Fauci ‘astounded’ by Fox silence after host compared him to Nazi doctor

'It's an insult to all the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,' Dr. Fauci says.

12/3/2021 4:12:00 PM

'It's an insult to all the people who suffered and died under the Nazi regime in the concentration camps,' Dr. Fauci says.

Dr. Fauci on Lara Logan comparing him to Nazi Dr. Mengele: 'What I find striking is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network. How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action. I’m astounded by that.'

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03:15From JFK to Trump: How conspiracy theorists went from outliers to insiders08:13Chris Hayes connects the ‘backsliding’ of American democracy with the ‘existential threat’ of vigilante justice06:5203:26Share this -copiedDr. Fauci on Lara Logan comparing him to Nazi Dr. Mengele: "What I find striking is how she gets no discipline whatsoever from the Fox network. How they can let her say that with no comment and no disciplinary action. I’m astounded by that."

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Sounds like it was a fitting comparison to me. From only the little we do know. That's always tons more they don't tell us. And praise the troops of all nations that gave their lives to free the Jews. FoxNews continues to remain silent. Can’t believe gopcongress thinks this is political issue. It’s pandemic that will kill millions. USCongress GOPLeader SpeakerPelosi

I'm astounded that Fauci isn't in prison yet. No it’s not. It’s an insult to Dr Fauci. And while the comparison is obvious hyperbole, some of the tactics are pretty spot on. “Attacks on me are attacks on science”, and “I represent science” are the two of the most anti-science statements a person can make. It tracks.

The only insult is Fauci. RemoveFauci. Why I don’t watch FOX What’s insulting is that you lied uder oath too a federal court on gain and function,all media sources reported on this and what you where doing over seas in Afghanistan not but madogascar and other locations since the 80s’on your watch,accountablity it follows,Rip LGBT ancestors

Why no coverage of the maxwell case? Please just go away! The biggest difference is Dr. Fauci, the administration and big pharma are deceiving us with great manipulation and sophistication. Everyone knew the Nazis were evil.

Fauci Hits Back At Lara Logan’s Josef Mengele Comparison With Damning Question For FoxThe nation’s top infectious diseases expert slammed the Fox Nation host’s comments as absolutely preposterous, disgusting and unconscionable. If Dr Fauci is Mengele , what do we call this man ? Freddy Kruger ? Does this mean rupertmurdoch is a nazi sympathiser or supporter? lifeImmitatingArt succession I would agree !!!

And is insult that u never got voted in been lieing to Congress this whole time Stop doing nazi-like things and people will stop comparing you to nazis. Simple solution for you. -Dick FoxNews can be compared to Nazi propaganda. gop in race to the bottom..... I’m astounded anyone still cares what Fauci thinks or says.

Fox News is a TV station for the insane it’s very sad that this is allowed in a modern world Foochi is an insult to America. MSNBC is an insult to real journalism. I 💚🙏🏼Fauci. What did Fauci actually do to help?

Opinion: The demonization of Dr. Fauci is just one sign of this insanity'If we needed more proof of the magnitude of the threat posed by anti-vaccine activists, conspiracy theorists and irresponsible public figures, look no further than the emergence of the Omicron variant' | Opinion by Frida Ghitis They have to let you know it’s an opinion piece, cause it’s wrong how can you demonise a demon? How anti-vax are labeled as irresponsible while pro-vax blindly promote the ineffective vaccines that cannot prevent infections and transmissions? Opinions are common habit among whores. TRUMP 2024

That is what is happening in Australia He's worst cause he's alive. Hold his beer! Him and Gates are trying to reach Stalin numbers. Has Logan ever studied the conditions in concentration camps? Does she know what the Hippocratic Oath is, and why a person who devotes their life to ending pandemic diseases should not be compared to torturers?

What have they ever said, corrected or done to show that they wouldn't be completely silent when one of their hosts or guests says something inflammatory? He's being polite and giving them an out, he shouldn't! He’s worse Fauci First. Always. 😷 That is how Fox is, I don't view Fox unless the Browns are on.

