Fauci: 'There's No Doubt' COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Undercounted In U.S.

A recent study counted 905,000 deaths in the U.S., nearly double the amount recorded by federal health officials.

5/9/2021 7:26:00 PM

A recent study counted 905,000 deaths in the U.S., nearly double the amount recorded by federal health officials.

A recent study counted 905,000 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., nearly double the amount recorded by federal health officials.

the University of Washington released Thursday tallied around 905,000 deaths.“That’s a bit more than I would have thought the undercounting was,” Fauci said of that difference. “I think there’s no doubt ... that we are and have been undercounting. What that tells us is something that we’ve known. You know, we’re living through a historic pandemic, the likes of which we haven’t seen in over a hundred years.”

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NBC NewsDr. Anthony Fauci said he has"no doubt" that the number of COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. has been undercounted.He went on to stress the need for people to get vaccinated, which he said will help prevent another surge in infections this fall and winter.

“The larger proportion of the population that’s vaccinated, the less likelihood that a season like the coming fall or winter you’re going to see a significant surge,” he said.About one-third of Americans have been fully vaccinated and almost half have been at least partially vaccinated, headtopics.com

according to CDC datareleased Saturday. President Joe Biden has set a goal of getting 70% of Americans vaccinated by July 4, which Fauci said he believes will be reached.In addition to stressing the need for more people to be vaccinated, Fauci highlighted the importance of wearing masks, and credited their use to a drop in other respiratory diseases, such as the flu. With more people becoming comfortable wearing them, he said masks may become a seasonal item to help prevent disease spread.

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They must have found some more of Andrew C’s victims. FauciFan I know two people that died of another cause but on death certificate it says covid. Fauci cannot be trusted. Why not count deaths in January-February 2020 as well contributing to covid-19 deaths? My friend died in an ICU from every symptom of covid-19 in 2/20, yet no diagnosis...

I'm not surprised at all. Politicians who are Trump followers are hiding the results of the pandemic! One day it's under counted and the next day it's over counted. I don't think we'll ever know the truth. Data cherry picking.. make the number to meet the agenda Now count Cuomos numbers. Did you deduct the massive amounts of misclassified deaths?

iKamalVeda How many deaths during 9/11 and what did George Bush do about it? Just asking. Covid deaths have been over counted by a multiple of 50 to a thousand times not under counted!

Fauci: 'There's No Doubt' COVID-19 Deaths Have Been Undercounted In U.S.A recent study counted 905,000 coronavirus deaths in the U.S., nearly double the amount recorded by federal health officials. TrumpGenocide CrimesAgainstHumanity

This headline couldn't be any more inaccurate. Does anyone care about facts anymore? There were 600,000 deaths on record. Double would be 12,000. That's not ALMOST I think they have been over counting The United States had American scientist at the Wu Gun laboratory, but trump removed them cause he didn't want Americans working abroad. And Fauci hasn't been in a laboratory technician in 20 years

TrumpFailedAmerica Whatever happened to flu deaths? Did Covid kill the flu? Genuinely curious. Xi’s kill count just keeps soaring and yet countries after countries are aligning and partnering with China is only growing. Feels like many leaders have simply sold their sole for money Dear NY Times & WP. How about requesting our Barkha Dutt to follow up on these leads and do some factual coverage for your American Audience. They will surely love her articles. This vulture journalist is good at such things.

BDUTT how cud u miss so many graves sagarikaghose _sabanaqvi sardesairajdeep ShashiTharoor it seems u people don’t see these posts and only see anti India posts so that u can blame Modi, shame on u hypocrites

Rand Paul Yells More, Listens Less In Yet Another Hearing With Fauci'Senator Paul, with all due respect, you are entirely and completely incorrect,' the infectious disease expert said. Calling senator dickhead’s neighbor . Calling senator dickhead’s neighbor. Hello? 'Until Paul took the floor, members of bipartisan panel focused on matters like vaccine efficacy & distribution, how to reach & reassure vaccine-hesitant Americans & how best to vaccinate populations outside the US. Paul veered sharply towards less productive waters...' Fauci lied to Congress today. Easily verifiable with a quick search. When can we expect the pre-dawn raid by the FBI?

Then WTF vultures and presstitutes of nytimes and washingtonpost doing. Why was burial ground not covered by washingtonpost and nytimes the way they covered cremation in India ? 9 is not 'nearly double' 6. Fauci? Less said the better Love Bet there were thousands more of the Indigenous, POC, other minorities who died in their homes of Covid and were buried without a positive Covid diagnosis in the USA.

