Federal judge rejects Trump campaign's Pa. lawsuit with prejudice, saying it lacks factual proof

Judge said he has 'no authority to take away ... vote of even a single person.'

11/22/2020 3:38:00 AM

BREAKING: Federal judge rejects Trump campaign's Pennsylvania suit with prejudice, saying it lacks factual proof.

Judge said he has 'no authority to take away ... vote of even a single person.'

that lacked a compelling legal argument or factual proof to support it.U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann wrote that he would not"disenfranchise almost seven million voters," as the Trump campaign had sought.MORE: Michigan GOP lawmakers reject Trump's brazen effort to overturn election results

Opinion | Democrats should want Biden to pardon Trump. Here's why. President-Elect Biden To Begin Formal Transition Process After Agency OK NYC's first African-American mayor, David Dinkins, has died

"One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption," Brann wrote."That has not happened."The judge, a Barack Obama appointee, dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning the Trump campaign cannot resubmit the case. The defeat levels a blow to the most high-profile case brought by the president in his multi-state effort to challenge the results of the Nov. 3 election.

Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump looks down during an event on lowering prescription drug prices in the Brady Briefing Room of the White House in Washington, on Nov. 20, 2020.The crux of the Trump campaign lawsuit was that its poll watchers were not able to observe the counting of mail-in ballots, creating opportunities for"Democratic counties" to accept fraudulent and technically deficient ballots and"diluting" the power of voters in other counties.

The case in Pennsylvania was argued Tuesday in court by Trump's personal attorney, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.The Trump campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.MORE: Election 2020: A look at Trump campaign election lawsuits and where they stand

"Another judgement on behalf of the voters of Pennsylvania," said state Attorney General Josh Shapiro in a statement."These claims were meritless from the start and for an audience of one. The will of the people will prevail. These baseless lawsuits need to end."

In a 37-page opinion, Brann wrote that the Trump campaign and its co-plaintiffs, two voters who were not allowed to cure their ballots,"ask the Court to violate the rights of over 6.8 million Americans," then contends that"Granting Plaintiffs' requested relief would necessarily require invalidating the ballots of every person who voted in Pennsylvania."

"Because this Court has no authority to take away the right to vote of even a single person, let alone millions of citizens, it cannot grant [the Trump campaign's] requested relief," the opinion stated.Mandel Ngan/AFP via Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, speaks during a press conference at the Republican National Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., on Nov. 19, 2020.

Lindsey Graham calls Biden, Pelosi and Schumer 'trifecta from hell,' says they'll end Electoral College All-Black officiating crew makes NFL history David Dinkins, New York City's First Black Mayor, Dies At 93 Read more: ABC News »

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Trump is out! Distress Sales: 2plots of land situated at unity estate beside cooperative Villa badore. Title: Survey and Deed Price: 5m per plot Contact: 07059569958 Bidens campaign is just as much a joke as Trumps. The judge ignored the proof. Biden not legally president elect. Biden sucks ass When will this nuisance stop? Why doesn't he know how stupid and ridiculous he look? I guess he thinks this is the behavior of a strong man.

Oh my god you’re gonna keep on doing it Trump has always used lawsuits to crush competition. Easy to do when you have more money than the other guy. This time the other guy has sufficient funds. Nobody voted for Biden they voted against the president because organized crime had influence their mind making them think that the president was wrong.The virus kept them thinking the president was wrong but it was organized crime. That's how easy it is to influence an election.

KrakenReleased Obama picked Trump and Rudy should be countersued for wasting the courts time. It is certain, in any case, that ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have. James Baldwin Didn't realize it was dismissed with prejudice. They can't file it again. Good. Good for him.

It is not surprising for Obama era judges to dismiss this case and this will not end at his court but further legal entanglements until justice is prevail There is voter fraud just not enough to overturn election Joe Biden is a liar 회개와거룩함 Global Sunday Revival Service November 22, 2020 The Messiah is coming 메시아께서 오십니다 2020년 11월 22일 방송

For the first time in history, all the swing states Trump was winning in a historic landslide STOPPED COUNTING VOTES! Then, in the middle of the night - they magically found millions of 100% Biden votes. No way in hell 75 million patriots are ever going to accept this bullshit! Imagine if the situation was reversed. How the Corrupt Media would behave? How many cities would have been burning by now?

Of course they did, u people don't want trump to fight the steal. U want him to just concede and take it. You can not ignore all the irregularities being found, the fraud being committed, hes going to prove left democrats had a hand in . Hey if you have some time to read this thread and you think its worthy retweet pls JusticeForGenesis

Mr SleepyJoe, fasten your seat belt. This thing is far from over. President Trump and his 75 million voters are just warming up. Trump must be a a Russian plant or something. His goal is to wreck havoc in this country. He has harmed it on every level. His populist rants are all lies meant to hypnotize the masses while he carries out a little known secret agenda of chaos across the land.

I HAVE SHIT FOR BRAINS...DOES ANYONE DISAGREE? All his lawsuits lack factual proof. They’re all cheats. The judges appointed by Obama in these battleground states started a long time ago. The party of Cheats, Theives, and propagated. Fucking pigs. GSAEmily needs to do her job I feel sorry for Trump. Nobody loves him enough to get him the help he needs.

