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Fauci: 'In a perfect world' Americans would stop shaking hands

Should the coronavirus pandemic mark the end of the American handshake? Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases, thinks so.

4/10/2020 2:13:00 AM

Should the coronavirus pandemic mark the end of the American handshake? Dr. Anthony Fauci , the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases, thinks so.

Americans should avoid shaking hands -- “ever” again -- in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci , White House coronavirus task force expert.

"We've got to break that custom," he argued.Tune into ABC at 1 p.m. ET and ABC News Live at 4 p.m. ET every weekday for special coverage of the novel coronavirus with the full ABC News team, including the latest news, context and analysis.

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MORE: Trump adviser Navarro clashes with Fauci on hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19When asked to clarify his controversial stance Thursday morning, Fauci said he doesn't expect his suggestion will stick but that he can always hope."In a perfect world, when you're dealing with the potential for this terrible ordeal that we're going through now, knowing that hands and hands to face do it (spread infection), that would be something that I think would hopefully be attainable -- but I don't think it will be," Fauci said.

President Donald Trump shakes hands Richard Ashworth, president of Walgreens, during a news conference about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden at the White House, March 13, 2020, in Washington.President Donald Trump shakes hands Richard Ashworth, president of Walgreens, during a news conference about the coronavirus in the Rose Garden at the White House, March 13, 2020, in Washington.

Alex Brandon/AP, FILEMORE: Fauci given security detail after threats: Source"I mean, I said that, you know, somewhat serious and somewhat realizing that that likely will never happen," Fauci admitted.The director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases also stressed that Americans should proceed with caution once the country does start loosening lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

"When you gradually come back, you don't jump into it with both feet," Fauci explained."You say, what are the things you could still do and still approach normal? One of them is absolute compulsive hand-washing. The other is you don't ever shake anybody's hands."

"It isn't like a light switch on and off," he added."It's a gradual pulling back on certain of the restrictions and to try and get society a bit back to normal."President Donald Trump listens as Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, addresses the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House in Washington, April 7, 2020.

President Donald Trump listens as Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, addresses the daily coronavirus task force briefing at the White House in Washington, April 7, 2020.Kevin Lamarque/ReutersFauci has repeatedly cautioned that the virus determines the timeline but said that he hopes the country can"start approaching some degree of normality" at the end of April.

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You don’t get a virus from shaking hands. It’s what you do or don’t do with those hands afterwards. Wash? Rub your eyes. Eat. It’s called hygiene people. Maybe it’s you passing the virus because your not clean. Good hygiene starts with you! !! Until a vaccine is found! Yes! The other option to greet people is by joining hands !!

This is the same guy who said USA 🇺🇸 don’t have to worry about covid 19 Maybe we should kiss instead. I Guess this Guy is the Man Now Ha Ha Ha I don't think so. It's called spreading fear and has a doctor he shouldn't do that and people shouldn't let fear run them. If u are washing your hands like a normal person then this would still be find. So doc stop spreading fear on this one

People should stop touching each other unless they are close family. I am a germaphobe I guess and was never a fan of hugging and stuff 🤷‍♀️ iAmLettyB I can't resist saying this but with the spirit a Christ Within Me, I will not fear as we walk by faith. Science is to be commended though it's not faith. Let's serve a god who created science, and not serve science that might be creating it's on God? Keep love above all

What about hugs? I am a hugger Idiot! Why can’t you just wash hands like you’re suppose too? I think we should institute the new greeting: direct eye contact with a nod of the head. I agree, with him..our personal cleaning is not like the oldies time. Everthing are speed-use no one take the time to cleanup..because it's for 'looser' Now every one are loosing. 😷🤒😷

Nope. That's a no! For a while. We should fist bump. The new hand shake thank this idiot your like or not. What's worse is the ppl who never cleaned their cells phone b4 Corona. The ppl who went out to eat touched those filthy menus, and things on the table without washing their nasty hands. Ppl who used the restroom & walk out without washing hands. we're worried about handshaking

We can bow FireFauci No. Cause there’s no other surfaces that have to be touched? What a stupid question and a stupider answer. CoronavirusOutbreak antibioticsareforbacterianotvirusesyoustunad I’m good with that I vote for finger guns. Agreed. Namaste , is OK I support this movement. EndTheHandshake Is that really important?