PROTIP: Make your lies at least a little bit credible. This is FALSE. I personally know nurses and doctors that classified deaths as COVID because they were instructed by hospital administrators to do so. $$$$$. Everything this fake says is a lie! All these deaths lie at the feet of Trump, GOP and RW media

But peculiarly just as reported covid19 deaths in 🇺🇸 zoomed up, pneumonia deaths zoomed down! Hasn't the total stayed about the same? POTUS CDCgov CDCDirector ZDoggMD Trump: 'I SAID RECOUNT VOTES, NOT THE NUMBER OF INNOCENT PEOPLE I KILLED!'

Fauci Says U.S. Can Relax Mask Mandates, Be ‘More Liberal’ As Vaccination Rates Increase'Yes, we do need to start being more liberal as we get more people vaccinated,' the nation's top infectious disease expert said. Cryptocurrency for all Bitcoin beginner's !!! are you a Bitcoin Holder, Buyer, Seller or about starting up a trade? Start trading without sending your bitcoin or asset to anyone....but invest it yourself contact and ask sir californiaBTC1 how ? When the master speaks we should all listen, wise words The numbers are no different then 8 months ago but now everything is ok to open before June 1. So how is this different then what Trump said, one day it will all just go away. PS, I didn't and don't support Trump but this is all complete and total political BS!!!!

And shouldn’t it be less deaths since people aren’t on the roads as much or overworking themselves to death? So im confused. The number of deaths in the US is the number. How they’re categorized is a different topic. If more have actually died from COVID then it means 2020 wouldve been the first year in forever where deaths were considerably decreased than any other year in decades

drjudymelinek That would mean approx 12.5 million more positive cases in the USA than the 32.7 million reported assuming a 2% death rate. So that means Fauci has killed many more with his illegal banned Bio Weapon research he funded in China. Follow the money America the facts are out there and clear. He was a leader in the Plandemic. US Military Tribunal at GITMO soon for War Crimes and Treason.

Lol undercounted? We've spent the Last year pretending every death was covis Cough*bullshit*cough Gee... you mean because the Trump admin took over the numbers & Red States like Florida were/are lying about their numbers? Hey Fauci, take your face mask mandate and shove it!! Yeah because as soon as Trump left office everyone shut the hell up about how many deaths were on the president's hands.

drjudymelinek Did not see this coming. Infections - yes. Deaths? What are we?

Fauci joins calls for nationwide lockdown to contain India's Covid crisisIndian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is under increasing pressure to impose a nationwide lockdown as the country grapples with the world's worst Covid-19 outbreak. Hello, please look at our profile and help us to empower vulnerable women and families to fight poverty CNN common responsibility has turned from news reporting to smearing the conservatives both within and outside the US. Propaganda FakeNews CNN is chinese news network these days. We know y u want national lockdown. It won't happen. Cities and towns where cases are more are already having lockdown!!

Fake news Suits China Joes agenda fake science The only person I know who died from Covid was an alcoholic, obese, had Parkinson’s, going to the bar every night without a mask on. 70 years old. What do you expect Not according to the CDC which stated that only 6% of china virus deaths listed were actually caused by the virus. ChinaVirusScam

Fake news No doubt Fauci lied to me when I was in studying corona virus- Fauci is a greedy SOB No doubt Fauci lied to me when I was in studying corona virus- Fauci is a greedy SOB. I call BS Ex bjp minister and his brother capture refugee land and Kathua revenue department and jk GOVERNMENT doesn't take any action

Thrilled to wear masks in grocery stores and drug stores during flu season going forward. Am enjoying in person, inside dinner parties with fully vaccinated folks the past two weeks. No conflict there!

It may be time to relax indoor face mask mandates, Fauci saysDr. Anthony Fauci says federal guidance on wearing face coverings indoors may change soon. I started out really liking Fauci but he seems to contradict himself almost daily now and I have lost total confidence in him. I think he is more political than scientific now, which is really sad given his background and expertise. Less talking, more research please. How safe is the nation from the current surges in India.? Why should vaccinated people wear masks to protect the unvaccinated who don’t care to protect themselves with the vaccine?!

My own estimates by using all public available studies, and a little common sense, shows closer to between 40k and 80k deaths from COVID. Well the Trump administration did the best they could to hide the real numbers Most likely true... Donald Trump's administration covered it up How many doctors/scientists've had their reputations/careers/lives trashed/accts banned trying 2 get this vital info 2 ppl, eh BigTech/media? How many 1000s or millions of lives were lost b/c u suppressed it? U should b sued 4 all u'r worth! Ivermectin

Bullshit And yet somehow there was no excess death for people under 65 last year. And no excess death at all in places like Sweden that did not lockdown. dollbab33326941 And I believe you can double the number of cases of coronavirus period. Great idea! There was no flu or cold season this past year! During flu season it should be common like in asia if your sick you have to wear a mask. There was no flu season the last year because of all the mask wearing we almost eradicated the flu from the planet! Mask up!

