Fitness Trainer Shares Tips on How to Restart Your Health Journey (Hint: Small Changes Are Big!)

Learn tips on how to re-start a health journey from fitness trainer Sohee Lee.

10/20/2021 12:30:00 AM

'Perfectionism and the all-or-nothing mentality are two big red flags to look out for.'

Learn tips on how to re-start a health journey from fitness trainer Sohee Lee.

If you feel like the stress and nature of the pandemic has caused your healthy habits to take a backseat over the past year, you're not alone. But if you're getting the itch to make your health a priority, certified trainer, MS, CSCS*D, shared this post about the most important things to do to when restarting your health journey.

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What Should People Focus on When Restarting Their Health Journey?Focus on what you can realistically do that will nudge you in the right direction, Lee told POPSUGAR. Perhaps you've been told that nothing is worth doing unless you're going all in and make a huge life overhaul. But if you think back to your previous attempts, it's likely the case that you burnt out or quit because you were trying to be too ambitious to begin with, Lee said. She added,"You'll actually go further in the long run by scaling back to start off." Think about what

you can keep up on most, if not all days, even when you're not feeling very motivated. That's where you should begin, because it's important to simply get the momentum going, even if progress feels slow at first.What Mindset Is Helpful When Restarting a Health Journey?

In order to inspire you to stick with it, Lee said to"adopt a growth mindset and stop thinking of a health journey as an on and off switch." There's no"wagon" you have to be on; you simply have to repeat the right behaviors over and over and and over, she said. If you"mess up" for one meal, no worries! Just dust yourself off and make your next meal better. Lee said there's actually a good amount of research that shows those who are able to exercise more self-compassion with themselves

."Don't be a jerk to yourself, in other words."What Small Steps or Healthy Behaviors Are Best When Restarting a Health Journey?While there are certainly weekly health behaviors you can implement, most of thehealthy habitsthat you should focus on should be daily or near daily."It's the actions that you repeat over time that determine your trajectory, after all, so the more you can practice a behavior, the better," Lee said. You're one healthy behavior away from moving this back in the right direction, Lee added, so no need to make a drastic lifestyle overhaul. Lee recommends going with one to three small changes and making sure they're something you actually enjoy so you can realistically keep them up. Many small steps will add up over time! Small behaviors that most people should be able to do could include:

Go for a 10-minute walk after breakfastDo a five-minute mobility routine before sitting down to workDrink a tall glass of water first thing in the morningHave a cup of fruit after dinnerWrite in your journal before bed to release anxiety and help you sleep better

Wake up 10 minutes early to do some stretchingWhy Shouldn't People Make Big, Drastic Changes? Read more: POPSUGAR Fitness »


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