Well you had truth for 1 time. It was the campaign that responded. Not sleepy pediophile china Joe who responed personally. That idiot couldnt spell Trump with a teleprompter. fucktrump EricTrump DonaldJTrumpJr also realDonaldTrump RudyGiuliani words must be wisely chosen that affect our American nation with true transparency not chronic lying

Maybe if POTUS supporters were to MaskUp at rallies, the results would've better. How many POTUS supporters died from attending maskless rallies? Trash the early mail-in ballots of those who died because of COVID19 prior to election. To all those who contributed to Trump’s legal defense - perhaps you’d like to flush your money down the toilet next time.

At $20,000 a day, Rudy will say whatever Trump wants him to. Of course, they're trying to hide their crimes A good decision. As all the allegations do, its to bad lies from leaders and there attorney's can't be subjective to high crimes. No evidence and constant pursuit to tell more lies when the facts are very clearly supported by facts and numbers. Change the laws for facts and truth!!!

Democrats, Trump his criminal cabinet & millions of sycophants need to be held accountable for all of their wrong doings. Trump will be an impeached ex-president, the SDNY needs to start w/indictments now, for crimes we all know they did, then see if GOP traitors stay silent. He has lost his mind just like Trump

Now we see why the Trump administration, for 4 years obstructed subpoena's, investigations, blocked witnesses, and continuously fought court appearances of Trump officials. They lose, lose, lose BIG. When it comes to evidence, facts and figures. He is the BIGGEST LOSER! Rudy, I guess the die job didn’t work. Next time try telling the judge what you said at the press conference.

An enemy’s out there killing over 250,000 of us while our commander in chief is golfing & filing frivolous cases w/our money, asking courts to throw away our votes, especially votes of blacks & other minorities.The party that claims to be protectors of our democracy, stand w/him. He didn’t allow them to present evidence, so there’s that!

Of course it does!🤣🤣🤣 Trump has been a luxury president for the USA. Without any interest or need beyond serving his country and its people and unmasking the corrupt and pedophile members of the swamp and deep state. Trump has fought against all the media, mafias, Democrats & some Republicans included

Trump probably thought he was placing Trump's organization Judges who will serve him and only him. He needs to call Moscow Mitch. This is total madness! This will go into history as one of the most lowest political act made and allowed by the GOP, with senatemajldr Mitch McConnell as the leader to destruction of the democratic system, party that cannot be trusted and endangering the constitution!

The only intention of Trump's 'Legal' Team is to undermine the democracy and the undermining of Joe Biden's legitimate victory in favor of Trump who got far less votes than Biden... He can't accept the truth! The real facts! Appeals We all know that PresidentElectJoe won this election. Trump is embarrassing our country. WTF. Why is the GOP allowing him to destroy democracy?! He is a lunatic & should be removed now.

Now we see why the Trump administration, for 4 years obstructed subpoena's, investigations, blocked witnesses, and continuously fought court appearances of Trump officials. They lose, lose, lose BIG. When it comes to evidence, facts and figures. He is the BIGGEST LOSER! Im excited and can’t wait until Thursday, January 21, 2021. It will be the most talked about day of the century. I expect parades, watch parties and indictments. First up, Donald Trump. Runner up, the infamous criminal moron and goon Rudy Giuliani... 🔐

Bias reporting, typical of ABC news. Wow shocking... Your news is biased and ridiculous you people don’t report why don’t you ask Biden about his money from hunter Biden associates . Your fake news With prejudice. They need new evidence to even file suit. In this case any evidence would have prevented this. Bill them for the time, sanction for the fun.

Hahahahahaha The statistical data alone is conclusive. Biden underperformed Hillary in all cities, EXCEPT in the drug addled, highest crime precincts of Milwaukee, Philly, Detroit and Atlanta which suddenly became bastions of civic responsibility having near 100% voter participation? USSC This is irrelevant anyway. What’s coming will be biblical, but don’t expect this media to report it!

The true definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results..you lost in Georgia multiple times trump..stop the charade and accept defeat with what little tiny shred of dignity you have left onetermchump And of course you are taking the Trump’s word on this this is a hoax. Trumps favourite word it’s a hoax. The man is bat shit crazy.

Fake news This judge in Pennsylvania is outrageous. He is one of the corrupt activis judges for the Democrats. I read the complaint. It was full of affidavits and serious constitutional issues that absolutely overcame a motion to dismiss. AuditTheVote AuditAll50States ElectionIntegrityMatters Uhm.... We shall see,

how to make a shit-hole country? elect Donald Trump and he will do the rest! The judges need to hold these people responsible. If any citizen files evidence-less lawsuits daily we would be punished for wasting the courts time with false attempts to disrupt our election. Time to end this lawless losing Presidents attempt to reverse the will of the people.

