U.S. Postal Service, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, Mail, Rayburn House Office Building, Colorado

U.S. Postal Service, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy

Federal judge blocks U.S. Postal Service from sending 'patently false' mailers to voters

Warning that "patently false" information "will sow confusion," judge stops mailers from going to Colorado voters

9/14/2020 4:45:00 PM

A federal judge late Saturday ordered the USPS to immediately stop sending mailers containing false voting information to Colorado residents, saying he is 'deeply troubled' by the decision to distribute the misleading postcards

Warning that "patently false" information "will sow confusion," judge stops mailers from going to Colorado voters

A federal judge late Saturday ordered the U.S. Postal Service to immediately stop sending mailers containing false voting information to Colorado residents, saying he is"deeply troubled" by the decision to distribute the misleading postcards to households across the nation.

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"As a result of false information contained in the notice, some Colorado voters may not vote because they erroneously believe that: (1) they must request a ballot at least 15 days before the election; (2) they must mail their ballot at least seven days prior to the election; or (3) they may not vote if they lose their ballot," wrote U.S. District Court Judge William Martínez in a 10-page ruling (pdf) granting Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold's request for a temporary restraining order.

"In reality, Colorado voters do not need to request a ballot at any time. Voters who receive a ballot do not need to mail the ballot back at least seven days before the election; they may alternatively deposit that ballot at a drop-box or may choose to vote in person up to and including on Election Day," Martínez continued, describing some of the information on the mailer"patently false."

Related: House Dems call for U.S. postal chief's suspension"The notice, if distributed, will sow confusion amongst voters by delivering a contradictory message," the judge said.The ruling came hours after Griswold sued Postmaster General Louis DeJoy—a Republican megadonor to President Donald Trump—and other top USPS officials over the mailers, which have already arrived at households in Colorado and other states just weeks ahead of the November election.

Story continuesWhile acknowledging the postcards"may have started off as a well-intentioned effort" to inform voters ahead of the election, Griswold tweeted late Friday that"confusing voters about mail ballots in the middle of a pandemic is unacceptable."

As Common Dreams reported Saturday, election officials in California, Washington state, and Maryland have also publicly raised alarm about the postcards, which contain both broad advice on how to vote by mail as well as specific timelines that could mislead residents of states with different rules.

In an emailed statement Saturday as at least five additional states considered suing over the postcards, the USPS said the mailers are intended to provide"general, all-purpose guidance on the use of the mail, and not guidance on state election rules."

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"The mail-piece—which has already been delivered to most households and will reach every American residential mailing and P.O. Box address in the coming week—contains a single set of simple recommendations for voters throughout the nation, regardless of where they live and where they vote," the Postal Service said."At the same time, we are aware that each state has its own specific rules, deadlines and requirements, and the mail-piece acknowledges that fact."

Griswold said Saturday that she urged the Postal Service not to send out the mailers in Colorado due to the misleading information, but her request was denied."As the chief election official of the state of Colorado, it's my job to try to stop misinformation and any unnecessary election confusion," said Griswold."The importance of this election, combined with the fact it is being held amidst a national pandemic, further heightens the need to provide correct voting information to Coloradans."

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Colorado Sues USPS As States Warn Postal Service Sending Out Mail-In Voting Misinformation Colorado has a filed a lawsuit against the USPS as states warned that USPS is sending out mail-in voting misinformation Even the president said this was wrong. GOP will stop at nothing to keep power Radical-Right Fascist and not the Conservative/Republicans of our parents. Disgraceful

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Court Blocks Postal-Service Election Mailer in Colorado Colorado won a temporary restraining order blocking the U.S. Postal Service from sending the state’s households a postcard about voting by mail, after its top election official said the information on the mailer was misleading. Yeah, I’m accusing trolls of defamation... I didn’t do anything related to US passport destruction. Although... that’s probably legal for expired ones, eh? I got one of those and there's nothing wrong with it. It's simple things to remember like putting a stamp on the ballot. Mailing it early enough to arrive in time for election day. Simple things but I guess even being helpful is cause for alarm. They did, correct your title.

Colorado sues Postal Service over 'misinformation' notices about mail-in voting Colorado 's top election official has filed a lawsuit and restraining order against the US Postal Service over informational postcards that she says constitutes election misinformation. Hi It’s no fallacy that mail in ballots have a much higher risk of fraud. Therefore, it’s no wonder why the Democrat party is really pushing during Covid to vote via mail. For example, 28 million mail-in ballots went missing in the last four elections. Jens Griswold is fantastic! I hope I get to vote for her many times over the years!

The Postmaster General Says Ballots Will Arrive On Time. Postal Workers Aren’t So SurePostal workers say 2020 election ballots may not be delivered on time due to changes made by the Postmaster General The nation needs to vote at the polls, not mail in ballots, if people can riot, then-we can vote in person! just want to mail inso they can hope that ballots will come in late and if past 1/20 , pelosi becomes temp Pres! What on earth would happen then, mayhem! Vote in person! I mailed in my CCW application. It only had to go 10 miles within the same city. It took ONE WEEK!!! America shouldn't trust anything coming out of this WH nor its minions, especially DeJoy.

Federal judge grants temporary restraining order to prevent USPS from sending election mailers with 'false statements'A federal judge has temporarily barred the US Postal Service from sending mailers containing what Colorado 's top election official calls 'false statements' that may discourage voters from participating in the November election, according to court documents filed Saturday evening. BarackObama