Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Usps Policy Changes Nationwide - Cnnpolitics

Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Usps Policy Changes Nationwide - Cnnpolitics

Federal judge temporarily blocks USPS policy changes nationwide

A federal judge issued a historic decision to temporarily block the US Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from changing a wide swath of USPS policies or protocols ahead of November's presidential election.

9/18/2020 5:09:00 AM

A federal judge has issued a historic decision to temporarily block the US Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from changing a wide swath of USPS policies or protocols ahead of November's presidential election

A federal judge issued a historic decision to temporarily block the US Postal Service and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy from changing a wide swath of USPS policies or protocols ahead of November's presidential election.

The opinion from Judge Stanley Bastian in Eastern Washington's US District Court enjoin Trump administration postal policies as harmful to voters' ability to cast ballots this November and deliberately suppressive to voters. It places the judge at the center of a political furor in which the court steps into the extraordinary position of stopping the entire USPS from making any changes that may affect efficient mail delivery nationwide."Although not necessarily apparent on the surface, at the heart of DeJoy's and the Postal Service's actions is voter disenfranchisement," Bastian wrote."This is evident in President Trump's highly partisan words and tweets, the actual impact of the changes on primary elections that resulted in uncounted ballots, and recent attempts and lawsuits by the Republican National Committee and President Trump's campaign to stop the States' efforts to bypass the Postal Service by utilizing ballot drop boxes, as well as the timing of the changes."It is easy to conclude that the recent Postal Services' changes is an intentional effort on the part of the current Administration to disrupt and challenge the legitimacy of upcoming local, state, and federal elections, especially given that 72% of the ... high speed mail sorting machines that were decommissioned were located in counties where Hillary Clinton received the most votes in 2016."The USPS must now undo all changes made in the last few months, including the only one DeJoy has taken ownership of: significantly restricting late and extra trips, according to the decision.Read MoreThe decision mandates that all election mail, regardless of postage, must be treated as first-class mail. It also states that USPS must notify the court of all requests -- prior, current or future -- to reconnect mail sorting machines within three days of Thursday's order or within three days of a future request."If any post office, distribution center, or other postal facility will be unable to process election mail for the November 2020 election in accordance with First Class delivery standards because of the Postal Service's recent removal and decommissioning of equipment, such equipment will be replaced, reassembled, or reconnected to ensure that the Postal Service can comply with its prior policy delivering election mail in accordance with First Class delivery standards," the decision states.Bastian, in an earlier court hearing, added that President Donald Trump and DeJoy"are involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service."A coalition of Democratic state attorneys general sued USPS last month, claiming that DeJoy broke the law when he implemented policy changes that disrupted mail delivery across the country. USPS rejects these claims and DeJoy says he isn't trying to sabotage the election.Send us your stories about voting issuesThe policy changes at the Postal Service created"a substantial possibility" that"voters may be disenfranchised," Bastian said during the hearing, adding that"harm has already taken place.""Substantial evidence has been presented that these transformative changes have been done by the Postal Service which has made mail delivery slower and less efficient," Bastian said.The plaintiffs submitted more than 70 public remarks, including tweets the President has made in attacking mail-in voting.At one point during the proceedings, the judge said it was"ironical" that the US attorneys saw no issues with going to polls to vote during the global coronavirus pandemic, but wanted to argue the case via videoconference."While we are exploring our legal options, there should be no doubt that the Postal Service is ready and committed to handle whatever volume of election mail it receives. Our number one priority is to deliver election mail on time," USPS spokesperson Dave Partenheimer said.Lee Moak, chair of the Election Mail Committee of the Postal Service's Board of Governors, added,"Any suggestion that there is a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service is completely and utterly without merit."The ruling comes as some Americans are beginning to receive their mail-in ballots and cast their votes for this November's presidential election. .mail-in-voting { width:100%; display:block; margin:0 auto 20px; } @media screen and (min-width: 640px) { .mail-in-voting { float:left; width:50%; max-width: 300px; display:block; margin:0 40px 20px 0; line-height:21px; border:1px solid #ccc; } .mail-in-voting a { color:#3061f3; } .mail-in-voting p { padding:7px; margin:0px; } .mail-in-voting span { font-weight:500; color:black; } } Related interactive: Understanding mail-in voting in the US

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I'm not sure if you're joking or not. JoyVBehar Finally!!!!!! I'm not sure if you're joking or not. 3 años hay HAMBRE Y NESECIDAD LOS POLÍTICOS ROBAN LAS ALLUDAS ENVIADAS ATENCIÓN FBI CORUPCION PUERTO RICO Y DIOS te ALLUDARA Democrats desperate to win the Presidency by false moves. You have come badly unstuck now though !