This is idiotic... or is fear perfectly sold. It created a bunch of lonely germophobes. I always hated handshakes. Wearing rings and having a man crash your hand as you stand there trying not to scream ...not to mention clammy and sweaty palms... I cant see that happening after we shake this virus. This handshake, sometimes with the half hug added, sometimes with the finger snap at the end for the old schoolers, is a part of our culture. It's how we show respect. We wont be feared out of this

I'll still shake hands and give hugs , haven't stopped and never will. I would refuse to shake hands with Democrats. That's worked out for me so far. I don’t really care but Chinese tend to bow but still spread like a mf. Dr. Fauci has become a vicious parody of himself. Time for Donald Trump to say, 'You're fired!'

Absolutely no! COVID19 With all this administration complete failures. New budget guts our CDC and adds funding for drilling more oil. Complete psychopaths at this point . Maybe Howey Madell has been right all along. We all need to fist bump or elbow bump. So you go on 2 or 3 dates, you have safely done social distancing (SD) foreplay. Now it's time for sex, while keeping proper SD; its going to be disappointing, maybe Dr .F can advise on this?

He knows these virus are going to keep coming . The world is changing. Mother Nature is not happy . Fires , tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and yes more Pandemics . We are not prepared. Let’s just all dress in bubbles and let every new strain of nature threaten our entire existence. We are discovering sliced bread around here... asian cultures have shaken hands for centuries.

KeithOlbermann Hugging needs to go also KeithOlbermann I had issues with shaking hands b4 becuz ppl are disgusting 😫 We live in a free country so somebody wants to shake someone's hands they will do so No NO. But it should MARK THE END OF LeakerFauci . DrainTheDeepStateSwamp ✊ He’ll get his wish- I won’t shake his hand.

If he’s our leading expert...we are f*cked. Whether your a dem, rep, independent I think we can all agree this guy talks out of both sides of his mouth. Lots of contradictory statement etc. Google his name with gates and soros- see what you come up with The peace sign was such an effective greeting.....

He also suggests those who show immunity carry a document proving it soooo.. NO. People will decide how they say hello. KeithOlbermann We can only hope so. I hate shaking hands!!! Let’s just not ever again. Im all for bowing. Yes. Just smile. It’s friendly enough. I like this guy more. Extreme response....this too will pass and we’ll be shaking hands and hugging once more. We’ll wash them more often, not touch our faces, and be cognizant of coughs and sneezes. But life will continue....

Replace it with the Iggy Shuffle! Now we're onto the hard questions! 🤷‍♂️ you run the same risks as before the outbreak F*ck off. We've existed for thousands of years shaking hands. That's like saying back during the AIDS pandemic, that homosexuality should be ended. Americans will decide for themselves & folks will respect their decisions. No man or woman shall dictate to the American people.

The International Brotherhood of Glad Handing Douchenozzles is pissed. The new way to greet everyone. I’ve never been a fan of shaking hands. I’m good with it. “American” handshake How is the American one different from the rest of the world? Nope , Fauci is turning out to be a quack. Now he wants Americans to “register” with immunity cards. Can you say hitler

Hell no Not only have these dummies ruined millions of small businesses with their policies on coronavirus, now they want to end the arm wrestling industry. He’s a Democratic donor, your lose. Interested to see the outcomes Should the CCP virus mark the end of the IC run MSM? CIA MockingbirdMedia TheFinders

We don't need to prove to each other that we're not holding a weapon anymore. Well, not in the rest of the world anyway. America still hasn't reached the point of civilisation where guns are illegal. yeah, fuck him. In related news: “I'm not a doctor.” realDonaldTrump hydroxychloroquine Shake on it? Who would trust Fauci at this point?

