Fauci: 'Possible' Americans Will Be Wearing Masks İn 2022 To Protect Against Covid-19 - Cnnpolitics

Fauci: 'Possible' Americans Will Be Wearing Masks İn 2022 To Protect Against Covid-19 - Cnnpolitics

Fauci: 'Possible' Americans will be wearing masks in 2022 to protect against Covid-19

Dr. Fauci says it's possible Americans will need to wear masks in 2022 even as the US may reach 'a significant degree of normality' by year's end

2/21/2021 7:09:00 PM

Dr. Fauci says it's possible Americans will need to wear masks in 2022 even as the US may reach 'a significant degree of normality' by year's end

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Sunday that it's 'possible' Americans will still need to wear masks in 2022 to protect against the coronavirus, even as the US may reach 'a significant degree of normality' by the end of this year.

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That's crap! No....I'm done. I'll get the shot and I am done with it. Dr. Fauci is a joke. Potential dropped| power Fiscal Under new normal| coronavirus PandemicBravo our health minister| diplomacy Provided to national supported Due boundary closed What a farce!!!! Crook Should be fired Dr. Wrong stikes again. Apparently he doesn't know what vaccinations do or how fast we're getting them. We do all need to get Trump's Warp Speed vaccinations.

I went to China and didn’t wear a mask, never caught anything. Been tested multiple time. Nada. You all are WEB MD hypochondriacs. They wanna ride this all the way to the midterm elections next year. Dr. Fauci can wear his mask . Fuck this shit . This country has become the laughing stock of the world.

Man needs to go to the cuckoos nest and hatch again. I hope Dr Fauci has taken the Vaccine This guy's good! He also said man will continue to need space suits in space into the foreseeable future! 😲🤣 Dr Fauci is nothing but a Democratic operative for the radical left,highest paid government employee,$ 400,000.00 a year u got to be kidding,he changed his mind so many times ,he is the problem ,so sad!

Fire fauci Surprise surprise I need a military gas mask It is tough, but if for nothing else let us not let the death of the 500 000 that died be in vain. Let us follow the protocols and God will do the rest. FUCK FAUCI Western Civilization is so soft it deserves a purge No. Screw Fauci (you seem to be in love anyway) I'm here to tell you you need to get use to not wearing because you need natural immunity! I have med exemption and been working whole time at gas station and when I got it it wasn't that bad at all! Same with my diabetic senior father

modi_job_do おっさん、酸欠で脳細胞がイカれてボケるぞ! No more masks I can see folks not liking that till it actually hit home but it is what it is Nope Whatever this man says to do, I’ll do. Oh good lord what's this craziness 😒🙄😒🙄 nu~ trac tuoi . tim hieu duoc tien xa hon Sao cũng được This guy is always CONFUSED and more a political piece of crap than a doctor to give us guidance. JMO

I've stocked up -- KN95 under, cool cloth one over. Contour fit in camouflage, purple, red, charcoal...my favorites MaskUp MaskUpAmerica It’s a no for me dawg F you Bạn nữ nhẹ nhàng tinh tế, hiểu biết How many? 2, 3 Or 13 to be safer? Lmao we're likely going to be wearing them well into 2024 and even further at this rate, this is no surprise

Faucci is out of touch with reality. We will have to see where this takes us. Looking forward to 2022 is a long ways off vui vẻ, thích du lịch, lúc nào buồn thích ngắm biển, nhưng là biển bình minh. No way! No La réforme d'immigration aux États-Unis d'Amérique par le Président Joe Biden m'intéresse principalement moi Ahissou Vincent de Paul, nationalité Béninoise Cotonou Bénin , Je vous remercie Monsieur le Président Ahissou Vincent de Paul

Most likely mask's will be part of our daily outfits as covid is part of nature... We will wear masks as long as we have to. Nữ. Nói chuyện tâm sự Thank god for this man! I am so happy we have someone willing, to tell the truth even if it's not popular. Also, the penguin mask is so nice 3 Let it be known that when all this is over I still dont want you random ass people within 6 feet of me.

What Authority Figure? FAUCI is a Fraud. The Author of the VIRUS. To be blamed for the millions of deaths from HIS virus. We Are to achieve HERD IMMUNITY by APRIL so why should any masks be needed? Oh yeh BIDEN polluting the population with infected Immigrants. Thanks DEMOCRATS. CNN still quoting this asshole.

Dr. F now sir I need a mask break damitt... I been following guidelines and shit.... Don’t start this shit🤦🏽‍♀️ Give us some good news.. breaking news : I am a physician and FauciIsALiar . He told Americans 10 months ago to not wear masks ? Yes a surgical mask won’t protect like n95 but still 2 masks should have been recommended day 1 .All these idiots that dont know science praise him 🤦🏻‍♂️

Bạn tâm sự chuyện buồn vui. Không phân biệt tuổi tác! Tìm bạn kín, đàng hoàng lịch sự ^^ if told cnn the world was flat they would agree and argue the point on tv trc là tìm bạn sau là ny xa hơn là vk hehe Oh no! But I won’t have freedom if I have to wear a mask for the safety of my fellow citizens! Tyranny I tell you!

It's Amazing that the good doctor's position last March of 'masks don't matter' has morphed into 'masks needed until 2022.' Yet he wants us all to get vaxxed ASAP ......because why? He should know, he helped develop Covid in China. What’s going on in 22? Oh that’s right mid terms. When will the world get woke and realize neither Fauci nor the administration has any clue about when the virus will be over. We'll be in masks and unemployed for years.

Give it up Nuts AnthonyFauci & JoeBiden put more floors on Billions $ built on sand OperationWarpspeed panicpublichealth skyscrapper. Faulty vaccines led to an already lost race between COVIDー19 variants & vaccine updates. Evolutionary power ./. humanstupidity. It's a Code competition. Pure tripe, squared

So is Fauci right or the collective think tank in Johns Hopkins? Ethiopian government is working with the World Food Program and other non-governmental organizations to fulfil humanitarian needs in Tigray region. GetEthiopianFactsRight TPLFisTheCause TigrayFacts AJEnglish BBC AFP NewYorker Independent TheSun DailyMirror

Vui vẻviệc cũng tạ02 tạm ổn Toi la nguoi vui ve, hoa dong. Thich nghe nhac tru tinh. Thich du lich. a mask will never work the virus particles are in the same size zone as Ebola I would like to see fauci go stay over there with some of those people infected by ebola and wear 3 mask if makes him feel better if he comes out without being infected I will believe him

He needs to step down. So what about the ones that take vaccine they won't need to wear mask anymore will they since vaccine works Is anyone still listening to these people? 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻 What a disappointment you turned out to be.. I believe every one have price.. as soon as you got paid one million $$$ by criminal apartheid ZIONST , you praised them... SHAME ...SHAME.. SHAME ..ON YUO.!!!!

ngoại hình, quá khứ... k quá quan trọng đối với mình, nhưng mình rất muốn kiếm một người tinh tế, có chiều sâu, và hiền lành, chăm chỉ một chút, vậy là ổn! Mong muốn tìm các bạn nữ không giới hạn độ tuổi Only till the midterms ?! ROFLMFAO You see how YOUR SMARTPHONE REACTED!? Now I have to Apologize to Google & ALL OF THE MEDICAL DATABASES THERE IS! PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR SUCH OUTLANDISH REMARKS CONCERNING CYCLES PER SECOND! IT HERTZ THAT WE CAN EXPECT MORE DEATH BUT NO LIFE! WHAT AN INSULT TO MY INTELLIGENCE!🤖🤬!

What's the Speed of thisProcessor, 5 Hertz Per day? This is AN INSULT TO ME EVER WANTING TO BE A CYBERNETIC ORGANISM. I KNEW I should've went STRAIGHTtoMSOE instead ofATL! That Way of life,I would'veCreatedThe TERMINATOR! I GOT OBSESSED AS A KID! Turns out,I was 'ASSIGNED' To It! I’m sure he’s right. Masks some degree of social distancing hand gel disinfectant and ventilated rooms are here to stay for awhile so turn them into daily habits! And fiercely condemn and protest against live animal and bush meat markets everywhere 👍

Waiting for the ‘Fauci Reversal’ usually takes about 2-3 months. Science also says that smoking, drinking and driving can lead to death. Fraudi Let's wear 3 masks! 🤡 OYE! Is anyone taking this shit seriously still? It’s such an obvious clown show Tìm ai đó biết chơi dota, làm bạn hoặc người yêu Maybe more Screw Fauci and his damn masks!

Eff fauci Noooooooo Going to hope he pulls the mask thing back. It’s not how we are meant to exist. Wearing masks that is. If we’re immune by and large, what is the purpose? Chia sẻ bun vui trg cs.hoan nạn có nhau.cần ng dan o bit quan tam va có trách nhiệm voi gd All you knuckleheads in this comment section can go ahead and keep wearing masks if you want to when heard immunity happens. Just don’t expect everyone to do the same.

