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Mask, Coronavirus Risks And Safety Concerns

Fighting Over Masks in Public Is the New American Pastime

In states like California, Texas and Florida, many essential workers have been given an additional task: conflict resolution.

7/1/2020 5:50:00 AM

“I’ve been in shouting matches with people at CVS,” a Texas resident said. “People just don’t understand it. If everyone just wore a mask, this would be over.”

In states like California , Texas and Florida, many essential workers have been given an additional task: conflict resolution.

Early in the pandemic, the Centers for Disease Control and Preventionsaid several timesthat those without symptoms did not have to wear masks. On April 3, the agency shifted, saying that masks should be worn in public.But President Trump, announcing the new guidance, said, “Somehow, I don’t see it for myself” and has continued to appear in public without a mask. On Sunday, after months of shunning a mask himself, Vice President Mike Pence

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urged Americans to wear them.Orders regarding masks that carry the force of law have been left to individual states. And in states where altercations over masks have been reported, those orders have recently changed.Gov. Gavin Newsom of California ordered the mandatory wearing of masks in public on June 18. A little more than a week later, Hugo’s Tacos, a taqueria with two locations in the Los Angeles area,

announcedthat it would close temporarily because its staff was “exhausted by the constant conflicts over guests refusing to wear masks.”The chief executive of Hugo’s, Bill Kohne, said that it was only in the last few weeks that the encounters had become so vitriolic. His staff had been confronted with racist language, he said, and he was concerned for their safety. Recently, one of Mr. Kohne’s facility managers supervising one of the storefronts observed five confrontations over masks in a single hour.

“The one that we most viscerally remember is that a customer at the pickup window who was asked to wear a mask literally threw a cup of water through the window at the clerk,” Mr. Kohne said.He provided The New York Times with an email from a customer that he said was representative of many customers’ attitudes.

“Why is it the responsibility of a taco stand to dictate to its customers a personal freedom of choosing to wear or not wear a mask!” it said, concluding: “Go to hell taco man. Close permanently! Do us all a favor!”(The person who sent the email did not respond to a request for comment from The Times.)

Public fights over masks have occurred with extraordinary frequency, service workers say, and far exceed the large number of those already captured by smartphones inviral videos.Confrontations are taking place even in states that have been more consistent in guidance about masks. Massachusetts required that residents wear masks in grocery stores starting in early May. Still, Alli Milliken, 20, who returned to her job at a grocery store chain in the state several weeks ago, has already seen a conflict. She said that recently a customer wearing a mask called out another customer who was not.

“The unmasked guy shrugged at him and was like, ‘It’s a free country. The virus isn’t real. I can do what I want,’” Ms. Milliken said. “The masked guy then says, ‘I work in a hospital. I’ll be seeing you soon, buddy.’”Ms. Milliken said that she had not been given any training or direct instruction on de-escalating conflict between customers.

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Joe Biden is dying. I recently had an idea. If anyone shames you for wearing a mask, immediately take it off and walk toward them while loudly explaining that you have coronavirus and have been trying to prevent spreading it to others. You'll see very quickly if they truly think masks are stupid. If everyone just stopped wearing mask it will be all over... we will see the BS for what it is. Strange how people who do not wear masks are not sick and have t gotten sick

Right Why are you sharing that stupid quote? Have you ZERO shame? You know that's BS. It all started with ONE PERSON who had covid-19. ONE. Do you believe that mask promotion can make ZERO people have it? You don't. You just try to brainwash the gullible for clicks. ShameOnTheNYTimes American exceptionalism

If everyone wore mask, and if we had a few more stimulus checks so people could stay home, and if only essential and grocery trips were made, with masks And we committed to July 1 Tomorrow would be a true grand opening with cases down to next to nothing A child led to this No 'new pastime' here.Never-ending conflict, any-excuse-to-divide, war-addiction here & abroad, militarization of thought & behavior--all this is old, & far from being a pastime,it's embedded in Amer way of life. Thus, though 100s kids die in sch shootings,US rejects gun control.

You can thank Cheeto man for not supporting the wearing of masks. His dopey followers got in line on this one Masks don't stop the virus. It's actually kind of a big deal... But please wear a mask if you are sick at this time. O, the inhumanity of man. Disheartening to see and hear about such patently fear-driven out of control egos and behavior.

No it would not, cloth masks are NOT PPE and DO NOT STOP SPREAD OF COVID! Leave ‘em alone; they’ll find out. Dr. Fauci says the nation’s headed for 100k cases per day. I don’t think there would be shouting matches if people would be nice to those not wearing them. It’s not a habit for many yet so they forget. Politely ask if they would like a mask instead of being rude about it. That’s all we can do.

Just wearing a mask, when mask is undefined as to quality, may do less than one thinks : * The recommendation for the composition of a mask is for three layers (a mask may be 'a mask', but home made), and * The integrity of such a mask doesn't last, so it needs to be replaced Its ridiculous You shouldn’t shout at anyone you don’t know in public for almost anything, if you do Karen, then your the problem. Just because you think it’s a good idea doesn’t make it so.

Reality check: If it's THIS hard to get ppl to collectively take such simple measures to stop a virus *directly* affecting so many in front of our eyes, the idea of getting enough ppl to make sacrifices for things like climate change is just a pipe dream. Why am I so happy to live in a state that still mandates masks? ☑️ Because I'm healthy despite being over 65 with health risk factors ☑️ NYGovCuomo, ChrisMurphyCT and GovNedLamont leadership.

