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Fauci warns herd immunity will kill people, 'an unacceptable pathway'

Fauci warns herd immunity will kill people, 'an unacceptable pathway'

10/29/2020 4:29:00 PM

Fauci warns herd immunity will kill people, 'an unacceptable pathway'

The U.S.'s leading immunologist comments were followed by reports the White House was using heard immunity as a basis for policy.

Daily Beastreport citing three unnamed senior health officials working with the White Housecoronavirustask force, who claimed that President Donald Trump and hisadvisershad accepted the notion of herd immunity, and were using it as a basis for policy.

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The website reported that Trump administration officials cited the GreatBarringtonDeclaration in a recent call with reporters, and said that"protecting the vulnerable" was its focus as"most people do extraordinary well."Fauci recently claimed the president has not met with the White House coronavirus task force, of which Fauci is a member, for

"several months."Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, testifies during a Senate hearing on September 23, 2020. Fauci is against letting the coronavirus spread through the population in order to achieve herd immunity.

GRAEME JENNINGS/POOL/AFP via Getty ImagesDr. Scott Atlas, acoronavirusadvisor to the White House who does not have expertise in infectious disease or epidemiology, has reportedly pushed the concept of herd immunity to the Trump administration. Atlas has repeatedly denied this claim.

"This is all Atlas," an unnamed health official toldThe Daily Beast."I find it disturbing... bordering on ludicrous. Everything that comes out of Atlas' mouth is geared towards letting it rip and then just worry about protecting the vulnerable."

Appearing to refer to the concept in September, Trump said during an ABC Newstownhall:"you'll develop [...] like a herd mentality it's going to be [...] herd developed and that's going to happen."The next day, Press SecretaryKayleigh

McEnanytold a press briefing"herd immunity has never been a strategy here at the White House. The President last night was noting herd immunity is over a period of time."McEnanyalso denied that Atlas had proposed herd immunity as a strategy.

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In a statement, Atlas toldThe Daily Beast:"As we have specifically stated many times on the record and in print, we emphatically deny that the White House, the President, the Administration, or anyone advising the President has pursued or advocated for any strategy of achieving herd immunity by letting the

coronavirusinfection spread through the community."That has never been advised to the President nor has it ever been part of any policy of the President."Newsweekhas contacted the White House, Atlas, and Great Read more: Newsweek »

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We wear seatbelts It is a LAW that everyone must wear a seatbelt when in a moving car that is on any road. Why is it not a LAW that everyone wear a mask when in public? Wearing both saves lives. Liar 😡🤬 He is such a liar. He is afraid he will not win financially. One big pay off before retirement. In order to push things along, lord Kushner said Trump was taking control from the doctors putting a stop to science. Trump came out with the idea of herd immunity by sacrificing the old and unhealthy. Now through super spreader rallies he spreads the virus and population control

True and the main people calling for it will be gone too or their love ones. So be careful what you wish for. CNN: On 4/18, Kushner told Woodward that Trump was “getting USA back from doctors” in what he termed a “negotiated settlement.' They'd no longer be listening to health experts.’ WH wb focused on helping realDonaldTrump w election strategy, of being the “open-up president.”...

The new Greta If he doesn't believe in immunity ,Will Dr Fauci be first Vaccinated to built public confidence. This man needs to be fired. Millions will die. Every hospital in this country will be at max capacity everyday resulting in millions more to die. Oh my god, is he related to Chris whitty? When I saw GovRonDeSantis RonDeSantisFL at a Trump Rally in Florida & he was running around high-fiving everyone DURING A PANDEMIC WHERE ELDERLY FLORIDIANS WERE DYING SCARED AND ALONE, I knew they were pure evil & they wanted herd immunity. THEY ARE SO DANGEROUS! SCARY PEOPLE!

Is that the same person was asked recommendation for BLM gathering responded like a 3 years old child? Republicans want Covid to spread because it’s disproportionately killing minorities and minorities tend to vote Democrat. Head immunity is 70% that’s 245,000,000 affected n no ones how deaths you want to be one or any of your family members don’t follow Trump to your death 💀 vote blue

This guy is no longer credible. Lockdowns are unacceptable Fuck Fauci I’m gonna listen to a lifelong con man and former reality tv show host instead...smh 🤦🏽‍♂️ The term herd immunity is just annoying. Just say 'do nothing' instead. Millions dead is not a strategy; it's a surrender. VoteBlueDownBallot TrumpLiesAmericansDie

Absolutely. GOP = Some of you will have to die. This, as Asia opens up their economies and schools with little or no Covid with testing, tracing, safety protocols while the GOP leadership is too lazy, too stupid or too callous to follow the science and what works. COVID19 VoteThemOut March 24th

White House praises Trump for 'ending' COVID pandemic, Fauci says finish 'not even close' COVID-19 has caused the 'mother of all outbreaks over the last hundred years,' said Fauci, a leading expert in infectious diseases. Long way to go on this pandemic.. It’s ok, nobody believes republicans anyway. FOX News: The FBI now suspects a fourth person in the room where Rev. Falwell watched his wife have sex. Deep impressions in the carpet right next to the bed suggests a second chair and much heavier man. They also found French fries lying about on the floor... hmm. I can lie too.

Fauci says small gatherings driving new Covid outbreaks, warns about ThanksgivingSmall indoor gatherings of families and friends are driving coronavirus outbreaks across the country — and that has worrying implications for Thanksgiving, Dr. Fauci says. Omg just stop. Everything spreads covid. How long do you expect people to hide? Would you like a side of COVID with your Turkey Ma? Yeh, not worth it. Eat a turkey sandwich. IAmSophiaNelson Don’t forget to add Trumps super spreader events. 9 people have pneumonia just from his disastrous rally last night!

COVID vaccine would come in January at the earliest, Fauci says'Could be January, could be later, we don't know,' Dr. Anthony Fauci said Wednesday when speaking about the timeline for the earliest release of a U.S. COVID-19 vaccine. Hey Fauci, I thought Trump canned you because he knows more than you. Meanwhile Many are $ick Many are Dying $ome can't go to school $ome can't go to work $ome can't Celebrate Graduation $ome can't Celebrate Marriage Families can't show the full measure of R-E-S-P-E-C-T for loved ones FUNERALs n DRUMPF still has no plan I was such a big Dr Fauci fan but feel now he goes out of his way to contradict everything and provide doom and gloom daily.

Fauci: Australia Has 'Done Actually Quite Well' Containing COVID-19, Unlike The U.S.America's infectious disease expert spoke on a panel with colleagues from Australia, discussing how the U.S. had stumbled in comparison to its Oceanic ally. 🤪 Yeah I'll pass on Australia's policies Australia still our ally Drumpf! Hey Drumpf! Get on that, will ya! You missed one! realDonaldTrump BidenHarris2020

Fauci: Australia Has 'Done Actually Quite Well' Containing COVID-19, Unlike The U.S.America's infectious disease expert spoke on a panel with colleagues from Australia, discussing how the U.S. had stumbled in comparison to its Oceanic ally. “Stumbled”....More like

Fauci Endorses National Mask Mandate But Concedes It’s Unlikely Under TrumpThe nation’s top infectious disease official says he hasn’t spoken about the outbreak with President Trump in ‘quite a while.’ Oh so he’s for masks again? Fauci lost credibility the 1st time he lied about masks. thank you very much for your work