I can tell you he is wrong Pass Top dễ nhìn men vui ve hoa dong gay.muon tim ban lon tuoi tam su If the sewer systems are taking all the waste from sick folks how are we killing the germs FROM the sewer. Since the water is chemically treated are the chemicals killing the virus? Has anyone tested this? Are we being feed the virus through our water 💧

Dr Fauci can kiss the fattest part of my ass. Quan tâm tôi là được. Fauci is so full of Sh!t his eyes are brown. This guy needs to go away months ago. Alec_Zeck Awwww Biet cach noi chuyen vui ve... mun tim ban 30 tuoi de thuong vui tinh nghiem tuc chung chac trong cuoc song de chiu No one listens to Fauci anymore

I'm done with the mask, no vaccine either. Sorry but I'm still here. NO MORE MASK!!!!!!!!!!! He can take his mask crap with him! HE IS A LIAR AND A FRAUD. American people who believe him are Stipid!! It all about lining him pockets. Do your own dang research people. fire his ass Tìm top có tính cách LẠ hơn tôi :)))

Hell no! fire that boy Why would anyone believe anything coming out of his mouth. Somewhere he has a vested interest in the outcome. Nit in a good way Civil disobedience is my way of telling fauci kma I’m not listening anymore Instead of scaring people half to death, why can’t Fauci and the CDC promote health? Lose weight, stop smoking, eat healthy, exercise etc..If you get healthy, then you will be ok.

Biết quan tâm lo lắng cho người khác, biết cách nói chuyện và có cùng đam mê âm nhạc giống mình. 🤫 only because fauci has money in the masks and vaccine. He is raking in the cash! Masks dont work or they wouldn't be saying wear 2, or now 3 really works! Its all about the $$ for them. Or, fire him Fore this puppet

He can eat a masked bag of dicks. I wish he would take them mask and stick them up his gashole Whatever keeps his name is the headlines, then the goal posts will be moved again. My mom got COVID! She Wore a mask everyday! Never not had one off besides her home. She passed away from COVID 7 days after getting it! Masks don’t work it’s total bullshit! I lose my mom to this shit!

Ít tuổi hơn và muốn lập gđ để tìm hiểu, tăng cơ hội lập gđ What does Fauci know ? Dr. Birx was reprimanded. Fauci was there as well,during this debacle of MISINFORMATION! Why are we listening to this Charlatan? He said OPENING the schools would be an “ experiment “! Well it has been : many covid cases / deaths among students and staff.

Cool, if there’s a mandate, I won’t obey. I also don’t obey gun laws, I don’t really give a shit. Our president said for 100 days to wear a mask. April 30th is the day we can take them off. Yes president Biden said 100 days. độc thân, vui vẻ, biết kính trên ...DUYÊN do trời định . Should I wear a mask while my wifes boyfriend fucks her?

i’m starting to think he’s a idiot This guy is a ball of happiness I thought it was to flatten to curve. Many joked that it was until the virus “was gone”. The goalposts continue to move. Not a chance in fuvking hell Well what a surprise 🙄 Makes you wonder. If your the guy that makes the call for the entire world to wear masks? How many people do you tell to invest in 3M and Maderna and other related stocks? I call bullshit

This big liar is really bad! Dr Fraudci Dễ thương, k ràng buộc Here for it (opens crisps) He should go fuck his self..by 2022 the death rate be over 2 million by then.. God forbid if Biden ever had a teleprompter malfunction that would be extremely embarrassing Feel free to drop your number or email address. I will contact you asap.

Wow 500k deaths under Biden administration! He should be impeached! This guy is a joke, untrustworthy, tell me how many times Che changed his mind, he has no clue, lier, opportunistic They just need to stop spreading the manufacture viruses. Remember when Fauci said over & over again that New York did the best job on Covid.

Bill gates stated earth was over populated, covid was his resolution. Just say no I’m not wearing a mask 60 days after they offer vaccinations to the masses. I’ve worn one all this time without complaint but enough is enough. If grandma can’t see her grandkids after getting the vaccine, what’s the point? I’m counting down.

🤮🤮🤮🤮👆👆👆🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮 NO!!!!! I’ll wear a mask just give me the vaccine!! China bought and paid for FAUCI... we will look like China next year more masks.... Fauci the fraud , about believable as joe and the ho getting that many votes Meanwhile in Nd they just passed a law that makes mask mandates illegal.

không tìm bạn tình nên có thể gặp hoặc không gặp, tùy duyên và tùy cảm nhận! Fauci can KMA.. DonaldJTrumpJr what’s funny bout this? They want masks and COVID safety to be the 2022 issue Not sure who is more full of shit...Fauci or CNN? Bullshit, as of March 1st, I'm done wearing a mask. I have had my two shots so there is no reason for me to wear a mask any longer.

We saw you without it you two faced man Alec_Zeck 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑 Vui ve ,hoa nha ,get su gia doi .muon co nguoi đe tam su luc buon Thank goodness. I will be wearing 8 masks at once if have to leave the house (hopefully I don’t) and socially distancing myself 20ft away from everyone until 2025.. just to be sure. ItTakesAllOfUs RidinWithBiden

dudes shitposting at this point I think Fauci is full of crapola What ever happened to '2 Weeks to stop the spread'? Sounds like they just wanna keep their semblance of power over the people and businesses... :( This guy... He is now wearing two masks when with Trump he wasn’t wearing any!!! Consistency Only you and Democrats can wear the underwear on your face. If i take off my mask and then die so be it. There is a cut off for me later this year then you can kiss my a**.

15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! 15 more days! I wear six masks, and put two over my dog’s ass every time we go for walksies We don’t need his neighborhood friends catching the covids when sniffing.

🤡 Đang trăn trở về 2 vẫn đề: 'thử rồi biết' hay là 'cứ đi rồi sẽ tới' 🖕 I wear my mask and self distance. And give the fish Eye to those that dont ..😷😡 I also had my Flu shot last fall . And fighting a cold for over a month. Has had my 1st Has had my 1st CV-19 vaccination . And I need to get over this cough Will be getting 2nd one on the 4th of March.

Every time I see this guy, his eyes reminded of an old horror movie - The Crate from Creep Show. There was a scene when someone is looking in the crate and see a monster's eyes. It must be very frustrating to give instructions on how to stay alive to a country filled with such stupid and and ignorant people but he still does it and cares even though they won't listen unless is trump telling them to inject bleach, smfh

Ahhh NO. No We are heading for herd immunity in less than 50 days. A large percentage of the vulnerable population will have been vaccinated by then. I will still wear a mask in certain situations but this bs about not getting back to normal until year's end must stop. Yes and it does have something to do with blood types and preconditions but blood types was left out of preconditions

Doctor tell Americans what blood types does the coronavirus effect the most and what blood types does the coronavirus affects the least The stupidity of the humankind has never spiked this high before. I see post from people saying how sick they got after getting flu shots and not putting 1+1, people getting sick while wearing masks 24/7 and still think it will help them. Seriously I'm so frustrated! Wake up!

tjrechy “30 days to flatten the curve”. This guy fucking sucks. I don’t believer people still listen to him “We are asking for you to stay home for just fifteen days! Fifteen days to flatten the curve!” How about go f*** off 🤷🏻‍♂️ Most definitely doctor that mask wearing were also be needed based on some blood types are more vulnerable to be spreaded towards having the coronavirus so why don't you tell Americans that depending on your blood type and being retraceable thanks for covering up issues doctor

Fire this guy Bull crap....Fauci needs to stop the hyperboles. Mask are just a way to retain control of the masses. Fauci needs to go away. We don't need someone that's been wrong more than half the time telling us what we should or shouldn't be doing. He's irrelevant. Mong tìm được người yêu cùng tuổi

Stop it I believe mask wearing is our new norm. I will never be in a closed in area during flu season ever. Can’t imaging flying not wearing a mask. By wearing the masks we have had almost NO flu this year. It fell 98%. Even the lady behind him had her mask dangling from her ear. Không một gia đình nào là hoàn hảo Vẫn có những cãi vã, vẫn chiến tranh thậm chí là sự lạnh lùng trong một thời gian dài Nhưng cho đến cuối cùng gia đình vẫn là gia đình Nơi tình yêu luôn hiện hữu một cách vô điều kiện

Our Breath of Life Not listening to the doctor who is in bed with Biden. No proof that wearing masks actually do anything Not gonna Happen ! All of you are sheep I will not comply This guy? FOH Fauci can shove that mask down his throat 😡 I just watched a pit bull music video and he said we are done with masks. Could we all get on the same page.

Fauci is the next inmate in Gitmo 😉✌ No Nope No? Tìm 1 người chân thành, lâu dài! Lịch sự.Đứng đắn If grocery store workers never took a day off--why do teachers need another year? Government Muzzle. Pure communist. If your scared of a virus with a 99.9% survival rate then just stay home, let everyone else go back to living freely.

