First lady Jill Biden to undergo 'procedure,' White House says

The Bidens will then return to the White House and resume their normal schedule.

4/14/2021 9:03:00 AM

First lady Jill Biden will undergo a 'common medical procedure' on Wednesday morning, White House says.

The Bidens will then return to the White House and resume their normal schedule.

The Associated PressWASHINGTON — The White House says President Joe Biden will accompany his wife, Jill Biden, early Wednesday morning to an appointment where she will undergo a “common medical procedure.”The White House says both Bidens will then return to the White House and “resume their normal schedule.”

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Later Wednesday, the president is set to address the nation on his plans to withdraw U.S. troops from Afghanistan by September 11, 2021. He will then visit Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery, the final resting place of many American service members who lost their lives in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The White House did not immediately detail the nature of the first lady’s procedure. Read more: MSNBC »

Statements on Passing of Michael Collins

The following is a statement from acting NASA Administrator Steve Jurczyk on the passing of Michael Collins:

At her age more than likely a screening colonoscopy. Happens every 5 yrs for me. “Kidney” surgery? *First Lady Dr. Jill Biden Most likely something routine. God bless our First Lady. Keep her safe and healthy. Prayers of safety and healing❤️🙏 Be safe we need you whole and well! We all know about the woman behind the man!

Better than lying to the country about kidneys and coming out of the hospital with D cups. I wish her all the best. THIS IS EXCELLENT NEWS So much for FREE SPEECH, voicing an opinion that is Contrary to the Radical LIBERAL Left on Twitter saying speaker should be blocked..... is CENSORSHIP, not free speech.......Yes, Blacks to not behave, that is why they have more Criminal Justice, Police Contact......

Hopefully nothing serious and she has a speedy recovery