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Jeffrey Epstein, Private Jet

Flight data places Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet on Arabian Peninsula on the eve of the 2016 election

Flight records show Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet flew over the Arabian Peninsula a day before the 2016 election


Flight records show Jeffrey Epstein ’s private jet flew over the Arabian Peninsula a day before the 2016 election

Aviation data shows Jeffrey Epstein 's black Gulfstream IV was spotted on the border of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia.

We don't know the precise path and altitude of Epstein's jet as it flew over a portion of the Mediterranean Sea. This is mainly because ADS-B Exchange was only a few months old and gathering signals from a much smaller number of receivers. We've illustrated the gap in the map above with dotted lines.

The same data offers hints about the jet's final destination

."Most aircraft would more than likely prefer to fly south of Israel, providing they can maintain an altitude over 31,000 feet over the Sinai Peninsula."

Epstein was close to Middle Eastern leaders and was rumored to have ties to intelligence agencies

that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman"had visited him many times."

that described Maxwell's relationships with the intelligence agencies of the UK, Israel, and Russia.

on conversations between Alexander Acosta, the former US Attorney in Miami who stepped down as Secretary of Labor after defending a 2007 plea deal that allowed Epstein to avoid federal prosecution, and members of the Trump administration's transition staff:

Epstein's lawyers claimed that he carried the passport in order to avoid detection as an"an affluent member of the Jewish faith" during his Middle East travels.

Epstein's Gulfstream GV-SP returned to the US from Paris on November 11, 2016, and quickly resumed its usual schedule of shuttling between Epstein's homes in New York City, the US Virgin Islands, and Palm Beach. Before spending the holidays in the latter two destinations, the jet flew twice from New York to Boston, returning the same night on both trips.

On February 23, 2017, the Gulfstream GV-SP flew from Paris to Zurich, stopped for 4 hours, flew to Strasbourg, and returned to Paris 3 hours later.

On June 7, 2017, the Gulfstream GV-SP flew from Palm Beach to San Diego, and flew to Santa Fe two days later.

Read more: Business Insider

Yep. conspiracy. Clearly.

The Latest: DOJ says 2 Epstein guards are placed on leaveNEW YORK (AP) — The Latest on the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein 's death (all times local): 2:35 p.m. The Justice Department says two guards assigned to watch Jeffrey Epstein when he... AKA paid vacations SaraCarterDC Well they're as good as dead And 5 million will mysteriously appear in their bank accounts!

The Latest: Epstein guards suspected of falsifying logsNEW YORK (AP) — The Latest on the aftermath of Jeffrey Epstein 's death (all times local): 10:05 p.m. A person familiar with the probe of Jeffrey Epstein 's death at a federal jail says... Even my janitors check our bathrooms hourly. Just obeying Barr's orders. Sure didn't want Epstein taking a plea bargain and telling all (Trump). SaraCarterDC When even a country old man like myself knew there was a hit put out on him, there’s something very wicked going on.

Women expected to sue Jeffrey Epstein's estate over sexual abuse claimsWomen who say they were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein are expected to sue t... Of course 🤙🤙🤙🤙 The vultures have arrived.

Jeffrey Epstein's Accuser Sues His Estate, Alleged Recruiter Jeffrey Epstein 's estate sued by an accuser, who says he raped as a teen. Here we go always comes down to $$$$$$$$$$$$$. Thats how americans perceive justice. Give me a fat check and it will heal my soul. Buying shoes heals me. Really wow 😮... Money is the new justice

Jeffrey Epstein sex abuse accuser files first in wave of lawsuitsA New York woman who said she was sexually assaulted by Jeffrey Epstein at the a... if he's dead then there's no one to contest it right? If three people rob a bank and one commits suicide, do you stop looking for the other two? Epstein had enablers, one who was said to be a three-way olympian. Those people are flushing everything down the toilet as I type. Get warrants! We are fed up with this scam of the earth...

Epstein's accusers request plea deal be axed, say it could point to 'co-conspirators'NEW: Epstein accusers ask federal court to invalidate 2007 non-prosecution agreement that not only shielded Epstein from further prosecution but protected alleged co-conspirators. Don't trust this crap or any MSM they all have an agenda considering 6 companies own 90percent of the media in the USA. Jeff Epstein; the new FACE-FACE-FACE of journalism! Let's remember who was POTUS AT THAT TIME 43georgebush

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