W/prejudice = dont bring that weak shit in here again Rudy Funny that none of these Judges are ever named! If you think that black sweet was bad wait in till you see daddy he may fired you Trumpers, do you realise that your donations for this farce are being partly used to pay off trumps campaign debts? Also Guilliani is getting paid $20k a day for this? This is all coming out of your pockets. Stop letting these people con you!

realDonaldTrump JoshyCastillo ABC I don’t read or watch your news, you are fake news. This headline is grossly inadequate. The judge didn't say that they didn't present factual evidence. He said their legal theory was nonsense. Assailing, failing and flailing...and who will suffer? The American people

This is one game Trump can not cheat at. .. what an ass hole he is an always was Allow trump to try to make his case, but trump toyboy scott brown said the video below was 'complicated' when he was sadly a U.S. Senator. Haven’t they embarrassed the U.S. enough? My god, give it up. No thinking person believes their baseless claims.

What's sad is that this temper tantrum will continue after states certify, after electors confirm, and after Biden's inaugurated FlaniganColette Lacks factual proof. This will be Trump's epitaph They knew this would happen. The lawyers prefer to make themselves ridiculous in order to please and bow before their King ... Awsome!

Duh Fake news They all lack proof as there is none. He played golf through a pandemic & insulted over half the nation daily. His approval ratings should have been their first clue he had no chance. It’s why he kneecapped the USPS. He knew if we voted he’d lose 🙄 Voter fraud has clearly played a major part winning the US election. This was democrats devious plan all along. Coup. Democracy has ended in America. It is now controlled by globalist crooks. MSM propaganda are the real virus. ID and full transparency are essential for voting.

Giuliani thought bubble: 'I just sharted again.' RudyGiuliani and his hair dye are “the best people” according to the loser-in-chief realDonaldTrump. It’s like a clown car just opened its doors and the current Trump administration fell out. This old fart needs to retire 'lacks proof' RT to RealDonaldTrump..RudyGiuliani..GOP

It’s over. Too bad Repukes are so dense. realDonaldTrump RudyGiuliani Just ICYMI 3 dozen lawsuits thrown out now America is such a laughing stock under Trump. The Madness of King Donald. fakenews JoeBiden follow me and I will back if you are supporter Pure optics from the judge just for a headline. It's not working. We know you're FAKE NEWS. You should be scared. Trump will serve his second term.

An Obama Activist Judge, Let's see what SCOTUS has to say. Fake news! Space men stole the votes They also lack integrity, compassion, a sense of reality, civility, and a moral compass. There people are pure scum. realDonaldTrump RudyGiuliani PressSec WhiteHouse RudyGiuliani Trump KayleighMcEnany But Dominion raw data attest that Trump won Pa. on Nov 3. SCOTUS admited Trump won Pa. Federal judge excused no effect like the loser's howling.

“Fact” and “evidence” are things that realDonaldTrump and RudyGiuliani don’t do very well! They have none of it so they lie about having it! Really insane no one wants these votes looked at! They could of stopped all of this weeks ago. All the law suits, all the media BS, transition could be starting. All they had to do is look at the votes. But for some reason no one wants that. So you get what you have now! potus

Guess that means STFU! It wasn't 'Trump's' lawsuit. These lawyers demeaning the profession - lowering the bar to it's lowest standard just like the presidency of the United States of America for the last four years. So what's next 'Delusional Right Wingers?' RudyGiuliani needs to work harder and stay away from the cameras. Just work! Quit posturing.

prioritiesUSA PrioritiesWI AMERICA Humiliated poor Rudy should just fade away-ETTD realDonaldTrump in case you missed it this Mr Hairdye is not doing Trump any justice,he must just stop, he's losing case after case,but still soldiering on, I've never seen so much desperation 🙄 Easy and Fast! Bon appétit 1 Minute Tasty Recipe 🥞 🍳

So embarrassing and disgraceful! JennaEllisEsq another swing and a miss. Sad. Already Been Corrupted news is deliberately trying to effect the outcome of this election. FACT CHECKED BY THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS ☝️😂☝️ Typical of his illegal lawyer. Wow, the judge is so evil I'm tired of telling fools shit..it's your job do it as you want it

I hope you get it wrong If it were radioactive bullets and radiation proof weapons to fire them, someone in the Fed Courts would be fired for allowing that to slip into any government formed body because it would harm American's. Makes you wonder what dirt Trump has on all these grovelling psychos. Whatever it is, it must be good.

Federal judges are loony to deny Consumer Protection, Michigan never would forgive them if the machines were confiscated and destroyed, that being the case its on Biden's record he cheated with those voting machines of Dominion and the software of ESS. Adequate proof to present. See ya at SCOTUS He tried to make the money talk, as usual and as always, but failed again...miserably!

fake new ABC is mad petty . Not a bad thing To be expected from an Obama-appointed 'pro-American' judge. All the kings horses and all the kings men will never make trump president again Lindsey Graham wanted Georgia to throw out votes to help Trump win. Isn't it time to check the ballots in South Carolina?

If Biden/Sanders '''win''' they will finish installing SMARTMATIC all over the USA With Cuban Venezuelan-Smartmatic, Sequoia, Dominion, Votem, leftists always '''win.''' Look at Venezuela the Castro Socialism has been ''''winning'''' for 20 + years. Omg Oops JennaEllisEsq another embarrassing loss for trump’s awesome team.

heres another guy that should join Trump in prison Probably so that it can go straight to the supreme court without wasting time LMFAO It is going all the way to the Supreme Court or not? GFW(防火長城)を叩き壊すのは世界の人々の共同目標! このニュースの完全版は以下のリンクYouTube にてご覧ください And still no lawsuits from Trump’s crack team claiming voter fraud. Isn’t it odd how they stay away from those two words in a court of law.