So the world crumbles over a dry cough and sniffles💀 Covid will never go away but if everyone wants to live in fear over a virus that’s not even worse than the flu I don’t know what to tell you Ummmm, no!! He loves the spotlight. Doesn’t want to lose his fame. It took 30 years. How about little Anthony gets 0 salary or pension until masks are nolonger required. That would provide the proper incentive to the highest paid US government official ne thinks.

Has anyone asked themselves why would I get this 'vaccine' if I STILL have to wear a mask? Why are they pushing a 'vaccine' so hard for a 99% curable flu in healthy people? Did you know Bill Gates advocates population control? He doesn't care about your health, he wants you dead. NAYPYITAW: Video shows that riot polices are dragging the demonstrators in a chaos situation. Many people were arrested today in Napyitaw, the capital of Myanmar. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar

Imma leave this here Okay but most importantly... where do I get this penguin mask? No way in hell am I wearing a mask through 2022. The thought of not having to wear one is a good thought, but I also think that masks are now permanent part of our American culture now. Can someone pls tell me why we are still listening to this crud licker?

Wow, the bots are working overtime on this post. You must OBEY! F you and f that Make up your mind! In 2019 you said masks were not needed! I will not be participating. This sham has gone on long enough. As long as we mask and social distance we cannot have true mental health or a healthy economy. Well fauci can keep his mask's, social distancing and gene therapy injection, I never have and will never do any of it.

GFY! I don't wear one now. LOL this clown He’s lost a lot of credibility with his waffling on mask requirements. Let’s get back to common sense. Without a tight seal a mask is pretty much worthless! Also the CDC says you can contract the virus through your eyes.... so why are we not told to wear goggles? All seems a little bullshitish to me.

It’s possible Fauci is less accurate than a weatherman No Fauci is a fraud frm beginning,always flip flopping,always changing d rules in d middle of d game, always contradicting himself. This is no longer about d virus, it is about power & absolute take over of control of d people & their living. Use your head b4 some1 help you use it

He should be in JAIL Fauci can piss off You know he’s just making this up as he goes. He doesn’t know. It’s been on display from the beginning. Trump aside, if you look at all he has said from the very beginning “don’t need to wear masks” to now “wear masks until2022” tells you all you need to know. Anyone can do it.

Dr faucille et le marteau... Good grief, I’m surprised his head fits through a door by now! [ Normalcy = Wearing Mask + Do Not Shake Hand + 6' distance ] (same) formula so kids can go back to school, we can watch Superbowl at a stadium, none of the zoom meetings (you meet people in person), go to Church, eat at restaurant, etc.

This guy is a joke. If you’re scared, stay home. I refuse to wear a mask beyond this year Fire fauci 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Does anyone else wonder if Pfizer developed the vaccine for humans from a pre-existing animal vaccine? -- They came out with it is quick..... and that makes me a conspirator theorist. It’s already normal lol

says the man who has not been right once. ALl about power and fascism People still listen to this 🤡 Of course he did and getting paid tons to say more crap. Bs, this is all his doing. Fauci is a buffoon elitist ! 2 years to flatten the curve Fauci can stick his masks where the sun doesn't shine enough is enough.

No Holy shit they just don’t want to let go of their mind control. Dr fauci needs to put on about 4 more masks and pull them really really tight, so no germs get in Yeah good luck with that sống vui v553sgtẻ,và nghiêm túc 🤡 Do your utmost Dr Facit,God bless Sounds like this short fuck is just trying to stay relevant by saying dumb shit like this 😂

Funny when Asia did it for years, they were looked at as odd and unnecessary...”because mask don’t protect anyone”. What a 180. I hope every liberal wears a mask 2 years as a badge of honor. It’s important we identify those who supported fascism. What’s the point of the vaccine? Sợ đổ vỡ trong tình yêu .ghét sự dối trá lăng nhăg .

Tôi là bot và tôi cần tìm một người top để yêu thương tôi không cần người đó giàu hay nghèo tôi chỉ cần người đó yêu tôi thật lòng là được ... Respect goes long ways! The amount of absolute weapons in the comments here, really explains why this is all taking far longer than it needs to Believe in Trump if you want. But listen to your inner voice.

What does America want? That a liar and highly stable fulfill their wishes? It's sad to see. That Americans believe a sleight of hand more than reality. Americans really believe Trump. Who loves Americans more than his own wallet? I like this guy. Telling the truth only The penguin mask took a bit of the sting off of that statement.

He's crazy, it's unthinkable, what nonsense Fauci is a disgrace to the American scientific community and a running dog of the CCP’s WHO I will take mask wearing seriously when Americans prove they actually care about their health by; not smoking, not living on fast food, not contributing to their own heart disease on a daily basis.

The mask mob can eat a dick he loves the power he thinks he has. BAHAHAHAHA King Fauci can kiss my a$$ After all the money we’ve invested in masks... I’m wearing mine until at least 2023!!😷😷🤣🤣🤣 I don’t see an end at least nit for me I will always wear a mask out in public Except for him of course RT globaltimesnews Columbia nyulaw counterfeit masks millions manufactured in China don’t protect. Counterfeit products detergent fashion PPE made in China. Free Taiwan free Tibet

Did anyone ask him of the probability of that possibility? Where there any journalists in the audience? Well she's a stupid criminal he says one thing one day and then the next day he says something else he can't be trusted and that's why Donald Trump got rid of them or wouldn't use him If possible American people will still have to wear face mask 2022, when the number of COVID-19 decreases

look if it makes some of you feel safe and protected, fine, but once a majority of the country is vaccinated PLEASE stop stigmatizing people who do not wear masks. it's healthy to see human faces, it's healthy for people to see your face. Stop guessing! You start looking stupid, and losing credibility. Nobody is an expert in this. Sometimes saying less equals more!

Không lăn nhăng chấp nhận ở với nhau cả đời hiểu được nhau But we will still have to hear them, dammit I’ve been wearing a mask for many many years, I’ll never stop! 👍🏼 The flu season is almost non-existent this year. It would not be a bad idea for people to adopt the habit even post-covid (if that ever happens), of wearing masks every flu season from now on.

Let’s go til 2023, and beyond Dr Fauci is an idiot and his predictions are a distant second to basic cable weathermen in terms of accuracy. LeanneKuni I'll wear masks for as long as it takes. Beats getting sick and rolling the dice. WearADamnMask 😷😷😷 WHO CARES The last major pandemic took years to recover from. We just crossed the 500000 reported deaths threshold. It's gonna be a minute folks.

As long as its not enforced in 2022 im completely fine with this..I like hiding my face lmao Now let's be real...It's gonna be a long time until we are back to normal. 2022 is hopeful. Too many variations of COVID19 will prolong the pandemic. Tell Fauci he can kiss my ass without mask... hiền lành , dễ thương , chân thật ,

NAE NAE. VACCINE & MOVE ON. NO. The INDUSTRY IS SOUND. TOUCH N GO. 2 Masks is his hood nickname Wear a face mask, practice social distancing, wash hands for 20 seconds please flipflopfauchi from 'you don't need to wear a mask' to 'wear two masks' Mass delusional thinking. This will take total confidence away from humanity. U mean even after the vaccine, one still need to cover nose? The world in danger.

Ugh ugh A nightmare that's never ending 😥 None of this should have happened were being manipulated force this upon us and then witness chaos and destruction it will happen Is that because Joe Biden is doing such a horrible job getting the vaccines to the citizens of The United States? Fauci will no longer be relevant in 2022.

Funny its a load of shit Sad as it is to say, masking is probably going to become a permanent feature of life. Ugh. Face diapers should be banned immediately. Those who are wearing them should face $100000 fineand 10 years in prison. Bạn bình thường, cũng chẳng cần đặc biệt, chẳng cần giàu có.. chỉ bình thường thế thôi

WearYourMaskSlaves DitchTheMask DrFraudci Assurance WearYourMaskSlaves DitchTheMask DrFraudci No Im done. Hate mask. I cannot breath well on them. Why? Hell nooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely, cuz 25% of all aka Trumps nutcase base wont get the vaccine but will be perpetual spreaders... Correction: Only elderly and health compromised who don’t take the vaccine.

Omg 😳 I dont mind wearing a mask. I just want covid to stop spreading and mutating. At this rate we wont stop it. What a great suggestion I’ll pass tho thanks anyway Yikes I’m a lifer😂especially on tha 🚌 bus in tha club, during flu season in my car w/ passengers present 😩🙏🏾 People thinking we are still going back to how life was in 2019. Which is crazy because does anyone else remember 2019? Record tax cuts for the rich, people working 3 jobs, rent being 2x the cost of a mortgage? This ship was sinking long before covid. Failed state.

