FBI asks Jan. 6 suspect about ties to Congress, extremists groups

The FBI has been questioning at least one person charged in the Capitol riot about possible connections to members of Congress, @MacFarlaneNews reports.

6/19/2021 6:01:00 AM

The FBI has been questioning at least one person charged in the Capitol riot about possible connections to members of Congress, MacFarlaneNews reports.

NBC News reports the FBI have been questioning at least one of the people charged in the Capitol riot about his possible connections to members of Congress.

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MacFarlaneNews Keep digging.👍🏾 MacFarlaneNews Good luck with that, they aren’t smart enough to save themselves. They’re still worshiping their golden calf even when it means going to prison. 😒 MacFarlaneNews MacFarlaneNews Get these fuckers and charge them all. MacFarlaneNews Donald’s failed insurrection culminated from a seditious conspiracy against the United States by white-supremacist oligarchy & it’s STILL ONGOING. Donald’s just one headliner. Follow the money. Expose the kingpins. Remain vigilant. Stay safe. 🇺🇸

MacFarlaneNews If any members of congress are found to have connections with insurrection participants, they should be charge with insurection, and maybe as accomplices in the deaths of the victims. MacFarlaneNews MacFarlaneNews Now we know why republicans in congress are fighting tooth and nail to coverup yet another atrocity that can be traced directly back to them.

PansyKhan MacFarlaneNews We know of at least, many? Tours for the tourist prior to the insureecetion/tour, and don't forget idiot tedcruz mentioned by name on video, by tourists inside the Capital, so I hope FBIWFO is talking to more than one tourist? And this guy seems to be under the radar? MacFarlaneNews MSNBC and News organizations, stop framing and down playing the attempted coup on 1/6 to a riot. Stop it! They tried to overthrow the sovereignty of our government elections. In other words kill the constitution and democracy.

MacFarlaneNews Not surprise insurrectionists are all in our government thats why the Republican Party wants to hide it

Tucker Carlson doubles down on claim FBI was involved with Capitol riots'First, how many of the so-called insurrectionists on January 6 had a relationship with the FBI? How many of these FBI moles encouraged others that day to break the law at the Capitol?' Carlson said if the answer was none, he would apologize for being wrong. TuckerCarlson looks like he loved coke in college, harassed all the girls and was a super douche. Actually, I’d double down and say he’s still a douche. We're living through America's first oligarchical sedition & rebellion with Donald as their headliner. It's all laid out in the thread below. All of it. Give it a read. Wake up. Defend our country. Defend our Constitution. E Pluribus Unum. 🇺🇸 Sounds like he’s calling for a congressional investigation into Jan 6th. Let’s go!

darionavarro111 MacFarlaneNews That's great. I hope that they nail everyone involved. morgfair MacFarlaneNews McConnell didn't want a Jan. 6 Commission to dominate the 2022 election cycle. But as bad facts leak out, perhaps the Republicans' self-serving decision to block a Commission will dominate 2022 instead.

MacFarlaneNews Good. Turn up the Grill. MacFarlaneNews I can't believe they turned on Pelosi.

Fact-check: Fox News and Republican lawmakers push new false flag conspiracy that FBI orchestrated US Capitol attackFox News, right-wing websites and GOP lawmakers are promoting a new false flag conspiracy about the fatal assault on the Capitol. It's just the latest example of right-wing figures deflecting responsibility for the riot away from Trump and his supporters. Silly man Reality and Truth does not sit well with the GOP Lawmakers and Fox News. ProjectLincoln gtconway3d RpsAgainstTrump Can we put the riots and the events from Jan 6th side by side and see which is worse LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder

Senior citizens lost almost $1 billion in scams last year: FBIAn FBI report Friday said senior citizens lost almost $1 billion in scams last year. Makes me want to cry 😢😢😢😢 RangePsychic Elderly Mom receives at least 30 pieces of mail a month asking for money. They say things like urgent and must be paid, or threaten your ssn. Or charities that request $’s. They prey on memory loss or dementia. Post office could stop delivery Does this include all the political donations they made to Trump as well? Because that's definitely a scam.

Andrew Clyde Challenges MTG for Title of Most Extremist Georgian in CongressThe North Georgia mountains are a proving ground for radical right-wing populists. Gun dealer Andrew Clyde is the latest example.

From Fringe Websites To Congress: The Insane ‘False Flag’ Theory Of Jan. 6Right-wing media and the GOP are still trying to shift blame for the Capitol riot. Their latest ploy? Claiming the insurrection was organized by the FBI. Who are these people? They need to go back to where they came from. It’s a weird twist of logic; the FBI is the enemy and Putin is a hero. People seriously need to be concerned with where GOP is at right now; fully embracing conspiracy theories and undermining our national intelligence while favoring the global agitator, Putin. Lurching drunkenly from one unfounded accusation to the next. How about we have a 1/6 commission and actually figure this out. Just a thought.

Lawyer in L.A. sexual harassment case seeks Garcetti aide's private Facebook postsAfter The Times reported on a private Facebook group for key Garcetti staffers, a lawyer asked the city to preserve the site's messages, emojis and 'likes.' fired dozens of tear gas canisters at demonstrators and journalists during the clashes in the town of Beita, south of Nablus. FreePalestine 🇵🇸 saveshaikhjarrah 🇵🇸 SaveSilwan 🇵🇸 SaveBeita 🇵🇸 SavePalestine 🇵🇸 IsraelTerorrists Garza, Jacobs, Garcitti? Silverlake? Private Protective Detail? Who can say?