A judge can’t give that order without an appeal Keep America free from tyrants and lunacy’s. JoyVBehar Awesome JoyVBehar Nothing will happen to correct the situation. The damage has already been done. The courts will be busy but in the end the Postmaster General will go scot free and be rewarded by the President.

Good luck with enforcing that! Bill Barr to the rescue😡 This shouldn’t be “historic”, it should be the norm. Look at the press release on the k1 lawsuit. Travel state is prohibiting US citizens from getting married! eNCA SABCNews SABCNews cnni CNN FoxNews NBCNews Trevornoah TheDailyShow Newzroom405 BBCWorld nytimes ABC SkyNews 90DayFiance

If you believe so strongly in the postal system, go out and mail yourself $500. How many of you would do it? Next stop, appeal, nothing will happen. TheTeddiAlaina Ef that neanderthug lock up every last one of these SOB’s including Trumps parents JoyVBehar Nice to see that the law still works. There is someone, something out there that still stands up for what's right. Someone who will protect the time honored sanctity of the vote even when our prez won't. imo mym

“Let’s Roll”, people......move, get active, and busy, there is work to be done ! Great decision. Too bad they can't retrieve the destroyed sorting machines though. Lock him up Election mail has always been treated as first class. It’s a ashame voting is gonna be a death sentence to some this election year. But I personally don’t care. I’m gonna vote this Buffon out of office. I’ll be up bright and early.

Political not historic. Hopefully he’ll be replaced by a judge that rules by law not politics soon. Trump is separating America, Red’s against Blue’s! Almost trying to create a Civil War! just remember... Next Step the Blue states will consider not spending money toward red states & Vice a versa. Way to go

Now even the cats and dogs will vote for Biden. Crooked Americans will never learn. Assuming Trump wins, which is unlikely, De joy will be amongst the first to be sacked. Where have you fxxxing been in the last few months? Under a ROCK? Judge need be fired replace by republican judge Interesting how for 25 years the USPS has been cutting service and no one( media & politicians) gave a crap but NOW they care...why? Because the plan is to blame the USPS for the Democrats election loss and not themselves.

Thank goodness someone has a brain. To think the dismantling of the PO was anything else then a political ploy by the Republicans, to take away the people's vote during a pandemic belongs to the 'Dumb Cult.' That was a waste cause it had already been done voluntarily back when it first came up. Rachel__Nichols Mail in voting except for absentee ballots is unnecessary. Most states have weeks of early voting prior to Election Day. The fact you tards don’t realize the party pushing for mail ballots is also the one with a long history of stolen elections is mind boggling.

A different judge will overturn DanielN61841575 Trump is going to turn a deeper shade of orange when he hears this.🤣🤣🤣🤣 Way out of bounds. Congratulations fed judge for taking a stand for justice rather than politicking for Trump. America under siege, Trumpism🤦 Danniyoki blasted davido burnaboy and wizkidayo in video over unnecessary competitions👇

Person. Man. Postal. Service. Segregation. The United States is burning in the fire of dictator Trump's disorder and mismanagement in the name of freedom.📣📣📣💪 You might need this information FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD in historic numbers This will not withstand a test of law. Judges can not create policy.

That won’t stand. Take it to the SC. Democrats are trying to cheat Where he get a USPS mask⁉️SMH. Watch CNN reporter get owned by the press secretary! 😂😂😂😂 Pls extend 1y out-of-country limitation for green card holders who were locked overseas duo to COVID-19. Help them back home! Checkmate realDonaldTrump

DemRedistrict So happy! One would think that ALL ballots and materials should be sent at the first class rate. I noticed that here in California that the ballots must be postmarked by NOV 3rd. How is it even possible for these ballots be delivered on NOV 3rd and be counted by election people in time?

Finally we get a break, I hope things go back to normal but Devoy might defy the court order anyway... it wouldn’t surprise me DemRedistrict 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 YES! Finally!!!!! About time someone takes control. If you wonder what a country heading towards becoming a fascist state looks like just open your eyes, look around and listen. trumpfacism

But will DeJoy follow the orders? That’s true [de] Joy de Vivre for the USPS Excellent 👍 Mail voting is more safer than those electric voting machines made in China. Those machines are huge security risk. These judges are becoming political, cheat by mail is the only way to victory by the demokkkrats cptnwillie 🎉👏👏👏👏👏