Fuck. That. Nah This same virology expert and the media that keeps pushing him on us told Americans they didnt need to wear masks, That false info gave the virus a headstart before Trump mentioned not wearing masks but the Media and the Democrats tried to dump the fallout squarely on Trump. Faucci needs to not do pr. Shut up already.

It is what it is, I guess and again we lose control to make self decisions. We just take it as new normal forever I'll normalize giving no shits about this. Then there's no point in vaccinating. This all seems to be an effort to make the vaccine an annual requirement. It's all becoming a profit scheme.

Và hơn thế nữa. A fundamental molecule in the rise of life C17H20N4O6 Always recognizes mismatches in ssRNA hairpins. B2 slips in weak spots and slows or stops replication Occam’s Razor and Abraham Wald covid19 coronavirus TAKE 100 mg B2 4-8X a day nonannystate I refuse to wear mask now, i refuses to social distance. He is dreaming if he thinks we will wear it in '22

My partner & I have had several discussions about continuing to wear masks as good health practice going forward. He & I view our masks like our seatbelt. We have no problem with this. I plan on wearing one for the rest of my life. No colds, no flu and no COVID. So worth it in my book They'll still be vaccinating in2022 then?

No. It's a terrible situation though, yet we all have got to adopt protective measures, unless Wuhan Corona Virus, Covid-19 is fully eradicated from the earth; Wear face masks Maintain Social distancing, hand hygiene & public hygiene. It is a deadly Virus, unnaturally grown in lab. Masks will be permanent.

I will not be wearing a mask like it's the new norm. These things have dine nothing except keep me with a constant sinus infection! cancelcieexams2021 ofqu CNN likes to troll. More than possibly. Just left San Juan. Every 50 yards there is sanitizer. If you don’t have a mask the security guard provides it. They scan your temp before offering service. They have the biometric body scans also. Testes the PCR to get in to PR.The govt text me every morning to verify symptoms

I have 6 masks on now and hope to wear 12 by Christmas. There is no going back at this point. Fear has made everyone scared of what use to be normal. People are now trained to react this way, when there is no reason to. This guy is all over the place Fauci wants this to last as long as possible. Vaccines generate billions of dollars. He’s involved with it all. He doesn’t want normalcy ever to come back. It’s their evil agenda 2030.

What about the French? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 In a couple months when vaccines are more widespread I’m done participating in this pandemic I plan on wearing a mask in public for the rest of my life. Not a surprise. They would recommend wearing masks forever if it was reasonable. His words don't mean much in that regard, we'll see where we'll at next year

Dr flip flop is at it again My “ugh” refers to the prospect of still wearing masks next year - not to Dr. Fauci! I just had to clarify that. Clowns to the left of me! Jokers to the right! Here I am stuck in the middle with you..... Would it help if Dr. Fauci got another shot at throwing that first pitch?

Ugh! If the CDC says wear a mask in 2023 I’ll do it. Listen to the experts So he confirms that Sleepy Joe won't be able to handle Covid? I'd say I'm surprised if I actually was surprised. He's a fucking clown. I agree with Dr. Fauci On this long journey in life, we will encounter many masks and few faces. Because the hidden evil is everywhere in the world🤷‍♀️😯

He can wear them, 2 if he wants to. I could care less. Two years to flatten the curve now? I’m sorry but one of Trump’s biggest mistakes was giving this joker - Dr. Death Fauci a platform to steer policy instead of firing him on the spot. Disney springs was fully packed yes this will take for ever. I've already decided to start behaving normally. I'm ahead of the curve here.

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Muzzled as a nurse (for decades) this does not surprise me at all I hope we can improve air/ventilation indoors and make other structural and social changes to help create a new normal where we can be social beings without fear Fauci has a room in his house where he restrains homeless people while he cuts out organs one by one to fry and eat, all while keeping the homeless person alive, screaming in agony.

I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. Sucks to be anyone that hasn't been infected or vaccinated by July. 01/07/2021 I'm done making everyone that continues reusing masks comfortable. I think a lot of people will choose to continue to wear masks even after this pandemic is over. CNN+Fauci=the great love affair

He can kiss my American ass No thanks I'm wearing mask 😷 until the foreseeable future! Don't care what him or the CDC says. Wearing mask are like wearing condoms for me! 🤷🏿‍♂️ This is one woman that is in a Democrat no Republican but if Donald Trump will run again I will vote Republican I hope president Trump will run in 2024 cuz if he does I will stand with him and then take your ass down

No Do they then not trust the vaccines? 😂 Dr Fauci his is one reporter female reporter I am not scared and I will just stand up to your butt all the other reporters are probably scared of you but this is one wigged out woman that isn't afraid at all to take you on Don't wear one now sooo Gosh, could one of the best scientists in the world actually know what he’s talking about, unlike some of the Protesters tweeting below.🤔🤔

Mask supposed to protect us but ain’t no way I’m wearing a mask 😷 in 2022 by then they need to have enough vaccines and equipment and answers so people can get back to normal everywhere. I’m just saying Idiot The US is such an embarrassing country It seems ur new administration does not have a solution as it claimed... I thought Americans r clever but i was wrong

since you want to tell the American people that we have to wear these masks all the way to 2022 then we want to know how much the Democrats are paying your butt Just how much money has the Democrats paid you Can anybody show any credible evidence that masking has any effect on transmission? Transmission highest in care homes and hospitals with Trained people and n95 masks. Average people with facial hair, cotton masks and no training have 0 chance. I'll wait.

Me and my children will be happy to wear one for the rest of our days. That’s the right thing to do. Only TrumpSupporters don’t want to wear a mask because they just don’t get it WhiteSupremacy RepublicansAreDestroyingAmerica No wonder you probably had a hand in on this so-called virus paper how many trips have you taken to China you will beat up doctor keeping from Trump running and being from elected I'm not a Democrat nor a Republican I'm a straight-up old-fashioned woman and your just an old dr

Well more American companies are still off shoring every day which makes home base more virus prone,-----EVERY DAY. I'm gonna wear a mask no matter what. Humans are nasty af. You ever seen Walmart in America? Yuck. Nothing against it, just please DO NOT mandate it!!! Start listening to Michael Osterholm. Fauci will regret not giving every one over 65 one shot if the vaccine, listen to Michael Osterholm. B117 UK surge on its way.

How many times this one change his opinions? Who still believes him. Not me... 😂🤣🤣🤣😁 You crazy doctor what kind of drugs are you on and get off of them wear these crazy mask all the way through 2022 you are some crazy old doctor you're messed up on some kind of drugs get off of them Fine but I’m not wearing condoms

Ppl really think these political figures, Bill Gates and mainstream doctors care about your well being? If they did, they would push for a better diet to avoid the leading causes of death,update pharmaceutical companies instead of telling u to wear a mask and not fix the problem Ge Fire him. This is bullshit. destoyinghumanity unmask

True not only covid 19 needs a mask other diseases too. I can see mask wearing being apart of the future even after the pandemic is over! It just seems more hygienic to me. An easy way to combat colds, flues and germs. To me it’s not a big deal. If I’m out in public around big crowds, why not mask up?

Wise comments, follow the science, cannot go wrong, infections are dropping, no coincidence it’s happening since Trump was sent into purgatory. 🤣 Wouldn't be a bad thing for seasonal use going forward. Who voted for him? This guy is all over the map like a truck driver on meth I am absolutely thrilled that it's been almost a year since I've seen someone's sneeze particles leave their face. Haven't experienced a close talker, smelled someone's horrid coffee breath. Magical, really.

That you will make Americans wear masks or Americans will NEED to wear masks? There’s a big difference there, assholes By the end of this year? 2021 just started.. This guy changes his mind depending on where the wind blows. How about no? This is absolutely bs I mean I would. He should go and look for penguins

I remember at the beginning of all this he and Dr Birx were asked several times if they thought masks were necessary. Oh no no. just wash your hands and socially distance. That changed -fine- now double mask for lord knows how long 🤦‍♀️ triple /quadruple masking next? Stop 🛑 Fauci needs an Antarctica vacation. America needs a second opinion. Biden can keep his opinions to himself.

FFS. I will wear two damn masks! People I know that had the virus a year ago are still feeling symptoms! But, people don’t want to talk about the fact that they even had COVID! Some didn’t survive! Lmao stfu sheep Who was it who said: A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence? I seem to be forgetting...

Through the end of the winter cold season; that’s it. If masks haven’t slowed Covid after 18 months, it’s time to admit “following the science” is actually “following the cult propaganda”. It either works, or it doesn’t. So far, it hasn’t made a dent. Im so tired of this guy I think I will wear one for a while Don't judge me

Some may not like the news, but I look forward to another year of mask mixing, matching, and accessorizing. Fun, right? I’m a Florida resident...no clue what all this mask talk is about.... Fauci needs to go away.... Fauci is crazy if he thinks he can control people FireFauci 2024 And that’s fine That's fine dam if people would just do it, so we can get back to normal yall keep making a big deal mask not that bad and 2022 is not that far ......I cant stand our society makes this still a big thing

Give it a week and he will say 2023 Unfortunately, Politicians will be wearing masks forever! Good He is one of history's greatest monsters While Republicans will whine about it. Dr. Fauci is not a medical professional I would ever trust. He is following a political agenda. I Am Truly NOT Surprised!!! An empathetic NO!

