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This National Nurses Day, honor the nurses in your life by thanking them the best way you can -- getting your COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more and find an appointment near you at #WeCanDoThis

5/6/2021 6:00:00 PM

This National Nurses Day, honor the nurses in your life by thanking them the best way you can -- getting your COVID-19 vaccine. Learn more and find an appointment near you at WeCanDoThis

Vaccines.gov helps you find clinics, pharmacies, and other locations that offer COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. In some states, information may be limited while more providers and pharmacies update locations in the coming weeks. COVID-19 vaccine availability is limited, and appointments are required at most locations.

?How much do COVID-19 vaccines cost?Nothing,. The federal government is providing the vaccine free of charge to all people living in the United States, regardless of their immigration or health insurance status.AboutWe want to make COVID-19 vaccination easy and accessible to everyone.

Before Carl Nassib, these pioneering pro athletes came out. Here's what they have to say about Nassib's announcement Almost 900 Secret Service employees were infected with COVID Two new gaseous planets found by citizen scientists

COVID-19 vaccines are free and available to anyone who wants one. We work with partners such as clinics, pharmacies and health departments to provide accurate and up-to-date information about vaccination services in your area.This page is brought to you by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and VaccineFinder from Boston Children’s Hospital.

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Dad leaves 80,000 pennies to pay for child support. See what mother and daughter did next - CNN Video

A mother and daughter turned a negative into a positive after donating 80,000 pennies left on their front lawn by the father as the final child support payment. CNN affiliate WTVR reports.

So why don’t you support reuniting the thousands of binational couples/families INCLUDING FATHERS that remain separated after 16+ months by the “frozen-in-time” travel ban? Why is the US unable to provide exemptions while a dozen other countries can and have? LoveIsNotTourism And there is doubt: The Biden administration didn’t care enough about children to have the CDC meeting yesterday about the vaccine and myocarditis

Is HHS a pharma mouthpiece? Why do times/areas of widespread health exist without pharma? Why was there more health with less government involvement? Why doesn't HHS recognize Bezos' health care offering? Ask your doctor? You do know that there is no pandemic, zero flu virus', and absolutely no H.i.V. You are losing with Life and beneath the God's contempt.

US_FDA NAC supplements have been sold for 57 years, and the FDA has never taken action against it — until now, when 16 clinical trials are investigating its usefulness against COVID-19 US_FDA No Keep your gene therapy to yourself Interview with the creator of the MRNA delivery system and he is VERY CONCERNED about o ut the Covid 'Vaccine'.


Covid:19: Nisra records slight increase in NI Covid deathsCovid-19 was mentioned on the death certificates of eight people in NI up to Friday 30 April.

Grotesque. I’m very prideful, so is this vaccine FDA approved? I only ask because my friends keep asking. What’s the best way to show my pride CDCgov 😄🙄 Sad and sorry Lets not get Aids and Covid Confused .... CDCgov Nah y’all trying too hard now CDCgov “China had no prior experience designing or contracting BSL-4 laboratories. There was no prior experience in using and managing autoclave sterilizers nor life-support systems for personnel.”

China administered total of 317.59 mln doses of COVID-19 vaccines as of May 8China carried out about 9.36 million vaccinations against COVID-19 on Saturday, bringing the total number administered to 317.59 million, according to data released by the National Health Commission. and yet we still get them denying they started this thing. think they owe the world massive compensation!!

Mental illness, and a poison vaccine Yeah Nah..I will pass on both cause, you know,,, I'm fkng normal Yeah and 'males give birth' for the after topic. I don’t trust that man. Ugh. No thanks What's a Strong independent woman! I would tell her that it’s better to loose weight. Much more important for her health. And better sex too!

FreakShow My question is why soo many incentives for getting the vaccine? Why are they pressuring everyone for it. What's the secret that no one know about it? Reasoning that 'everyone' needs it before 2022? I believe natural immunity will help us more than a vaccine. Apparently West Virginia is luring in the unvaccinated with a chance to win Rifles & Shotguns - in the immortal words of JohnCougarMelloncamp 'Ain't That America' CovidVaccine Irony

Can COVID-19 vaccines affect my period?Can COVID-19 vaccines affect my period? It's not known, but researchers are starting to study the issue. Vaccines are designed to activate your immune system, and some experts have wondered if that could temporarily disrupt menstrual cycles... How fucking irresponsible is this? Why would you do a report like this?! 1000% yes it can. Hey, you know what they already have preliminary research on that shows a correlation between exposure and disrupted menstrual cycles? Tear gas! Maybe if people are worried about women they’ll ban chemical warfare on American citizens, hmm?

