Five takeaways from Alec Baldwin's first sit-down interview about fatal 'Rust' shooting

Five takeaways from Alec Baldwin's first sit-down interview about fatal 'Rust' shooting.


12/3/2021 8:32:00 AM

Five takeaways from Alec Baldwin's first sit-down interview about fatal 'Rust' shooting.

In his first interview since a film set shooting left a cinematographer dead, a director injured and Hollywood stunned, actor Alec Baldwin appeared emotional,

, actor Alec Baldwin appeared emotional, insisting that he didn't want to portray himself as a victim and tearing up several times while being questioned by ABC’s George Stephanopoulos in a broadcast aired Thursday.Baldwin, who authorities have said was practicing with the gun when it discharged, also said he bore no responsibility for the shooting and felt no guilt about it.

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Here are five takeaways from the hourlong interview.'That was the moment the gun went off'Baldwin told Stephanopoulos that he first met cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on Oct. 11, 10 days before she was killed, at a dinner with director Joel Souza. The crew was filming"Rust," a low-budget Western, at Bonanza Creek Ranch in Santa Fe County, New Mexico.

Baldwin described her as intense and focused, someone “who had that flint to her."On Oct. 21, the crew was preparing for a shootout inside a church when Dave Halls, the assistant director, passed Baldwin a Colt .45 and said “cold gun,” indicating it didn’t have any live rounds, investigators said in a search warrant affidavit.

Halls’ attorney, Lisa Torraco, has maintained that her client didn’t hand the gun to Baldwin and that checking to see whether it was loadedwasn’t the assistant director’s responsibility.Baldwin said Hutchins had been telling him how to position it and when to cock it. With the barrel pointed at her armpit, he said, he let go of the hammer.

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“That was the moment the gun went off,” he said, adding that everyone on the set was"horrified" and"shocked" at what happened. The bullet fatally struck Hutchins and became lodged in Souza's left shoulder."I was told I was handed an empty gun," he said."If there were cosmetic rounds, nothing with a charge at all, no flash round, nothing. She goes down. I thought to myself, did she faint?"

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He going to jail, lol Did you hear what the DA said? Guilty This is what happens when you a movie about a man’s trombone and his quest to find a woman to play it. rustytrombone 6 takeaways. It was a 6 barrel. 1. He’s not a great actor How sad for all concerned Render aid. Call 911 render aid. You did nothing for 45 minutes?

I don't know what happened, because I'm not a republican gun nut with 5 followers. But, if I may ask this- Is there ever any reason to believe on a movie set that there might be live rounds on sight? “She had a flint on her.” You mean flint lock? Ultimately your suppose to treat any gun even if it is cold like it is live.

Alec Baldwin gives 'raw and intense' first interview after fatal Rust shootingAlec Baldwin sat down with ABC for an hour-long special detailing what happened the day Halyna Hutchins was shot dead on the set of his film Rust

Nothing can kill your soul more than the feeling of regret. lie lie lie lie lie Maybe his stunt double was the one that pulled the trigger I feel so bad for him 😢😢😢🙏🏼 Magnetic Pole moving, changing Earth's magnetic field configuration. Due to absent of support, WTS and Human in receipt of billions parallel signals determine, that Direct Signal into Human Head directed to US Government Intelligence Officers to be increased by 10 (ten) times...

Shame on all of you judging, badmouthing and being so unkind. spreading hate only shows what you're about. think for a second who you’d be if you had said something kind? Something Halyna would respect or for her sons sake alone. Say something kind or don’t say anything at all Has Alec Baldwin’s wife, Hillary, been given spots on GMA in exchange for interview, or… Will GMA disclose Alec & George Stephanopoulos longtime Hamptons friendship ?🧐ABC GStephanopoulos Is he really “grieving”? He said he didn’t do it. And… well, he’s an actor👇🏽him days ago

Keep digging that hole Alec. You're gonna make OJ look like a saint. Only priviledge can breed the detachment from responsibility you are talking about. Better get ready Alec, the court of public opinion won't save your ass.

Alec Baldwin to Give First In-Studio Interview After ‘Rust’ Shooting With ABC’s George StephanopoulosActor Alec Baldwin has given his first in-studio interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos following the tragedy that occurred on the set of his movie “Rust” in October. The actor sat … Yes, thanks 👁️

Nothing can kill your soul more than the feeling of regret. Didn’t watch but I’m sure we didn’t need this sit down. He can deny all the facts. Also, he either really doesn't know anything. Amen Now we know what kind of advice a top dollar lawyer can buy You needed five?!? LOL 1) He lied That’s. It. 1. He’s guilty and should be arrested. 2 See no 1

Alec Baldwin: 'I didn't pull the trigger' of gun on 'Rust' setAlec Baldwin told ABC News he never pulled the trigger of the gun that shot director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the set of 'Rust.' Guns don't kill people Alec baldwin sure does LMFAO , so the gun jumped out of its holster, into your hand then fired itself did it ?. . That is such utter nonsense . He lies so easily that he should apply for Cuomos job. How can that be? Halyna was shot an killed!

Alec Baldwin Says He Didn’t Pull the Trigger in Fatal ‘Rust’ ShootingActor Alec Baldwin said he didn’t pull the trigger of the gun that killed a cinematographer and wounded the director on the set of the Western film “Rust” The trigger was pulled and a person was killed. It wasn't me...That was something within...🙄 He also didn't inhale...

Attorney for 'Rust' assistant director says Alec Baldwin 'did not pull that trigger'EXCLUSIVE: An attorney for 'Rust' assistant director Dave Halls says she was told by her client that actor Alec Baldwin did not pull the trigger on the prop gun that discharged on the film's set, killing one crew member and injuring another. I've heard about these 'ghost guns' before. Basic rule of gun safety: Treat every gun as if it’s loaded. If he’d taken an NRA basic gun safety class, instead of bashing them; no one would have died. It was clearly not a 'prop gun' inasmuch as it was capable of firing live rounds.

Alec Baldwin 'did not pull that trigger,' lawyer for 'Rust' assistant director saysThe movie's assistant director backs the actor's recent comments about not pulling the trigger during the fatal on-set shooting incident. I wasn’t aware guns fire all by themselves when in someone’s hands