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Florida Breaks Own Record For Covid-19 Hospitalizations

Florida Breaks Own Record For Covid-19 Hospitalizations #WhatDoYouThink?

8/4/2021 12:15:00 AM

Florida Breaks Own Record For Covid-19 Hospitalizations WhatDoYouThink?

Florida recently broke both its records for most confirmed daily Covid-19 cases since the start of the pandemic and Covid-19 hospitalizations, with more than 10,200 people currently hospitalized. What do you think?

you“Yeah, a lot of people choose to spend their final years in Florida.”Marissa Bauer, Assistant Bathroom AttendantAdvertisement“Whoa, save some residents for the fall outbreak.”Eli Fitz, Glute Trainer“That’s pretty embarrassing for whichever country Florida belongs to.”

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They want to win the gold medal, by getting the most amount. God, I wish I had the means to get the hell out of this cesspool of a state. GovRonDeSantis RonDeSantisFL 😂🤡 I’m so sad all the time Reminder that this is the state that decides who our president is more often than not 'We couldn't have done it without the support of all Floridians.' - Ron DeSantis

I think it belongs to Texas. Floridastan Mình là người hòa đồng. florida is its own gig, no one wants it

Florida again breaks record for COVID-19 hospitalizationsFORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — The number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 in Florida rose to an all-time high of 11,515 patients in one day, according to data the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released Tuesday. how many deaths? While DeSantis has been preoccupied w/Texas’ border and selling anti-Fauci merchandise, Floridians are literally dying from his COVID policies. In June, he said Florida was doing better than in April. So, he implemented policies that ensured Florida would be worse in July. Trumpers being Trumpers....

Florida breaks record for COVID-19 hospitalizationsA day after it recorded the most new daily cases since the start of the pandemic, Florida on Sunday broke a previous record for current hospitalizations set more than a year ago before vaccines were available. The Sunshine State had 10,207 people hospitalized with confirmed COVID-19 cases, according to data reported to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services. The previous record was from July 23, 2020, more than a half-year before vaccinations started becoming widespread, when Florida had 10,170 hospitalizations, according to the Florida Hospital Association. 교회에서 배교의 이유는 교회가 예수님의 십자가 복음을 버렸기 때문입니다 TheLatterAnointing Maybe they’ll learn when they’re sent home to fend for themselves because there are no beds available. It’s biblical kinda like god telling Moses to get your people vaccinated before the plague hits sorta Passover ish

Surgeon general says he's 'deeply concerned' as COVID-19 cases reach record highs in FloridaFlorida is currently leading the country in per capita COVID-19 hospitalizations with more than 10,000 coronavirus patients. Cool...let the COVIDIOTS who wont Vaxx take their chances. The less MAGA voters alive the better America will be. The rest of us with a braind and a Vax will be fine. Flori-duh 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

COVID-19 live updates: Louisiana, Florida leading US in casesBREAKING: 70% of adults in the U.S. have now had at least one vaccine dose, the White House announces, nearly one month after Pres. Biden hoped to reach the milestone. I’m so fucking tired of these politicians and media pushing this vaccine shit. We’ve tens of thousands or Illegals coming in here and that’s the ones they catch. Just the illicit drug seizures prove these illegals are moving all over this nation unchecked. So brave. So courageous. Can’t wait till he locks down the country again.

Florida Reports Record Number of New COVID-19 CasesFlorida reported more than 21,600 new COVID-19 cases on Friday, marking a state record for the highest number of new infections in one day since the beginning of the pandemic. Tomorrow: Hold my beer!. Florida and Texas, always Florida and Texas. Close the borders problem fix. Where the flu

Top RNC official in Florida spreads Covid-19 conspiracies, calling vaccines the 'mark of the beast'Amid recent surging coronavirus cases in Florida, a top Republican National Committee official in the state has spread anti-vaccine rhetoric and misinformation, comparing the Biden administration's vaccine efforts to Nazi-era 'brown shirts,' and twice calling the vaccines 'the mark of the beast,' comparable to a 'false god.' good luck