Ahh, the American handshake. I always wondered who invented it. Of course it was the Americans, obviously. I have no issues with this Once again, this is not his call. Completely agree. I’ve always had an aversion to shaking hands. 🤢 instead, we should all just sniff each others ass upon greeting one another

I like hugs better anyway. Fauci is not god, king or anything but a little napoleon drunk on his own power after exaggerating the virus' death toll. KuroCheckThis Hopefully the end of his career and the end of abc news I think it's a British handshake If this cult rich deep state douche was an expert on anything he wouldn't have been wrong on everything.

I really think Fauci wants this to last as long as possible. At least his big pharma can make a vaccine. Because who gives a shit about any treatments that could save lives. Do they shake hands in China? Asking for a friend. 😉 Sure! Why not in all fairness, very few people have swords He also thought 260k would die. Not sure his word is gospel.

Yes. It already has ended. Sorry This ridiculous... Fauci has overstepped his relevance, in more ways than one. Fire the traitor. instead we’re bringing back the woogity woogity This guy don’t know shit I want to know why him and the rest of the guns were not arrested No. I will always shake hands. Fauci is a false prophet. Remove him from the pedestal you have put him on.

Who died and left Fauci in charge of us I agree. What makes him the leading expert? Fine by me. It no longer appears that as a country anyone else can honor our word. Thanks trumpers. Only our trash media would follow Fauci No, but we need to find acceptable and warm alternatives if we're sick or during the flu season.

fuck this guy. he's deep state, and is using his position to destroy the nation on behalf of the DNC. Fauci relied on models that have consistently proven to be ridiculous. I'd say people who accurately predicted many fewer deaths and hospitalizations, like Stanford Prof John Ioannidis, are the nation's leading experts on infectious diseases.

Hell no!! FireFauci For goodness sake, No. I won’t miss the handshake at all It would be sad if Dr. Fauci started losing his mind now too! Yes. Never understood the need. If Dr. Fauci says so. My level of Trust in this man is hitting negative numbers. No worries. I will def stop/ never begin shaking hands with this guy

America has invented in-numerous things throughout the years. But the handshake certainly was not one of them. GTFOH Fauxi needs to go, he's gone off the deep end. No What about other contact actions.... 😜 Handshaking is World Wide, not exclusively American. If one survives, YES as long as it takes ! ABC, Fauci, Birx, Gates. All ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE. WE KNOW!! Kek

I’m fairly certain gloves for all seasons and reasons will make a comeback. I’m all for the chest bump but I don’t think HR will go for it!🤪😎 Majority of us wipe ourselves with the shaking hand. Dudes coockoo If only it could end the biased lying MSM, right MSNBC_Breaking , CNN? No human contact whatsoever in our new WeinerWorld

Stupid. We aren't the only country that shakes hands. FireFauciNow Let’s shake on it No. We've shaken hands for ages and never had to worry. Be responsible but not fearful. Shaking hand yes could transmit virus. But if your hand is continously dirty and never been washed. The point is clean and wash regularly. As I believe there are some benefit of shaking hand outweight it cost. Feel friendly, secure, comfortable and other pshicological effect

I believe Fauci suffers from short-man disease. It would explain his fawning over that Clinton hag and his love of his current limelight. Like Schiff, he loves camera time. I trust him as far as I can throw him, while following social distancing rules. (Hint, not at all.) Yes you dummies Stupidity does show itself.

I don’t know, it just doesn’t sound right to say a man is only as good as his elbow bump. How about the kiss on both cheeks in Europe? FireFauci , deep state If you use the public restrooms for any amount of time,you'll never shake another man's hand again.Not only do some of these pigs piss all over the seat,but many don't wash their hands.

Stop calling him 'the nation's leading expert on infectious diseases'. He is a bureaucrat and a fraud. We can all see that now. Treating him like some kind of expert is what has us in this mess. Show me a single prediction he has made that wasn't proven wrong by real evidence Based on models that were only off by 300% and millions of deaths that shutdown an entire country. He can literally F all the way off. I'll shake the hands of the 17 million unemployed Americans because of his failed doomsday factual false alarmism.

No. Chloroquine Take mitigation to its logical conclusion. It would kill millions once society began to merge again. Much better to mingle and expose yourself to the virus of the day. How can you avoid exposure in the real world? No! I don't have a problem with that. I also think social distancing should continue.

