Fauci says he wears a mask to be a symbol of 'what you should be doing'

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Dr. Anthony Fauci says he wears a mask to be a symbol of 'what you should be doing'

"I want to protect myself and protect others and also because I want to make it be a symbol for people to see that's the kind of thing you should be doing," Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert and a member of the White House's coronavirus task force, told CNN's Jim Sciutto. Trump has sought to politicize the wearing of masks during the coronavirus crisis.

Trump himself has not worn a mask in public during factory tours in recent weeks, even as public health experts have recommended wearing them. This week, Trump shared a tweet that mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for wearing a mask Monday at a Memorial Day ceremony, prompting the presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee to call Trump"an absolute fool."This story is breaking and will be updated.


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Hey guys! I am making free face masks and have shipped all around the world at no cost to the reciever! Donations are welcome and just go back into the making process!My facebook group is called 'Saving the world, one mask at a time!' Can you guys help me get the word out?


Thank you Doctor

Yet he is the brain behind all this ...ooohhh shit

Dear American Friends, Here in Turkey 3 months ago also Doctors was saying not necessary to use masks,but a month ago same doctors said all people have to use masks and keep social distance.. Dr.Fauci is right. Use masks save lives and stay safe.🙋🏻‍♂️

PS Obamagate 🍕👶🏼👧🏼👶🏼🍕🍕👶🏼🍕

🤭 Obamagate

Yep, should be, but not necessarily necessary, 90% use of a mask is actually a waste.

not a symbol of encouraging definitely

SethAbramson This guy is a hero.

This poor man is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t! He just tell everyone to f👀k off and do what they want. Pointless trying to talk sense to people now. Whatever will be, will be!

CNN to be symbolic I give you my middle finger

Thank you fauci thank you fauci thank you fauci. Love a real doctor as opposed to the Twitter doctors.

But he told us 3 months ago another to wear one

Hey CNN - TELL the truth - Dr Fauci has YET to be right on anything. Also, wearing gloves - worthless - no proof this works, and Masks - again NO proof this works - as MOST masks work LEAK - from above, the sides and below - so worthless - I can go on an on!

Yeah, but most people follow realDonaldTrump example, and they do not wear a mask!!


Oh oh. Trump will not like that. Sorry Doctor you are going to be fired

Same guy said masks weren't necessarily the answer just a few weeks back. 🤔

Ok course, you think Fauci wants to work directly with trump for 4 more years. Fuck no. I don’t blame him.


I truly do not give a fuck what this guy tells me what to do

Thanks doc! God Bless!

They don'[t filter for viruses and are unhealthy. It's more about conditioning.

And here come the anti-mask bots. 🙄

You'r e a little late Doctor. If you had any common sense, and knew how to use a little bit of logic. You would have been saying that 2 months ago. You knew that a mask was most effective in keeping others from spreading a disease. And you knew that their asymptotic carriers.

So...basically...virtue signaling?

Explain this then dr wrong

These Dems gotta have big stock holdings in mask producers!

In other words, virtue signaling.. For image sake. Not necessarily because it's really needed. Masks have become political signaling for democrats as defiance to Trump, disguised as public safety concern

Weird statement. Wouldn’t he say,”Because it saves lives” if it actually did?

FireFauci loves ChinaNewsNetwork

He's as confused as a chameleon in a bag of skittles

😂😂🖕🖕what a joke cnn has become

What BS. 🤬🤬🤬

Not for purposes of health.

It's a symbol, nothing more

Willy Wonka called, he wants his munchkin back!!

So, not because they are effective in reducing the spread of the virus? Just that he feels it’s symbolic?


An example of 'Lead by example'!

Not for safety, but a symbol Get the fn sheeple to obey

Just remember

You post a pic of him not wearing a mask 🤦‍♂️

Fauci has lost the trust and confidence of America. He allow Trump took away his creditability by standing silent.

Fauci - don’t have to wear a mask, then should wear a mask, don’t go outside then go outside. This guy is as readable as your neighborhood weatherman. He has turned into a tool of the fakenews media.

Yeah you should listen ZODIAC 4 months ago when I was SCREAMING shut it down........... The Gemini has no people skills and he asked pits somebody off DOCTOR

Mask and CNN are both fake; the first gives you a false sense of security and the second is complete fake news.

What A symbol? Be quite... We know what you a peddling! THIS IS WHAT DR FAUCI SAID!

Do do the opposite of what Fauci says

Fauci doesn’t know the difference between his nuts and his butthole

Camera On - Mask On Camera Off - Mask Off You gotta love fake news media for making it so easy for us to expose their propaganda 😂 FakeNews CNNFakeNews QAnons QAnonGermany QArmyDACH COVID19

Should be 100% focused on the science and medicine of it all rather than politics

Right.... and that's why he said they didnt work a few days ago. 🤦

Such BS! He previously said they are worthless but now he wants to keep the fear mongering going so he’s won’t be the scapegoat of all his wrong predictions!

Just wearing a mask won't stop you from getting covid-19.

Rock On

Tell Trump not us you spunk .

Ok cool thanks guys! Dr. Fauci is our true American hero! He is so virtuous and never switches his rhetoric, despite the significant consequences. Oh wait...

Fauci is clueless. He told us in Marxh that wearing a mask does nothing. AIDS was 40 years ago. Hes a microcosm of I ur Healthcare system...old and broken. Yes, he's a doctor but before I go in for a big surgery I'm asking for a second opinion. We all deserve one.


I prefer my mask to the alternative🇨🇦🇳🇱

This guy? The one who told Americans in October of 1984 that AIDS was 'confined to homosexual and bisexual men, hemophiliacs, iv drug users and HAITIANS!' He is a eugenist, a racist and a murderer. That's your guy?

He first correctly said no masks. Masks let small particles including virions which is what transmits the virus through. It’s giving people a false sense of security. We need more hand washing stations & sanitizer stations (actually filled) along with quarantine sick not healthy

This guy is not my symbol of what you should be doing. He has been wrong more than right.

I don't need a signal. I don't need a mask. I need to work and lead my life with minimal government interference.

— Tell our leader again. —-

Fauci is a joke.

But he originally said a mask was for only people that have symptoms? 🤔 is this about the virus or the ELECTION?

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