WizardBear1 With Prejudice In other words “get the hell out” One step closer to SCOTUS! How just how is this guy still allowed to walk around free. jus told Trump's cult/zombies to go out and kill democrat. a lawyer or not needs to have the maximum law thrown after him and debarred straight away sidskid80

Trump lawyers Rudy Guiliani & Sidney Powell are engaged in Sedition & Treason! Powell is inciting a violent revolution. Their 30+ election lawsuits are frivolous. They must be disbarred & prosecuted! Call 718.923.6300 for Guiliani complaints & 800.204.2222 for Powell. ESFesq Don't forget the 'strained legal arguments without merit,' the 'speculative accusations,' as well as the fact that Trump 'cannot justify the disenfranchisement of a single voter, let alone all the voters of' PA. Also the case is 'like Frankenstein's Monster,' not in a good way.

Don't worry guys! The most ridiculous imperialist team lawyers EVER!! That's how far out Trumps personal lawyer is. I guess the judge missed the memo that AlternativeFacts & FauxNews are the truths for the TrumpCrimeSyndicate No proof. Just boatloads of lies. Thank you! What a surprise his arguments are meaningless all that wasted money that could of done something worthy But who cares has he conceded yet....... I doubt it Fam...... is it 10 am ...😂🤑🤣

This is lawyer unusual The man I respected is dead .... Rudy and the Trump. A bromantic story of tilting at windmills and failed hair dye. Coming soon to a court near you. Rated S for SAD!!! Trump thinks he can easily bully the judiciary with his stupid tweets. It doesn't work like that. He lost. Imagine how deeply distressing it must be to have hitched your cart to this horse.

At this stage Rudy Guilliani should be embarrassed Out of any picture. That’s the best you had? 😂 The AMERICAN CONSERVATIVE is dead. Their assertions of faith, Constitution, tradition, honesty all forsaken for a transactional Trump. With no NEW IDEAS they've turned to voter suppression/conspiracy theories/authoritarian tricks/contempt for truth. Unprincipled without honor.

The problem is Rudy broke the cardinal rule of negotiation: Never let 'em see you sweat! Maybe he needs to go back to law school and get a refresher. Or perhaps even watch Legally Blond for some tips. All facts and proofs are ready, in big quantities. GIVE IT UP TRUMP Even pigs reject tucking giuliani. Rep ideal is far from I do belive in justice

ABC supports election fraud and thinks we all are stupid. Saving the Trump Team weeks of time getting their case to SUPREME COURT. What does ”with prejudice” mean (in this case)? trash, the American people have to clean it up Rightfully so this entire thing is a total disgrace, no actual evidence of fraud and certainly not in any wide way, He lost, but can't accept it, because he's not an actual real man, he's worse than a baby, because babies learn, Trump hasn't and never will

Trump is declaring war on America and its government. He should be declared an enemy of the state. Rudy: millions of fraudulent votes! Every court in the country: ok show me your evidence. Rudy: Evidence? Isn't it odd how that keeps happening over & over? It's almost like they have no basis whatsoever for their ludicrous claims. 🤔

Like your communist network. FAKENEWS agen!👹 Didn't want to see, I would say Rudy get a rest😂😂 Since when has this charade had anything to do with the law?! Obama Judge Bunch of corrupted lossers Give up Trump!!! Every recount will make you a loser again and again! Bye don the Antichrist. God is taking over

I pray that God should open the eyes of Trump supporters to understand that they are following a disjointed and disoriented individual who is using them for his own selfish gains... Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting -- Meeting Agenda- Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK

Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting - Meeting Agenda - Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK More good news please((( Please improve yourself every nanosecond...I'm also doing the same. Daily schedule one meeting -- Meeting Agenda - Introspection 1- Meeting room - Toilet 2- Meeting room - Kitchen- while cleaning kitchen utensils No need to share it through Webex/Zoom/Skype/Team BEST OF LUCK

Why are real, qualified lawyers allowing their reputations to be damaged by bringing this garbage to court? To quote Trump - 'what's in it for them'? Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please give me your blessings to improve myself...to be able to change our AMERICA and finally our planet in the RIGHT direction. I NEED A LOT OF BLESSINGS. I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU. I'm asking for blessings from GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. also....

Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please give me your blessings to improve myself...to be able to change our AMERICA and finally our planet in the RIGHT direction. I NEED A LOT OF BLESSINGS. I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU. I'm asking for blessings from GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. also.. Dear Brothers & Sisters, Please give me your blessings to improve myself...to be able to change our AMERICA and finally our planet in the RIGHT direction. I NEED A LOT OF BLESSINGS. I WOULD BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU. I'm asking for blessings from GOD/ALLAH/SHIV/etc. also.

Lie..... No matter who rules Republicans or Democrats...my nonsense twitter account will continue to REVIVE inner conscience of every American/Earthian to make our GREAT AMERICA/PLANET happy, healthy & peaceful...without revealing my identity...because I'm not interested in fame & money. No matter who rules Republicans or Democrats...my nonsense twitter account will continue to REVIVE inner conscience of every American/Earthian to make our GREAT AMERICA/PLANET happy, healthy & peaceful..without revealing my identity....because I'm not interested in fame & money.