This might be the dumbest idea to date. Germs are everywhere. People will do what they want. UnionChief2017 This has just gotten stupid now Well the Spanish Flu didn't stop us from doing it, what's different now? And what about the hand job, Dr. Expert? It’s what the government does to us every day. Your analysis just ain’t gonna cut it.

yes Then he's not an expert. An educated guess at best! Always been more of a fist bumper 🤛 He’s an idiot.....just a quest to force people to be more anti social. Can’t you see this? It’s the tight bond between families, friends, and communities etc that makes the country strong. People who are close together and physical touch is part of that.

LOL Just another bureaucrat trying to tell everyone how to live their lives What makes a handshake “American”? This is stupid Get lost abc In fine with losing the handshake Beep that article and the BIASED Dr. As well. Mental illness is a serious problem in this country He’s crazy and misinformed we need herd immunity

Liberals are always pushing their personal hysteria on the rest of us ...its a personal choice as is most things in your daily life A little wink will work. Agreed. Since we no longer carry swords in our right hands, there’s no longer a need to present our empty hand as a sign of peace. Nope!! Fauci is a fakie

Get rid of Fauci! I think that bowing by men and women should replace the handshake. Im still gonna handshake No. Just during outbreak season(s)... Fauci is a physical and mental midget. His doomsday predictions have destroyed this country. I hope we learn to NEVER shut down the economy like this ever again. I will continue to give a firm handshake after this passes!

Don’t worry the Dims will look to pass a law to outlaw it; punishable if you support the 2A or want to protect our borders. It is a noble work and we all appreciate it that at this critical situation India is now providing medicine to other countries. However; since India is also facing same crisis so our PM should have a solid storage of these important medicines. Start manufacturing these medicines

Dr. Fausti. Sounds good. Nothing worse than shaking someone’s hand that wasn’t taught to do it properly. The reason why the Chinese have been greeting each other in this way for centuries. Americans should start doing the same when we greet a stranger. Aren’t these articles uplifting. Maybe never touch another human. Put the cuckoo back in the clock.

Just give a little Sooo...we're supposed to change our lives over a virus that killed less people than the flu Why is anyone allowing this degenerate to spread his breed of fear mongering? What he's basically saying is, we can't shake hands, so we certainly can't hug our kids even after this thing blows over. Get rid of him.

ew fauci is a walking STD KristenSwilley Good grief what a crazy headline. He's a doctor. - Not a statistician - Not an economist - Not an expert on etiquette I'm sure he feels people should stop having sex since STDs are a thing. Wash your hands after shaking hands, dont dig your nose or lick your fingers immediately after, things will be fine.

Or be close enough to look each other in the eye... Aerosol ... Fauci is just another bitter left wing elitist angry that in AMERICA ANYONE can become a billionaire without a college degree. This is the ONLY time he'll ever have power to do anything so he's using it to help his comrades in their attack on AMERICAN families & society.

FireFauci This guy sounds like he has issues he is projecting. Do we stop having kids now Not American hand shake but end of the Human hand shake. He's been blowing Gate's dick since the word go whilst being paid for his services of course. What was that doctor dumbass? That’s important. That’s what we are worried about right now?

In a 'perfect world' our country wouldn't have been turned upside down over flawed models. America invented the handshake!!!? Wow..... 'Should corona turn everyone into a giant germaphobe?' No. Why not focus on the treatment, This guy is nuts Yes Make a bow instead I’m going to stop that’s for sure.

Brutus I'm Good!!!! Wtf people are dying and this assholes taking abt handshake seriously WTF is this FakeNews? Only if we can replace it with this... No Hand shakes Should work After all EVERYONE followed the NO UNPROTECTED SEX Completely Yes. Head nods and bows will do. He don’t know a thing. He just grasping at straws.