Yup. That’s all it will take. 👌 'face masks? we don't need no obamiphate mandated face burkas, you have a better chance of seeing Allah before we surrender one mm of freedom' -flexa- thebradfordfile marklevinshow HeyTammyBruce EricTrump PageSix TomFitton realDonaldTrump ABC NBCNews CBSNews Fun factual error: Jason Rogers is not a 'congressional candidate in Texas's 57th district.' He's a candidate for the state House of Representatives, which isn't part of Congress. Anyone who knows anything about politics would know Texas doesn't have 57 congressional districts.

I have no problem wearing a mask whatsoever to b clear, however this meme does raise some q’s 🤔 Wear a mask is not just to protect yourself but also preventing others for suffering. Really don’t understand what they’re thinking 🤔 'I've been in shouting matches' ...with people who aren't wearing masks? Someone should tell these idiots that the louder they talk or shout, the more droplets w virus they are spewing, and the further they are traveling. So, congrats, Karen! You're making the problem worse!

Crafty, cunning yet a Clueless Covfefe needs a miracle to win and miracles are hard to come by: Joe Biden holds a whopping 14% lead! Shed red Go blue Anyway, four more months to go before the fat lady would sing on November the 4th. Till then..... It’s a shame the press muddled the mask issue for so long all for the sake of clicks

It wouldn't be over dumb ass The absurdity of this caption is reason alone for this publication to shut itself down. Not even considering the rampant anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial. I wear a mask so I can feel superior to non-mask-wearers. 😷 If everyone stayed home and ended the 'peaceful' protests it would be well on the way to being over. I keep reading about the new spikes, and no one is linking it to the protests. I'd like to know how many new cases are linked to BLM.

BS It wouldn’t be over but the infection rate would be much, much lower! Such a simple process to follow. ‘All Lives Matter’ yet the same people quoting it can’t respect the health of workers helping to keep the country moving. is this about the virus or the election? People needed to wear mask long ago, when it all first started. Even the medical experts were saying that we didn't need to. Now we do need to when the virus is wide spread. Yes, we should definitely protect ourselves, it's common sense.

No, if the govt issued a mandatory quarantine for 45/60 days back in Feb, this would have likely been over. Now American’s are asked to live their everyday lives indefinitely w/masks in “hopes” of finality. It's like believing 1 man came on 1/15 from China & infected America. You only need one 'that' after 'said' in this sentence, Jonesieman: Mr. Rogers said that though he had not hit another person in “a decade or so” that this was not the first altercation he’d had over masks.

Thank the protestors In every country in the EU, the curve has been flattened. This isn't even a discussion there. It's common sense. America, which has over 120,000 deaths from the Coronavirus, has flattened the curve in the wrong direction. It's an embarrassment to our nation and dangerous.

New York's Cuomo says Trump should mandate masks in public to fight virusNew York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Monday that President Donald Trump should issue an executive order mandating that people wear masks in public and he should lead by example and cover his face. I'm frustrated by his complete lack of ability to get the cops to wear MF masks. ken and karen st louis | McCloskey St. Louis Couple Pull Guns on Protesters China’s National Security Commission met in secret amid coronavirus pandemic

The iconic lion statues outside the New York Public Library are wearing face masks to encourage humans to do the sameThe marble statues that sit in front of the New York Public Library in Bryant Park are now sporting face masks to encourage New Yorkers to follow safety guidelines against coronavirus. Tear down the lion! It’s racist! Smh sad our country gotta go this far just so maga freaks will listen but still not gone listen cause trump not wearing one Defacing public monuments should be a jail sentence.

Top Democrats Push For Nationwide Mask Mandate, Trump Pushes BackJoe Biden has said that if he's elected president in November, he will use federal power to require all Americans to wear masks in public places to prevent the spread of coronavirus. What for? Biden is going to make us all wear masks? because of TrUMP we'll all HAVE to wear the masks. That's the big difference. One caused this scenario, one is protecting us from this catastrophe. US is 4.6% of the world pop. yet we have 25% of C19 virus deaths. Trump's denial, his cult's refusal to wear mask/stay home, and push to prematurely reopen is killing Americans by the thousands. Trump & cult are not just irresponsible, but a clear & present danger to our nation.

Top Democrats Push For Nationwide Mask Mandate, Trump Pushes BackSeveral top Democratic officials, including House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, have called for President Trump to issue a nationwide mask mandate as Covid-19 infections spike across the country—however, Trump has pushed back What’s the purpose as it’s under governors and mayors’ jurisdiction! Who they think makes laws? President hope you like my profile picture. just for you

Famous New York Public Library Lions Mask Up To Set An ExamplePatience and Fortitude, the marble lions outside of the New York Public Library at 42nd Street, don face masks as the city and the library system work to reopen while avoiding the coronavirus. Is this a ploy to try to protect them from vandals and destruction? If so, smart... OMG, played trivia with friends last night, names of the marble lions was one of the questions, and I got it wrong. 😂

New York Public Library's Lions Are A Roaring Reminder To Mask UpPatience and Fortitude are leading by example. That’s symbolism that we can can respect, admire,&love. Yay, library!! The masks are fabulous! They look ridiculous and are nothing but a cringe virtue signal