Yall know they pull this like 3x before Yo Joe Are they hoping to fail upwards? Like, if they get laughed out of courtrooms across the nation is there a mercy rule that grants you a Supreme Court case Too bad the American media hasn’t dropped allowing this loser to dominate the headlines every day. He knows that as soon as he lets it go he stops being the star of the daily news reality show.

AHA AHA AHA AHA AHA AHA HAHAHHHHHHHHHAHHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHJA Another one!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don't forget all the other non-election stuff waiting for him I guess he was hoping he could hide for another 4 years. realDonaldTrump Trump2020 TrumpIsANationalDisgrace covidusa CovidDeaths Joe Biden is not president elect he is. P.O.S

Bullshit Must have been a democratic judge Joe Biden is not the president of the United States and will not be the president of the United States he needs to be investigated About all the wrong doing he did while a sitting vice president with his son overseas It was a waste of time Democracy is on trial in the United States of America. Particularly, the judiciary. All it took to get to this point is Republican Party leaders shamelessly urging a tyrant on. The chicken has come home to roost.

JennaEllisEsq who's the moron? What has happened to Rudy? He was so renowned at one time in such a positive way. It’s as if he has sold his soul to the devil. Hacks They are so dumb, do they really think they have a case, that is delusional This judge was appointed by Obama..we can't expect anything from him..

'It lacks factual proof'....enough said. Rogue, Obama libtard judge. What a surprise. Of course he ruled this way. He is WRONG! Moving past this buffoon now.... Hey abc.. I guarantee trump will retain the white house He wanted to charge 20k per day for a non winnable case !! How much would he charge for one he could win ?

“Lacks factual proof”= LIES ! But ya'll didnt say a peep when 80,000 ppl die of the flu each year, and thats with a vaccine Soon as Judge Brann started suggesting Martini Bars for out of towner Rudy Giuliani after the hearing, I knew the judge thought Rudy and Trump were total clowns and he would rather discuss Martini Bars with Rudy. LMAO

Team Trump will run out the clock and then he'll will pardon himself and hide the keys to the executive bathroom on the way out. Oh look...more fake news! Shocking! There is no president elect Biden the election results have not been made final yet Boom! For the non lawyers out there. The suit is filled with lies.

There once was a President Trump Who tried to give Truth a thump He lied and denied He lost and he cried And now he just looks like a chump By Whistling Dave Taviner Philosophical Songwriter & Limerick Tweeter 😍 With extreme prejudice! 'Lacks Factual Proof' seems to be a running theme in the TrumpCampaign

rudygiuIianiGOP should be disbarred for complicity 👹👹👹 Show us the money, Guiliani Proof that they don't have! Most likely a handful of false affidavits by their cult. Pathetic. realTrumpRallys In other news, the sun is expected to rise in the East 😂 Ole Sweaty,cheap hair dye,Rudi G. realDonaldTrump ICYMI. Time to fire RudyGiuliani?

wherestheproof It just made it go to the SCOTUS faster. Millions of ILLEGAL votes disenfranchise the legal ones. Epic fail Rudy! What do they need? This is ridiculous. It’s like they want a war. The hell you say! Do us a favor and yank his law license. This guy is a fraud Is it me or has Alan Dershowitz been really quiet since they captured Ghislaine Maxwell?

This is what R.11 is for. Why do I feel his motivation to delay the results is less about wanting to be president and more not wanting to go to jail when he’s not No, no, no!!! Nice now we go diect to Supreme court..... thank u. I hope you show the same reverence to the highest court in the land. Election2020

HAHAHAHA. Poor rudy. All dressed up and no evidence to present. You can’t win in court when your main argument is just a conspiracy theory It was the dye It is like any of the administrations accusations “trumped up” from the bigly moron’s basket of lies and manipulations true to his name... his legacy is lies and fraud nothing else.. sad and pathetic 45... his years you would forget in a hurry.. a write off in business terms.

Just Do a whole country Revote by paper ballot and hand count 24/7 observation & vedio recorded. Period. Greetings from Michigan I do believe there is something there and I believe that it will have to be the Supreme Court that makes it right Next stop, Supreme Court Wait, the justice system actually wants proof for baseless and fraudulent accusations? Communists....

Bye Bye Rudy, God, what a wack job you have turned into. There is proof that Giuliani uses cheap hair dye as well as people who witnessed tampering with votes. The question that will always remain is how much tampering and would it even matter. Either way any tampering should be dealt with properly. And they will continue to lose. They also really pissed off the judge. 😆

Again no evidence American fellows, take u weapons to take down corrupted CIA, corrupted dems, corrupted media, corrupted tech companies, corrupted left, we have to do so! They are pure evil! Haha Wait, What? The My Cousin Vinney defense didn’t work! Every turd dropped on Rudy’s head is a great turd. But the supreme Court will except the trump administrations Case and all trump supporters will get their justice

Look it’s simple. If your lawyer is leaking you need to get that fixed or it’s going to do real damage. He who goes to bed with itching balls wakes up with smelly fingers - borat!! Obama judge. Go figure. 👏🕺🎈 Your all washed up in this town Pink Pad! Get wrecked States starting to shut down...Trump is nowhere to be found. LOSER! He’s busy taking money from his supporters. And they’re too dumb to realize he’s just using them and taking advantage of them. Also... LOSERS.