It should end beer pong for sure Just stop. Time to start a new American tradition in the elbow pound it He has been a saving grace. Please keep him in our prayers. Nazi salute to follow Not his call or any other 'expert' But then how do we greet people ? Waving ? Fist bumps ? We are being told we will “get punished “ if you go out

Yes and lead into the nazi salute. You are telling citizens they can’t go out or will be punished The Fear! What a stupid statement Fuck him. Really liked listening to Dr. Fauci so far, hope he will not lose his mind all of a sudden. No, no it shouldn't End of NIGHT CLUBS/STRIP CLUBS/RESTAURANTS DINE-IN/CHURCH/ANYTHING GROUP RELATED..& OH YEAH SCHOOL until there's a cure...NO LONG-GAME---CHANGE UR GAME!

No, but this should be the end of subjective news! YES!! I’ve touched enough hands in my life…never a fan!! Let’s all move to the bow or the Vulcan greeting!! livelongandprosperjackoffs!! 😝🖖 In a perfect world, projections used to disrupt life so badly would be frigging accurate. People once shook hands to show they weren't holding a weapon. No need for this archaic greeting anymore.

And hugging. PLEASE stop the hugs. Can we please stop elevating Fauci to some position he hasn’t earned nor deserves? I grew up in a neighborhood where handshaking was not done for various reasons. We did a slight bow. I am still not comfortable with shaking hands.Tradition came from ancient times. Most people right handed-extending that hand meant no weapon. A sign of peace.

Maybe Japanese people are on to something? Bill Gates has a JeffEpstein problem too. And he is determined to see more economic WuhanFlu pain for US? Coincidence? Leave it up to the individuals. No. What it *should* do is MAKE AMERICANS PAY ATTENTION TO BASIC HYGIENE. So many folks are needlessly contributing to the spread of COVID-19 because they refuse to practice really simple health guidelines. Handshakes can return, willful ignorance must not.

Yes And having wet markets I'm not shaking hands again. People still die of the flu and handshaking, then touching the nose is a major way of transmitting. Think of how costly it is to businesses for people to be sick and away from their jobs as well. You want crotch grabbing instead? Cause that's how you get crotch grabbing 😂

DeepState shill Who cares what he thinks? No! Namaste

Fauci: ‘I Don’t Think We Should Ever Shake Hands Again’‘I Don’t Think We Should Ever Shake Hands Again.’ Dr. Fauci Says Coronavirus Should Change Some Behaviors for Good WTF?! I didn't know they had a department of sociology! Lol I dont think we should ever go out of the house again

Americans may be able to take summer vacations, Fauci saysDr. Anthony Fauci , the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, says Americans have the potential to take summer vacations — if we continue with mitigation strategies to prevent a resurgence. Need jobs to take a summer vacation 🤷🏾‍♂️ Never trust a Midget. 🇺🇸💪 Don't really care what he says I am going on mine!!! LOL

Dr. Fauci says he doesn't think Americans should ever shake hands again to prevent spread of coronavirusThe leading infectious disease expert said an end to handshaking could also cut the number of influenza cases. Isn’t his 15 minutes up - enough of this guy he works for Gates not the people And it's begun... No great loss.

Pence and Fauci have some rare positive news about the coronavirusIn a call with lawmakers, the vice president and infectious diseases expert say the worst hot spots are showing signs of “stabilization.”

Fauci dismisses ‘conspiracy theories’ to spin the coronavirus death tollIn his 2017 book The Loudest Voice in the Room, journalist Gabriel Sherman reported that top Fox News executives meet every morning to strategize about how the network can angle its daily coverage to advance the Republican Party’s political agenda. You mean the theories nudged by brithume and TuckerCarlson . It’s funny when Yahoo news attacks other news outlets. Yahoo being one of the worst there is. RT.

Fauci outlines return to normal once coronavirus outbreak weakensLATEST: Dr. Fauci tells TODAYshow on Thursday that he thinks the U.S. may be experiencing the “beginning” of the flattening of the curve with the coronavirus outbreak, but said the virus will determine when life returns to normal. CoronaUpdateBot TODAYshow inb4 liberals are mad that the deaths are going down and Trump is still in office. TODAYshow get back to work u lazy bas... TODAYshow Will the $2.3 trillion last until then? 🤔