We were told it was just for 2 weeks a year ago. I’m wearing 2 in the house Good thing he’s not a governor👍🏻 Dr. Fashy is it true? BRUHHH Let's split the difference. June Dems- ooo ooo he work for government. We listen government worker man. Get out of here how about that! We Should I think they should be permanent. Less Trump faces to see until we put them in their respective re-education camps

Fauci can get bent. Just came here to say I'm diggin' that penguin mask 🐧 They can stick those masks up their ass ! This is America, home of the brave and land of the free !! Our poor kids have to wear those damn things just to go to school, I feel sorry for them having to go thru this ! Stop trying to force this shit on to people and our kids !!!!

Gosh, I like it straight, even though I wish and hope it turns out differently. It's refreshing to hear the truth for a change. And not be sequestered. American pandemic. You guys should destroy yourselves who cares Bull SHIT Soon Wonder what would have happened if this Coronavirus pandemic happened a century before modern medicine?

You fucked up the aids pandemic who would trust what you say? His hinge is loose and has been for sometime. It looks like a person who is rather enamored with himself. Hmmmm, Let's see his tax records.... would love to see WHO is paying him off. This whore still needs airtime huh? I will not be wearing a mask beyond 2021 under ANY circumstances. The only reason I do now is to avoid hassles...but the science says they are all but worthless. Yet the 'party of science' loves them. Go figure.

Fuck no I’m not wearing a stupid mask just because a 4 eyed cracker says to Does anyone still believe this guy knows what he says? Fauci is nothing more than a fraud who lines his own pockets peddling fear. And some black people still think these creatures are the supervisor race! Good grief. Being a reviewer that I have seen the misuse of the vaccine that should be spread around to the many age groups not only 65 an older . There are many others that do need the vaccine because the many other age groups that have a higher infection rate .

Does the 50% otherwise healthy (aka asymptomatic) ‘infected’ cohort do so by wearing mask and getting vaccine? If not, how? As it is we have certain factions of the population that already is to paranoid to wear a mask 😷 No. I’d rather be dead. Yeah? Well tell that to the idiots in Sarasota, Fl who voted to do without mask in the downtown area.🤦🏻‍♀️

SARS-CoV-2 is CCP’s Unrestricted Bioweapon. Can Dr. Fauci explain? I don't know who or what to believe anymore.. Fauci and the filth he works for can all go entertain their daddy satan in hell. 🤣🤣🤣 the real knew it wasn’t going away and would be permanent The worst “Doctor” ever. 🙄 Hey Tony! 🖕 I’m wearing mine every winter from now on and it’s not cause of the flu it’s cause it makes my face not freezing

Go retire or something No I won't. He's only speculating. But he's wrong this time. It it the end of the world. Suck it up ppl and do your part. One small detail... The masses are waking up to the scamdemic, the fear porn & pathetic flip flop fascist playbook ... and lawsuits will make headlines. Mexico looks good for Fauci. Maybe New Zealand. For Bill Gates, Mars would be ideal.

Our hero Nope aren’t DRs supposed to “do no harm”? fauci certainly sold his hippocratic soul to help with this democratic farce, puts Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds to shame. PT Barnum said there’s a sucker born every minute and if they’re “woke” multiply it by a million 🖕F CNN and Fauci!!! Already seeing fewer and fewer people wearing them in Montana, not that many did bf... But even businesses are ignoring it now, even though the signs are still up

We have litterally no reason whatsoever to care what fauci says Come on bruh it's scam I really don't want to hear this. I hate masks so much. Fauci can kiss my ass! Masks don't work & this guy is a lying fraud Wear a thong in your face. 🤭 A little video I put together... 'The Many contradictions of Dr. Fauci' It's time we stop listening to Fauci. He's always wrong. ALWAYS.

I was wondering if I needed to make more masks. Like days of the week panties. Hey that’s a good idea💡! I wasn’t going to make any more if pan was going away soon. anyone in the medical field will - NOT think THIS is newsworthy - it's common sense from a scientific point of view - remember, THIS is a NEW virus, still learning it - and it's changing ever-so-quickly MaskUp COVID19

He changes his mind daily. Absolutely no. Donald Trump and every politician that's supporting him and accepting money disguised as donations should be in jail If you have bad teeth just wear the mask the rest of your life. Those people who said vaccination for coved 19 is bio chemical you must listen i am British and i hove lost more than 20 of my family and friends it's not joke if you don't protect your self you will kill you loved once please take vaccination as we all did other vaccinations etc

This should be enough to ban Trump from running for ANY public office or raising money by CLAIMING he's running. End this scam and privilege. Dr Fauci needs to be seen, not heard. On second thought, he needs to go away completely. Nah. Reading these comments are pretty telling. Leftists will always comply when their authoritarian government and official state media (CNN) tell them to.

This is a very dangerous old man. Not gonna happen, Fauci. We’re gonna nullify your arbitrary diktats. Fauci is not some great soothsayer. He says whatever leftists want him to say to keep him on TV. Go fek urself. But all respect for someone who went to med school ... checks notes the 60s.... Nothing but lemmings keeping this 'Pandemic ' going.

I am so glad I was wearing two masks before when people were calling me ' exagerada.' ¿Quién es la exagerada ahora? DemocracyAnew Wearing a mask is not a big deal. Does this mean that the vaccines are of NO USE ? I don’t wear a mask now and won’t As scientists are saying herd immunity could be reached by May, but you all don’t wanna listen to that science do you😂

Continual control measures. I do believe we will continue to wear masks for the next 2 to 3 years. Until we can stop current variant, the strains will continue to mutate. Moderna is effective against current variant but not so much against B117 and none on B1351. He can eat a dick and fuck u twater you can get in line behind his ass

Well if we reach heard immunity by the summertime that means everyone has to be vaccinated I don’t think masks are gonna be necessary after that anymore. I don’t have anything against wearing a mask but at some point it’s not gonna be necessary for every situation. The situation is obviously very fluid due to the continuous diarrhea flowing from his mouth.

Alright ... this means even the ugly people like he will have a chance at getting laid!!! There will always be a Virus loose in the World! Get used to Mask for life!! What a clown. 🤡 Or not I hear Americans love masks so this shouldn't be an issue Was anyone planning not to? I know not me👀👀👀 I think it should be a choice. When vaccination is pretty much available whenever to whomever I think we should let it be up to the person. I will wear masks in winter and fall no issue. But summer? No..I run..it's to hot. I'm getting the vaccine so no..ticket me

So many people don’t care or listen to conspiracy theories. There’s a segment of society that will never comply even for hope. They won’t even try because they think somebody is trying to do something to them. They live in fear and paranoia. 🤣 This is the same imbecile who started out by saying “there’s no reason to be walking around wearing a mask.” How’d that work out for you?

I hope... Listen little man fauci...you should wear 5 masks and hide under the bed, we’ll come get you when this is over! Nooooo 😳🙏 I h How about no Nope. Not happening little man . I’m fully vaccinated, and now I refuse to wear mask in public. I encourage everyone to do the same NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Basically half the country will be wearing masks forever (Dems) and the other half won't (Reps)...everyone will be wearing their political party on their faces in the future

BS!!!!! Done with this crap Baby I’m gonna be wearing masks for the rest of my life! They’re cute/they cover up the ugly/they’re mysterious Bullshit and flip flop Doctor: 'He says what? About what? And when? Monday or Friday? HoesLuvDaKid This wouldn't be surprising I didn't even wear them in 2020 😂😂🤣

Really, this is his comment? My 86 year old Mother says the same thing and she is not the highest person on the Gov't payroll. Maybe, she could take the helm for a year or two. Some expert we have here No Say wha 🤕In 2020, Didn't Dr fauci say by late spring, no wait 🤐it was early Summer 🙄or was it early fall 'approaching some form of normality' Now it's next year🤨 not having confidence anymore... This is insane! Haven't even clarified : why wear a mask if one gets vaccinated

So true! MASK UP 🙏🏿🙏🏿 I bought so many cute masks, I plan on wearing forever. Lol. Or at least on public transit, crowded areas. We already wear them at music festivals since the 90's, so it's not a big deal. HEY CNN WHAT HAPPENED TO YR SIDEBAR - URGENTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT The United States is now averaging 1,914 deaths per day from coronavirus, the first time the average death toll has dipped below 2,000 since December 3, according to data from CNN and Johns Hopkins University.