I'M GLAD..FINALLY..THEYLL GET THE MESSAGE..BIDEN WON!!!- Great job rudygiuliani!! Thankful for this obama-appointed stooge of a judge accelerating the case to SCOTUS. The democrats own the judges One step closer to the Supreme Court. Thank you judge. Why would the Supreme Court want to hear something the PA court dismissed for lack of ....... everything.

Well duh. If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed. Adolph Hitler Rudy, a gentleman knows when to take his leave. You've had a good run but the frump is allowing you to humiliate and encriminate yourself. I'm sure you have enough money. Kind way to say stop with the bs lies

If you can't hear it see it or smell it maybe you can feel it? Supreme Court Justice is coming. Please use this pic instead So the Judge in realDonaldTrump's Pa. election fraud suit, which was personally prosecuted by the 'leaking' Rudy, says the suit is without ANY merit. He goes onto to say it lacks without factual proof. He could be commenting ion Trump's Presidency. TrumpIsACriminal

This only happened because Trump didn’t contact me to blow everybody in PA. I would have done it for pennies on the dollar. The judges are so corrupt and they have host their integrity. Never mind, God will punish them, they are thugs Kids function and learn best with full stomachs. The Snack Sack supports families by providing snacks and other essential items for growing kids. Please consider supporting us or signal boosting this tweet. Support The Snack Sack: 🍎

SweetExoticAng1 Key words. 'with prejudice' they'll be able to come back with proof. ABC never show Trump team statememt. To all you idiot republicans, put it to rest now. This was a REPUBLICAN judge that basically said Trumps campaign is full of shit. There is no evidence, no fraud. GAME OVER, now please grow up, accept it and rebuild America and make her strong and respected on world stage again.

I also here by challenge any and all judges (especially any supreme Court judges) across the USA who say that there is no voting fraud.... Because there have been many occurrences already this year alone were mail in ballots were stolen and later disposed of or burned yo ashes.. It doesn't matter where it goes, there's no evidence of fraud. Why we can't be united and not divided? Why all the challenges? It's time to move on so the country can heal!

😎👍🇺🇸 WITH PREJUDICE! That kills anymore attempts to use the courts in Pennsylvania to change the will of the people. Just wait till it goes to the Supreme Court. That’s the plan all along. Traitor trump - making America less safe with his antics in Afghanistan... not presidential-traitor to America. Watch out because traitor trump is making America unprotected and exposed to terrorist attacks. Traitor trump hates America.

Rudy is 0 for forever- back in the coffin you go 😂🤣😂🤣😅 “One might expect that when seeking such a startling outcome, a plaintiff would come formidably armed with compelling legal arguments and factual proof of rampant corruption...' Marisa Tomei saves the day! A conservative federal judge that is a member of the Federalist Society.

realDonaldTrump ...’lacks factual proof’ ... I’ll pay for that to get tattooed on your forehead. I know you’re a little strapped these days. The order a lot of occurrences where postal workers were caught holding the mail in ballots in their own basements, with numbers as high as a base minimum of 10,000 ballots.... So I challenge the Pennsylvania supreme Court judges who overruled president Trump

Hmm trump supporters be like this is FAKE!! JUST LIKE Trump & Co ,😂😂😂 I dare say in response to the federal judge's response.... There is factual proof because there have been vote ballots that have been stolen from ballot drop off boxes across various States.. Rudy didn’t show them what he found I hope no one takes Trump to court over the turkey pardon this week. Otherwise, that poor sucker is going to be on someone's table this Thursday.

'I saw THAT man shoot and kill him!' Judge: 'Nope...you need factual proof....dismissed.' All that hair dye for nothing According to the delusional Trump’s supporters, the Courts are also apart of this great conspiracy against Trump. He has them totally brainwashed from reality and the truth. At least he washed his face

Hello, please check out my gig if you need any kind of graphic design. Ha ha ha. 😆 Come on, losers. Bring something concrete to the table or walk away. Rudy and his “elite” strike force strike out again. Time for Trump to fire these turkeys and concede. Palmer Report PalmerReport · 4m Republican Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania just told Donald Trump it's over and formally congratulated President-elect Joe Biden 🙂

MORE: The Biden campaign released a statement after a federal judge dismissed the Trump campaign's Pennsylvania lawsuit with prejudice, saying it lacks factual proof. f u realDonaldTrump Trump’s lawsuits based on votes received after poles closed,rules changed by state courts, not state legislatures. Scotus ruled the in 2000, “FL court acted contrary to the intent of the FL legislature.” Is that not what’s happening now? Scotus will have the last word.

And the judge is an Obama appointment. Left that out? Losers MORE: The Biden campaign released a statement after a federal judge dismissed the Trump campaign's Pennsylvania lawsuit with prejudice, saying it lacks factual proof. frosty3737 It doesn't matter, the seed has been sown. With all the failed lawsuits, wonder what their next move will be!

