Fbı Official Under İnvestigation After Allegedly Altering Document İn 2016 Russia Probe - Cnnpoliti

Fbı Official Under İnvestigation After Allegedly Altering Document İn 2016 Russia Probe - Cnnpoliti

FBI official under investigation after allegedly altering document in 2016 Russia probe

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EXCLUSIVE: An FBI official is under criminal investigation after allegedly altering a document related to 2016 surveillance of a Trump campaign adviser, sources say

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Yep documents that KNEW were falsified and knowingly lied to the viewers. Textbook minimization, CNN. Call it what it is! FBI FABRICATED EVIDENCE to spy on a political opponent for Obama administration & Hillary during an election. Then used that to continue to spy on a sitting President! Bad cops framing innocent people is kind of a BFD.

BOMBSHELL By the time this is all done, and the corruption exposed, the world will be a radically different place. The People, will no longer trust or rely on the Media that knowingly promulgated fabricated lies. Many of you will lose your careers if not end up in jail. Oh I thought you said this was debunked? Lol CNN is a joke. Trump 2020!!

This is the REAL “beginning of the end.” Will CNN admit realDonaldTrump & seanhannity were right all along? I’ll actually watch CNN just to see it! I think this was a backup plan for Trump. Have an official lie to discredit the investigation. There's zero reason for this to come to light right now. Very suspicious.

This democratic communist party has to stop.

Vindman: Not aware of evidence that Ukraine interfered in 2016 electionWATCH: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman testifies he was not aware of any credible evidence to prove that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, instead directing the blame toward Russia.

This is crazy who could of saw that coming 🤔 what’s even more crazy is reporting on it. Here we go. deepstateexposed VoteRedToSaveAmerica But the flub-b-I is beyond reproach because muh feels! Who's been battered? OLD NEWS FOX HAS BEEN REPORTING ON THIS FOR A YEAR Cnn still dancing around real news with tortured language but I’ll give them credit for not totally burying it like abc.

Are these still the previews? Or is the show starting? Draining the swamp And you guys knew this all along but chose to keep protecting BarackObama, HillaryClinton & the DNC. You will be prosecuted along with them!

Impeachment Inquiry Live Updates: Fiona Hill Denounces ‘Fictional’ Claim of Ukraine Meddling in 2016The former top Europe and Russia expert at the National Security Council denounced the “false narrative” promoted by President Trump and Republicans that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 election, calling it a dangerous story planted by Russia that plays into Moscow’s hands. A senior embassy official in Kyiv testified that his “clear impression” was that Mr. Trump froze security aid to push Ukraine to investigate the Bidens.

That is a real shocker-what could possibly go wrong now? How is thay possible? You, have been saying for over 3 years that WE have to believe EVERYTHING the FBI tells us and that they are ALL super duper trustworthy What happened? You lied to us? THE HORROR hahahahahaha deep state is not happy. Mueller's team ‐ 19 lawyers, 40+ agents/analysts - would have known of the altered document. It took IG Horowitz to do something about it.

Keep in mind this was leaked to CNN, a friendly outlet to the Deep State. Trying to mitigate the damage by slowing leaking. I'm sure more damaging info to come. Boom 💥! It’s about to get real. This is going to be fun to watch. Kudos . I'm afraid it's too late to gain back our trust, but good to see y'all can report something positive for POTUS. I hope it didn't hurt too bad.

Peel back all the layers and expose the liars. Democrats. WHAT not BREAKING NEWS HUUUUUUUUU Maybe this?

Former Bolton aide Fiona Hill chastises those trafficking in ‘fictional narrative’ that Ukraine rather than Russia attacked 2016 electionThe former National Security Council aide will tell the House impeachment hearing that one of the central Republican talking points — that Ukraine interfered in the 2016 U.S. election — is a “fictional narrative that has been perpetrated and propagated by the Russian security services.”

Wait a minute...CNN is actually reporting facts Clown News Network Well how about them apples. You mean flynn's 302 ? Lol what!!!!? You’re telling me the Democrats cheated and lied!!!? I didn’t think that could possibly ever happen!!! Oh, NOW 3 years later has facts, into actual investigative journalism? Better %**^% late than never, . 👏🏻 👏🏻 👏🏻

FBI seeks interview with CIA whistleblowerThe FBI recently sought to question the CIA whistleblower who filed a complaint over President Trump’s July 25 Ukraine call — a move that came after a vigorous internal debate within the bureau over how to respond to some of the issues raised by the complaint’s allegations and whether they needed to

FBI Responds to Rumors Surrounding a Raid on Josh Duggar's HouseDid the FBI raid Josh and Anna Duggar's home?

DNA holds promise in finding fugitive but FBI rules, privacy questions loomDNA holds promise in finding fugitive Lester Eubanks but FBI rules, privacy questions loom.

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