social Security.He certainly will probably run for office.

The Florida media is non existent .

Florida breaks record with more than 21,000 new COVID casesFlorida reported 21,683 new cases of COVID-19, the state’s highest one-day total since the start of the pandemic, according to federal health data released Saturday, as its theme park resorts again started asking visitors to wear masks indoors. The state has become the new national epicenter for the virus, accounting for around a fifth of all new cases in the U.S. as the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus continues to spread. Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has resisted mandatory mask mandates and vaccine requirements, and along with the state Legislature, has limited local officials’ ability to impose restrictions meant to stop the spread of COVID-19. 😡 Cool....its called FloriDuh for a reason. 20,000 cases yesterday alone... I say let them die...Evolution loves volunteers and the more Republicans who volunteer for TrumpFlu the better America will be. RIP Floridians

DeSantis is putting public safety in Florida a risk and should be kicked out of office Desanris is awful Why aren’t republicans tired of this gaslighting? Seriously, how much does it take? 'wE'Re wAiTiNg fOr U tO aPolUHjiZe tO dESanTis, LIBZ!!!!' 🥴 Wasn’t he featured on that show Constant Fool? gop governors are trying to out MAGA each other. Donors/Money TRUMPS Lives. Sad!

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Surgeon general says he's 'deeply concerned' as COVID-19 cases reach record highs in FloridaFlorida is currently leading the country in per capita COVID-19 hospitalizations with more than 10,000 coronavirus patients. Cool...let the COVIDIOTS who wont Vaxx take their chances. The less MAGA voters alive the better America will be. The rest of us with a braind and a Vax will be fine. Flori-duh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Oh whatever!!!! Deaths are lower than any state but the media won’t mention that or that most were already vaccinated when they got Covid When do ya'll hold the man responsible for the deaths he has caused? Florida is a dangerous place to visit right now due to Covid. Politics is winning over health safety. DeathDeSantis dontvisitFlorida

Worst governor ever. Hard to believe Louisiana out ahead of Florida. Something is very twisted, ugly and strange about a Governor who goes to great lengths to do the opposite of saving lives in his state. How can the citizens of Florida support a man who fight harder for them to die than live? Yes, cases are up in hot areas where people are indoors. But the FL mortality rate remains about the same (slightly up) as two months ago. And Delta spikes overseas (UK, NED) have subsided; soon for US. And DeSantis aggressively pursued vaccines, especially for the vulnerable,

DeSantis is the virus' biggest cheerleader. Worst governor ever!!! Killing Floridians should be cause for immediate removal of power!!! IMPEACH!!! DeSantis will never be president.

COVID-19 live updates: Louisiana, Florida leading US in casesBREAKING: 70% of adults in the U.S. have now had at least one vaccine dose, the White House announces, nearly one month after Pres. Biden hoped to reach the milestone. I’m so fucking tired of these politicians and media pushing this vaccine shit. We’ve tens of thousands or Illegals coming in here and that’s the ones they catch. Just the illicit drug seizures prove these illegals are moving all over this nation unchecked. So brave. So courageous. Can’t wait till he locks down the country again.

Wow 21000 new cases and where was Desantis? CAMPAIGNING IN UTAH. Gov DeDumbDumb seems to be doing his best to reduce the RepubliQan vote. Kick his ass to the curb like we did the other guy who handled the pandemic so badly Counterpoint: We really fucked up getting everyone concerned about COVID. 'DeSantis has urged all Floridians to get vaccinated, and Florida has fully vaccinated 10 million people, state records show.' Of course liberal Twitter idiots who even bothered to read the article will ignore that.

What do you do when your states leader stops leading for all of the people in your state like Florida VoteThemAllOut2022 When will Florida save itself from DeathSantis ? WaltDisneyWorld MarriottResorts HiltonHotels UniversalORL CarnivalCruise Republicans continue to tout Ron DeathSantis as 'the gold standard' in leadership, while recalling the guy who tries to save lives.

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Huge lines in Florida for COVID testing as Delta variant spirals out of controlFlorida saw a record-breaking 21,683 new COVID cases on July 31 prompting a wave of people to go get tested. The sudden rush resulted in seemingly endless lines that lasted hours. For more, follow NaveedAJamali for the latest on this issue:

WOLF Media attack against future Republican candidate for President. Like clock work. GovRonDeSantis doesn’t care. 1. Deaths are Down. 2. 70% Inoculated. 3. Find a new Slant. RON DESATAN