Never trust a man that helped create a virus to tell you about the virus. No-one that throws a ball 10 feet away from where it's supposed to go can be trusted. negative The mask AND cargo shorts stay ON during sex ✍🏼 Fauci is a damn joke, stop giving his opinion any worth 카메라 앞과 뒤에서 왜 행동이 다릅니까? 본인이 쓴 스페인독감 논문 때문입니까? 마스크를 써서 박테리아에 의한 사망자다?

Lets put 10 masks on Fauci and send him back to the WUHAN lab where he sent lots of money to. His 'degree of normality' has flip flopped about a dozen times, but yes let's still listen to him. There will always be 'some new threat'. There will never be a time when 'experts' say 'all clear'... I'm OK with that. It's seriously not that big of a deal!! Sheesh people.

Nah I think I’ll be wearing mine the rest of my life. Many dr’s say no mask but MSM wont put those drs on. Over 1/2 deaths from nursing homes. If 65 it’s safer than flu. If over, you got vaccine or will soon. Let’s get back to work and get rid of masks. Fauchi’s a FRAUD, see record on AIDS, cholera in Haiti & connection to Wuhan

Wear a mask! Dude you guys cannot get the testing results up to speed how in the world you will get the vaccine up to speed stop working like 80s the world is laughing at us get to work Fine by me. He has no idea what he is talking about. He is an idiot and that's being nice. People watch CNN? morgfair He's the doctor. Had everyone done the right thing from the start, maybe a half million Americans would still be alive.

Give me a break Like he’s still relevant Lol there is never going to be a return to “normal” until we are finally forced to return all the way back to mankind’s actual ‘normality’: violence and bloodshed. Beyond the pale😤😔 Truth is, general public should not be wearing masks & Isolation is inhumane Per task/patient b/c Masks are dirty 2 Compromises the wearer more We are host to more than one pathogen POTUS VP GovRonDeSantis nikkifried

👎👎👎👎 I hate wearing this mask...can’t wait till the day when I throw it away for good It’s possible that I don’t give a fuck what he thinks. Fauci can suck it What I can't see is that so many doctors are telling you after the shot, it's ok visit why not let all continue to do as before 6ft, mask, until the US get normal.

It’s clear that Fauci is just talking out of his ass at this point Shove that mask in your ass Yeah, F that 🤣 👏👏 masksdontwork Agree.. hands down I am and will be a masker when I travel morgfair And I bet there will be less common colds and flu. Last week he said that people need to stop breathing in public

Working outside with 2 masks on in the summer. Ugh! It must be done. Lol I’ll stay here in Mexico then ✌🏼 nah player. Herd immunity based off of actual scientific data in the US alone should be achieved by April. so nah. mask companies can pay me for sporting their products. Florida is the fourth densest state in the union and has no COVID restrictions. Despite that it’s 27th in overall death rate. So yes, masks and the lockdown are in fact useless. COVID19 COVIDー19 COVID coronavirus Covid19UK covid19nfld COVIDVaccine coronavirusuk Corona

This man changed my story. My friend connected me to him, this platform is very sure and easy to access, if you really want to trade, contact i have made over $10,000 franklin_macon Ask fakie about his paper he published back in 2008 about wearing masks and how they during the Spanish flu killed more people than the flu did. Go ahead ask him I dare u. I know u won’t cuz you don’t want ur viewers to no the truth 🖕

Idiot!! One day at a time fauci I have you mask right here 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 So stupid the fear mongering is real That’s baloney If you're listening to Tony Fauci you're an idiot. And in 2022, he'll say we'll need masks in 2023. And in 2023, he'll say we'll need masks in 2024, etc.

in a us i die I love all these Fauci shills. What does it pay? Or are you really this stupid? Im still not used to wearing masks i don't think it will ever be normal He better never be caught on film without one.... ever then Seeing how so many people were NON COMPLIANT and made it political and selfish...I’m not surprised one bit by this statement

Wow theres a lot of brainwashed sheep in the comments. Good job cnn. Wipe your ass on a mask and send it to Fuaxi 💩 Fascinating is pushing it. No faith in him 🤡 I always wore a mask to the Dr office or where there were crowds before Covid once I recovered from pneumonia in my early 60s Fauci can fuck off. Not happening

This Fauci guy is as wishy washy as an old maytag washing machine.... Embrace the mask. If it helps to save lives, then so be it. Vaccines will bring this under control. Masking is hit and miss at best. Why is Fauci hiding this fact? If people would show who they are well......but hide behind a mask I’d love to see the companies he’s invested in.

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Went from, masks are pointless, they're only helpful if they make you feel safe to this... I grasp we're learning as we go. But, how much spread happen from January to April before masks were mandated and how much spread happened while we were waiting for people to catch up?

No way. I ❤️ face masks. Sure bucko ElectrikOne YEA? F that!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY!!!! Can’t wait for the good doc to say tell all his sheep to drink Clorox. Not happening. The mask will come once those who want to be vaccinated have been vaccinated. Not this face. Come summer, I am done with a mask and let survival of the fittest deal with this. Maybe then people will start taking responsibility of their health as many COVID deaths are directly related to obesity and preventable disease. Get healthy!

Stop being hypocrite, you have several characters and use those to your benefit Penguins. 🥰 The ultimate pessimist BS BS BS BS... if ppl get the shot do you really think we're going to wear a mask? They may all go... never mind..lmao.. No This dude is literally guessing, like he has been the entire time, like EVERYONE else. The fact so much is put into what he says is kind boggling. There are like a hundred immunologist saying the opposite. Weird times, weirdos

I’m really not starting to like this guy I can't get over how much he look like Christopher Waltz. Nope I’m done wearing masks. This Keebler elf is a narcissist. This guy has no clue what he is doing. March 2020 interview on 60 minutes he said there was no reason anyone should be walking around with a mask on. Look it up. Millions of people listened to him and got bashed for being Trump supporters for not wanting to wear them.

He’s been wrong just about everything so far. RESIGN old man 🖕🏼 This is a joke. I've always liked and trusted Dr. Fauci but I have never trusted penguins. I don't know how to feel right now. Ok no problem I wear them for now but I’ll absolutely ditch my mask by then. I would think that would only be if there was a freak variant that rendered our vaccines impotent. So far, that isn't the case even with the SA variant.

Hell no. According to the CDC and Dr. Fauci 90% of Americans have been wearing masks since spring 2020. 90% everywhere across America. Bizarre when people contest this and it comes straight from Fauci and the CDC. No....I’m good nah man that's just ridiculous. Listen we ain't wearing masks after the summer. Coronavirus vaccines are out cases are dropping. people are tired of this. There is absolutely no way covid will warrant mask use by the summer.

Fauci funded the Wuhan lab. How bout you start educating people on healthy food and vitamins to take. The issue is there’s to many fat fucks in this world I don't care if I have to wear a mask just open up the country so I can go to a fucking baseball game.. Can they not give more airtime to this charlatan

I never get a cold or flu. And I've never had a flu shot. Don't have no tonsils though and I think that helps. My mother never got me my immunizations when I was a little girl or even a baby. But I'm going to wear the mask as long as I have to everywhere I go I have worn a mask. I’ll have mine on 😷 Way too many nasty super spreaders out here. Still don’t wash their hands. Gimme 50 feet! Nasty asses

Everybody think the same masks is need. Fuck Fauci. I'd rather take fauci's advice then someone who had no background or experience in infectious disease or epidemiology and was only a radiologist Scott Atlas cough cough! If it makes you feel better wear a mask, but once I am able to I’m putting that thing away for good.I would rather be sick for a few days than put that stupid thing back on my face.

I'll pull a Biden line and see of I get in trouble. Id like to take Fauci behind the gym and punch him. Fuck u man. Nobody wearing masks right now. Look at Tom Brady. Sheep, wait till the next mandate Sad and sick at same time how many r willing 2 allow Fauci & now Federal government 2 continue 2 move the goal post. So much for 'all I am asking for you to do is wear a mask for 100 days starting January 20'. Glad I live n rural area where we ignore lunacy. Give back freedom!

Same “expert” who said we needed 15 days to flatten the curve. That was a year ago. Thankfully he flip flops every few weeks. So boring Nope Hahahahahahhahaa what a fucking moron ! I love all the idiots talking about not getting sick during the winter so let’s keep wearing them, but we never talk about taking care of ourselves and strengthen our immune systems

He’ll change his mind in a half hour or if the Biden administration demands it Maybe Fauci will be gone by 2022 Fuck off 🤡🤡🤡🚀 Fauci 90% of Americans have been wearing masks since spring 2020. Yet I keep hearing the lie that half do not. This is a lie nobody bothers to fact check. The CDC and Dr. Fauci said this last year. 90%

Caution here!!!Dr F said at the beginning of the Virus mask 😷 was not necessary!! No KingJSTA2 Nope. We definitely will not 🚫 Come on. Get real. I remember how people joked about Michael Jackson wearing a mask during his trial. If he was alive to day, I'm sure he would have the last laugh. COVID19 coronavirus

SatanicMedia NewWorldOrder Agenda21 Stay away from the media, the media is your biggest enemy! I remember that when I said that 'Pandemic' would only end after 2022, they called me a conspiracy theorist. Now see what the corrupt media with Dr. FauciFraud is talking about.👆 Bullshit. F.U. I have no problem with this. I will continue to have a mask with me at all times in case i need one, loooong after the pandemic is over!

