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Faye Webster makes alt-country music with a fuck-it mentality

On her new album 'I Know I'm Funny haha,' the Atlanta-based artist embraces honesty and tells it like it is. Here, she fills us in on the project.

7/29/2021 5:30:00 PM

On her new album 'I Know I'm Funny haha,' the Atlanta -based artist embraces honesty and tells it like it is. Here, she fills us in on the project.

On her new album 'I Know I'm Funny haha,' the Atlanta -based artist embraces honesty and tells it like it is. Here, she fills us in on the project.

, recording had to be planned well in advance and all at once, which is the opposite of how Faye is used to making music. “This time was way more stressful, and I didn’t last as long as I should have in the studio. I had thismental breakdownand then went home because I couldn’t do it,” she explains. “But it was a good learning experience for the future, when I’m not able to get my friends in the room the next day. I need to be prepared for an interruption.”

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Faye prefers the fresh feeling of a first take, of writing and recording one song at a time so she can fully immerse herself in it. “It’s not until I’m sitting in the studio, about to record, that I share the demo [with the band]. I don’t share demos ahead of time because I don’t want them thinking about it too much, like plotting or over-analysing. It’s a more accurate representation of what the song is supposed to be when it’s just like: this is what it’s calling for.”

Growing up, Faye made all her music onGaragebandfrom the comfort of her bedroom at her parents’ house. Now, even though she loves the collaborative atmosphere of the studio, she still prefers recording vocals alone in her room. Her whisper-soft, crystal clear production is a signature part of her sound, as if she’s singing right into your ear. It makes every listen feel immediate and new, no matter how many times you’ve heard the song before.

Lyrically, Faye has a knack for nuance. She’s able to express what everybody else is thinking but nobody has said. “It’s like I’ve got this fuck-it mentality,” she says of her writing process. “I struggled with it in the past. I’d be texting my brother, like, ‘is mom going to be offended if I say this?’ But now, since I’ve gotten comfortable being

, I find myself writing about different things because I just have this mindset of, whatever I’m thinking, I’m saying. I don’t want to sugarcoat it.”I Know I’m Funny hahais an amalgamation of everything Faye has learned so far, set against the backdrop of a global pandemic. It’s an exercise in honesty, in getting comfortable with being alone and in falling in love. The record’s eleven tracks are threaded together with an optimism that separates this body of work from

. “I’ve been saying it feels more hopeful,” Faye adds. “This record is coming from a less lonely place.”The album opens with “Better Distractions”, the dreamy, lap-steel led single that madeBarack Obama’s Best Music of 2020 list. The song, about missing a loved one and living through uncertainty, feels universally relatable in the wake of the last year. It’s also a central theme throughout the album, where isolation is a force Faye continuously reckons with. She sums it up nicely on “Sometimes”, a twinkling lullaby of a song, when she sings: “I’ve got too much time, what else is there to do now / Overanalyse things I don’t really care about.”

In her free time,and plays Nintendo Switch. Some of her favourite games includeRocket LeagueAnimal Crossing, the latter of which she says she has played so much “there’s like nothing left to do”. She tells me all about Nookazon, which is like Amazon for Animal Crossing, and even tries to help me find a mushroom lamp I’ve been looking for. “Oh wait, is it this green Mario mushroom?” She asks, pausing the interview. “Sorry, I’m on Nookazon, I should not be doing this right now.”

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