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Feid Is Literally the Voice of Colombia

The reggaet\u00f3n star, whose lyrics are currently being used on protest signs, tells us about repping his homeland.

5/14/2021 12:15:00 AM

'Everyone knows the sad part, like the war part, the narco part, but there's a lot of people doing art, sports, and cool things here. I was thinking how can I make people think differently about my country? That's why I started using those words.' feid

The reggaet\u00f3n star, whose lyrics are currently being used on protest signs, tells us about repping his homeland.

nealifestyle. He defines the word as"a guy from the hood." Feid adds,"He just has the things that the streets can give you, like a bike or maybe your haircut." Feid proudly rocks theneahaircut that's like a mullet with the tail dyed blonde. Before the protests, his Instagram Story was filled with Colombian fans playing the song on their motorbikes or showing off their fresh fades.

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"I want to put all those things from Colombia outside because Colombians are so rich in culture," Feid says."The hairstyles. The way they talk. Everyone in the world loves how Colombian girls speak. I want to make stronger the strengths of my country and keep pushing those cool things so people can see more of it."

On April 28, massive protests began in Colombia after President Iván Duque Márquez proposed areforma tributariaraised taxeson the country's poorest citizens — as if the government's poor response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic wasn't enough for people to deal with. Videos surfaced online of police shooting and killing protestors.

"That's so sad," Feid says about the videos."That even made me cry. I didn't know that kind of stuff could happen in my country."Márquez withdrew the reform bill on May 2, but the protests are still going strong. The growing economic poverty and inequality from the pandemic is what the protestors are wanting Márquez and the government to address. Colombian titans like Shakira, Juanes and J Balvin have all called for Márquez to work with the protesters instead of responding with excessive police force. 42 people have

died in the protests. Feid addressed those inequalities in his #SOSColombia freestyle on Instagram.Related |Kali Uchis Wants the World to Help Colombia"If you see the doctors who have to treat people for COVID, they're just wearing plastic bags," Feid says."The soldiers outside have like hard armor. That's not fair. Why do you spend more money killing people when you should be spending money saving lives?"

This past weekend, Feid joined Afro-Colombian group ChocQuibTown in a march in Miami to show solidarity with the protestors. There was also a solidarity march in New York City where a person had a sign in Spanish that read:"The only 'Chimbita' (beautiful thing) would be a better government."

"Seeing all those Colombian people feeling proud of their country, that was so special," Feid says about the march."Colombia has a lot of people who are struggling right now and when you can support them just the way that you can, it's so much better to spread love than spread hate. I'm spreading that love and sense of peace."

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To respect the situation going on in Colombia, Feid pushed back the music releases he had planned for this month. He promises his next single"Fumeteo" and follow-up LPIntershibuya La Mafiaare coming soon. In the one detail Feid gives about the album, he calls it his"graduation from reggaetón."

"I don't care about any numbers or any charts," Feid adds."I just want to see people having fun with my music. I'm always dropping music for the people." Read more: PAPER Magazine »

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