Feds move to block China-owned telecom service from operating in US

4/10/2020 4:10:00 AM

The Justice Department and other Executive Branch agencies recommended Thursday that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) revoke and terminate China Telecom Corp.’s authorizations to provide international telecommunication services to and from the U.S.

Telecom Corp.’s authorizations to provide international telecommunication services to and from the U.S.“Today, more than ever, the life of the nation and its people runs on our telecommunications networks,” said John C. Demers, assistant attorney general for national security.

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“The security of our government and professional communications, as well as of our most private data, depends on our use of trusted partners from nations that share our values and our aspirations for humanity,” Demers said in a statement.The Justice Department reviewed China Telecom’s authorizations and determined the company had failed to comply with the terms of an existing agreement with the department. China Telecom is a subsidiary of the People’s Republic of China state-owned telecommunications company.

CHINA FINALLY CHANGES STATUS OF DOGS FROM 'LIVESTOCK' TO PETS In its recommendation, the executive branch agencies cited “increased knowledge of the PRC’s role in malicious cyber activity targeting the United States” and “concerns that China Telecom is vulnerable to exploitation, influence, and control by the PRC government.”

The FCC last May voted unanimously to deny another Chinese state-owned telecommunications company, China Mobile Ltd., the right to provide service in the U.S., saying the Chinese government could use the company to conduct espionage on the U.S. government. It said then it was “looking” at China Telecom’s license.

Earlier Wednesday, the DOJ gave Google clearance to build operate a subsea cable between the U.S. and Taiwan, which is governed separately from China but which China asserts sovereignty over. The DOJ however banned any connection to Hong Kong, where the Chinese government has strengthened control in recent years, much to the ire of hundreds of thousands of protesters in 2019.

Fox News has reached out to the FCC to see if they will heed the calls of the executive branch agencies.China Telecom denied the allegations.  Read more: Fox News »

Does China own Spectrum by any chance, as of yesterday I get a notice to call to purchase Fox News. That’s a good thing. As a Nation, we must be concerned with Signal/Com Security to keep our adversary from spying and stealing our vital Top Secret info & systems. Just think, When we go to war with China in the future, we will be fighting our own tech which she stole from us!

The Chinese have attacked us and won to destroy our economy. Please do something to hurt them bad Finally we're opening our eyes. themeruki Please 🤔 Does that mean y’all go away 👍🇺🇸 Immediately It's about time because Chinese are deceitful, dishonest, and rude. Look what China caused to the whole world! paralysis, rampant death due to coronavirus pandemic

Very Good! China cannot be trusted in any way possible They are dangerous? Ban life time traveling to and from China

Coronavirus pandemic pushes U.S. and China closer to cold warThe health crisis has strengthened hard-liners and driven China and the U.S., the world’s two biggest economies, closer to collision. Good. It’s been a long time coming. War between China and the US is inevitable unless they abandon communism and stop giving us deadly viruses.

U.S. spies had raw intel hinting at health crisis in China in NovemberUS spy agencies collected raw intelligence hinting at a public health crisis in Wuhan, China, in November, according to 2 current and 1 former US official, but the information was not understood as the first warning signs of an impending global pandemic. America has todo some soul searching: Do we really want a man at the helm of power who makes decisions on who lives or dies based on which State Governors have been nice to him? Do we really? That’s what happened in Colorado, Michigan! We’re not Caligula’s empire, this’s America! So is it China or Europe? Lmao ODNIgov said this is a lie. I’ll take their impeccable word over the retraction capital of the worlds

France's Macron 'refuses to see WHO locked into U.S.-China war': ElyseeFrench President Emmanuel Macron offered his full support to the World Health Organization (WHO) in a call with its director on Wednesday, a day after U.S. President Donald Trump criticised the international organisation. Good luck and goodbye! who failed. Full stop. EmmanuelMacron Too late

US intelligence agencies started tracking coronavirus outbreak in China as early as NovemberUS spy agencies were tracking the rise of the novel coronavirus as early as November, weeks before that information was included in President Trump's daily intelligence briefing, a former US military official told CNN THIS… Trump should be held accountable. 🙄…China AND America Lied People Died

Some Critical Medical Supplies Now Need Feds' Approval To Be ExportedExports of personal protective equipment will now be detained at U.S. ports, where CBP will work with FEMA to decide whether to return it for use in the U.S., buy it on behalf of the U.S., or “allow it to be exported.” So can Mexico now stop the PPE that is being produced in Mexico to be exported to the US? Is that the game now? well if it comes from China they should be more careful Thank you POTUS!

Biden calls for feds to cover COBRA payments amid pandemicSpeaking at a virtual town hall, Joe Biden says future spending bills should include expanded unemployment payments and subsidies for Obamacare, and calls for the federal government to cover COBRA payments. JFC! Once again, working and middle class qualify for nothing! I've had it w/ on-again/off-again health insurance. The ONLY answer is Medicare for All. We don't need bandages We need MedicareForAll