Federal judge calls out Barr for lying, orders previously withheld documents released

.@Maddow: 'If you're the attorney general of the United States and you lie to a federal judge and the judge finds out about it, particularly if this is the not the first time you've done it, the federal judge is going to be mad.'

5/6/2021 3:11:00 AM

.Maddow: 'If you're the attorney general of the United States and you lie to a federal judge and the judge finds out about it, particularly if this is the not the first time you've done it, the federal judge is going to be mad.'

Rachel Maddow looks at former Attorney General Bill Barr's record of lying about the Mueller report, and outlines a federal judge's finding that Barr lied again about how the decision was made not to charge Donald Trump with obstruction of justice, ordering the release of never-before-seen material on that subject unless Attorney General Merrick Garland appeals that decision.

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maddow Is the federal judge mad enough to charge Barr with perjury? maddow Did any federal judges call out the FBI for lying in the FISA court. Please give me a break. When are charges coming out on Hunter Biden? maddow Is mad all there is? Where are the perjury and contempt charges? maddow Being mad is childish. If he really lied he s/b charged with contempt of court. Since that’s not happened one can only assume it’s just rhetoric. propaganda enemy

maddow There needs to be consequences for his corruption and cover up! NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW! So Barr needs to be charged and face jail time for his actions! Americans will not tolerate being lied to always by people who are supposed to be upholding the law! There needs to be justice! maddow That guy was Evil as hell. Can’t believe someone like him could be in that position. Of course republicans loved him just so it triggers the liberals. Cuz that’s the only policy GOP has now.

thereidout maddow I wonder if that holds true for the director of the FBI. You know, when Comey broke the law by presenting the Steele dossier to the FISA court without investigating. thereidout maddow BARR NEEDS TO BE CHARGED WITH LYING TO A FEDERAL JUDGE!!! maddow When were the other times Barr lied? Just because a judge ruled Maddow has a 1st amendment right to lie to her viewers doesn't mean everyone does it.

maddow How come this is coming out now!! Why want he dealt with when investigation was over or during impeachment! They had the report long ago!!! maddow Hi, my name is John Brennan and I lied to federal authorities.

Federal judge slams former AG Bill Barr over 'disingenuous' claimsBarr made specific claims in 2019 about whether Trump could be prosecuted for obstruction. According to a new court ruling, Barr's claims weren't true. MaddowBlog 'Slams' him? How about jail time for these criminals MaddowBlog Lock him up! MaddowBlog I want to know what the plan is for stopping future crooked politicians from doing the same!! Having 1 man with so much power makes us very vulnerable!

maddow lockemup maddow Maddow lies every time she is on the air or social media. maddow I would love to see Barr face serious consequences for this. He should loose his law licence maddow Speaking of which...when are we gonna see the full uncensored Mueller report?! maddow “Mad”, huh? That’s the root of the situation we are in; there are no consequences.

Donald Trump obstruction memo was a fig leaf for Bill Barr, judge says, ordering releaseU.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson had harsh words Monday for former Attorney General William Barr, saying the Justice Department should not have withheld a memo from a watchdog group. Probably a really really really tiny one since he’s a dïckless POS!

Judge orders DOJ to release Trump obstruction memo, says Barr was 'disingenuous'Federal judge orders the release of a memo the Trump-era Justice Dept. prepared for fmr. AG Barr before he announced his conclusion that fmr. President Trump had not obstructed justice during the Russia investigation. Dear kilmeade this is FACT long b4 Mohammad the ARABS figured out that if you COVER the nose & mouth of ppl it WILL - OVER TIME- break their will & spirit & thus EASIER TO CONTROL - it has now turned into a CONTROL MECHANISM = P.E.R.I.O.D. MSNBC kilmeade CDCgov POTUS CNN America deserves to know the truth. William Barr acted as Donald Trump's personal lawyer, not the Attorney General. No more coverups. Justice always catches up with the bad guys

Secret William Barr memo saying not to charge Trump must be released, judge saysA federal judge this week rejected the Justice Department's attempts to keep secret a departmental opinion to not charge former President Trump with obstruction at the end of the Mueller investigation, calling the administration's lawyers 'disingenuous'

Opinion | How Bill Barr can still be held accountable for undermining the DOJOpinion | JoyceWhiteVance: The problem here is that the former president wasn't looking for honesty from his appointees, but for loyalty. He expected Barr to help him stay in power. That’s the role Barr played throughout his tenure as attorney general. MarionBurr5 JoyceWhiteVance TRAITORS to America. JoyceWhiteVance I don't care how it is done- all I know is for democracy to survive and thrive- all the crooks of the Trump administration, including CoverupBarr have to be held accountable JoyceWhiteVance IF I may make a suggestion. The 'Bar Exam', should be named ANYTHING else! That is how much stain William BARR has put onto our legal system.