Flag Day 2021: Saluting the U.S. Flag

June 14 of each year is celebrated as Flag Day in the U.S.

6/14/2021 6:53:00 PM

Happy FlagDay! 🇺🇸 In this image, Apollo 16 astronaut John Young salutes the U.S. flag while jumping on the Moon. Throughout NASAHistory, the Stars and Stripes have traveled to all eight planets, comets, asteroids, and billions of miles beyond Pluto:

June 14 of each year is celebrated as Flag Day in the U.S.


Backlash over Bezos spaceflight sparks debate about equity in the cosmos

What is lost when only the wealthy and white represent humankind.

history Enough is Enough,, its 2021 stop playing against the world kevinomccarthy history Is this the same PLANT that Trump said Armstrong was sent to? 🤣🤣🤣 kevinomccarthy history Back before the GOP were Communists. history Happy to see that in the comments is a damn engineer or a professional photographer... KGB didn't proof that it was a fake landing, still you think you can?

history oh wow history Oh my dream walk 🙈 history Wow, is there wind in space? Moon history history Awesome ...it's still a dream of many people to explore the ways 🙇 history Wonderful history Guys. Stop teaching these 'conspiracy theorists'. They'll never learn. You're just wasting your time.

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RepAlLawsonJr history The engineer who designed that flag went to my synagogue in Houston when I was little. He was really proud of it. history Its astonishing that the people in these replies are able to vote on social issues, operate heavy machinery, drink alcohol, own a home, raise children. My lord.

history Why is the flag moving? its almost like there's wind in space.... history No life on moon? history It’s totally faked. Everyone in the world knows. Even the kids. You should feel embarrassed about this and shouldn’t post this anymore get rid this picture from the history and education. This image will make all the children in the future stupid

history Lie history Nothing says 'American and damn proud of it.' Like that picture history If you don't redo the image correction (color correction, restoration, etc.), you will be made a fool forever. history Is the Star-Star-Star Flag already lost technology that is bathed in sunlight on the moon and does not burn?


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history For all ulalaunch history Why can you see stars on mars and not on the moon history Freaking awesome photo history He ought to fuck it too kevinomccarthy history Seditionist Kevin McCarthy was able to fly all the way to Mar-a-Lago to meet with a traitor who attacked our country, but he refuses to meet with a US Capitol Officer named Michael Fanone who almost died protecting it. They keep saying who they are out loud and it’s ignored.

history Le grand faux de la NASA !!! history actually the flag was bought in a simple store lol history Can't wait to get there so I can put this dogecoin on it. history Very good start, there are still 125 billion “known” galaxies in this universe with 8 or more planets in each, which does not include the other objects in the dark matter, long way to go still. I think we can achieve this but with “collaboration” with other banners!

history It is unfortunate that he doesn't cast a shadow...

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history It happens when President Kennedy This generation was exterminating BC geniality Never again history What material was the flag that was planted on the moon made out of? I was made aware that any object incinerated in space a few years back and the question recently lingered in my brain. Is the flag the exception or was it made out of a special matter?

history 💙💙 history Congratulations 👏 NASA ! IT'S ALL ABOUT SWINGS & SLING SHOTS 🤩😍🥰🙏 WISH YOU HAPPY 'RAJA' * FLAGGING UNIQUE FESTIVAL IN THE TRIRURBAN©️ CONTINUUM THAT IS INDIA 🇮🇳 ENJOY👍 *Pronounced RAW JAW🤣😅 🙏 GIVE NASA GIRLS A 3-DAY BREAK.. CREATE A FLUTTER 😊 💞 history GABECOIN history Wow! What an incredible photo sharing with us on this special day FlagDay2021

history Nice picture guys!! history People with thoughts of Conspirators will always say that man never set foot on the moon, it was so clear just understand the context of the cold war. history deserve an oscar ... history Hollywood Propaganda

Flag makers in the spotlight as Congress gets ready to discuss Washington, D.C., statehood“We could do it in about an hour,” one flagmaker said, when asked how long it would take to add a new star to the US flag. Couple of months ago I came across a recommendation about Jacobsongreg93 wealth how he helped investors to earn lots of money with their investments. and I decided to give a trial with the little I have. Now my little has turned into something great which was not my expectation LosAngeles1850 Make it two, dc and pr Heck...we could start adding stars along the red stripes.... Done

