Covid-19, Joe Biden, Pandemic

Covid-19, Joe Biden

Federal Employees Don't Have to Get Vaccinated Before In-Person Work, Biden Admin. Says

Being vaccinated “should generally not be a pre-condition for employees or contractors” in the federal government, the guidance stated

6/10/2021 7:43:00 PM

The Biden administration announced that the government will not require federal employees to be vaccinated for Covid-19 in order to work in federal buildings.

Being vaccinated “should generally not be a pre-condition for employees or contractors” in the federal government, the guidance stated

,agencies are also expecting additional guidance later this month regarding what the federal workplace will look like when employees return, including how many can be in office space at once and what future telework policies will look like.“We anticipate this guidance will leave room for decision-making at departments and agencies, to provide maximum flexibility for defining work requirements to meet mission and workforce needs,” an anonymous senior administration official told the 

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Post. Officials also told the paper that individual agencies will decide their own telework policies according to the needs of employees, the department’s mission, and supervisor preferences. Read more: Rolling Stone »

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Using a pre-fab, modular design, BROAD Group was able to construct a 10-story apartment building in 28 hours and 45 minutes in Changsha, China.

goddammit this is so fucking stupid. why Biden's pandering to antivaxxers now? Why? They’re just making our jobs easier

Biden-GOP Infrastructure Talks DeadThe Biden administration is turning its negotiations to a bipartisan group of 20 lawmakers as time runs out to strike a deal. When those dumbasses follow the Turtle kinda pointless. POTUS 3weeks into this!! Hurry up please!!! Why oh why bother. Joe these are not your white people. You have to cut the cord,

Top Biden Energy Nominee Testifies About How Minorities Are Harmed By U.S. PolicyShalanda Baker, who would lead the Energy Department's Office of Minority Economic Impact, said non-white communities are often 'invisible to lawmakers.' Maybe they just got tired of making laws nobody pays attention to. America needs to fix it's shit rather than making it a problem for all other countries.

Biden climate adviser: Infrastructure plan could omit some climate proposalsBiden's Climate Adviser Gina McCarthy acknowledged the political difficulties in passing aggressive climate change legislation, but said the president was still 'going for it' on climate in his $2 trillion infrastructure plan Nuclear? Calling this sad excuse of a plan 'aggressive' is a slap in the face for all us poor sons of bitches who are gonna live in the hellscape the rich have created for us over the next 60 years. Just like this first January6th report from the USSenate, this proves that bipartisanship with THESE Republicans only waters down & weakens good legislation BipartisanshipIsDead

Biden supply chain 'strike force' to target China on tradeThe United States will target China with a new 'strike force' to combat unfair trade practices, the Biden administration said on Tuesday, as it rolled out findings of a review of access to critical products, from semiconductors to electric-vehicle batteries. The 'supply chain trade strike force,' led by the U.S. trade representative, is looking for specific violations that contributed to a hollowing out of supply chains that could be addressed with tariffs or other remedies, including toward China, White House senior director for international economics and competitiveness Peter Harrell told reporters.

Biden-Capito infrastructure negotiations have endedBREAKING: Infrastructure negotiations between Pres. Biden and GOP Sen. Shelley Moore Capito have ended. BREAKING: The GOP are full of shit. Or is that old news? Imagine our surprise. The damned Democrats need to stop playing like the Washington Generals and put some points on the board. Mitch

President Biden Ends Infrastructure Talks With Senate GOP GroupPresident Biden ended infrastructure talks with a Senate GOP group and now plans negotiations with a bipartisan set of lawmakers in an effort to salvage a deal Waste of time. The gop will never vote for it anyway We need a 'No Deduction Income Tax' where everyone pays their fair share of taxes. PERIOD!!!!! What a shame! As Americans we keep falling behind in so many different levels. Even something that would benefit all doesn’t seem to be worth fighting for. 🤦