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Father of Slain Marine Finds Heartbreak Anew in Possible Russian Bounty

“If it does come out as true, obviously the heartache would be terrible,” said Erik Hendriks, whose son was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan.

6/30/2020 11:20:00 PM

“If it does come out as true, obviously the heartache would be terrible.' Erik Hendriks's son was killed in Afghanistan . He's since learned that the attack may have been related to the Russia n bounties paid to Taliban-linked militants.

“If it does come out as true, obviously the heartache would be terrible,” said Erik Hendriks, whose son was killed while on patrol in Afghanistan .

“If it does come out as true, obviously the heartache would be terrible,” Mr. Hendriks said.He is not a political person, Mr. Hendriks insists. While he does not usually vote, he described himself as a supporter of President Trump.“I am a Republican and I am a Trump supporter,” he said. “But there would be no way he didn’t know about it if Russians were paying off these cowards like mafia payoff hit men. I would expect the government to have 1,000 percent support behind these warriors.”

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Despite the heartbreak of losing a son in combat, Mr. Hendriks said he never had doubts about the mission in Afghanistan.“I agreed with Mattis on this,” he said, referring to Jim Mattis, the retired Marine general who served as Mr. Trump’s first defense secretary and

repeatedly defendedthe United States’ role in Afghanistan.“Thank God these warriors were there,” Mr. Hendriks said. “I really do believe if they were not there, the enemy would be here. I know my son supported it.”In a telephone interview from his home in Glen Cove, N.Y., Mr. Hendriks said that “you would think they would have had the best intelligence and the best backing over there. If I find out this information was given to this administration or a previous administration, because let’s face it, who knows how long this could have gone on, the little faith I have in government would go down the drain.”

Felicia Arculeo, Cpl. Hendriks’s mother, and Erik Hendriks’s former wife, did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but Mr. Hendriks described her as “living a nightmare.” Shetold CNBC on Monday“that the parties who are responsible should be held accountable, if that’s even possible.”

Lawmakers from both parties in the House and Senate have called for Congress to be briefed on the charges. On Monday, the White Housebrought in eight House Republicansto be briefed, while some Democrats were scheduled to go to the White House Tuesday morning.

Robert Hendriks was 25 when he and two other Marines, Staff Sgt. Christopher K.A. Slutman, 43, a New York City firefighter, and Sgt. Benjamin S. Hines, 31, of York, Penn., were killed when their armored vehicle was hit by a car side bomb near Bagram Air Base, about 20 miles north of Kabul.

Cpl. Hendriks had signed with the Second Battalion, 25th Marines, a reserve infantry battalion based in Garden City, N.Y., right after high school.It was his first deployment to Afghanistan, where he was serving with his brother, Joseph Hendriks, whoescorted his body

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back to the United States.During his 2016 campaign, Mr. Trump repeatedly promised to end the foreign entanglements that had engulfed previous administrations over two decades. Read more: The New York Times »

camanpour , jchatterleyCNN , donlemon , wolfblitzer , drsanjaygupta, richardquest, donaldtrump, realDonaldTrump, POTUS, rosemaryCNN , US intell based on scenario-building, driven by paranoia, for eventualities. CNN and the media pass these out as the Gospel Truth. I hope trump wasn’t briefed. Because if he was...... is to messed up. It means he sold out Americans for what I would want to know.

Why russians always fault? Cold war in past. Relax, you won Nobody but the NYT believes this, you should be ashamed. wars there because of control over poppy fields and drug trafficking, in the 80s CIA instructors paid $ for the heads of Soviet soldiers and officers, and stopping this massacre is so easy, just fill these fields with chemistry, but the drug mafia and the authorities are against

The times never missed a chance to beat the drums of war NYT lied and doctored fake news '-may have been'. Mr. Hendriks' pain 'may have been' exacerbated by lies from intelligence officers-repeated by national news-about Russian bounties there is zero evidence of. Zero. 'May have been'. When 'intelligence reports' are in the headlines remember these 3 words: W. M. D.

Omg people. We've had bounties on others as well and they probably felt they were on the right side. Bounties have been used since the dawn of mankind. What do you think our military would have done differently anyway. 'Oh man, they have bounties on us. Better go home. Ugh Israeli’s pay bounties. We know the Israelis and the Saudi’s were funding Isis. This story sounds as fake as the basis for Obama’s warrant to spy on the Trump campaign. As fake as Hunter Biden making millions when he’s a drug attic’s who screws strippers. realDonaldTrump

How terrible. RIP 战争不得死人啊?习惯就好了~ Nyt with your fake news.The family this marine is pissed you're using his photo. You have zero proof he lost his life due to this. On top of that you wrote about this based on unvetted info and you know it Dod and dos still don't have any info that can verify this but you do?