Early treatment with at least four treatment options for something that is over 99% curable is the best course of action ... here, Fauci blatantly lies to Congress about Gain of Function research Это неправда. Намного эффективнее протокол лечения всех вирусных заболеваний, разработанный для защиты Вооружённых Сил и населения от биологического оружия. 3 из 4 лекарств имеются на рынке США без ограничений и завышенных цен. Только IV лекарство производится по заказу. ($12/g).

'Antigenic minimalism of SARS-CoV-2 is linked to surges in COVID-19 community transmission and vaccine breakthrough infections'. Buy safemoon! WeCanDoThis ?! The PREP Act 'goes so far as to prevent anyone harmed by a Coronavirus vaccine from using the 1986 Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to seek some little relief from the government....' DrAvaMuhammad TheFinalCall

'As of this writing the U.S. government has registered 4,057 deaths associated with the experimental fluids of manufacturers Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna...' HealthCareGov If they were safe & effective, you wouldn’t need a marketing campaign to promote them on a virus that’s 99.8% survivable without it

“Safe and effective” but still only labeled for Emergency Use.

Covid-19 Vaccines Are Wasted as Special Syringes Run ShortVaccine administrators say they aren’t receiving enough “low-dead-space” syringes needed to extract every last dose of Covid-19 shots from vials, a problem at risk of worsening in the short term due to lagging production. I was told that every achievement begins with the decision to try, ignorance destroys so many opportunities. I'm a victim but I was convinced by the right person GRACRUSSE Pfizer vaccine. The 6th dose in the vial & the special syringe. Which patent the syringe or the vial. Compliance requirements for each vial. Health & safety for the left over dose prior DRUG Administration approval. Market manipulation 5 & half dose price to 6th dose. Price Who expects to see real main street news come out of Murdock's rag journal for the rich. As far as the almost empty vaccine viles go, pop the tops and pour then together, put a top back on and use the needles you have. Done and done, no drama😀

To All those MAGA incompetence idiots trying to explain why they won’t take the vaccine, Good! More vaccine for the rest of us. 😂 LMFAOOO HELL NO. EWW BYE The vaccines have bene making a lot of people sick, and killing people too. I know someone who was made quite sick by the shot. Fortunately he is OK now.

Vaccines don't keep you healthy. That is a scientific falsehood. They fight off that specific virus. Vaccinated people can still be very unhealthy. Those, who depend on drugs are usually the unhealtiest human beings. Drugs over natural health and science. Vaccine threw my elderly relative into atrial flutter. In less than 6 wks they went from an active life to being hospitalized for a wk, then into weeks of PT & OT & needing caregiver 24/7.

Heading to get it now...see you in hell Propaganda--There's 'NO' vaccine to STOP these virus'!! Wake-up!! Supposedly, now getting it from dogs! Is there any life on this planet? :-(( End the UK/US travel ban and reunite loved ones LoveIsNotTourism RescindPP10143 lifttravelrestrictions Wow, pushing a needle stick! Now bribes! You can keep it all. Those who couldn’t wait to get it, got it stop trying to shame everyone else into getting it. Not thanks!

If collective were so interested in preventing Covid Death, Doctors would be addressing the institutional child sexual abuse in USA Education that Present Adverse Lifetime Health Outcomes interestingly risk factoring underlying conditions that risk factor Contracting Covid Death

Periods and COVID-19: Do vaccines affect menstrual cycles?It's not yet known whether COVID-19 vaccines can affect your period, but researchers are starting to study the issue. Yes Happened to me.

Do my part—to what? I don’t owe you or anyone else any part of me. So thanks and no thanks. Corrupt AF Absolutely AWESOME work guys!👍👍 Fauci: Isn't that the guy who predicted Trump would have to deal with a pandemic? Experimental gene therapy, not a vaccine by definition. Hey former president BarackObama - I have a question for you:

How to spot a retard? Someone wearing a mask outside BarackObama is fake and so is fauci. I pray people start to see through there B's .

Covid-19 vaccines: Why some African states have leftover dosesAfrican countries struggled to get vaccines, but now several of them have thousands of expired doses.

