FDA Begs Public to Please Stop Drinking Bleach

According to the FDA, if you were drinking something called a miracle solution, you might have been drinking bleach 😬


According to the FDA, if you were drinking something called a miracle solution, you might have been drinking bleach 😬

So-called miracle solutions, often called MMS, have been marketed for years as cures to everything from HIV to hepatitis. But according to a warning from the FDA, it’s actually just bleach

— consisting of a four-ounce bottle of MMS (sodium chlorite) and a four-ounce bottle of hydrochloric acid — is available from their website for $20.

In response to the FDA’s latest warning, Bishop Mark Grenon, co-founder of Genesis II, sent the following statement to Rolling Stone: “What a joke this is. The real reason we are being attacked is we are curing 100% of the time the #1 killer in all world history – MALARIA! Merck and GlaxoSmithKline are trying to develop a vaccine for malaria! They have the public’s ears but the Lord is allowing the TRUTH to get out and now millions know! Guess who is involved in these Pharmacueticals [sic], Murdoch Family, Google and many others It is being done for pennies!”

Grenon also sent a rebuttal letter that he says he has been using to respond to media requests regarding the FDA’s consumer update on MMS. It details Genesis II’s position that the FDA is “a pay-to-play approving board for companies and not as an agency looking out for the health of people.” The letter goes on to claim that the FDA has approved the use of chlorine dioxide in many other scenarios, including to purify drinking water, treat buildings after an anthrax scare, kill black mold after Hurricane Katrina, and disinfect hospitals and gyms from MRSA, and other bacteria, fungi and viruses. “Do you understand why we are being attacked by media, FDA etc?,” the letter reads. “[MMS] works and it is cheap, and the medical/pharma industry does NOT want the truth out!”

Read more: Rolling Stone

So Kids, learn your Lesson... Only Drink The Koolade of 'We Hate One Man and We Think You Should Too' Rolling Shit Magazine... But scew big gov’t interferring in our lives...... Bleach is a bit of a miracle solution tho. Couple splashes in that dusty tub will have it looking straight out of Home Depot in moments


Drinking bleach will not cure cancer or autism, FDA warnsTaking 'Miracle Mineral Solution' and other similar products is the same as drinking bleach, the FDA said. I prefer tide pods. News feed hacked That's.... news?

FDA approves tuberculosis drug that works on hard-to-treat casesThe FDA approved a new tuberculosis drug that improves treatment for the hardest-to-treat cases. Drug-resistant TB is a growing problem in many poor countries. Also researchers at Unam and Stanford found out that scorpion venom can be used to keill TB Bacteria, a gallon of the venom can fetch up to 38 millon bucks You won’t be irked, no matter how hard you tube. As someone who has RNs who work in the industry, you should rewrite this to include LA. It’s sweeping our emergency folks. Homeless. Drug addicted.

FDA warns about 'miracle' solution claiming to cure autism, cancer: 'Same as drinking bleach'The Food and Drug Administration is warning people against buying or using “Miracle Mineral Solution” — a product being sold online as a remedy for cancer.

FDA issues warning not to drink bleach to cure cancer, autismI understand having desperation but this is just lack of common sense. Darwin smiles. If climate change, nuclear annihilation, famine, swine flu, mad cow or all these other fun things don’t do us in, it’ll be that we’re all too stupid to not drink bleach

Drinking Bleach Won’t Cure Cancer or Anything Else, F.D.A. SaysThe F.D.A. said it was “false” and “dangerous” for marketers to claim online that drinking an industrial-strength bleach solution was a medical cure. Its advice to those who are drinking it: “Stop now.” Hey, what I drink and what not is none how your business! Cheers 🥂 C'mon people. Sure it will cure all things because you will be dead. Who has to be told such things? useyourhead tax dollars at work

FDA warns against drinking Mineral Miracle Solution, says it's 'the same as bleach'Federal government again warns against drinking Mineral Miracle Solution—which has been promoted on social media as a treatment for numerous conditions, including autism and cancer—saying it's 'the same as bleach.' Someone in Russia is laughing hysterically about the gullible Americans who believe everything they read on the internet.... How did this product even get on the market?

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