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Fauci confirms government health officials taking fresh look at face masks, as COVID-19 cases continue to spread

The U.S. government's leading health officials are actively considering recommending that even those individuals that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19...

7/26/2021 7:30:00 PM

The U.S. government’s leading health officials are actively considering recommending that even those individuals that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 wear face masks in public settings again, Dr. Anthony Fauci has confirmed.

The U.S. government's leading health officials are actively considering recommending that even those individuals that are fully vaccinated against COVID-19...

Fauci, who heads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and is President Joe Biden’s chief medical adviser, told CNN’s “State of the Union” that he has taken part in conversations about altering the mask guidelines, as the Associated Press reported.

'Grow up': UK's Johnson says world must face climate change UN: In war, 16 million Yemenis 'marching' toward starvation 'Ready, Set, GO!' Teletubbies Announce Musical Reunion & First Album in Over 20 Years { height:0; position:relative; padding-bottom:56.25%; } > iframe { position: absolute; left: 0; top: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%; } The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention surprised some when it said on May 13 that vaccinated people no longer need wear face masks, observe physical distancing, avoid crowds, or get tested or isolate after an exposure, with few exceptions. The move was criticized by some experts who argued it didn’t allow for the potential for breakthrough infections or transmission by fully vaccinated people, and may have undermined efforts to persuade unvaccinated people to get their shots.

The nation’s largest union for registered nurses, National Nurses United, in a letter on July 12 to Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the head of the CDC, urged the agency to revive the masking mandate to help protect essential workers. The letter came as the highly transmissible delta variant of COVID was spreading fast across the U.S., especially in states with low vaccination rates.

Read now: COVID-19 — but not the vaccine — may reduce male fertilityFauci noted on Sunday that some local communities where transmission remains high have already called on their residents to mask up, including Los Angeles Country. Fauci said he was “very frustrated” at the “unnecessary predicament” the U.S. finds itself in with delta as many Americans are refusing vaccination. “We’re going in the wrong direction,” he said.

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The CDC’s vaccine tracker is showing that 49.1% of the overall U.S. population is fully vaccinated, a number that is barely budging from day to day. That means they have had two doses of the vaccines developed by Pfizer PFE, +0.37% and German partner BioNTech and Moderna, or one dose of Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine. The AstraZeneca vaccine that has been widely used in the U.K. and elsewhere, has not received emergency use authorization in the U.S.

Among adults 18-years-and-older, 60% are fully vaccinated while 69% has received at least one shot, a squeak short of Biden’s goal of having at least 70% of adults receive at least one shot by the July 4 holiday. iframe.twitter-tweet { width: 100% !important; }

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A group of more than 50 healthcare groups — including the American Medical Association, the American College of Physicians, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Public Health Association — issued a joint statement Monday, calling for all healthcare employers to mandate employees be vaccinated against Covid-19.

“This is the logical fulfillment of the ethical commitment of all healthcare workers to put patients as well as residents of long-term-care facilities first and take all steps necessary to ensure their health and well-being,” said the letter.Elsewhere, China recorded 76 new COVID cases on Sunday, the most since January, Reuters reported. The latest cases are being driven by an outbreak in the eastern city of Nanjing, where a new round of mass testing has been launched.

In Vietnam, more than 10 million residents of the main economic hub, Ho Chi Minh City, are subject to a curfew starting Monday, AFP reported. The city has counted more than 62,000 new cases since April, accounting for the bulk of Vietnam’s overall total of 101,000 cases.

France’s parliament approved a law requiring special virus passes for all restaurants and domestic travel and mandating vaccinations for all health workers, the AP reported.Both measures have prompted protests, but President Emmanuel Macron and his government say they are needed to protect vulnerable populations and hospitals as infections rebound and to avoid new lockdowns.

Ireland is allowing restaurants, cafes and pubs to reopen with indoor service, but are limiting it to adults who are vaccinated or have recovered from COVID, and children, the Irish Times reported. Ireland’s lockdown was so strict that some establishments have been closed for almost 500 days.

In the U.K., there are concerns about the number of police officers who have been forced into isolation over their contacts with COVID patients, the Guardian reported. The number of absent Metropolitan police officers has reached almost one in five.Latest tallies The global tally for the coronavirus-borne illness climbed above 194.3 million on Monday, while the death toll climbed above 4.16 million, according to data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University.

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The U.S. leads the world with a total of 34.4 million cases and in deaths with 610,892.India is second by cases at 31.4 million and third by deaths at 420,967, according to its official numbers, which are expected to be undercounted.Brazil is second in deaths at 549,924 but is third in cases at 19.7 million.

Mexico has fourth-highest death toll at 238,424 but has recorded just 2.7 million cases, according to its official numbers.In Europe, Russia continues to pull ahead of the U.K. by deaths at 151,352, while the U.K. has 129,446, making Russia the country with the fifth-highest death toll in the world and highest in Europe.

China, where the virus was first discovered late in 2019, has had 104,642 confirmed cases and 4,848 deaths, according to its official numbers, which are widely held to be massively underreported. Read more: MarketWatch »

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Time to mask up again. People are really still listening to this guy? i.e. let’s see how far we can push the envelope again They still don’t know if they are coming or going. I’m sure science has to be telling them something but they just can’t understand it. By the way now the world has a lot of asymptomatic people out there spreading the “virus”.

The ONLY reason a huge portion of people submitted to getting these shots were to get out of wearing mask.. that’s the hard truth. They are going to be crazy mad. Absolutely , we will be going back into flu season again soon. mstepczyk Good Why where a mask if the southern border is wide open. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡🥵🥵🥵👿👿👿👿🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡

Fauci “very frustrated' over rising Covid figures fuelled by anti-vaxersUS top infectious diseases expert Dr. Anthony Fauci says the surge in delta variant cases is predominantly among those refusing to get vaccinated. Yalan yalan ölüm dahi bir sürü yan etkisi olan faz çalışmaları tamamlanmayan aşı olmayan aşıları insanlara vurup paranıza para katıp kontrol edilebilirlik insan topluluğu istiyorsunuz. Eskiden savaşla yaptığınızi şimdi aşı ilaç 5g vs ile yapıyorsunuz. POTUS JoeBiden , please make use of mask and vaccination mandatory. This is the only way to get results. It is up to you.

Anthony Fauci lauds Republicans for recent support of COVID vaccines: 'Very heartened''We've got to get more people who relate well to the individuals who are not getting vaccinated to get out there and encourage them to get vaccinated.' Shut everything down for unvaccinated… they’ll figure it out. Yes, let’s continue to listen to the man that is the reason this virus has ruined the world! Do we need juice to give them a pick me up afterwards? Bottled? Not poured?

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Covid-19 Vaccine Holdouts Face Restrictions in Europe as Delta Variant SpreadsWorried about the rapid spread of the Delta variant, governments are nudging, and in some cases, pushing, people to get vaccinated by introducing restrictions to daily life for those without a Covid-19 shot. If this is the only way we can get people vaccinated to a point of heard immunity then this is what we need to do. Get vaccinated! Do the American thing! 'The nations with the highest vaxx rates are the ones with the highest number of new cases.' 'The vaccine makes the virus more deadly Once your body comes in contact, it will develop an autoimmune disorder Creating too many antibodies, attacking itself. And dying.'

WSJ News Exclusive | Covid-19 Pill Race Heats Up as Japanese Firm Vies With Pfizer, MerckJapan’s Shionogi has started human trials for a once-a-day drug designed to neutralize the coronavirus in less than a week as Pfizer and Merck carry out later-stage tests. There are already ones out there: azythromicine plus Invermectin. Why keep denying it? 🙏 Better approach