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Roku Inc, Walt Disney Co

Five S&P sectors hit new highs. Two traders flag the top groups to watch

Five S&P sectors hit new highs. Two traders flag the top groups to watch (via @TradingNation)

4/30/2021 1:53:00 PM

Five S&P sectors hit new highs. Two traders flag the top groups to watch (via TradingNation)

Investors should consider buying into real estate investment trusts as the sector notches new highs, says Tocqueville Asset Management's John Petrides.

, which made its recent high last week, also exhibits "great value," Petrides said."Companies in health care throw off a tremendous amount of cash flow, pay a dividend in a low-yield environment, [their] valuations are relatively very attractive and they have strong balance sheets," he said. "And, obviously, we have the great accelerator of

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, and health care's one of the big beneficiaries of that."Three of Thursday's winners stood out to Nancy Tengler, chief investment officer of Laffer Tengler Investments."We're overweight materials, we're overweight communications services and we're overweight financials," she said in the same "Trading Nation" interview. "But my pick would be communications services."

With banks "getting smoked by the bond market" on loan demand, "that's not where I would be focused," Tengler said."We still like names likeand Facebook," she said, noting that Facebook shares have "done almost nothing for the last six months" while the company grows sales at 48% on a 26 times price-to-earnings multiple.

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After years of entertaining fans under the big top -- and a few years in retirement -- in Central Florida, a herd of former circus elephants is settling into their new home at a wildlife refuge.

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