Fight against monkeypox requires Congress to learn from COVID-19 and act fast on funding

9/16/2022 10:40:00 AM

OPINION: Fight against monkeypox requires Congress to learn from COVID-19 and act fast on funding

OPINION: Fight against monkeypox requires Congress to learn from COVID-19 and act fast on funding

Monkeypox fight requires bipartisan funding support in Congress. America can learn from COVID-19 pandemic and act fast to stop new health crisis.

Fox News contributor and Johns Hopkins University professor Dr.Success! Thank you for subscribing.[ { "name":"Air Ad - NativeInline - Injected", "component":"27688470", "insertPoint":"3", "requiredCountToDisplay":"5" },{ "name":"Real 1 Player (r2) - Inline", "component":"27560945", "insertPoint":"2/3", "requiredCountToDisplay":"9" } ] San Antonio ISD | Facebook Texas was recently ranked among the least vaccinated states in the country by WalletHub.E! News.

Marty Makary reports on the spread of Monkeypox nationwide and what can be done to contain it on 'The Story.' NEW You can now listen to Fox News articles! Fresh on the heels of the greatest public health crisis in a century, the U.USC has already seen cases on campus, she said, but the spike in cases nationally and locally has started to flatten.S.The Texas Supreme Court temporarily halted SAISD's vaccine enforcement last October after Paxton sued, claiming the district violated an executive order by facing another major public health emergency with the outbreak of monkeypox virus (MPV).And everyone on the campus — including their 3,200 graduate students in the health sciences — can get the vaccine if they fall into one of several categories.America’s mayors are ready to spring into action to respond to the situation, just as we did with COVID-19, by working with the federal government to educate residents on preventing infection, help administer testing and distribute vaccines locally.Having survived both cancer and COVID-19, he said he is prioritizing his wife Susan, whom he married in 1977 and calls"the love of my life," as well as their three daughters and their three grandchildren.

What we’re missing – and what we need – is a well-funded and coordinated federal response to help us be effective in the role we play.Similar groups of students would likely be prioritized on other campuses throughout the state, as vaccines become available.The district maintained a pause on the mandate even after its court victory, though.As with COVID-19, California and New York lead the nation in confirmed MPV cases.In early August, both of our communities declared local public health emergencies to accelerate education, vaccination, testing and treatment of as many people in at-risk populations as possible in response to this outbreak.12, 2022.But today, due to limited supply, restricted vaccination eligibility, and narrow symptom parameters for testing, we haven’t been able to reach our full potential needed to stop this virus."Nobody should be bullied, coerced, and certainly not fired because of their COVID-19 vaccination status," Paxon said a statement.We can and must do better.Other universities are still working to provide testing and treatment.

LOS ANGELES COUNTY OFFICIALS REPORT CONFIRMED MONKEYPOX DEATH We need to focus on serving the highest-risk communities.In San Diego, 92 percent of our cases have been those who have identified as LGBTQ+.Unlike with COVID, campuses are not requiring students to test, and experts say there isn’t a need for widespread testing.In the meantime, the Texas Supreme Court's order halting the district's vaccine mandate remains in effect.While one of us is the first openly gay mayor of the city of San Diego and chairman of the U.S Conference of Mayors LGBTQ Alliance, we both believe it is critically important to have the resources to quickly and effectively educate and communicate with our most-impacted communities.“That person does not pose a risk to you.In both cities we serve, we’ve had successful vaccination efforts that delivered tens of thousands to sexually active gay and bisexual men.

In this photo provided by the San Francisco AIDS Foundation, a person receives the Monkeypox vaccine at the San Francisco AIDS Foundation Monkeypox vaccine clinic in San Francisco.And the isolation period for someone with the disease can be a lot longer than the five-day minimum for COVID — sometimes lasting as long as four weeks.Two biopharmaceutical companies will give $5 million and $500,000, respectively, to nonprofit organizations in the United States and abroad that are responding to the growing monkeypox outbreak.((San Francisco AIDS Foundation via AP)) To stop MPV’s spread, we need a fully functioning partnership among federal, state, and local governments, along with sustained funding to help support those efforts.“That has a much more significant impact on a student’s academic progress and performance, particularly here at UCI, where we’re on a 10-week quarter system,” he said.As Congress returns from August recess and begins debate on the budget that will result in a short-term Continuing Resolution (CR), they should not miss this opportunity to provide emergency funding to tackle MPV.To wait until we have a full-year budget agreement – which is months away – risks making our work more difficult, more expensive – and far more dangerous.” Some campuses are relying on public health measures they already took in response to COVID to help them control the spread of monkeypox.

CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP That is why Congress needs to come together in a bipartisan fashion and include President Joe Biden’s $47.1 billion emergency supplemental funding request, $4.A portion of those will now be available to monkeypox patients.5 billion of which would go directly to combat the MPV outbreak, in the upcoming CR.This $4.5 billion request will help mitigate the MPV outbreak by replenishing the depleted vaccine stockpile, increase access to vaccinations, testing, treatment, and operational support for our communities, as well as provide $600 million to help combat the spread of monkeypox globally.

All these efforts will help ensure that our communities have the tools necessary to make progress against this threat.To be clear, we are in a far better position with MPV than we were with COVID-19.We have effective treatment, vaccines, and a more thorough understanding of the virus and how it spreads.There is no reason we should be on our heels and scrambling for a program to contain this outbreak.We know what we need to do immediately: expedite the production and dissemination of vaccines and treatments, expand testing operations, and broadcast effective education campaigns.

By providing emergency funding to fight this public health threat, we will have the resources committed to ensure this outbreak doesn’t become a full-fledged pandemic.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP America must act now to prevent MPV from becoming a full-scale crisis.Congress needs to come together at this crucial moment to pass this emergency funding to help keep our communities healthy and strong.America’s mayors stand ready to deliver again with the federal government’s help.Eric Adams (D) is the 110th mayor of the city of New York.

Todd Gloria (D) is the 37th mayor of the city of San Diego and chair of the U.S Conference of Mayors LGBTQ Alliance.Get the recap of top opinion commentary and original content throughout the week.Arrives.

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Mayor Pete: I get a shot every 4 hours. Opinion based in fact: fentanyl is much more deadly and deserves much more attention than a virus spread almost exclusively through intentional bodily contact. Let some other country fund the research. We've spent enough!!!!!! They use the trillions they already extorted from us.

With monkeypox, California colleges seek to control spread of two diseases at onceCalifornia colleges are applying lessons learned from COVID-19 as they attempt to keep monkeypox from spreading on campuses. Experts say the disease poses a lower health risk than COVID but could keep students from their studies for longer periods.

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