Nahhhhhh I will ceased wearing my mask when all of the non believers are wanting to get infected. You don’t want the vaccine, I’m not begging you any longer. Time is about up! If you then get COVID, don’t blame me for not wearing a mask. My party the Dems has destroyed normancy we made people have so much fear they are willing to be afraid forever and always wear mask and never leave there house concerts,Restaurants,theaters are all dead the problem is not covid its the aftermath those people are sad and pathetic

I am never going around people again without a mask so I am good with that. I'm okay with it. We should normalize mask wearing especially during flu season. I haven't been sick this season and I attribute it to mask wearing, better personal hygiene (by all) and social distancing. Also stop saying it lowers your immunity.... That doesn't even make sense.

Lets stay home until no one ever dies again. Fuck fauci. CDC and NIAID: our statistically significant findings are inconclusive and prone to change, but they are facts. Not confusing at all. Not happening... I will do it this year. Fauci had turned into a 🤡 clown Only NPCs believe masks do anything. I think it’s time to find out the financial gains Fauci has made pimping masks. Follow the money

CNN promotes their President Biden’s views that it’s a cultural NORM for a MILLION UIGHURS to be in a genocide carried out by China.That’s not just getting into bed with China but that’s getting f’d HARD and liking it by China. What a horrific President we have ladies and gents! Fauci and BIll Gates can both fook off

Masks are pretty good for my pollen allergy too. I can dig it. 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Really , Didn't Biden of Guardian of the galaxy have a great plan to end COVID-19 in few months 100K deaths under Biden's watch, I mean, barely a month. Didn't he have all the skills, knowledge & expertise that even CDC didn't have 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Ain't happening You cannot get them to wear masks now in the height of the pandemic. Good luck in the next 2 years. Retire No thank you. I usually have had 2-3 colds since fall and I’ve had none. It’s because of masks. I don’t understand the big deal about wearing them? I also like that I can stay home from work when I feel ill and not feel guilty.

2 weeks to flatten the curve..... Can do! este hijueputa debe tener acciones en 3M. No thanks. Jokes on you, Fauci. I will always wear a mask during cold and flu season or when I’ll be outside and it’s cold. When are people going to realize that Dr Fauci will say whatever will keep him relevant in the media ? Even as this Pandemic wanes and dissipates he still is doom and gloom.If people want to wear a mask after this is done, that’s their prerogative . Don’t force/shame people to.

I believe masks will be worn for the foreseeable future and become our everyday essentials guys xxx Yea fuck off fauci not wearing this fucking thing in 2022. Once my work and places I frequent drop their masks requirements so will I. Ppl can wear one when they get sniffles or whatever but I don’t wanna see everyone wearing one 24/7

We’ve lived in Japan for four years and noticed that they practice wearing masks whenever they are sick. Makes real sense. Do you need to wear mask or masks in China? 2 years to flatten the curve and slow the spread Amazingly how ppl say that mask wearing is backed by science, yet so is the electrical frequency your body gives off..60mhz and above healthy, 57mhz and below sickness..42mhz cancer..yet most sick ppl eat dead processed foods..yet raw foods raise your freq...🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️...

Science says viruses go right through masks and those attached on water droplets go through as the water evaporates. So what is this 'Dr' really serving? I plan to wear a mask every winter from now on. Have you seen the stats in flu? It’s like a magic bullet. I got news 4 you: I'm never going outside my property without one again. Nope.

Fauci was incompetent, ignorant or just lied. He apparently thinks saying he lied is the best option. 'he doesn't regret joining other the Trump administration's other public health experts in advising Americans against wearing masks early on' For many, a mask will be synonymous for Underwear. Panty and boxer cute sets. Some wear underwear and some defiantly don’t.

creepy mask 3 Unusual Facts About Penguin Symbolism It is symbolic, community working together. penguin is symbolic of a community coming together and working...It represents following the rules at all times. There is also a strong sense in penguin symbolism for of renewal. We must all listen and take the scientist instruction seriously.

Why are you people still taking this nigga seriously? I'm not sick, so I don't wear a mask. Fuck Fauci Maybe if people WASHED THEIR HANDS before all this, none of this crap would happen to begin with -_- I dont wear masks now. We're still wearing them in Victoria Australia and 99% of people have no problem doing so.

All hail Adolf Fauci Screw that, for all that are scared stay home. Nope. Not gonna happen. Even after being vaccinated ? What's the point of the vaccine ? If you don't love your mask, you don't have the right one. There are plenty of designs (not fabric patterns, but construction) and sizes, you just have to try a few out and see what's most comfortable. Kind of like shoes

This is what's in vaccines: I've never believed that we'd be MASK-FREE, this year ... Given numbers of those who refuse to abide by CDC cautions! Never heard of a nation so ill-prepared to restore 'greatness', moral-compass, let-alone bit of 'civilization'! Shameful. Nutters No Eat my ass Fauci Well of course when the masks go so does his fame.

Done, let me tell you the amount of times I caught anything this past year...0 healthiest year of my life. maskup I’m tired of Fauci... wit all his lies... fuck these mask... it’s not like they work From now on, I'd like to see Everyone wear a mask if they have to go outside their home when they are sick with a fever or just a cold. Especially those die-hards who go into work sick. Spare the air and the people...People!

People in red Midwestern states haven’t worn many masks and their kids have been In school all year and covid cases are almost nil. We’ve reached herd immunity. At least in rural red Midwest America. Other words, being Asian. Why? I am fine to WearAMask No and one more thing... hell no Once you get Covid you will want to wear mask rest of your life

Stupid is as stupid does Maskhole here. And could careless wtf you have to say. Oh Wait until next week and he will say you won’t. Leave it to the idiots at cnn to ask him every week. He has no idea what will happen a year from now just like he didn’t know a year ago. Just get vaccinated and move on with life.

tough to know when a man made disease will be brought under control Fuck doctor fauci with a name like that I don't trust him to even be my family physician Not surprised, I know that I plan to continue wearing mines for a long while. Haven't worn one in months. lies plandemic killgates ratface That little yard elf can wear a mask if he wants

Good luck with that.. hell we barely wore masks in 2020, haven’t in 2021 and no chance in hell in 2022!! ND is over Covid everything is open, schools and sports are in full swing. Face diapers are for the weak Nope Fuck that! I’ll be doing it regardless indoors for years. Flu, colds, whatever. If I can reduce my risk by even 1%, I’m down.

Fauci should be relieved of duty, his BS is no longer needed or wanted. There are people other than him that can do his job I like my masks. They don't have passive/aggressive sayings on them, but they cover up wrinkles, and they work on preventing colds and flu, too. Mask, sunglasses, and hoodie, and I'm Mr Robot. 😬

Then he should. Fauci never shuts up But When California decriminalized the spread of HIV AIDS last year He didn’t say a word 😘 Oh, hell no Looking Live: Fauci Credibility 😉 This guy is a piece of garbage 🗑 Oh !,there is need to be with mask while you are in public places. Says the man who funded the research in Wuhan, that put us into the madness. But no one really wants to investigate that story. Conspiracy my ass..

I have been saying that since the middle of last year. Nothing new. Yea no. We won’t. Then tell me why and how my in-laws (both) at ages 85 & 87 contracted COVID? They only go to Drs. appointments. Both wearing masks. Always. What exactly is the reason for the mask? So unlikeable Fauci's the devil. TBH mask wearing needs to be normalized during cold and flu season and if a sick/vulnerable person needs to go out into public (given they can’t just stay home). They do it in Asia, we can do the same here, well, some of us can.

lol...wake up people...BIGGEST SCAM in the history of mankind!! death rates are the same this year as ALL years past so why has there been 12 months of fear/panic/24 hour news/mis-information/lies....wake up people!! It went from “ you don’t need to wear a mask” to “wear a mask”, “two masks are better”, and now it looks like you should always wear a mask.

mayleechai No problem Dr. Fauci. I have never felt more protected from other illnesses. I double mask and feel completely comfortable knowing my family and I can keep out of the hospital and save the emergency room health professionals one more case of COVID. I intend to wear a mask in public for the foreseeable future so I don’t get infected with the stupidity of TheRadicalRight

There is really an odd giddiness even euphoria the left has for masks. Can't quite put my finger on it. And it has far more to do with just saving lives. I will! IT IS INHUMANE TO KEEP US AWAY FROM LOVE ONES PLEASE HELP🇵🇱🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸us to reunite with our partners 💔We need take of the travel ban for binational couples HumanRights FREEDOM LoveIsNotTourism JoeBiden BorisJohnson WhiteHouse hrw KamalaHarris NicolaSturgeon PressSec

Wearing masks possibly even longer - a small price for staying well- not a big deal to me. I have social distanced and self-isolated for 10 years. Love it! Very happy to stay at home! 🏡 Yeah I don’t think so. This man is very dangerous. So, still no plan.... nice. Fuck that. Masks should be a way of life from now on. It’s going to save us from a lot of diseases CNN Designers need to make it fashionable and trendy. That’s the way to go

Nobody knows what or when or if masks will go away Opinion- not directive. He is not Governing the place. MichaelApperso2 trust that i'll be wearing one for the rest of my life The flu never goes away so their position will be not wearing them will be some sort of white supremacy stance because the flu kills unhealthy people and a higher percentage are not white. Wake up America!

