Ferguson Elects First Black Mayor İn City's History - Cnnpolitics

Ferguson Elects First Black Mayor İn City's History - Cnnpolitics

Ferguson elects first black mayor in city's history

The Missouri city where the death of black teen set off weeks of nationwide protests and outrage in 2014 elected its first woman and first black mayor Tuesday night, according to CNN affiliate KMOV.

6/3/2020 9:10:00 AM

Ella Jones becomes the first woman and first black mayor of Ferguson, Missouri. The result comes nearly six years after the death of black teen in the city set off weeks of nationwide protests and outrage.

The Missouri city where the death of black teen set off weeks of nationwide protests and outrage in 2014 elected its first woman and first black mayor Tuesday night, according to CNN affiliate KMOV.

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RealDocSoos George Floyd wasn't about looting & pillaging. He wasn't passing counterfeit bills nor was he in prison for home invasion & armed robbery! His record with 12 past convictions was just a misunderstanding! George was a peaceful man & he wasn't high meth & illicit drugs! First woman AND first black mayor 🎉 what a boss!! Congrats!!!

I bet real estate prices skyrocket by the fact she not a white dude. Another shit headline CNN Meanwhile in neighboring St. Louis an off duty police captain was assassinated by rioters, you'll have to go to the real media for details because CNN won't cover this story, doesn't fit their agenda. BTW, congrats Ella!

CNN Is it because of guilt is it because she can make a change is it because of her skin color so often they put black people in half positions and continue the racism Ferguson is no different blacks will continue to be murdered with her face on it. CNN It is CNN that triumphs skin color when beatings, killings, burning, stealing, and breakage of our country is ignited by skin color. CNN incites rioting with CONSTANT focus on skin color. Skin color can't create a caring society. Good people do that.

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Media pushed a lie an got the town burnt down CNN 8281808555 This is my what's app number I ll tell u what I know from Vedas Lab can check... Indian government can take over God save our country. The devils always rather deal with a black woman rather than a man WHY YOU THINK BIG MOMMA RAN THE SLAVE ON THE PLANTATION? Lets DEE IF THIS HERE IS A HOUSE SLAVE OR REALLY FOR HER PEOPLE.provemewrong

CNN Make it count. If democrats were in charge the nation would be over run by looters & violence. Every city ravaged by Antifa =democrats, is a democrat city because their weak mayors allow it. They protect criminals while arresting business owners THANK GOD 4 Trump! never vote for a democrat! CNN So it's down to 'let's throw in a black person so the riots will cease'. I hope she instills stiffer penalties for police brutality and by extension encourage other countries to do same. Mine inclusive Nigeria

CNN Start the clock. For all her constituents: monitor what she does for the entire community, not what she says. ❤️ ElectBlackWomen Awesome!! Congratulations!! Let's see if she is a strong or weak leader I'm guessing week just because of the rest of the black leaders are sellouts time will only tell if she wants to be successful keep your hands out of the candy jar and don't Rob our country like the rest of the heathens good luck

CNN Wow. She could put some all u can eat Buffets out if business. Buffet lives matter I'm glad that another African American has made history but don't give us a mayor to pacify us we want equality we want justice we want our rights respected we want to be able to go places and not be racially profiled because our skin color

Had to throw something in there to keep the fire going, why not just congratulate her! Wait.... is that madia? Congrats Remember the thug criminal Michael brown. . what about DavidDorn ? Wasn’t he BLACK? DebbieNester1 We must stop this kind of atrocity on US soil! We must stop this kind of killing on US soil! We must stop this kind of murders on US soil! We must stop this domestic terrorism on US soil! We must stop Trump using military against civilians in US and the world!

Congratulations I’m so glad to see this! Bowser😲 Which is it? I thought America was a racist country!!!! Again with this BS? His name was MichaelBrown. Why did ya get all constipated? CNN Congrats. . world needs to forget racism ..all needs to be treated a human beings.. TRUST CNN TO TRY TO RAIN ON A NEW MAYOR'S PARADE. Who pays you?

Congratulations!!! Congratulations Ella4Ferguson! Michael Brown is not a teen. The thug and bully was 18. She won’t have to worry about looting. That store is shopped. JusticeForDavidDorn 👍👍👍👍👍 😱😱😱this is shocking awesome 😁😁😁😁 congratulations Mayor Jones 😎👍 And? Things always go better with Democrats controling local government.

CNN AWESOME!! NOT. The almighty Obama administration sat there and watched this city burn to the ground. DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn DavidDorn keep reaching CNN The people know you are full of SH*T. What does the death of a black convict have to do with the election of a black mayor who also happens to be a woman?

FakeNewsCNN And now Ferguson can finally become a utopia for all. Let’s watch this closely and see the transformation. Get educated, get good jobs, get registered and vote, this what will change everything ,don't sit on the fence and watch better your lives and get registered so you vote can speak for you

She got in because she's light skinned but progress. Michael Brown before he died Missouri is a leftie state.... Poor bastards Love this! It’s painful, but I feel like a better America is coming. Congratulations 🎈🍾🎉🎊 Ella Jones I pray for your Success 🙏🏾❤️🇺🇸 congratulations great job make the people proud 🇨🇦🙏💜👊🏽🌷🌹🇺🇸

DavidDorn Amen🙏🏻 Say his name. Good for her but amazingly sad that she's the first...... Fake news... fuck 😊 We all need to work together or things might turn out to be what we never expected

Ella Jones Is Elected First Black Mayor of FergusonElla Jones became the first African-American and first woman elected mayor in Ferguson, Missouri, on Tuesday, nearly 6 years after the city erupted in protests after a white police officer shot and killed Michael Brown, a black teenager Amazing!! So damn proud! Beautiful!

A Very Abbreviated History of the Destruction of Black NeighborhoodsA very abbreviated history of the destruction of black neighborhoods.

MIT's First Black Woman Student Body President Hopes to Make School 'More Welcoming & Inclusive'Danielle Geathers, a rising junior from Miami, will be the first black woman president in MIT's 159-year history I’m surprised it’s 2020 and she’s the first. Way past time, for many things. Congratulations to her, and good luck. I hope she accomplishes all she wants to. Gay

Reuters Top News @ReutersNew York City Mayor de Blasio holds a news conference after another night of protests What a loser the city is looted thanks to him BORING..Mayor Meathead again!!!! Lower Manhattan was destroyed by Peacefulprotests. LOl. Pandering.

ABC News @ABCHAPPENING NOW: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio addresses George Floyd protests. Why hasn't this turn been removed from office? Put RudyGiuliani back in. This mess will be cleaned up in 48 hours. Did his daughter get arrested? No one cares about him

Cuomo, De Blasio Spar Over Handling of New York City ProtestsNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the city’s police department “did not do their job” to stop looters in the city Monday night, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday. They can't agree on who else to blame, when everyone else is looking at them. Andrew Cuomo and Bill de Blasio starring in the remake of Dumb and Dumber