First Out: New Music From Years & Years, Aurora, Joy Oladokun & More

1/21/2022 11:48:00 PM

This week's #FirstOut includes new music from Years & Years, Aurora, Joy Oladokun and more

This week's FirstOut includes new music from Years & Years, Aurora, Joy Oladokun and more

From Years & Years’s electrifying new album, to Aurora’s ethereal new project, check out just a few of our favorite releases from this week below.

Aurora, The Gods We Can Touch While using the pantheon of Greek mythology to make an overarching point may have been done before, Norwegian pop sensation Aurora’s new album The Gods We Can Touch offers up perhaps one of the best uses of the Olympic gods in some time.pursuing Years & Years as a solo venture after fronting the synthpop band, alongside instrumentalists Emre Türkmen and Michael Goldsworthy, for over a decade.By January 20, 2022 at 12:45 pm CHICAGO (CBS) — Aurora Police Sgt.RELATED: Aurora police officer dies of COVID-19 complications; remembered as 'devoted father, husband' "Often when people die, you hear what others folks say what a great person they were," said Sergeant Scott Carter with the Aurora Police Department.

Throughout this celestial album, the singer flits between personalities, taking on different deific personas to talk about different problems she notices around her, like conversion therapy (“Cure for Me”), anxiety (“Exhale Inhale”) and even beauty standards (“Giving In to the Love”).The Gods We Can Touch is the exact kind of ambitious, moving project that continues to make Aurora stand out as one of the most fascinating people currently making music.But having full creative control has come with unforeseen, mainly self-inflicted pressures for the 31-year-old musician, whose new album, Night Call , drops today (January 21).Joy Oladokun, “Keeping the Light On” Sometimes, finding a pick-me-up can be a tough thing to do — but Joy Oladokun is here to help you out.He later joined the Community oriented Policing Unit n 2003, and was promoted to sergeant in 2008.“Keeping the Light On,” the latest from the fast-rising singer-songwriter, sees Oladokun acknowledging the struggle of continuing to try when the world simply refuses to reward you.If anything goes wrong, it’s really on my shoulders,” Alexander tells MTV News.But, at the end of the day, she knows that the choice between trying and not isn’t really much of a choice, as she sings, “Won’t deny that it feels so hard/ When the night gets so dark/ Keep keeping the light on.In both his words and his deeds, Sgt.

” Awfultune, “Sad Love Song” The meta narrative pervading rising bedroom-pop artist Awfultune’s new single “Sad Love Song” is one that practically everyone can identify with — heartbroken and hurt following a breakup, she vows to hurt her lover back with an exposing single about his behavior.I love making music and being Years & Years.“Sgt, Thurman was known throughout the department and the community as one who always put others before self.But look closer at the singer’s single, and you’ll hear the pained commentary of a songwriter clinging to their past to try and numb the pain of the future, telling her former lover to leave her alone before quickly changing her tune and singing, “I’ll keep you close just in case/ I need inspiration or some validation.” Tove Styrke, “Show Me Love” If you’re looking for a simple, sensual love song to brighten your mood this weekend, then Tove Styrke has you covered.“We couldn’t agree on a direction.“Show Me Love,” the latest from the Swedish singer, sees Styrke embracing an almost retro-meets-modern sound, complete with steady guitars and glistening layered vocals, as she asks her lover to stop waiting and get down to business.READ MORE: Driver Crashes At Touhy Avenue After Shots Are Fired At Car On Edens Expressway; Lanes Shut Down For Hours “Our condolences and prayers go out to Ken’s family and to all those he served with during his more than 21 years as a member of the Aurora Police Department,” Aurora Police Chief Keith Cross said in a statement.“I gotta make-up for the nights I wasted/ Dancing in the dark,” she sings on the sensual choorus.After an “intense” discussion about Years & Years’s future as a band, they decided to remain intact for Palo Santo ’s release and subsequent tour, which ran through late 2019."You rely on them so sometimes they're closer than your brother is.

“Need something more than my imagination/ Even if it breaks my heart.” Get weekly rundowns straight to your inbox.“We’d had a decade together, and it was really clear people wanted to do different things,” he says, noting that “multiple honest conversations” led to the decision to separate.” Funeral arrangements are still being made.

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How Years & Years Of Hookups Led Olly Alexander To Make Night Call.yearsandyears's alexander_olly takes over the reins on his own with new album 'Night Call,' a glorious, club-ready ode to queer hookup culture alexander_olly yearsandyears Exactly 🙏 ListentoNightCall alexander_olly yearsandyears omg was the first one to like n comment this I'm so happy😆😆😆 RitchieTozer alexander_olly yearsandyears Brilliant album 🥰

Aurora Police Sgt. Ken Thurman Dies Of COVID-19 Complications; Second Aurora Officer To Die From COVID This Month'Sgt, Thurman was known throughout the department and the community as one who always put others before self. In both his words and his deeds, Sgt. Thurman enhanced the quality of life in those he served,' the department said in a statement. Vaccinated and died

Aurora police sergeant dies from COVID-19, marking department's 2nd virus-related death in daysAurora Police Sergeant Ken Thurman passed away Wednesday due to complications related to contracting COVID-19 while in the line of duty.

Final Suspect Gets 14 Years to Life for Barnard Student Tessa Majors’ SlayingRashaun Weaver, 16, pleaded guilty to violently robbing and stabbing the 18-year-old girl with the help of two fellow middle schoolers, Zyairr Davis and Luciano Lewis.

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