Five Strategies to Ensure Hybrid Meetings Are Equitable

When some people are in the office and others are remote, the on-site attendees have an advantage. There are ways to get around that.

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11/29/2021 2:00:00 AM

In the hybrid workplace, those who attend meetings in person may have an advantage. Here are five ways to get around that and ensure things remain equitable.

When some people are in the office and others are remote, the on-site attendees have an advantage. There are ways to get around that.

.In the new hybrid workplace, ensuring equitable participation in meetings can be challenging. On-site attendees have a natural advantage because they are sitting together in a conference room and have access to each other’s full, in-person presence, while remote workers are visible only from the shoulders up. That can put the remote participants at a disadvantage, creating a rift between the haves and have notes.

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