Nice of NYT to dump gossip on someone's grave. Disgusting É evidente que o comunismo trabalha contra a democracia nos bastidores e fora. Semper fi sorry President didn’t have your six, RIP MARINE! If dumb Trump is working for Puppetmaster Putin, aren’t the amarican people in this case not already kind of Russians? 🤷‍♂️ Ah... this is the reason for the red basecaps, now I got it ☝️🤓

Donald Trump is the real murderer. Keep supporting that guy Donal J Trump..thoughts and prayers as usual.. sergenyt God bless the family. “If it does come out as true.” This intel has yet to be verified, and may never be verified due to your false reporting. You ran this story because you hate our President and will do anything to smear him. FakeNews

It is sad that this still happens, however it's not about who's fault it is and wich side is good or bad. Both countries are responsible for this still happening. Semper Fi, Devil Dogs. Have some shame you propoganda rag. Since the facts are quickly falling apart yhe NYT resorts to playing on the sentimitalities of a soldier KIA. This paper needs to be terminated immediatly.

rip ❤️❤️❤️ You are sick people at the NYT! The people who wrote this article should be punished severely! You are not worthy of being called a human being assholes The most irresponsible journalism I have ever seen There is absolutely no way the President knew about this. He’s a patriot down to his bones and there’s no way he would allow something like that to happen. No way. He blew the top Iranian general to hell for them messing with the embassy, and he’s going to allow this. No way

Unbearable. Be cautious of anything coming from the media. Remember Russian collusion, and the Ukrainian “phone call” and of course the illegal surveillance of a presidential’s election year... Glenn Greenwald's journalistic gifts to the country: The Murderous History & Deceitful Function of the CIA The sham prosecution of Michael Flynn Same NYT jounos in TheResistance who lied about RussianCollusion are at it again

💔 I am very ashamed of what our special services are doing. on my own behalf I apologize to the parents of the dead American servicemen Why would the Russians pay the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers when the Taliban have been killing U.S. soldiers enthusiastically, whenever they can, ever since we intervened in Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11? Since when does the Taliban need encouragement to kill Americans?

The times gets hard as fuck over people suffering, Can we now refer to this as trumpbenghazi? TheRickWilson AlexMLeo Amy_Siskind jaketapper CNN JuddApatow RussianBounty RussianBountyGate 'if it does come out as true' 'may have been' I long for the days when journalism means reporting thrice-checked facts instead of this tabloid-level emotional quagmire of speculation and opinion.

You ghouls. Using this heartbroken father to continue pushing your unproven narrative is the literally scraping the bottom of the barrel for a story. Meet one of the American soldiers killed by Russia with the help of America's FakePresident realdonaldtrump a traitor sits in the oval office. If this is true then it's all on the GOP who had a chance to do something about realDonaldTrump last year but didn't do the right thing. They should all be impeached. senatemajldr BeutlerHerrera

Or Chinese bounties. Beginning to wonder if NYT has any real sources at all. The evil NYT will do anything to make hateful allegations against Trump. The dishonesty is beyond anything imaginable. NYC, it’s mayor & it’s newspaper all deserve each other ! If you don't know it true why put it out? I want to support you but you always take it too far

I think his son was a victim of the failed US geopolitical doctrine. Don't blame it on the Afghanis. Don't blame it on the Russians. Neither one has ever attacked the USA. the ultimate insult to the ultimate injury. ugh. Thank TrumpTraitor for this death. What's Putin got on him that he sacrifices American soldier's lives in such heinous disregard.

POTUS THE DUMB PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT Stop pushing this Here we go again. Making shit up to distract the public from the colossal tragedy about to happen in the U.S. thanks to all the protests and blatant disregard for scientific directives. The world will move on. Pandemic will sweep through the U.S. I send my prayers to the Familt of the men and woman who have served the country of the United States with honor and dignity and I hope that you get answers soon.

Hey .realDonaldTrump are you tallying the troops killed by bounties? Here's one. Pack your bags. You're done. VoteGOPout in 2020 for sacrificing AmericanLives. Resist Resistance TheResistance SignOfResistance indivisible indivisibleteam🌊 realDonaldTrump and the gop don’t care. I wonder how many Americans don’t care either, passing this off as “fakenews” because it makes Cheeto look worse? Ah, the pathetically brainwashed. Trump supporters are clowns of the highest order.

So you want another war? Britain's Defence Secretary Ben Wallace on Tuesday confirmed having seen US intelligence briefings about Russian bounties offered to Afghan militants to kill British and American troops. 'I am aware of the intelligence,' Wallace told a parliamentary defence sub-committe. Мало кто в это верит в России, но если это правда то почему вы удивляетесь? США создали Аль-Каида , платили Талибам за войну против СССР. Время собирать камни.

trump is the worst president ever! WorstPresidentInHistory a complete failure! grace7897 This is sickening on so many levels. This poor family had to suffer the loss of their son and NOW they learn that there was a bounty on our soldiers and Trump did nothing. My heart breaks for them. I hope it’s not True !!

More NY Times OrangeManBad glowing disinfo. It only works on the already convinced, guys. RussiaHoax RussianBounty NYT = FakeNoose Oh! So now y’all care about the deaths of soldiers. Don’t seem to recall much reporting on military deaths during Obama’s presidency. lvewg I’m appalled at the lack of intellect by our press! They either are stupid or deliberately ignorant! Russia has sponsored many proxies against the US over the years, same as Iran etc. that is not different! Where was the outrage then?

People saying 'They don't need any reason to go after it.' Yeah but i'm pretty sure they'd take more money to do it. Also as for the intelligence being questionable, we actually need a reason for it to be questionable.

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Russian Bounties: GOP Officials Say Investigation Ongoing As Pressure For Explanations MountsReports of possible Russia n bounties on U.S. troops offer a rough timeline of what the White House might have known, and when. I cannot be more outraged by this Instead of golfing with LindseyGrahamSC, he should have been *RESIGNING* TraitorTrump Fake news, nice try Forbes. I guess sponge bob did not tell deadbeat donald about the bounties when he gave him his security briefing.