Fed's harsher tone spells uncertainty for markets and signals more volatility ahead

Fed's harsher tone spells uncertainty for markets and signals more volatility ahead

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1/27/2022 2:44:00 PM

Fed's harsher tone spells uncertainty for markets and signals more volatility ahead

The Federal Reserve surprised markets not with what it said but how it said it, and that may mean the path to tighter policy could be bumpy indeed for stocks.

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Wall Street rallies, snaps longest weekly losing streak in decades

Investors went into the weekend with more optimism that monetary policy can tighten without tipping the U.S. into recession. Read more >>

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CNBC Fed Survey forecasts more aggressive Fed, but better economic growthThe central bank's two-day meeting ends Wednesday, where it is expected to give more clues as to when it will hike rates and begin shrinking the balance sheet.

Fed plans to raise rates as soon as March to cool inflationThe Federal Reserve signaled Wednesday that it will begin a series of interest-rate hikes in March, reversing pandemic-era policies that have fueled hiring and growth — and stock market gains — but also high inflation. Hiring and growth 😂

Stocks fall, yields rise after Fed signals rate hike ‘soon’An early market rally gave way to a broad slide for stocks and a surge in bond yields Wednesday after the Federal Reserve signaled it plans to begin raising interest rates “soon.”

Fed Interest-Rate Decision Tees Up March IncreaseThe U.S. central bank held short-term interest rates steady and signaled intentions to raise them in mid-March, the latest turn toward removing stimulus to temper elevated inflation. On one hand he should have never spoke as the Fed report said all that was needed. The amazing thing is I sat thru his talk & read the report beforehand didn’t hear any difference. On the other hand what I believe happened was Algos initiated selling at the apex driving stocks⬇️ A 0.25% rise in interest rates... to combat 7+% inflation. Yeah, got it.

Fed Preview: Three ways Powell could out-dove markets, dealing a blow to the dollarHas fear of the Fed gone too far? Hints about the next move are even more critical. The Fed is set to refrain from an early end to tapering, in order not to rock the boat. US Preview FX Forex

As Fed Meets, Investor Angst Over Rate Hikes Spooks MarketsWild volatility in the stock market this week has put heightened scrutiny on the Federal Reserve’s meeting Wednesday and whether the Fed will clarify just how fast it plans to tighten credit and potentially slow the economy

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