The Onion and foxnews said trump won, so it must be true. craftyme25 Rudy doesn’t look good. He really looks unhealthy It’s going to be okay Go home Rudy you’re drunk. Put another layer of hair in a can on. What color was Rudy’s hair after this went down? I can’t wait to see the State of NY be on the outside of that gate to arrest him.

Thank god Rudy works for free! Frivolous or not, RudyGiuliani laughs all the way to the bank. realDonaldTrump's donors got nothing but money. BBCNews With prejudice? When will the racism end? I think I'm gonna be sick! Carm ela is our president and Nancy pelosi vice president all hell is going to break loose 🖕🤮🤮

This means it will wind up in the Supreme Court. Don’t celebrate yet liberals. Supreme Court here we come! Trump won. Stop the steal! Am not a judge, and I knew that! They just want to go to the Supreme Court hoping the judges they installed pay them back. How long will ABC News last if a USA Civil war starts?

Last days of the American Reich?🤞 Communist propaganda. ABC Are statements under oath no longer considered evidence? realDonaldTrump nawwwwww🤣🤣🤣🤣 This judge renders decision based on prejudice, unfairness. and lack of knowledge of common law. He violates Due Process, as mandated by the US Constitution.

edeweysmith Like when are these fools gonna give it up. Do they not know what NO FRAUD means How many is this now? This is exactly what Trump wants hahahaha ThisWeekABC The Trump Legal Team have not gotten to an Evidentiary Hearing to present Evidence + Witnesses. Obama Appointed Judge. Anyone who still believes trump at this point is like someone who’s husband comes home passed out in the driveway with lipstick all over his face and clothes and he tells them he fell into the makeup aisle at the drugstore and they’re like “ok honey”

realDonaldTrump , 😂🥲🥲😂🥲🥲😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Trump = FRAUD Fake News ! Stand for Trump !! Probably a Democrat jamiedupree The fix is in! With a lawyer like Guilliani, Trump is going to keep losing over and over. 😜😂😜😷😜😂😂 Well duh trump & his 'team' looks like a bunch of ignorant fools.

“ReLeAsE tHe KrAkEn” Rudy talks too much bullshit. Too many conspiracy theories about voters fraud which was never true. Trump likes to screw him around very painfully and his ass hurts so much, it's no wonder why he dye his hair and if you ever notice a streak down on his left side of his face. BREAKING NEWS:the Trump era is officially OVER❗🎉🎈🎉

DianaCialino WHAT DO YOU MEAN VAMPIRES DON'T EXIST? Oh well Rudy they didn’t buy your load of bullshit! Obama appointed judge makes partisan decision. -fixed the title for you shocked shocked i tell you press conference tomorrow? oneunderscore__ 😂😂😂 Woo hoo! realDonaldTrump SoreLoser LiarInChief Sir, and RudyGiuliani CrookedRudy! May the lord have mercy on your souls because these charades are the final nail on your 'coffins of lies & cheating!' Rudy, you were once hero in America, but you sold your soul to PresidentLiarInChief

😂😂😂😆 I report factual evidence. The Pennsylvania dictators didnt want to hear it obviously bc they haven’t gotten back. Its Nov 21. My vote still hasn’t been counted. Can this federal court explain why? Of course a liberal judge appointed by Obama . Figures 🙄 As white WI voter, I can't let anyone wipe away the legitimate vote of my black/brown community members. We will rise up. Anyone who tries to do this under guise of B-S election fraud story will see swift justice. Our community voted, end of story.

Awesome Rudy be like...Ah know he cyah win...Buh ah being PAID!!...😂🤣😂🤣👉👉💰💰💸💸💲💲 oneunderscore__ Rudy: 'Someone get me the address of the nearest dildo store.' Trump and team's proof is about as real as Rudy Gobliniani's hair color Whomp whomp! Count Dracul. Poor Rudy..he is being used.. surprise

The legal claims were threadbare and inconsistent. Any judge worth a nickel would see this case as being completely meritless. That's why the Supreme Court is taking over RudyGuliani YOU'RE FIRED, Haha! With Predjudice! Under the law meaning he cannot refile the same claims. This will undoubtedly be the continuing rule of law as the lawyers for Trump are incompetent.

Losers gonna lose. MAGATears cc JennaEllisEsq FAKE MEDIA! suzannehatesyou Can you please start calling this a coup! Because it's a COUP!! 😂 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Noooo really? weavebe Elite Strike Out. An Obama appointee. What do you expect. Trump’s entire so called Presidency should be labeled as such. TrumpCoupAttempt

Politics Trump will do anything in his power to do a coup on our democratic goverment stay in power and create a dynasty like Kim in North Korea. The sad part is the GOP leadership is still coat tailing on this despot amd eager to help him take down our country. Shame on them! Trump Lost Again. The fact that he’s has so much money to fund these lawsuit shows that the 1 percent doesn’t get taxed enough

It lacks factual proof. It lacks factual proof. PopWrapped Let me guess he’s a liberal? No problem it’s going to the Supreme Court for ultimate victory The first dance, and last dance.... And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain. carolsbargeWSB Why do they keep showing the 'hair dye' running down his face? I watched the whole thing and never saw that

To SCOTUS WE GO! . .realDonaldTrump Donald Trump - someone the Germans cannot get over Trump’s voter fraud bullshit ended in a court of law. How many embarrassing losses must they suffer before they end this charade? The Prejudice is not from the Republicans. With prejudice means ' don't come back' Rudy is leaking oil!

