First lady Jill Biden to unveil the holiday theme and decor for the White House Monday

First lady Jill Biden will unveil the holiday theme and decor for the White House on Monday

Jill Biden To Unveil White House Holiday Theme And Decor - Cnnpolitics

11/28/2021 5:32:00 AM

First lady Jill Biden will unveil the holiday theme and decor for the White House on Monday

First lady Jill Biden will reveal the theme and decor for the White House holiday trimmings on Monday, her office announced.

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EXCLUSIVE Renault, Nissan, Mitsubishi to unveil 2030 EV plan this week

Renault SA , Nissan Motor Co and Mitsubishi Motors Corp plan to triple their investment to jointly develop electric vehicles (EVs), two people with knowledge of the plan told Reuters. Read more >>

Can’t wait!! The only thing i miss about MELANIATRUMP is how grinch she was for the fking christmas decorations🤣🤣🤣 I bet it won’t be a blood bath like the one we saw from the First Grifter. I hope she goes with Vampire Christmas like Melania! Coukd the president address the BLM terrorist attack he spoke about KR basically daily not a fucking peep from him on his oh right that cause he is black and doesn't fit the liberal narrative

EvacuateSIV RescueAfghanWartimeAllies KeepOurPromise Whatever she picks will be an improvement. This is for you and all your viewers. Are they going to run over people with an SUV? Why Jill looks like she just came out from kitchen washing dishes? Doskonała kobieta

Kurdish woman is first Channel victim to be named - BBCA Kurdish woman from northern Iraq, who was among 27 migrants who died trying to cross the Channel between France and Britain this week, has become the first victim to be named by British media. She was trying to join her fiance whom she was already engaged to.

Something tells us it’s going to be BLM / LGBT colors this year. Glad to see you still observe sexist rituals so long as your candidate is in the White House... I bet there won't be a hall of blood red trees that looked like a scene from Dexter Fantastic Build Back Broke I bet she won’t complain about “fucking Christmas” either.

AnnetteLawless End of the world Will this fix inflation problem/ 🐸🐸🐸MayAndersen9 goodmorning Denmark via Istanbul It is 1st sunday in adventcongratulationmuslim May Andersen 🐸🐸🕋🧘🏾🚆🌈🐍🐍🏋🏻‍♂️💓🧘🏾🚅

At least 2 people dead during first winter storm in UKAt least two people have died in the U.K. after the year’s first winter storm battered parts of the country with gusts of nearly 100 mph (160 kph) BIG Sale Special OFFER Gillette Heated Razor for Men, Bugatti Limited Edition Shave Kit by GilletteLabs 30% OFF

Nice to have a First Lady again Good, I’m sure it will be warm and Christmas themed unlike cold ugly front last 4 yrs Why is this news? End rule! omnicron biden COVID19 treasure trending BREAKING Its ugly Okay I mean, it'll be better than the red murder trees Hey Jill - Are you going to fix that garish garden your predecessor destroyed?

Well…we are all waiting anxiously with anticipation for THAT

At least 2 people dead during first winter storm in UK | AP NewsLONDON (AP) — At least two people have died in the U.K. after the year's first winter storm battered parts of the countries with gusts of nearly 100 mph (160 kph). The storm, which was named Arwen by the country's Met Office, hit parts of the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland particularly hard, causing road causing road closures, train delays, power cuts and high waves. I am a professional coloring page and book cover designer. Please check my services here- Upwork- - Fiverr- - Those waves look like a wolf chasing a sheep around the lighthouse. Cool photo! So more people have died in the UK from winter than the new variant but u don’t see B banning snow…

Probably abortion Can't wait to see what a real crack house looks like. She's doing it for hunter this year. Prostitutes welcome, as long as they have their vaccination card. Gotta be safe you know? Can’t wait to see what angle right-wing media takes to attack the Biden’s for this. Theme is my husband is the worst president ever


British man given 3D printed eye in world first, hospital saysA British man has become the first patient in the world to be fitted with a 3D printed eye, according to Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. This is great news and we wish him well...not I'm gonna need a liver...let's get on that Congratulations to the team of scientist. Great job It's time for penis.

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YouTube cofounder protests decision to remove 'dislikes' with an edit to first-ever YouTube uploadYouTube has announced it’s removing the “dislike” counter from all videos and not everyone was happy with the decision. One of those critics is YouTube cofounder, Jawed Karim. Hit the link to see what he did to protest the decision. it's a shame youtube It's the dumbest decision. A lot of misleading videos the Dislikes will surpass Likes & it works like a warning that something's wrong with the content. It's a form of censorship as well. 👎🏾