Fauci: Avoid gatherings like Trump's Rushmore fireworks show

Anthony Fauci discouraged Americans from attending events like President Trump's upcoming fireworks display at Mount Rushmore

7/2/2020 4:30:00 AM

Anthony Fauci discouraged Americans from attending events like President Trump's upcoming fireworks display at Mount Rushmore

A large group of people close together for the president's July 3 event goes against coronavirus best practices, the top infectious disease expert said.

Jul 1, 2020 at 4:55pm PDT"Avoid crowds, wear a mask, keep physical distance," Fauci continued. "It doesn't matter what the reason for the congregation, whether it's a celebration here, the demonstration there. It doesn't make any difference — wear a mask."

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Trump's fireworks display on Mount Rushmore has already garnered fierce backlash for its disregard for social-distancing measures. More than 7,000 people are expected to attend. Native American leaders have also criticized the event for making use of land sacred to some Native nations, as well as opening the potential for more infections.

Thedemonstrationwill include a flyover and fireworks, with musical and ceremonial support from the Defense Department. The celebration will be part of a larger series of Independence Day events, culminating with a “Salute to America“ at the National Mall.

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Maybe we should stop fighting Darwin 🙄'Mount Rushmore'😲😂😂😂🤭👇 Sad Republican governors follow the dumbest goddam occupant ever in WhiteHouse! Trump is NOT welcome at MtRushmore but stupid govkristinoem says no mask or social distancing required! Herman Cain u won’t make this death rally?! RawStory CNN PressSec

SethAbramson ... so Fauci saved lives. be consistent with your reporting NYC Another 4th OF July Salute to his massive ego. The last one cost tax payers over 42 million how much will this one cost? Fauci is inconsequential. I wear my mask, I encourage people to wear masks, but I don't get not wanting people to go into the outdoors, stay distanced and watch fireworks, anything we can do safely we should do

SethAbramson I expect the fireworks to go badly possibly catching something on fire because Trump. Republicans admire is Rushmore Mountain! The Democrats kneeling is Freud! Don't be confused...please make the simplest choice stand or kneel build or destroy security or riot law or crime work or unemployment prosperity or frustration justice or evil

What about the secret service park rangers local police who have no choice other than working an event that has advertised mask optional and no social distancing required . This is not patriotic it is a super spreader event. Fauci clearly said - please keep politics out. After reading some of the tweets, I wonder if all democrats are so pessimism & anti-American. We have always celebrated the 4th, even when we had President Clinton and President Obama.

The fact is, Fauci NEVER specifically said,'avoid gatherings like Trumps Rushmore fireworks show' What he DID say was 'stay away from large gatherings LIKE CELEBRATIONS' This is why there is so much hate for media. You take an important piece of info & twist it to fit your agenda SethAbramson Will he be revealing his own face carved over a former president maybe? I mean nothing is off limits now. He's rampaging through all of your safeguards.

SethAbramson Wouldn't go near there, even, if I was paid to go. HELL NO! He is basing his recommendations on his political views not his medical knowledge, should be sued for malpractice by all of America. Bad doctor SethAbramson South Dakota is such a beautiful part of the country. And trump is about to turn it into a COVID-19 hotspot.

SethAbramson Anyone else fully expecting Trump to hologram his face over Lincoln's....? SethAbramson SethAbramson Oh god, he’s fired Good! Hope he specifically calls out the crap that is making this worse. No need to generalize That place was hard to get to and so crowded during a normal visit, and the lands were so dry and major windy!

I'm not going there because it is stolen land. But, don’t worry about occupying city blocks. That’s fine. Fauci is a a fraud. We the people are being lied to. Enjoy the 4th of July folks ..Fauci is not the one all be all expert, he is not a God. But fireworks are outside, kinda like the protests. 🤷‍♀️ I ain’t being within 500 miles of this shit show.

If we all started wearing masks with “trump 2020” on them...how long before democrats say we don’t need them...?

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Fauci to testify before Congress on state of coronavirus pandemicDr. Anthony Fauci and other top health officials will testify before Congress Tuesday on the state of the coronavirus pandemic. I can't wait to hear Fauci say 'mass protests clearly drove the spike in cases.' Don’t forget to mention cases are up but hospitalization rates and death rates are down. Could it be that we are learning how to manage this better as younger folks help develop heard immunity. The man who get's paid millions by Bill Gates to do virus research in China. This all makes perfect sense to me. Excuse me for a moment...

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