Moon history I deeply admire the US space program and what the US represents for space exploration. I would love for the US to recover the magic and epic it had during the space race. history This picture is fake history Where is the astronaut shadow history The truth is out there… we just need to look ourselves because these waste of space humanoids are not helping you

history Sir i want one change to land on moons surface😒 history Nothing makes me patriotic like NASA. Actually it's the only thing that makes me patriotic history Any American Flag, flown in support if the insurrection attack on the Capitol on JAN 6, needs to be PROPERLY DISPOSED of due to being disgraced (Title 18, U.S. Code § 700. Desecration of the flag of the US), by association with the attempted overturning the 2021 election.

history Multibillionaires are struggling to build a lander now 😎🎬 history Fake history Happy FlagDay from NYC!

Is Flag Day a federal holiday? Here's how it started and what it meansJune 14 marks the day, 244 years ago, when Congress commemorated Betsy Ross' creation of the Stars \u0026 Stripes as our national flag. I still Love Flag day even if Trump is real. And no, Flag Day is not an excuse to disrespectfully hug the American flag like a false patriot con artist. The name FlagDay should be changed to Constitution Day. The flag stands for the values in the American Constitution and its Preamble.

history Happy FlagDay from DemsAbroad. Whenever AmericansAbroad get to see our flag, it makes us a little homesick. 🇺🇸🌍 FlagDay2021 votefromabroad demcast AmericanFlag history John Young flew the first shuttle mission! history Why can't see the stars on the moon? 🤔 history Great picture, although I know it isn’t it does look fake…

history Muốn tìm bạn gái biết quan tâm và chia sẻ ! history shibainutoken to the 🌝 history … because history history No shadow for John Young and his feet look suspended, not on the “moon”. If you are going to fake it, try better. CompoundBoss history Bullsugar.

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history If not, were all NASA employees liars? history 💯 history Fun fact: the flag on the moon is now completely white. history HinduEcosystem CNNSotu Itishree001 PMOIndia_RC Way_To_India LSElections2024 💯 history flagday amcday 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 history Capricorn one 🤣 history Amazing history I want to work with you

history Love the moon buggy parked there. history That flag is being blown by wind This was never in the moon

history 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 history I can't imagine how many ignorant and stupid people in this world. Congratulations NASA for everything youdid for the world. history Did you know there are 6 American flags on the moon...but only 5 are standing. Over the course of many moon expeditions, six US flags have been planted.

history If news are fake imagine history history so when will for all mankind become reality history John Young went on to fly the very first Space Shuttle mission! STS-1 🇺🇸 history That's great, good luck to the astronaut !! history Very Good.............. history Why we can't see the stars from the moon,does anybody know that? I was hoping we could see many stars tbh.

history Nunca el hombre a llegado a la luna la falsa más grande de la Historia, si el hombre uviera llegado a la luna en ese año ya estaria llena de hombres, no sigan engañandose solos la gente no es Tonta

history 😏🦊 S.A.B. Kennedy history Nice photo. I like it and video from the Moon: history Screen play Direction Editing Superb😂😂👏 history Happy FlagDay! 🇺🇸💚 history Americans greatly appreciate , Heroic work of our astronauts, their love and respect for our flag, great role model and self sacrifice. NASA‘s work is indeed heroic for humanity and science. Professor Isagholian, astronomy, physics

history EXCELENTE..........SERA QUE ESA NAVE Y DEMAS OBJETOS ESTARAN TODAVIA EN LA LUNA.......?...... history Lol here come all the conspiracy theorists history Woow..✍️✍️😊😊.... history Congratulations... history From🌴 rapa nui🌴🐟

history Nine planets. history great history HAPPY FLAG DAY! 🇺🇲 history OMG! Too many idiots in the comments, why still have some people don’t believe we was landed on the moon… history Looks like a wee toy from a cornflake box. history Zoom in to see history No history Follow me history a good video to explain this ;)

history Incredible photo from an incredible organization! Thanks!! Side note: I sincerely hope the NASA social media team isn't required to look through these comments. What a depressing display of attention-seeking, ignorance and immaturity.