First Us Federal Execution İn 17 Years İs Back On, For Now - Cnnpolitics

First Us Federal Execution İn 17 Years İs Back On, For Now - Cnnpolitics

First US federal execution in 17 years is back on, for now

The first execution of a federal prisoner is back on for Monday, an appeals court says. The victims' family, who asked for a delay, will appeal to the Supreme Court, their attorney says

7/13/2020 3:40:00 AM

The first execution of a federal prisoner is back on for Monday, an appeals court says. The victims' family, who asked for a delay, will appeal to the Supreme Court, their attorney says

The US Court of Appeals for the Seventh District issued a ruling Sunday which will allow for the first federal prisoner to be executed in 17 years on Monday, pending an appeal to the US Supreme Court.

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White House National Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow appeared on ABC's 'This Week.'

Make executions public again. I’ve seen Hail Marys but this one takes the cake. I say throw his ass up on the wall for display. Make it clear that we don’t tolerate rapist, especially child rapist, in this country. Backwards in time the family wants to see him die.... how morbid No one should have the right to kill another human. Let them rot in prison

Meanwhile, Antifa death toll still remains at 0. I hope POTUS doesn't see this. He will probably pardon him too... 'whose daughter, granddaughter and son-in-law were tortured, killed and dumped in a lake by Lee and an accomplice' Pretty much all I need to know right there. Well, your propaganda- allowed the execution of dozens of INNOCENT victims during this glorified black lives matter movement.. only supporting 1% killed by white cops. Sorry the federal system killed someone that likely did something pretty horrific

Seventh Circuit DefundCNN Both those guys should be executed - not just the one. Two men killed those ppl. DefundFakeNews i am a rapper and i need a sponsor please retweet FakeNews CNNFakeNews FakeNewsMedia may THE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND I HAVE SOME INCREDIBLE ARMS OF THE ARCH. THE ARCH WORKS WITH A JUDGEMENT IN WHICH LUCIFER IS THE CLEANER. BEWARE!

This yes, this no, this is executed by me Sing Trump. What nonsense. So we're back to killing killers... Guess this is some distraction or to show: 'look, we can kill whites too' . Anybody knows, if this will be on pay tv? Doesn't he work for trump? Are they gonna televise it? They should bring back the chair for certain crimes. I hope the media announces the time for the show.

His crime was probably being white in the year 2020 I am white and want to know if l am racist using brown sugar and eating white icecream. Time to cancel the cancel culture. What about wayfair? Are we going to look into the corruption from our own politicians and celebrities who are trafficingchildren for adrenochrome and abuse? Seems like a bigger story to me. Might want to look into it.

I assume that he got that neck tattoo in hopes that Trump will pardon him? Today baby maxim The reason you have two hands is to help yourself with one hand and others with the other. He’s a supremacist and killer , the courts should do exactly the opposite of whatever he REALLY wants. No delay. Anyone that thinks that pos deserves to live, look up what he ended that 8year olds life. Now if you have kids and still think he deserves to live than your lying to yourself.

Why not make him a covid-19 vaccine ginea pig. Give him the vaccine then put him with a case positive. If he lives, then back to jail. If he does not then...we know the vaccine did not work. Wow first ever federal execution? That seems exciting! 🙂 Did Jesus really teach us to use weapons? - what do you think? - love MondayMotivaton mondaythoughts

A live stream is just as good ya know You have to ask yourself here: who does this execution benefit? A state sanctioned murder that is not wanted by the victims surviving family. The death penalty is on the long list of in-humane tools used by the government to show who really holds the power in this nation.

You don’t have see an excution. Do not stay this execution! He didn’t care about his victims pain and suffering. An eye for an eye. Roast the pos. We need our blood lust This stinks. The victim's family didn't want the guy to be executed. The Federal government decided to do it anyway and then wants to do it in a way that can expose the family to Covid19. The Federal Government is in the wrong here and should stand down!

Well you wanted them out of jail Wow, I thought cool, some humanity, but no they don’t wa t to die , while watching someone die. Smh 💉💉🎉 Good I'd be happy to go and video tape it for them. Then they could watch it as many times as they liked. Also, I could post it on twitter. I will create a website of your dream

Have donlemon do play by play! The death penalty implies your justice system is perfect. That's an outdated concept and morbid, just tell us when he's dead Understand he used to be a white supremacist. He along with another man murdered a family of three, including a little girl. Family can give him a decent service afterward. Who would want to see their relative executed anyway.

Obama would have pardoned him if he was African American The victims family has no rights to watch the execution, Duh,,, He will be killed? Even for the evil people, putting someone to death makes me to feel bad ... CNN doesn’t tell you that he killed a family of 3 including a eight year old girl When the murder victims' family is seeking a stay of execution citing that Lee was not the mastermind you know it's worth a second look. Executing someone is engaging in the same heinous act and two wrongs do not make a right.

Provide a Zoom feed for the victim’s family, unless they want to extend the life of the White Suppremacist criminal. In a separate court appeal , the Bureau of Prisons announced one of it's own staffers tested positive for coronavirus on saturday. He seems nice Is it too late to change his name to Roger Stone or Mike Flynn?

Terrible!! 😣 The family will make an 11th hour appeal to the Supreme Court , their attorney says. is that a tattoo of a swastika ?

U.S. appeals court says first federal execution in 17 years can proceed MondayThe first federal execution in 17 years is set to go ahead on Monday after a U.S. appeals court overturned a lower court injunction, saying a lawsuit by the victims' family that had put the execution on hold had no legal standing. Whatever the person has done, state sanctioned murder doesn't undo it. I thought Trump said he is pro-life....

Citing COVID threat, judge blocks first federal execution in 17 years; sides with victims' familyA judge delayed the first federal execution in 17 years, a resurgence of the deadly coronavirus and the risk it poses to witnesses. Typical Democrats.

Judge Halts First Federal Execution in 17 YearsA federal judge in Indiana has blocked what would have been the first federal execution in 17 years, scheduled for Monday, citing coronavirus-related health concerns raised by the victims’ relatives who were selected to attend. Ridiculous Oh ffs if executions were publically televised, then our society might see less crime. i mean, executions have always been a public event, right?

Appeals court: 1st federal execution in 17 years can proceedWASHINGTON (AP) — A federal appeals court ruled Sunday that the first federal execution in nearly two decades can proceed as scheduled on Monday. The ruling from the 7th U.S. Circuit Court... Executions in the year 2020. This is America. It is the BIBLE to kill people? That why we have to do it?

US appeals to proceed with 1st federal execution in 17 yearsWASHINGTON (AP) — Determined to proceed with the first federal execution in nearly two decades, the Justice Department plans to appeal a judge’s ruling that would halt authorities from carrying it... You take a vitamin everyday to heal your mind, so take this everyday to heal your soul!! Support BLM: Send them to the electric chair. Tax dollars shouldn’t be wasted Trump eager to start federal executions before the US Presidential election.

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