Awww shit, Giuliani is gonna start leaking again. They’ll need to hold another press conference next to a sex shop tomorrow. For Trump administration standard of evidence or factual proof is irrelevant. This what delusion does ; it makes defeated persons lose their mind. You idiots will be sorry and whining about what you'll lose by wanting Bumble and Krumble in the white house.

Pack your bags and take your falsehoods with you 1/20/21 😂😂😂😂🤣😂 We will fire this judge when the case is presented democratic Trump racist 👍 Lies Prison awaits Giuliani! Bye bye RudyGiuliani_CN TrumpCrimeFamily Now going to Supreme Court Is this guy mad👍🥰☘️ Look at that taco bell 🛎 nice. I cant eat that my belly something i have a gift there take so so much work to made it happen tell me how you did it please. I know it no just love and dedication it was so much all i must remember all

So that means they can re-file if they have more evidence and it's good About 60 days to go as we journey on through the Donald Trump death trip. Crazy people (Rudy) are always convinced they are right and everyone else in the world is wrong. There is no hope of showing them how wrong they are, no matter the mountain of facts they are faced with. You just become part of the conspiracy in their mind. It's sad.

Damn, Trump is an expert at losing. He the best loser in the history of losers, believe folks believe me. 😁 EL DUENO DE LA VACA ES DUENO DE LOS TERNEROS Exactly what POTUS legal team expected, despite cause - Trump campaign will now seek an emergency appeal to the circuit court. THEN SCOTUS 🚨 I hope the insane ramblings of the president's 'lawyer' are saved for future generations of historians to write humorous books about.

🤔🤔🤔 I have GOT to read these petitions! They must just be comical It seems that everyone who's close to Trump, politically, either gets fired when they display the courage to voice disagreement w/ him, or, when they sell out and embrace him, they often regret it, as they have to live with themselves for doing so. Body language rarely lies.

😂😂😂😂 Kos nagooooo Sick and tired of Trump and his idiots and their law suits. This county is burning with a virus and ignorance on the Trumpians parts. i really don't care anymore if Trumpers die, but wish they would quit making other sick with them. Giuliani got slapped silly by this judge. Sloppy representation. Man needs to be disbarred.

Politics What that thing running down his face? Is his brain actually melting out? Move on! Worse month in PA, Trump’s legal team or the Nitany Lions? Who thinks these things will be forced through to the SC with the rabid new right winger? And what will then happen? Jilliandance It did have Hair dye though!!

realDonaldTrump DonaldTrumpJrA1 IvankaTrump EricTrump LOSING IS FUN!!!! They want it to be dismissed so they appeal loose that and get it to Supreme Court duh Trump’s entire team of lawyers needs to be disbarred Monday Penn will move ahead with the certification? Pennsylvania have voted and majority for JoeBiden so move on...

Maybe there was a time where Rudy was actually good at this, but that time has clearly passed. If this were a serious lawsuit, Rudy would not have been at the helm. Let the country move on. Get rid of questionable voting machines, yes. But move on. Rudi dyed his hair for nothing ? ThisWeekABC Typical Obama activist judge.

ThisWeekABC JennaEllisEsq so the martini bar thing was not a sign of rapport between Judge and Rudes So Rudy boy will change his famous sentence from “All the network’s” to “All the judges “ 'With prejudice' legalese for GTFO The Drip ! 🤣 The evidence of voter fraud is stored with Trump’s healthcare plan.

Ha Ha😂😂😂 THE PICTURE YOU ALL USED ya’ll ruthless lmaooo If this case were a horse the judge took the horse out behind the barn and shot him. Trumps entire presidency lacks any proof in the decision he made. Duh ! even a toddler in remotest part of india knows it ! This Obama/Biden judge in Pennsylvania is outrageous. I read the complaint. It was full of affidavits and serious constitutional issues that absolutely overcame a motion to dismiss.

I think the United States of America 🇺🇸 it’s youth has just grown up . and is tired of conspiracy theories and demands Factual information period. I’m sure Judges are just tired of this whinnying crybaby president The judge, a Barack Obama appointee, dismissed the case with prejudice, meaning the Trump campaign cannot resubmit the case. I know like hell Guiliani (cousin Venny) didn't try to pull these Shenanigan's with a Obama appointee!!😆😆

Lol supreme court wont touch a case that's been tossed out for no evidence. If the goal is to become the all-time laughingstock, well on their way..... What. A. Sunrise. Trump's legal team in a nutshell. I hope Emily doesn’t sleep at night. I hope this haunts her. She chose to side with the villains. GSAEmily

This photo choice is 🤌 Thats it! Supreme Court will do the right thing and elect our supreme leader What will happen if Trump refuses to leave the WH? Will he be dragged out after he no more enjoys the amenity as President? Only Trump supporters would be surprised by this and still not believe it. The proof is that I lost. After all the undermining of the election I did, There's NO WAY Sleepy Joe could come back! It has to be rigged!