Love Dr Fauci. ….Thx for all you do… You should sue fox and their personal for defamation of character. OK to disagree with your point of view but not OK to defame take action South Africa remains the epicenter of the HIV pandemic as the largest AIDS epidemic in the world—20 percent of all people living with HIV are in South Africa, and 20 percent of new HIV infections occur there too. The country also faces a high burden of tuberculosis (TB),

Lara Logan Digs In: Goes After Auschwitz Museum, Blasts Out Fauci ConspiraciesThe Auschwitz Museum said the Fox Nation host had blocked it on Twitter. She is an example of what happens when you have toxoplasmosis. What a mashugana she's gotta' be to block a museum. Whose main theme is NEVER REPEATING GENOCIDE. As she criticizes Fauci for trying to prevent the damning effects of Trump & GOP's relentless COVID hoax campaigns & pro-corporate COVID profiteering, i.e. trumpsgopcovidgenocide When you’re actively blocking a Holocaust museum, I think there are much bigger issues

I am so sorry you are being treated this way ! Really sorry ! DR Shots Dr Reptilian But a locking down will keep us safe mednat1949 .💔😢💔 That's because you are Dr Death He's not a Nazi Unless you're a beagel dog. Logan and many who are commenting here need to learn about genocide and history of the Holocaust. That Fox has let this go unaddressed shows that the execs there don't care about truth.

You expect a network with white Supermacist Tucker Carlson to apologize? A network that let him make that 'documentary'?

GOP Senator Says Fauci 'Overhyped' AIDS Just Like COVID-19On World AIDS Day, no less. good

The vaccine doesn’t work. It won’t prevent you from catching Covid, spreading Covid or dying from Covid. The dangerous side effects of the vax range from myocarditis to Bell’s Palsy. Fight Covid fascism, do not comply. Remember..Fauci isn't the one suggesting we inject disinfectant...or wait 15 days for it to just ....dissappear

So, is it a lack of understanding of Fauci or of Joseph Mengele? Is it the underestimation of one and overestimation of the other? Just 75 years have passed and FOX peddles Holocaust revisionism. It’s not hard to guess where they’ll lead, given time. Stop them. Stop them now. Horrible… consider the source as the progandar of lies, hate and misguided zealots

Sorry meine fuhrer. Don't know Doctor if you will read this, but a man's character is known by his enemies. Fox lies have killed people, all for profit while your science has saved millions of lives. Exactly Its 2021 we can get more inventive now then always using the nazis, plenty of new evil in the world

Then out of habit Fauci stood up and screamed “SHOW ME YOUR PAPERS!”

Fauci urges Americans to get vaccinated, warning the Delta variant remains a grave dangerScientists are racing to determine the Omicron coronavirus variant's severity, transmissibility and whether it evades current vaccines. Follow here for the latest. This guy is still Around?

MalcolmNance The people making such comparisons are 100% ok with what happened during the Nazi regime. They would do that here if given the chance. It takes a man of dignity and character to take a vocal stand. 👍👍 Every time I think Fox has hit an ethical rock bottom they surprise me and keep digging. When will the FCC step up and require them to stop libeling and slandering people who point out their bias and dishonesty.

FOX is the 'news' agency for the right wing GOP and how can they confuse right wing nazi party to him when they are of the exact same ilk who fostered and supported fascism there and clearly support it here-if they were in charge only they would get treatment all others die ! Whoever is responsible for MSNBC headlines and articles will certainly be jailed sooner than later.

FOX is exactly implementing the Goebelsian method of stripping away meaning..and the truthers are buying it. When will you fire irene byon In 2015, NIH & UNC published with Wuhan that Coronavirus could be engineered to infect HeLa cells. They invented a hybrid, combining a bat strain with SARS so it could grow in mice and mimic human disease...creating a variant that could infect human cells.

After Fort Detrick was accused by a Russian Biologist of having invented HIV, 9/11 set the stage for relocation. By that time, they were already known for illegal human experiments with Biological Weapon Programs that spawned out of Sterilization projects during the Eugenics era. Really? You’re still surprised at how low FoxNews will go for ratings? Of course FoxNews can’t apologize because that would offend Trump and his deplorable base. I only turn on FoxNews when I need to make myself vomit because I ate something bad. They have no other purpose

Donald Trump Jr.’s Unhinged Attack On Fauci Is Pure Projection In Kimmel Play-By-PlayThe 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' comedian also trolled GOP Sen. Ted Cruz as hotdogteddy and put former Vice President Mike Pence into the new 'Magic Mike' movie. Hello friends! The world is changing. do ESG revolution i do ESG blockchain revolution. What is the ESG revolution and why is it an evolutionary inevitability. join us! But you are writing about him, he is on late night shows which is what he wants, so...🤷🏿‍♂️

How do you know when somebody is dead from covid Nick Sandmann made money off CNN MSNBC and others as will Kyle Rittenhouse with more irresponsible rhetoric..Will MSNBC pay again for thereidout and others