The saddest part about all this is how bad the left is brainwashed by the MSM and democrat machine. Pog Well, that should put them under in short order. DeJoy must reinstall all removed mail sort machines w/his own💰. Taxpayers shouldn’t waste a penny on conman who got USPMG JOB by pay-to-play, & to rig elections. maddow SpeakerPelosi RepCohen foxnews, ewarren Lawrence AliVelshi JoyAnnReid nypost RepKatiePorter

Key word here - Temporarily YES! This is crazy. Who is actually in charge of this country? Miami Heat 🔥🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀🔥🏀 MiamiHEAT NBAPlayoffs Barr will try to get this undone This is good news. I sincerely hope this measure will prove effective. Why would any sane person remove mail sorting machines? So you have to do it all by hand?

troycoverdale I'm down with it. TrumpIsALoser MSM will report anything against Trump whether it's real or not. It's a contest now. Who can lie & damage the most. We know already who are bias networks. It will fire Trumps & independents somemore. This will backfire. People like underdogs Will they do do? Who will check, oversee, supervise? HELP!!

Yeah !!!! Thank god !! Now arrest this guy DeJoy Tbh Where I work it has always been treated that way. You are sooo out of touch ! Do your homework! For as long as I’ve worked at the post office, political mail mid always considered first class mail ! Just shows how ignorant you are Yaaaayyyy Right on as it should be. I believe Trump should be thrown out of the race. Who knows what else He's done?

Does that include the changes made in spring 2016. That’s when the mail really slowed down! IT'S ABOUT GOD DAM TIME! VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt CountEveryVote YourVoteMatters LOL, sorry but this liberal judge does not have the authority to order anything to the post office, NONE this will be over turned, it's amazing how judges think they make policy.

Another Obama appointee activist Judge Thank you your honor! Excellent 😎🇦🇺 Fingers crossed the decision has big scary teeth. Will he be held personally and financially for damage to government equipment? I'm shocked! Judges making law. Wow. Well, he didn’t stop his tactics. This is where a blue box has been for years at my high traffic grocery entrance in Auburn WA. There is a post office around the corner, however, the traffic here is elderly and lower income proving it difficult to make it the half mile to USPS.

A Democrat Federal Judge you should say - report the story

'A politically motivated attack': Federal judge says he'll block USPS changes after mail delaysJudge Stanley Bastian found the U.S. Postal Service was 'involved in a politically motivated attack on the efficiency' which would 'irreparably harm the states’ ability to administer the 2020 general election.' I don't care what Stanley Bastian found. Show me his legitimate findings of fact AND the evidence. I use their informed delivery tool and this week alone 2 pieces didn’t show up. It’s about 6 pieces in the past 3 months. Thankfully they tend to be “junk mail” pieces that go mia. Still, super shady This is not gonna stop DeJoy from destroying USPS

Trump says Amazon costs the USPS 'billions,' but internal docs tell a different storyAmazon was the Postal Service's 'largest customer' in fiscal 2019, according to documents obtained by a watchdog group. Last week the mailman stole my doctor Dre beats headphones delivered from China right in front of my very eyes They stick cash envelopes in their pockets like it was nothing Stop giving AMAZON preferential tent and discounts! Amazon is with over 1 TRILLION! No more USPS breaks for AMAZON!

White House Axed USPS Plan To Send 5 Masks To Every American Household: ReportThe postal service was reportedly going to distribute 560 million reusable face masks across the U.S. before White House officials expressed concern that... It would help to stop covid. But hey, that’s just science. infected with the virus... “Can’t panic if you’re dead.” - WH

Trump Administration Has Yet To Pay USPS For COVID-19 Postcard Issued In MarchThe postcard featured 'PRESIDENT TRUMP'S CORONAVIRUS GUIDELINES FOR AMERICA' — despite the president downplaying COVID-19 at the time. 😭😭😭😭 If Obama had done this, it wouldn't be news worthy because hes a democrat. ProjectLincoln

US judge blocks Postal Service changes that slowed mailA U.S. judge blocks controversial Postal Service changes that slowed mail, calling them “a politically motivated attack on the efficiency of the Postal Service” before the November election. Each action MoscowMitch, MoscowBarr, MoscowTrump utilize are unlawfully driven. I wonder if each of these politicians realize that Presidents are replaced, & each breaking the laws of our USA Constitution will be held responsible in these scams. JOE BIDEN IS LAW AND ORDER. USPS Indiana delivered to me three official ballots to me - carrier misplaced them into OUR mailbox! Question is? Will DeJOY restore what he has destroyed? Sorting machines, mail drop boxes, etc.

Judge blocks Postal Service changes that have slowed mail, says they're 'politically motivated'A U.S. judge on Thursday blocked controversial Postal Service changes that have slowed mail nationwide Another Obama appointee activist Judge Point for democracy.