Yeah, let's listen to a bunch of crooks. Ivermectin Some caution that mask guidelines for AntiVaxxers will be analogous to the shame attributed to those who were forced to wear the Scarlet Letter 'A' for 'Adultery'. AntiVax CyberTroll 4TheLulz Obummer is a qualified medical professional? Not that 'Mr.' Fauci is either...

Please Lift international restrictions for vaccinated binational couples!! Use your platform to help us LoveIsNotTourisim *former أمر جيد بالتوفيق✍️ This is like ChrisCuomo & andrewcuomo chatting about how we keep our elderly safe, women too. It’s poison. joncoopertweets Retweet Retweet Retweet Ppl Plz Retweet Retweet Retweet Retweet Retweet?🙏🙏🙏THKU👍‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

AARP We CAN do this! getthedamnVax people! DrLeanaWen We can't do this. I'm defeating and have defeated this virus but not through injecting a gene therapy vaccine. I'm using alternative medical procedures. WhiteHouse But it seems that may not be the case & I wish you would at least look into that possibility--especially b/c this is actually first vaccine of its kind--before making those statements. It is medically & policy-wise UNETHICAL. Caution is good here...

This video is amazing ❤️❤️🙏🏼 WhiteHouse But republicans please don't get vaccines. You need to be strong & go the way of the dodo. Speed limits no longer apply to you either. Throw off that shackle of a seatbelt. Drink all you want and don't practice safe work ethics. Republicans should not be shackled by common sense.

WhiteHouse The ONE place in America where members will routinely tell you that they do not see color, just brothers. And here comes Biden fucking it all up. WhiteHouse People around the world are baffled by the vaccine controversy in the USA. In most all other countries, people jump at the chance to get vaccinated. All levels of development, it doesn’t matter. There being an independent person and we are a society. Our decisions affect others.

WhiteHouse WhiteHouse

WhiteHouse BanFinTrade FinBanNow WhiteHouse JoeBiden(POTUS) KamalaHarris(VP) SenateDems SenateGOP HouseDemocrats HouseGOP WhiteHouse WhichSideAreYouOn AmazonOrBolsonaro . POTUS JoeBiden VP KamalaHarris WhiteHouse ClimateEnvoy COP26 AlokSharma_RDG vonderleyen EU_Commission Europarl_EN

WhiteHouse GAIN OF FUNCTION WhiteHouse I told the nurse who gave me my vaccine, “You’re doing God’s work.” And I’m an atheist. WhiteHouse This is so heartbreaking... and sweet... and heartbreaking. 🥺I love this woman! Thank you, Carla. ❤️ WhiteHouse T-shirt with the flag of America not a real president, not a real vaccine

WhiteHouse I speak for EVERYONE when I say that WE all miss our beautiful Donald J Trump How about lifting the UNNECESSARY UK TRAVEL BAN. how am i able to visit UK with no troubles but, my fiance can not visit me despite preflight testing and quarantine....You are causing mental health, depression, anxiety and suicide. LoveIsNotTourism You forced us to be ALONE!

US_FDA CDCgov should turn off replies to this message, to prevent the spread of Covid19Vaccine misinformation.

US_FDA CDCgov So, now you are even talking about a booster. You haven’t even given us data on the titer of these vaccines. Give us what you have so far. For years this took time and money. If you had such good data, let’s see it!!! US_FDA CDCgov Getting our adolescents vaccinated is very important but I dont view the vaccinations of adolescents as allowing a blanket invitation to returning free of concern to social activities. I dont have peace of mind with the lack of masking and distancing yet.

US_FDA CDCgov 08053 US_FDA CDCgov I Ridiculous Nothing like a good cup of coffee in July Truth Dear HHS - Except for CHILDREN: globally, children already have a much stronger protection than any vaccine -- .002% infection and mortality, 5% stronger than the best alleged vaccine protections. It's called their natural 'Innate Immunity.' DON'T BLOW THAT FOR THEM. hhs cov19

How about dad's? Nothing about the nuclear family? 😨

闫丽梦 闫博士 DrLiMengYan1 DrLiMengYan YanLimeng LimengYan CCPVirus COVID19 whistleblowermovement MilesGuo TakeDownTheCCP LudeMedia GTV GNEWS NFSC 爆料革命 路德社LUDE 郭文贵 新中国联邦 Except if your pregnant or plan on becoming pregnant at some point in your life! Thank you nurses. Thanks to you, WeCanDoThis

Nurses are everyday heroes!