So what's the point of this vaccine for? I’m sure most Americans plan to continue to wear a mask. Shhhhh I take NOTHING this guy says into consideration when I move through daily behaviors. For the record. Free All Oromoo Political prisoners I don't care if Americans wear masks or not. Russia gives the vaccine to everyone - take it and release it at home , you do not even need to ask , you do not need to lift sanctions or change your attitude to it. We are different and this is good , everyone should live on earth .

Duas máscaras? Uma delas com estampa de cuequinnha. I stopped listening to Fauci’s BS last April. Because you're lucky. Wear a mask. It means you care. Fuck them masks Nah chill Control freak. Fauci gets paid a $1 million award for public relations. He should turn it down. I was vaccinated today. Less than a year after China released pandemic and WHO kept secret. Incredibly grateful to past administration for operationwarpspeed COVIDー19 vaccine

Deathrow is waiting for you folks Fauci should have held personal press releases in US to protect people. Masks have always been essential, and now, 3LAYERS on a mask. Or double mask. Variants are killers! I’ve been triple masking all the babies I look after but recently they’ve all turned blue and seem unresponsive. Should I add a fourth mask?

I think by summer you’ll see a lot of people not wearing them Lp,9 Here is something to think about: CDC or China isn't interested in returning to normal. If you haven't figured that out by now. You're probably still believing the current politicians & public health telling you what to do. Even to This Doctor Stop Being So Negative I refuse to Believe in Fear God is Over Us and You You can Die as Well Speak Up For God cares don't Pretend As Dough You have all the Answers Without God there is No You Just Keep it Real God will still Bless You 💘 Love Sharon

“Science” By now we know Fauci is full of himself. His head is so big I’m surprised he can still stand without tipping over. Most of us are astute enough to know when it’s really raining or if we’re being peed on. He knows medicine; however, I’m smelling a little pee from his direction. Latest reports suggest wearing 5 masks, 4.5 vaccination shots and standing 10 ft apart may slow spread enough to host thanksgiving in 2027

Replace this guy man Didn't he just come out last week and say everyone who wants to be will be vaccinated by April? I think that in places where there are lots of people I will still put a mask on. Especially indoors. Standing in a friended grocery line with people breathing they’re virus ridden breath down your neck. EWW

Nope enough of this In a positive way, the mask has protected me from the sun when I forgot to used sunscreen 🤣🤣 We can do it. It will get us back to *closer to normal* faster if we all continue to wear masks in public & social distance. Most of us care & are smart enough to do it. The time & effort made now will pay off later.

People who get vaccinated are going to wear masks in 2022. FOH Certainly kept the influenza season in check. Worth continuing! In a pig's eye. If some people want to wear masks forever then fine, knock yourself out. But mandating them for everyone after the vaccine is widely available and/or after achieving herd immunity is completely insane. And if that happens I hope there's a revolt.

I would hope by then, the Americans and everyone else will have come to learn that with freedom comes responsibility, and mask wearing becomes the simplest of tasks. Mate just tell us we will all have to wear masks till 2030 Rubbish Even when they say it’s safe to not wear a mask I’m still wearing one Looking back on all the times I have gotten sick riding public transit, wearing masks for me doesn't seem like a bad idea anymore

Fucking Fauci, see guys, 100 days will turn into 1000 days. The day something I can buy from Etsy will save me or someone from a deadly virus, is the day we are all doomed. Not a big deal. It's a piece of fabric that u don't mind wearing if it keeps me and others from getting sick. Especially during winter!

I think he said that because the ones who don’t wear it are cause and you have to think about spring break because god knows how many people are going to party and not think about the consequences they should put a travel ban for spring break He will be telling you to wear 3 by then lol Sadly Americans are spoiled children and probably wont do it.

Who are we protecting? Anti-vaccers? Fuck them. My mask is coming off the instant there's enough vaccine for everyone that wants one. I'm not inconveniencing myself to protect people that choose not to protect themselves. But the democrats said that Biden had the magic solution ! another lie ? No magic solutions or this is Trump’s fault too.

I'm wearing a mask forever. No cold germs for me and the anonymity makes me feel safer. Lol. Hmmm..Deep breath..Okay 😫 Fauci will go down as one of the most profound villains in American history. K 😂😂😂 PhaQ as sho le Throwing darts at a dart board at this point. Just get people vaccinated. Lol sure dude we’ll get right on that

wechoosewisdom I’m already traumatized so, until forever is really cool with me. Tbh. But we're still in February of 2021. Not good enough. We need to wear masks for at least the next decade. This is the new normal. The government needs to mandate mask wearing and make it a crime not to. Tomorrow he will say something else...if biden tells him today it he will ..I am just tired of his lies

I easily expect masks to be worn into next year. Soon as we are vaccinated, it is fiesta time and back to vacationing. Vegas, Royal Caribbean, can’t wait to be back, and yes expect to wear masks into other countries. Because the way you have handled this pandemic America is going down the toilet GTFOH with that

I will wear a mask until everyone that wants a vaccine gets one. I will not continue to wear a mask after that point just to protect anti-vaxxers and conspiracy nut jobs from themselves. They can live with the consequence of their choice. Nah. By year’s end ?!! Wow! I was planming on continuing yo wear masks. I have so many cool ones and now don't have to deal with cold/flu season, so why not?

What an absolutely disgusting interview. All you ever do is take fauci’s words out of context and trap him into answering your stupid hypothetical questions (1) Well the flu season was affected by mask wearing. Let’s look at that. No. FuckOffFauci Oh, hell no. Haven't wore one since this all started, so why start now....

Its due time for this man to either go away or the media to stop reporting his nonsense. By April 15, people will have had all of this foolishness they will stand, warm weather and being outside, many vaccinations done and the masses wit=ll simply ignore these absurd declarations I didn’t even read this but I love that he’s wearing a penguin mask 🐧

Fauci first 3 months of pandemic this man openly said masks were not needed. So many sick people, so many dead. But trust him now...? No❤️ He also wears his ass for a hat Nope! Fuck that puto!!!! Honestly, since I’ve been wearing my mask regularly (required at work and most places of business), I haven’t been sick at all. Not one cold, sinus infection, flu, bronchitis, strep throat, pink eye...nothing. And I get sick every year. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That's fine. Ain't no big thing. I would love to see the dart board he throws darts at. Constantly changes his recommendations. What a joke. Nope! Not going to happen! I think we should always wear them, especially in the winter and indoor, closed environments. They prevented the spread of the flu and colds this year too. It is so easy to do and prevents overall illness. I don’t plan on abandoning masking for a long time.

That is correct. Fauci said that all Americans should wear masks even America is at a higher degree of the new normal. Wrong Seems to have lost the plot. I will always wear one in public. I really don’t see what the big deal is. They are a small price to pay for public health. Stop GFY! (Go Fauci Yourself)

Sure, I'll wear a mask...so Dr. Fauci is the 'Steve Hawking' of infectious diseases? M'kay I want to let my immune system work again. iM gOiNg tO kEeP WeArInG a MaSk BeCaUsE i HaVeN't BeEn sIcK aLl yEaR Biden government is trying to accelerate the movement to vaccinate most American adults. In essence, coronvirus is never going away. It's the new normal. Big thanks to both china and trump. They're responsible, acceptance noted.

What is his advice on losing weight and healthy living? Or is it just masks masks masks? I think masks are here to stay regardless. It helps save fuck all. Wake up idiots. 🤡 Well I heard a professor tell us by April herd immunity mix of people who has already had it and or vaccinated by then Wearing a mask during flu season might be a good idea.

Lol shut up with this garbage already. Lol fuck this unscientific nonsense.. I’ve seen a lot of people that need to wear them longer. For the fools to be able to comprehend! He's a pharmaceutical charlatan, as unhealthy as the rest of the unhealthy American society, but with more rights than them! stop bullshit fauci