Orange monster is responsible for the 900,000 deaths from covid This year! Lock him up!👹👿🤢🤮💩👺🤥👾💀☠️🍊😢😪 Lies

Where are they hiding the bodies? The total death totals dont accountfor this unless we have hospitals storing bodies If you were in hospice & had already been given a few weeks to live, & then were found to have COVID, that would count as a COVID death. It means technically even if you died of a clear alternate cause but had COVID at the same time, it's listed as a COVID death.~Dr. Ezike, IDPH

BS! That's bullshit. They literally just invented a bigger number. Oh sure...I believe this crap. What happened to the counts of the FLU And why is a car accident death COVID? If this bozo has his way, all deaths, 100% are COVID. He needs to be replaced . Too bad 95% don’t die from c19, but comorbiditys

Read the study again - it does not say they counted 905,000 deaths. It was a model. I think there is a FLU shot now - get a shot and I guess you could double mask up still to show your symbol This NONSENSE that you guys 'report' is why NO ONE respects the media.... Buullllllsheeeet

Oh crap. Now the right wingers will really be screaming and whining. They still want to say people died from the flu. Miraculously, we only had 1800 cases of flu this year. Masking, lockdowns, etc worked for flu, but because of 'idiots defying safety measures', it didn't work for Sars-Cov2. You have to be a moron not to see pseudoscience at its worst.

Probably cases were also undercounted, but if not. 910,000/33,400,000 = 2.40% case fatality rate. Not your typical flu mortality rate of 0.01%. People who believe this story have an IQ below room temperature Ah undercounted? I'd say that would be if it was 700,000 not 670,000 - NOT 905,000. WHO was counting?

No 5 to Zero? Double the number, not 'amount.' These deaths, sadly, are countable. Covid19 screening May 14 and June 1, 2020 in Wuhan. 9,899,828 participated. No new symptomatic cases and 300 asymptomatic cases were identified. There were no positive tests amongst 1,174 close contacts of asymptomatic cases'....

Well yeah because Florida and Texas among other red states lied about deaths. Just massive bullsh**. is a propaganda machine.

Zero actual proof of any of this horseshit you’re shoveling There is no telling with that Clown Fauci. He should have been fired You had to pad the count because not enough people were scared enough to be lab rats for the vaccine? 1/8 Solar & Wind are 0 emissions? Each 1 MW of solar farm power requires between 35 to 45 tons of steel, + you need to dig for cadmium, gallium, germanium, etc Make silicon Silicon metal is made from the reaction of silica (SiO2) -

Most welcome precious people Be enlightening to know how many COVID-19 & COVID-19 variant deaths were/are attributable to ignorance, stupidity & selfishness of those who dismissed masking & social distancing & the virus itself prompted by the politicization of COVID-19 by 45, his administration & party.

Gee, thanks donald. Fauci .... How many have died because of COVID? How many died but also had COVID? No form on me passed out/dead & its$? and given to me from Gov Reagan's Clinton/Bush/Powell/Cheney? they said 2 uncles died when Reagan no show in NY 1981, he shot too. They chat at the Base as if alive since no show. Homes bought? I'm Loans Servicing in bank or Gov. They too BIG

So he did not say why the deaths were undercounted. You would think the deaths were over counted as people who died with covid not from covid were counted. From the creator of the PCR test It’s a real shame that we can no longer trust the information being released by Fauci or any other MSM news source. It’s the result of news tribalism

Americans lying big again! Q Who said data cannot be skewed ? If Fauci said it then the opposite must be true. He’s never right This really is fucking hilarious. Remember back when New York presumed that 3600 deaths in the state were because of Covid and the people were never tested and they found out it was because New York wanted to be the first state to 10,000 deaths. Yeah get fucked

the insurance business uses actuarial tables using data dating back many decades. very accurate. for a given area and time, one can estimate of deaths. anything over that can be attributed to covid

Number from John Hopkins before article was pulled, sham. 2017: 2,813,503 2018: 2,839,205 2019: 2,855,000 2020: as of 11/14 total deaths = 2,512,880 The real concern should be if the numbers were overstated. When hospitals are paid more for COVID deaths, clinicians can get creative This is pretty much going to be the case everywhere in the world unfortunately. We won’t know for a few years what the closest count will be.

You are if you get me some smokes. Covid19 is soooo 2020, no one cares anymore. People are living their lives. We gave Big Gov a year of our lives, we're not giving them anymore. Ignore the Covid19 hype. Live your life! FAKE NEWS I gotta call out the BS. There are many articles from last year stating they were overreporting deaths and infections. Anyone who died who happened to test positive was counted as having died from it. Even a few auto accidents were erroneously attributed. Fauci is a hack.

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